What it means when a guy always wants to be around you

Maybe you’ve noticed a guy who’s always around you. So what could this possibly mean?

Here are 13 common reasons why a guy likes being with you.

1) It’s obvious: he likes you!

More often than not, a guy will want to be near you because he likes you. It’s actually one of the telltale signs that your crush likes you!

What you deem as happenstance is usually a planned thing.

Why do you think he’s always around – even in the unlikeliest of places?

He’s done his surveillance, whether through observation or asking your friends. He could be ‘casually’ eavesdropping on your conversations with you knowing.

He heard you say that you always visit this coffee shop after your run. So he’ll be there as if it was pure coincidence.

This is a definite ninja move. But can you blame him? If you like a person, you’ll spend as much time as you can with her – even if it’s for a brief coffee klatch.

2) Spending time can make him more ‘attractive’ in your eyes

Maybe he thinks you’re out of his league. So instead of going toe-to-toe with your other hunky suitors, he’ll take the other road and spend more time with you.

He’s not wrong, though. According to a report, people become more ‘attractive’ to their potential mates the longer they spend time with each other.

Experts believe that this is because the person’s inner qualities have gotten some time to shine.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all. In due time, his characteristics become more important than his appearance.

If you haven’t spent time with him, you wouldn’t realize that you’re compatible with one another.

As researcher Lucy Hunt of the University of Texas in Austin puts it, “Having the time to interact with others in diverse settings affords more opportunities to form unique impressions that go beyond one’s initial snap judgments.”

3) He wants to know more about you

Curiosity is an inherent part of everyday life. We’re always curious – which is evident in the way we seek information.

Nearly everything we do – outside eating, survival, and reproduction – results from our curiosity.

We watch the news, surf the internet, and read books, among many other things – mainly because we’re inquisitive by nature.

Curiosity is not just plain knowing, though. It’s the key to healthy development, as it can help improve learning and decision-making.

That said, a guy who’s always around may be super curious about you.

He wants to know more – which is why he’s always hanging around.

Maybe he has heard nice things – maybe even some that are not so nice. As a result, he wants to see or experience it himself.

Whether this is because he wants you as a friend or a lover – only time will tell.

4) He feels comfortable around you

When a guy feels comfortable around you, he’ll be with you as much as he can.

That said, you shouldn’t mistake this for familiarity.

Familiarity is when you feel as if you’ve known each other for so long. While it sounds good, it is often a red flag.

Such is the case for empaths, who feel easily attracted to narcissists. They feel familiar, which is why empaths fall head over heels with them.

Comfort, on the other hand, is a whole different ball game. When a guy feels at ease in your presence, he’s relaxed enough to be himself.

He doesn’t need to hold back. This is why he loves being around you in the first place.

“When you’re free to be yourself, you can talk, you can joke, you can laugh, you can actually tessellate between going deep, talking about intellectual and emotional stuff, and being fun,” explained Perpetua Neo, a psychologist.

Add to that, she believes that comfort is a sign of aligned personalities.

Why would you waste effort on someone who shoots down everything you like?

He likes spending time with you because you jive well with him.

He likes Star Wars. You like Star Wars. The list goes on.

The more time you spend with each other, the more discoveries he’ll make.

5) He missed you a lot

Whether you’ve gone away for a month – or just a day – a guy who missed you will try to be around you.

He’s there – as much as he can – because he wants to make the most out of this opportunity. He wants to build memories with you before you go away again.

More than just hanging around you, here are some other subconscious signs that he missed you a lot:

  • He wants to see you again – even if you’ve just spent time with him
  • He’s constantly texting and calling you
  • He keeps on commenting on your social media posts
  • He keeps the conversation going – even if you’ve been talking to each other for hours on end

So if you’re going away again, don’t be surprised if he spends more time with you the moment you come back.

6) You are a priority in his life

Everybody has priorities. Some put their career first above all else, while some place their health on top of their list.

If a guy is always around you, it’s safe to say that you’re the pinnacle of his priorities. Whether it’s a romantic pursuit or just friendship, he puts you on top of the others.

Think of it: he could be with somebody else – doing something else. You don’t have to ask him to be around, he did this on his own.

The fact that he chose you over his other options is a sign that he’s afraid to lose you.

7) Spending quality time is his love language

This guy is always around because quality time is his love language.

It’s one of five love languages, as popularized by author and counselor Dr. Gary Chapman.

Apart from spending quality time, some people’s languages may be words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts.

For him, nothing conveys his concern more than giving full, undivided attention.

It’s not just being around all the time, though. By quality time, he means no cellphones, TV, or anything that will take his attention away from you.

It could be as quick as a coffee run – or a stroll around the neighborhood. No matter what the situation may be, he’ll only focus on you – and nothing else!

