292 worst things a husband can say to his wife

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You’re married, so you’ve probably already heard some bad things coming out of your husband’s mouth.  

Most likely, he hurt you when he made mean remarks about the way you look, cook, or take care of your children.

While some men simply can’t tell the difference between being honest and being cruel, others decide to humiliate their wives on purpose.

What category does your husband fall into?

The list below will help you figure out if he deliberately belittles you or if he’s insensitive and doesn’t realize it.

But, before we begin, a word of advice:

Just because other husbands may speak to their wives worse than your husband speaks to you, this doesn’t mean you should accept his behavior.

With that being said, let’s dive in!

1) I just realized that marrying you is at the top of my regret list.

2) My feelings for you have changed for the worse. I didn’t expect this.

3) I can’t think of a bigger mistake I’ve made in my life than marrying you.

4) Now that I’ve gotten to know you, I wish I had never set my eyes on you.

5) I hate you with all my heart.

6) You are no longer beautiful.

7) You look displeasing to me.

8) Marrying you is something I wish I didn’t do.

9) You’re not even on my top 5 priority list.

10) You’re not useful to me in any way.

11) I never truly loved you.

12) I don’t really care about you.

13) You are disgraceful, to say the least.

14) You are far from good-looking.

15) You are obviously inferior to me.

16) You always bother me with your nonsense.

17) The sight of you makes me sick to my stomach.

18) Did you forget how to use a mirror?

19) I consider you repulsive.

20) I wish I had never married you.

21) Use your head for once!

22) You’re unimportant to me and, as far as I know, to everyone else.

23) You didn’t accomplish anything in life. Why would you start now?

24) You are ridiculous. Your ideas are ridiculous. Everything about you is ridiculous.

25) Seriously, do you think you matter?

26) You are plain old stupid.

27) You’re dead from the neck up.

28) You’re daft as a bush.

29) My life with you is worse than a bloody, scary nightmare.

30) I haven’t been happy since I met you.

31) Is this what you call marriage?

32) I couldn’t care less about you or your feelings.

33) Your presence simply makes me unhappy.

34) You need me for everything. You can’t think for yourself.

35) You were a nobody when I married you. People respect you because of me.

36) You are worthless without me in your life.

37) You’re no use to me or your kids.

38) You live for nothing.

39) You can’t get anything done properly.

40) Don’t get your hopes too high about that.

41) I don’t believe a word you’re saying.

42) I wish you would just vanish into thin air so I could live my life the way I want to.

43) You make me miserable every second of every day.

44) You are a miserable woman who makes others miserable too.

45) Can’t you solve your own problems?

46) You cause nothing but trouble.

47) My only problem is you. 

48) Your feelings mean nothing to me.

49) Listening to what you think is a waste of my time.

50) Everything about you leaves me cold.

51) I don’t feel attracted to you anymore. You don’t look sexy anymore.

52) I hope only bad things happen to you and your family.

53) You brought bad luck into my life, so I’m going to return the favor.

54) I have feelings for another woman. What I feel for her, I’ve never felt for you.

55) Nothing about you sparks my interest anymore.

56) Why is everything so difficult for you to understand?

57) To be honest, I think you are mentally challenged.

58) I don’t want you by my side.

59) I’m ashamed to go out in public with you because of the way you look..

60) I feel happier when you’re not at home or with me.

61) I wish I didn’t have to see your face every day.

62) It’s not just me. No one is interested in you.

63) You owe me a life of favors for marrying you.

64) I’m the best thing that could have ever happened to you.

65) You don’t deserve my apologies. 

66) Is round your new body shape?

67) Don’t you think you eat too much?

68) Do you eat for two now?

69) Everyone has a better taste in fashion than you.

70) Is your head good for something else than growing hair?

71) The food you cook tastes like garbage.

72) I can’t think of someone I dislike more than you.

73) I think I’m done with you.

74) Things aren’t working out between us.

75) You tell me nothing but lies.

76) I’m not interested in your useless advice.

77) Your opinions are not valid.

78) You are not entitled to have an opinion.

79) You always behave improperly; no matter what you do.

80) You are full of bullsh*t.

81) Did you honestly think you were talented?

82) I’m the only one you’ve got.

83) Did you do anything to be proud of?

84) You are good for nothing.

