32 signs he loves you (even if he doesn’t say it out loud)

Is there a guy you’ve been seeing, or even dating seriously for a while, but he hasn’t dropped those three magic words of “I love you” yet?

You haven’t given up yet because something tells you he has fallen for you, he just won’t admit it.

But as much as he’s keeping it quiet, his actions will quickly reveal how he truly feels.

So to put your mind at ease, we’re going to cover 32 signs that’ll reassure you he loves you, even if he doesn’t say it out loud.

But first, let’s explore some of the reasons why he might struggle to profess his love for you:

Why doesn’t he say it straight up?

If he acts like he loves you, but hasn’t directly said it to you it can leave you feeling a bit confused.

On one hand, you can see he cares about you, but on the other, it’d be nice to hear the actual words.

But there could be a few reasons why he’s holding back, such as:

  • He’s emotionally unavailable and struggles to connect and share his feelings
  • He’s got personal issues that are distracting him or emotionally draining him
  • He’s been hurt in the past and is anxious about being vulnerable again
  • He doesn’t know if you feel the same and doesn’t want to be rejected

So, as you can see all except the last point is unrelated to you.

Most likely, he’s got stuff to work through, and the thought of confessing his love isn’t as easy as it might seem.

All you can do is show him that you love and care about him, and make him feel as relaxed as possible around you.

If he has a fear of being rejected, you might even want to have a conversation about your feelings towards him, to let him know that he’s in with a chance.

But until the day comes for him to ‘fess up and tell you he loves you, here are some signs that will prove he does:

32 signs he loves you even if he struggles to say it

1) He pays attention to everything you say

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about your cat’s birthday or what music you were into 10 years ago, a sign he loves you is that he’ll hang on to every word you say.

Even though he struggles to say how he feels, giving you his full attention no matter how mundane the topic shows he feels strongly for you.

2) He looks deep into your eyes

He might not verbally tell you what he’s feeling, but his eyes will make up for it.

Studies have shown that there’s a link between our pupils dilating when we’re feeling loved up or attracted to someone.

It’s no wonder he can’t stop locking eyes with you, as you’re both conveying silent messages of love just by looking at each other.

3) You catch him staring at you

And whilst we’re on the subject of eye contact, you might find he stares at you when he thinks you’re not looking.

Now, there’s always the possibility he can’t resist checking you out but in many cases, it can signal love, too.

Especially when you catch him watching you whilst you’re doing your own thing like reading a book or cooking.

4) He wants to be physically intimate

Intimacy is another (pleasurable) way to show that he loves you without saying a word.

You might find that your sex life has improved, or taken on a new direction like becoming a lot more sensual, slow, and intimate.

When a guy starts to feel an emotional connection to you like love, it’ll be reflected in how he makes love to you.

5) He wants to know everything about you

Sure, he was interested in you before but now he wants to know every tiny detail.

From your childhood memories to what your thoughts are on environmental change, learning about you is another sign that he wants to be closer to you and that he’s deeply in love with you.

6) He opens up to you

Sadly, vulnerability = weakness to some, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to psychologist Karen Young, being showing someone your vulnerabilities and opening up to them can strengthen your relationship – it’s a sign of trust.

Even better:

It’s a sign that they love you and feel comfortable around you.

So instead of being hung up on him not saying those special three words, think about how much he’s willing to show you of himself and how that speaks volumes about his feelings.

7) Your opinion is important to him

If he comes to you for advice or generally seems interested in what you have to say, it’s a good sign.

Taking your opinions seriously shows that not only does he love you, but he also respects you highly and values your insight.

8) He says “we” more than “I”

That glorious moment when he slipped out “we” probably made your heart stop, just for a second.

Once he starts seeing himself as a “we” instead of just thinking about himself, it shows that he takes you seriously and views you as a team.

9) He makes an effort

Does he try his best to make you smile?

Does he plan dates around stuff he knows you’ll love and enjoy?

No matter how big or small the effort is, it shows that he thinks about you and wants to make you as happy as possible. He’s just showing it with his actions rather than his words.

10) He checks in with you often

Once a guy truly loves you, there’s no need to play games or keep you hanging.

He’ll check in with you throughout the day, from a phone call at lunch to goodnight texts before he sleeps.

And, if he’s going to have a busy day, he’ll let you know in the morning to avoid making you worried when you don’t hear from him.

11) He’s more protective

A guy who likes you will be protective, but one who loves you will go the extra mile.

And it can be any form of protection – shielding you as you push through a crowded bar or putting his arm around you to protect you from the cold.

This is the ultimate sign that he loves you and wants to keep you safe, and it doesn’t require anything more than his body language.

12) He likes to tease you

Some light teasing and flirting here or there will be another way he shows his love for you.

Whether it’s calling you by your pet nickname or cutely teasing how you laugh, these acts of endearment show that he feels a close connection with you.

13) He tells his friends about you

If a guy tells his friends and family about you, you know he’s invested.

Once he falls in love, he’ll want to tell everyone around him about his new lady, but that doesn’t mean he’ll still struggle to tell you directly.

Here’s the thing:

It’s easier to tell his loved ones rather than you. He may be waiting for the right moment to tell you, or he feels nervous and worried he might get rejected.

14) He always wants to help

If you’ve got a problem, he’s there to help you fix it.

If you just need someone to listen to you, he’ll let you pour out your heart to him and he’ll never rush you.

Helping you out shows he has your best interests at heart and he doesn’t want you to suffer if there’s something he can do to help.

15) He respects you

Respect comes in many different forms such as trusting you, listening to you, and being considerate your needs.

Respect is also shown when he respects your physical and emotional boundaries without challenging you or making you feel bad for having them.

If he does this, you’re in luck.

