15 definite signs she is pretending not to like you (even though she really does!)

Have you ever wondered if your crush may be pretending not to like you?

Well, if you’re concerned about this, it’s good to know that there are some definite signs that she is acting as such.

Read on for information about 15 definite signs she is pretending not to like you (even though she really does!)

1) Her friends know about you

Here’s an interesting fact:

Girls will often tell their close friends and associates everything about the guy they like.

They’ll talk about all the little things they know about him, his habits, his interests, and how much she likes him.

That’s because she feels a strong sense of intimacy and trust with her friends.

So if you want to know whether she likes you or not, just check to see if she tells her friends about you.

And that leads to another question: How do you find out if she tells her friends about you?

All you have to do is make an excuse to talk to one of her friends, and then casually drop you’re asking about your crush.

If she does say something, then that’s a definite sign that she is pretending not to like you.

2) Your eyes meet frequently

Another sign that shows she is pretending not to like you is that she still looks at you when she passes by.

You can tell this by making a habit of looking at her when you pass each other in school or the mall.

What you’re doing is using eye contact to test if she’s still looking at you on purpose.

3) She might start being super nice to your friends

Sometimes girls will be nice to a guy’s friends just to catch the guy’s attention.

This is pretty common because girls are known to be very nurturing and friendly.

If she suddenly starts being super nice to your friends, then that’s a definite sign that she is pretending not to like you.

What’s more?

She might be even friendly with everyone except you because she doesn’t want to look too forward. Sounds familiar, right?

But I have a solution for you, by engaging her in conversation, you can make her relax and open up to you and there’s a good chance she will reveal her true feelings.

Eventually, you can turn a potentially awkward moment into a moment of connection simply by finding common ground with them.

4) She has a secret little smile she keeps whenever the two of you speak

Think about this for a moment:

If she has a secret little smile that you’ve seen her do a couple of times, it’s likely she likes you.

And what’s more?

She sometimes smiles at you when no one else is looking, which means she’s trying to be coy about liking you.

Here’s an easy test for this:

When you see her smile at you, respond with a big smile, and then watch for her reaction. If she suddenly turns away or blushes, then you know she likes you.

5) She’s giving you mixed signals

Mixed signals are the most common signs that a girl likes you.

It’s very confusing and frustrating because sometimes she’ll come over and talk to you, at other times she’ll walk by and look the other way whenever you try to talk to her.

I know how this feels because I’ve been there myself. It’s like you’re being hit with a tornado of mixed signals.

Listen up:

It’s likely that she likes you but is just not interested in dating right now or is not yet over an ex-boyfriend.

Another possibility is that she’s not sure whether she wants to be with you or not, which is why the mixed signals are manifesting themselves in her behavior.

So how to deal with this?

The trick is to understand that women have an innate desire to bond and form a connection with you. All you need to do is capitalize on this situation.

You can ask her out on a date, invite her over for coffee, or anything that involves being alone together. Once the two of you are alone together, you can be certain that she will stop giving you mixed signals and things will become clear to both of you.

6) She gets jealous of other girls

Jealousy is a very powerful emotion and one of the surest signs that a girl likes you. It’s very common for her to get jealous if another girl is talking to you or if there’s even a possibility of something happening between the two of you.

You might be surprised that she pretends not to like you yet gets jealous when you talk to other girls.

The secret is, that she’s afraid of getting hurt. She doesn’t want to be hurt so she’s fighting against this powerful emotion within her and trying to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Along with giving mixed signals, this is the most common way that she broadcasts her feelings for you.

Here’s a tip:

Try to invite her to group events. If she hesitates, then this is a clear indication that she likes you. Don’t push it and don’t be a pest, just continue the conversation.

And if she follows you after a short hesitation, then you know for sure that she’s into you.

7) She cares about her appearance when you’re around

Trust me, girls always care about how they look. But when there’s a guy that she likes, it becomes 10 times worse because she wants to look good for him and make him want to be with her.

That’s also a sign that she pretends she doesn’t have feelings for you because she knows that this is what you want to see.

Let me give you an example:

Normally, she would pay attention to how she looked every day and wouldn’t be afraid of going out with her friends.

However, when she likes you and knows you’re attracted to her, she’ll start obsessing over looking good. She’ll even wear make-up, straighten her hair and change clothes to look more attractive because she doesn’t want you to get bored with her.

Again, it’s all about playing hard to get and letting the other person know that the attraction is mutual.

8) She notices little things about you

This is a big one.

For example, you love to drink coffee in the morning. She knows that you like to drink your coffee with sugar, so she puts two sugars in for you.

Or the way you tend to put your left earbud in when you’re listening to music. She notices this little detail and picks up on it so when you’re alone together, she’ll look at it as a thoughtful gesture and remember that you are interested in her.

You will notice she does these little things for you in a subtle way in order to hide her feelings for you.