8) He wants to protect you

Men, by nature, are protective. They believe that they have an image of being ‘strong and powerful’ to protect.

Thanks to the testosterone coursing through their veins, they have a tendency known as hero instinct.

In other words, they want to protect the people around them – especially the ones they care about the most. Talk about guarding your interest.

He cares so much that he doesn’t want anything to happen to you.

Likewise, it’s also a chance for him to prove his worth. His hero tactics may make him more attractive to your eyes (more about this below.)

More importantly, women naturally seek out protectors.

It’s not a new thing, though, as it goes back to when men were hunters and women were nesters.

According to Psychologist Marquita Williams, “Biologically, women have the babies, so we inherently seek partners who can protect and nurture us.”

By making you feel protected, he’s essentially improving his chances of being with you.

9) He’s warding off the competition

Think of it as a predator lion warding off his comrades. Even if you’re not in a relationship, he’s essentially telling the other guys to back up. He got to you first!

Dr. Vinita Mehta ‘blames’ this on evolution, which effectively made dominance a part of the mating ritual.

Dominance is about power and influence. In the world of dating, this is often manifested by aggression and some exchange of fists. He’s establishing his might to shoo the other suitor away.

By being around you, this guy could also effectively stop the other person from showing off. This other man might have potential.

Just like what I mentioned about how spending more time can make someone more attractive in your eyes – it’s a way for him to stop this from happening.

10) You’re his twin flame

A twin flame – or a mirror soul – is someone with which you’re drawn. He may have the energy or the personality that makes you feel like you’ve known him forever.

If you feel this way, then there’s a chance that he’s vibing this too. This is why he likes being around you.

Contrary to popular beliefs, this twin flame of yours is not a soul mate – but rather, a soul connection.

Even if you’re not the same peas in a pod, it’s actually your differences that forge this strong connection.

As they often say, opposite poles attract. You get drawn to one other – thus resulting in an intense bond.

While this twin flame energy can lead to a romantic pursuit, it could be something else. With this connection, you and your mirror soul can bloom into better persons.

11) He wants to start a relationship (finally!)

Maybe he’s vocal about the fact that he likes you. If not, perhaps he’s shown the signs I mentioned above.

Why he sticks around is probably a sign that he wants to take the next level.

Yes, he wants to be in a relationship with you.

Apart from spending a great deal of time around you, here are some other signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend:

  • He’s constantly communicating with you (and he responds quick)
  • He’s open to you
  • He introduces you to his pals – even his family!
  • He showers you with affection – and gifts too
  • He’s jealous of other guys
  • He’s planning his future with you
  • He’s consistent with everything he does or promises
  • He makes a conscientious effort to know you deeper

The only question here is: what will you do? Will you say yes, or push him away?

12) He treasures your friendship

While most of these signs point to a budding romance, it’s not always the case. If you have a guy who’s always around you, it might be because he enjoys your friendship.

Friendships, after all, are good for your health. According to a Mayo Clinic article, your pals can:

  • Make you happier!
  • Reduce your stress levels – thus minimizing your chances of succumbing to stress-related conditions, such as high blood pressure
  • Make you feel like you belong
  • Help you recognize your purpose in life
  • Help you get through traumas and bad experiences
  • Encourage you to change your bad habits, such as smoking or drinking too much alcohol

So even if he’s ‘just a friend,’ it’s still a win-win situation. Who knows? This might eventually blossom into something else.

Remember, if you’re determined to make him your boyfriend, you can follow these tips that will make him want a relationship:

  • Make yourself invaluable by being consistent
  • Get close with his family and friends
  • Be a positive influence
  • Let him be!

13) He wants to be in the loop

Nobody wants to be left behind, especially when it comes to information. It’s a reason why people relentlessly seek knowledge.

The same may be said about this guy’s presence. He’s always around because he wants to be in the loop with what’s going on.

In other words, he doesn’t want to be left behind and singled out.

From a Mayo Clinic article, survival depends on inclusion and acceptance. Everybody wants to belong at school, work, and other scenarios.

He might feel that you’re the key to being in the circle. It could be because of your personality, i.e., everyone likes you. It could be your position at work – maybe you’re the boss.

No matter what the case may be, being with you makes him included in your circle.

Final thoughts

Understanding why a guy always wants to be around you can provide valuable insight into his intentions and feelings.

Whether he’s drawn to you because of attraction, comfort, or the desire for a deeper connection, recognizing these signs can help you navigate your relationship with him.

Remember, his consistent presence could signify anything from budding romance to a strong friendship.

It’s important to communicate openly and observe his actions for a clearer picture of his feelings.

Ultimately, whether he’s looking for love or friendship, understanding his reasons can strengthen your bond and guide your interactions with him

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