It’s one thing to be loved, but to be loved and highly respected takes things to a much deeper level.

16) He talks about the future

Talks of the future is another promising sign that he loves you.

Without love, he wouldn’t be picturing you at his family BBQ next week or on holiday with him at the end of the year.

It also shows that he sees a future with you and that he wants to work towards it…not something he’d do unless he feels strongly about you.

17) He likes to show you off

But in a good way.

Like holding your hand when you’re out to let everyone know you’re with him.

Or, as we covered earlier, by telling his friends about you.

Other ways might include putting pictures of you together on social media or inviting you to meet at his workplace so he can conveniently introduce you to his colleagues.

After all, we tend to enjoy showing off the things we love, right?

18) He leaves little signals around

Depending on how romantic he is, you might find the odd note lying around wishing you a great day or your favorite chocolates waiting for you when you get in from work.

But not all guys are like that, so even if he’s not so obvious with his hints, he’ll still find ways.

It could be as small as bringing you a cup of tea without you asking, or making sure to pick up your favorite magazine whenever he goes to the shop.

19) He listens to you even if it’s not interesting to him

It’s normal for people to switch off after a while if someone keeps going on about something uninteresting, but not a man in love.

Even when it gets painful to concentrate, you’ll notice him enthusiastically nodding along and laughing at your jokes even though he has no idea what you’re on about.

20) He can’t stay mad at you for long

Even if you cross the line and say something that hurts him by accident, if he loves you he won’t be able to stay mad at you.

It’s all to do with how he sees you now.

You’re no longer just a girl he likes, but someone who he loves and wants to be around.

So, when there’s a misunderstanding, instead of taking it personally he’ll try to get over it as quickly as possible which is great news for you.

21) He likes to spoil you

Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t need to shower you with gifts to show his love.

But he will spoil you in other ways.

Treating you to your favorite restaurant whenever you go out or letting you choose the film on date night three nights in a row are both genuine ways of spoiling you.

What he can’t express to you with words he’ll show it by making you happy.

22) It troubles him to see you upset

When you’ve had a bad day, he feels your pain and is always understanding.

If you’ve argued with your sister or best friend, he’ll try to offer advice to fix the problem and get you back to feeling great again.

You see, it’s his love that makes him want to stick by you even when you’re at your worst.

23) He’s quick to make up after a fight

But even the most blissful of relationships face issues and arguments happen.

The truth is, you can’t avoid arguments.

The best you can do is try to manage them maturely and come back together as a team after an argument.

If he’s quick to try and resolve the issue and move on, it’s a sign that he cares deeply and doesn’t want silly arguments to hold you both back.

24) He’ll always have your back

Whether it’s by sticking up for you during a passionate discussion with friends, or he’s supportive of your career ventures, it’s all a sign of having your back.

Essentially, having your back means he wants good things for you and he’s there to stick up for you and help when times get tough.

Although he might not tell you he loves you, he’s certainly proving it by always being there for you.

25) He lights up when you’re around

Another important sign he loves you is when he instantly brightens up around you.

You know the feeling, even just taking a boring trip to the bank together can seem like a fun plan and you’re both in high spirits around each other.

He won’t be able to conceal his happiness at seeing you so take this as a great sign he loves you.

26) You can vent to him

As mentioned earlier, a man in love will want to help you out.

And one crucial way of being helpful is simply being a listening ear that you can vent to.

So, whether you’re complaining about your crazy boss or the dog that barks non-stop near your house at night, he’ll listen patiently until you’ve got it all off your chest.

27) He makes sacrifices for you

Even if you’re at the very start of your relationship, small sacrifices like letting you have the last slice of his pizza or giving you his jacket when you’re cold shows he loves you.

After all, why would he bother if he wasn’t falling for you?

Especially if it’s something important to him (food counts here) if he’s willing to share, you must be pretty special to him.

28) He’s willing to try new things

And here’s the interesting thing about love – it gives us confidence and a boost of energy to do things we’d never normally do.

Love gives courage, so if you notice him pushing himself out of his comfort zone to try something new or something you’re into, it shows he has a lot of love for you.

29) He’s supportive of you

Does he support you in your goals?

Does he help you out when you’re running low on energy and offer words of motivation to keep you going?

When it comes down to it, being supportive of you is another sign that he cares and loves you.

30) The conversations become deeper

As his love for you increases, you’ll see it reflected in the types of conversations you have.

You’ll notice them become a lot deeper and intimate, and you’ll enjoy exploring each other’s minds.

You might be thinking since he has no problem talking to me, why can’t he just say he loves me?

But clearly, something is holding him back…for now.

31) His body language shows it

Something that will completely give away his love for you, no matter how much he resists verbally telling you will be his body language.

He’ll naturally sit closer to you, instead of just holding your hand he’ll rub and caress it. Instead of just looking at you, he’ll gaze at you and smile whenever your eyes meet.

So much can be revealed just by watching his body language, especially until he tells you he loves you himself.

32) You can feel it

And finally, if he loves you, you’ll just know.

Call it gut instinct, but something inside you will have picked up on all these little clues he unknowingly drops.

So even though hasn’t mentioned it, if you feel in your heart that he loves you (and all the other signs add up) then he probably does.

Is there a way to get him to say he loves you?

Truthfully – no there isn’t.

You can lay the groundwork, pave the way to a perfect situation, but if he doesn’t want to, no amount of candles or perfectly timed scenarios will make him say it.

So you have two choices, either say it to him first or wait…patiently.

It can feel like the longest wait in the world, but when he does eventually tell you at least you’ll know he waited until he was fully comfortable to say it.

And the last thing you want to do is force it out of him.

Be kind, be supportive and create an environment that makes him feel safe and that he can trust you. Once you’ve got that established, he’s more likely to confess his love for you.

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