85) You look like trash.

86) Do you expect me to take you seriously?

87) Do you even listen to yourself?

88) None of that is true. You are imagining things.

89) I hate it when you get home early.

90) You make me so tired. You drain my energy. You’re an energetic vampire.

91) When you talk, I feel like yawning. You are boring.

92) I wish you had a prettier face, not to mention a fitter body.

93) I wish you were sexier. I wish you knew how to seduce me.

94) I don’t care what you’re saying.

95) You lost my respect.

96) You don’t satisfy me sexually. You are frigid in bed.

97) When I think about my future, I see nothing. No, wait! I see another woman.

98) You are making no progress at all.

99) I want to end things with you.

100) You make me hate my life.

101) I want you out of my life.

102) I would consider myself lucky if you left me today.

103) For our next anniversary, I want a divorce.

104) I don’t want to see you, hear you, or feel you anymore.

105) You are incompetent and so is your family.

106) You’re no good to me.

107) You can’t do anything right.

108) No one gives you any credit.

109) You have no manners.

110) Didn’t your parents teach you manners?

111) You look the same age as your mother.

112) You are not dependable.

113) You have the worst possible traits.

114) You fail at everything you do.

115) I feel like you’ve trapped me in a cage.

116) What makes you think you matter?

117) I’m not interested in your opinion, so you can keep it to yourself.

118) Were you always this clumsy?

119) Time spent with you is wasted. I wish I knew this sooner.

120) I’ve wasted the best years of my life trying to please you.

121) Do you understand a word I say?

122) Are you good at something besides looking pretty?

123) I guess you’re not that smart.

124) You’re not worthy of me.

125) You can’t take care of your kids.

126) I hope our children won’t look anything like you.

127) Being the mother of my children is a privilege you’re not worthy of.

128) You are the opposite of good luck to me. 

129) You’re dumber than your dumbest friend. 

130) There’s no surprise your friends aren’t smart either.

131) You only look good in heavily edited pictures.

132) My eyes hurt when I look at you.

133) Can you tell me at least one good thing about yourself?

134) I’ve never met anyone more naive than you are.

135) Have you ever earned any honest money?

136) You’re sick in the head if you think this marriage is going to work. I should’ve known.

137) What have you been doing all day? This house is a mess!

138) My kids are much more important to me than you are.

139) Shut up and listen to me!

140) I never want to see you again!

141) I have no desire to sleep with you now or ever.

142) The idea of having sex with you makes me sick. I don’t want to get intimate with you.

143) I can’t think of anything you’re good at.

144) You talk like you are dead inside.

145) You look and act like a bimbo.

146) I wish I had listened to my mother’s opinion about you before marrying you.

147) My family tried to warn me, but I married you anyway. I was blind, but now I can see.

148) I honestly think I love my distant cousin more than I love you right now.

149) You make my life harder. 

150) I’m the best husband and life partner you’ll ever have.

160) You must be cursed. I can’t find another reasonable explanation.

161) I’ll never ask for your advice. Do you think you know better?

162) Are you a human or an animal?

163) You’re impossible to live with.

164) Not a single person in my family likes you. Not even me.

165) If I had to choose between you and something else, I would never choose you. 

166) Your feelings are not worth considering.

167)  Don’t you think I know you’re only after my money? 

168) You’re nothing but a burden to me. My life with you is unbearable.

169) You don’t do anything I like. 

170) I felt pity when I married you. But not anymore.

171) I proposed because of the baby, not because I love you.

172) Your family pressured me to marry you. I knew I was making a mistake.

173) Now that I think of it, the day I met you was the most unlucky day of my life.

174) You are a wicked, no good woman.

175) Our sex life is boring as hell. You don’t entice me anymore.

176) You can’t get on top of me until you lose some weight

177) You are bad-mannered. I’m ashamed to go out with you.

178) You’re mad as a hatter.

179) I should have left you when I had the chance. 

180) This marriage is my worst nightmare. 

181) You bring me no joy. You stopped being fun. You never make me laugh.

182) You are far from being a good person.

183) You can’t even clean the dishes properly.

184) You disappointed me in every possible way. That’s all I have to say.

185) Your kids are not crazy about you either.

186) You could be a better mom.

187) I know I deserve a better wife and my kids deserve a better mom.

