Pamela Kirchheimer

I’m Pamela Kirchheimer, an Argentinian nomad artist and writer. I graduated in Business Administration at the University of Buenos Aires, and worked for many years at a big company in Argentina until I decided to follow my heart and travel the wold sharing my passions: creativity and art. During my life I developed both a rational an also a very creative way to see and understand things. I apply my creativity to all the fields where I work: painting, drawing, and also writing. As a writer I enjoy and inspire from all kinds of literature. I’m thrilled to write about topics I find fundamental to improve peoples lives, and help them have a positive and empowered way to perceive and handle their lives. I’m continually looking to learn and grow, and according to that I started studying a Master in Digital Marketing a year ago at the Escuela Nomada Digital. To me the learning journey never ends.