This is one of the best ways to spot a girl’s true feelings.

The only problem with this is that she might be doing it unconsciously and she might not even realize that it’s what she’s doing.

9) She has a history of bad relationships

OK, I know what you’re thinking:

How is this related to the point she is pretending not to like me?

Well, let’s think about this for a moment. Let’s say that she’s been hurt in past relationships and as a result has developed trust issues. If a guy comes along, she instantly thinks he is going to hurt her as her last boyfriend did.

That means if you come along and treat her well, it could take some time until she truly is able to trust you.

So instead of opening up to you, she will pretend not to like you to keep you at arm’s length and protect herself.

Want to know ways that can help her trust you?

It’s simple, be yourself. Don’t pretend to be a guy that you’re not. Show her your true self and let her take time to get to know you and build trust in the relationship.

And the key here is to not take it personally. The reason why she is behaving this way is because of her past experience and it has nothing to do with you.

10) She replies late to your texts… but always replies

This is a tricky one, but here’s what this means:

If she replies to your texts on time and always makes the effort to text you back, then you can be 100% sure that she likes you.

Now the tricky part is, that she wants to hide her feelings from you and so she’ll wait a few minutes to reply to your texts. This is because she wants you to think that she’s just too busy with other things and doesn’t have time for you.

This could also be a sign that she might be dating somebody else and has to keep up the appearance of not being interested in anybody else, for fear of hurting the other person’s feelings.

Or perhaps she doesn’t want to appear too keen on you and scare you off.

11) She likes your posts but will rarely comment

Maybe you frequently post statuses about how great your life is, how you are taking care of a business, or just your general feelings on life.

She will be interested in this but does not want to comment because she doesn’t want you to think she’s desperate for attention. By commenting, she could reveal her interest and she doesn’t want that.

So instead of commenting on your posts, she’ll like them. This is what she should do because it’ll show you that she approves of everything you post.

At the same time, she thinks that just like her, you’re not interested in her and are living your life without any problems. She’s making a conscious effort to hide her true feelings from you (without really knowing what she’s doing).

12) You will likely run into her by accident

So there are a couple of reasons why this happens:

  • She works far away from where you live and she wanted to surprise you by coming around
  • She doesn’t want to appear too keen on you and scare you off. By running into each other at a random place, it makes it look like just a normal coincidence,
  • She is attracted to you and has been doing everything in her power to hide it from other people. In this case, she’ll be very quick to walk away when she sees something that might be scary for her.

In other words, she likes you but trying to pretend not to.

Then again, she could also just be a friend and it’s just a coincidence that she ran into you.

This is your chance, show her that you’re not going to be a pushover and show her how glad you are that you ran into each other. Take her to the restaurant of your choice, get her a drink and then go up to her and talk to her.

13) She changes her routine around you

This is one of the most effective ways to spot that she likes you.

It can be subtle and you won’t even notice it if you’re not paying attention. But if you’re paying attention, it’s too easy not to miss.

First off, she will start doing things in a slightly different way than she used to do it before she started seeing you.

For example, she might:

  • She might take more time with her appearance, maybe wear more makeup and perfume than she used to put on before meeting you.
  • She might go out of her way to do things she doesn’t have to do. For example, if you guys normally work at lunchtime, but she suddenly wants to go out for lunch, then it’s likely because she doesn’t want to spend time alone with you.
  • She might start acting differently too. She might have a different tone of voice and could even be more playful.

There are a lot of reasons why this is happening and depending on the girl and the situation, it could mean something totally different.

14) She engages you in long conversations

Another sign that she might pretend to not like you is she will start engaging you in long conversations.

This could be on the phone, via text, or in person.

But the conversation is usually related to work or school, so she can’t be seen chatting with you because she has to attend those meetings.

Sometimes she’ll engage you in conversations about something that doesn’t have any bearing on work, for example, music or hobbies.

15) She has a connection with people in your life

The last sign that she likes you is she has a connection with people in your life.

This is one of the best ways to know that someone likes you, and it’s very hard to fake. It could be friends, family, or co-workers.

If she’s spending time with people in your life, then it can only mean one thing:

She wants to be part of that group. This group plays such a crucial role in her life because those are the people who are important to her.

You will notice that she still keeps her distance from you, but she keeps in touch with these people to stay close to them and keep the group solid.

She likes you, what next?

Recognizing these signs is just the beginning of understanding her true feelings towards you.

The next step is to approach the situation with openness and honesty.

Communication is key.

If you feel the same way about her, consider creating an opportunity for a candid conversation where both of you can express your feelings openly.

Remember, authenticity and vulnerability can foster a deeper connection.

Whether she’s masking her feelings out of fear, uncertainty, or just playing it cool, showing your genuine self can encourage her to drop the pretense and perhaps start something beautiful together.

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