188) You are constantly nagging me.

189) I made up my mind, I will file for ‌divorce.

190) More often than not, you are unaffectionate and cold.

191) You’re not special! Stop thinking you are.

192) Do you ever shut up?

193) Keep your mouth shut!

194) Stop acting like you’re my mom! I need a wife, not a mother.

195) You were put on this earth to listen and follow.

196) You don’t fascinate me anymore.

197) I do all the work around here.

198) You are to blame for everything bad that has happened.

199) This doesn’t concern you.

200) I feel sorry for you. 

201) All you think about is yourself.

202) I prefer a woman who knows her place.

203) I would be much better off without you.

204) Don’t you ever listen to me?

205) You have no say in the matter.

206) Immature is the best way to describe you.

207) If I were you, I wouldn’t trust my own judgment.

208) You are so easy to fool.

209) You are a heavily flawed woman.

210) You are no longer the sensual woman I’ve met.

211) Can you name one person who thinks highly of you?

212) What you did was unforgivable and unforgettable.

213) I will never, ever forgive you for what you’ve done to me.

214) Your forgiveness is the last thing I need.

215) You ruin most of my days.

216) You are nothing without me.

217) I don’t give a damn about your family or friends.

218) Your family doesn’t have a say in this.

219) You are at my mercy.

220) You have no power over me.

221) Everything about you is complicated.

222) I wish you were normal.

223) It’s impossible to make you happy. 

224) I’ve never heard anyone say anything more stupid.

225) You are hopeless. No doubt about it.

226) You’ll never get anywhere with that mindset!

227) How could you think like that?

228) What’s wrong with you?

229) You’re the worst at being a wife.

230) Even after all these years, you’re still a bad kisser.

231) You’re going to end up on the streets.

232) I didn’t marry you out of love.

233) You’ve really let yourself go.

234) Do you really not care about the way you look?

235) You’ve never done anything to help me.

236) I don’t think you can do it.

237) You need plastic surgery.

238) I don’t know what I was thinking when I married you.

239) Your cooking will never be as good as my mom’s.

240) I feel like you’re using me.

241) I love you almost as much as I love my ex-wife.

242) You get bigger every day.

243) Why do you always have to ruin everything?

244) Nothing about you is unique or special.

245) Is that really what you’re wearing tonight?

246) We used to have fun together.

247) I don’t want to do anything with you. 

248) Was it really that hard to do such a simple thing?

249) Name one thing you’re good at.

250) Whatever you’re going through, you deserve it.

251) You should stop crying for pity. You didn’t impress me at all.

252) Let me know when you’re done crying.

253) I don’t need you in my life. I can’t find any use for you.

254) You become more and more insignificant every day.

255) You can’t even clean after yourself.

256) You don’t know how anything works.

257) How did you survive before you met me?

258) Women like you are easy to find.

259) I can sleep with as many women as I want.

260) Don’t talk back at me!

261) You’re impossible to love.

262) No one can tolerate you.

263) They were right to disrespect you. There was no way I could defend you.

264) You don’t deserve to be protected.

265) Has your brain stopped working?

266) You bring out the worst in me. 

267) You aren’t a woman of your word.

268) I hope your dreams will never come true.

269) I’m sure you won’t succeed.

270) You look horrible when you’re crying.

271) All your girlfriends look better than you.

272) Why can’t you be more like your best friend?

273) Take a look at yourself before you ask me for anything.

274) Your hopes and dreams are ridiculous.

275) You will fail at this too.

276) Don’t believe it when people pay your compliments. They’re not honest with you.

277) You won’t go through with this.

278) You make no sense when you speak.

279) You don’t deserve anyone’s consideration.

280) You’ll regret the day you agreed to marry me.

281) I feel great when I don’t wake up next to you.

282) My life got bitter with you by my side.

283) I didn’t ask you to do anything for me, why would I do something for you?

284) We have no future together. I’m very sure of that.

285) I don’t know who you are anymore.

286) This is all your fault, you made me do this!

287) I’m lying to you because you don’t react positively to the truth.

288) You have no right to feel offended. This isn’t about you!

289) You always make everything about you.

290) How can you talk back to me when I’m the one paying the bills?

291) I am entitled to more sleep than you are because I am actually employed.

292) How can you live with yourself?

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