Will me and my ex get back together? 10 signs you will

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You can’t see the future, but you can find out what it may hold. 

You might be wondering whether the breakup you’ve had with your ex is going to be permanent. But after all the tears, heartbreak and getting over them, you’re wondering if you and your ex are fated to get back together again.

Don’t worry! You might just be looking at the signs that give a glimpse into what may happen in the future. 

You’ll never know if there’s anything between you two until you try digging deeper. 

In this article, we’ll cover 10 signs that suggest your ex might come back to you down the line. You never know what might happen – so don’t lose hope!

1) They initiate contact with you

If you received a text from them or a message on one of your social media, there’s a good chance that they’re trying to make their presence known to you.

It could be an apology for the way things ended or just a general “hey, how are you” for no reason at all. It will feel different – it’s like receiving a random message from an old, dear friend that you haven’t seen in years. 

You will feel a mixed of emotions, and you will probably be a bit confused.

They may have been too busy to contact you in the past, but now it’s important for them to reconnect with you. 

Of course, your first instinct is to ignore it – but don’t! These are the first signs that they might want to be with you again. You just need to play your cards right so you can gauge whether there’s any genuine interest from them or not.

This might seem like a weird thing to do – but could actually be them trying to take the first steps to convincing you to get back together with them one day soon. 

If they’re able to get your attention by just doing something so simple and non-threatening, there’s a good chance that there are still hidden feelings. And if they’ve caught your attention, your feelings for them are likely to come back too.

2) You’re both not at peace with the breakup

It’s been some time since the breakup happened and some people might expect that you’ve both moved on – but if your ex haven’t, and you have a feeling that you’re at the same position, the chances of the two of you getting back together is pretty high.

It’s easy to move on when things haven’t been really great between the two of you, and it’s difficult if it didn’t go as planned. And maybe they aren’t satisfied with their new partner as much as they were with you. 

If they don’t think they made the right decision in breaking up with you, they might try to influence you in one way or another. 

When exes do this, especially when they care about each other, it’s a clear sign that things are not fully over yet. 

They may want to win you back by getting closer with you and making it seem like things weren’t always meant to be broken up. 

That’s why they probably aren’t at peace with the breakup – they still have feelings for you. And that means that they might be willing to try again if you are too…

It’s going to be up to you whether you give them a second chance or not. But if you do, don’t expect it to be exactly the same as how things were before – because it won’t!

There will be some awkwardness in the beginning because of what happened between the two of you. But, that’ll pass quickly and revert back to what it was before.

3) They’re online searching for you

You see, you might be occupying your ex’s mind that they can’t stop thinking about you.

The way they can get a hold of you might be by trying to search for you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

As long as they’re not being too creepy and stalker-like in their ways, it’s probably them wanting to know how you’re doing and if there’s any chance that they can make up with you.

Your ex might be using the Internet in order to find out where you are and what your status is. They might even be creating some fake accounts so they can find out if you’ve met someone new or not. 

This is an indirect way of trying to contact you because they will probably be too scared to get in touch with you again. 

They might even do things like look at your Facebook pictures or check out where your photos are tagged from. This is just a way of trying to figure out what’s going on in your life and whether you’re doing well or not.

It makes them feel bad about how things ended – and that means they still have feelings for you. 

Another sign is if they add your friends or family on social media in order to find out more about who you are and what you’re up to. 

But try not to conclude anything soon. The two of you were once close and you’ll need to get to know each other again in order for the relationship to work this time. 

Doing things like adding each other to social media is a sign that there’s still something between you the two of you! 

4) You’ve said too much about your feelings for him/her

Talking about feelings with your ex can go both ways. They might be feeling the same way you were, but they also might be telling you things that aren’t true in order to reel you back in.

You see, being open about your feelings to each other will give you a lot of insight into each other. And when you realize that the two of you can’t move on because there are too many things that you have in common, it will come as a surprise to you. 

Think about it – you may have been trying to convince yourself that you don’t have any feelings for your ex anymore, but you’re only lying to yourself if that’s the case. 

You have a good feeling that they feel bad about the breakup and either say things to try to convince themselves that you should get back together.

Not only to yourself but you’ve also opened these underlying feelings toward your closest friends – your ex might even have heard about it from them.

You will think back to the time when you said that you’re still in love with someone who has fallen out of your life. And they will probably think of the same thing too.

5) They tell you they’re not doing well

There could be a few possible reasons why one of you has been feeling down for a long time. 

But when exes are feeling down and tell you about it, there’s probably something more to it than just one thing.

It’s possible that your ex is with someone new but having personal issues with their new partner, so they might try to confide in you. 

Even if they didn’t have a new partner after the breakup, they might use their personal issues as an excuse to get closer to you and make sure that you’re doing okay too.

They may have gone through something difficult and need someone else to talk about it with – and there’s no better way to do that than by talking to their ex who knew them best. 

Maybe this is just a cover up for the fact that they might actually want to be with you again. They need you to be there for them at this time, because you’re the only one who really understands them.

As much as it seems like it might be a sign of weakness from what happened between the two of you, this is not uncommon at all. 

It’s just an excuse for them to get closer to you again.

6) They’re saying or doing things that remind you of the good times

This is a pretty clear sign that they still have feelings for you. 

They might be bringing things from the past into the present because they still haven’t really moved on yet. 

Things like these are a clear indication that they still care for you and want to see you again in the future. Although, it’s still important not to overreact to things like this – instead, just make sure that you take it all in stride.

That’s why they’ll try to get close to you in order to let you know what it was like when the two of you were still together. They want you to understand how it felt when things were going well.

They might post something in their social media that will somehow reminisce the good times you had together. 

They might even try to make sure that you’re still connected by saying or doing things that remind you of the good times from your relationship.

It’s not like they needed this reminder of how great things used to be between the two of you – but that doesn’t matter! 

If there’s something really important that they wanted from their ex and believe that it still exists, then they’ll take whatever means necessary in order to get it.

7) They pop up out of the blue

Seeing an ex randomly in a place that you were both at before, but you weren’t expecting them to be there can be a bit of a shock.

It might feel like they’ve just popped out of the blue, even though you’ve been thinking about them for days or even weeks on end. It just goes to show that they haven’t forgotten about you yet, and that they’ve still been looking for ways to get back in touch with you over time.

They can be anywhere at any time and you might not even know until they show up. It could be a local bar or corner store that they just walk into while you are there, catching you by surprise.  

It’s almost as if they have a sixth sense when it comes to showing up randomly like they knew exactly where you’d be and when you’d be there.

They might see you when you’re out with your friends, or they might have been stalking you through social media in order to figure out where you would be at any given time. 

Either way, they still want to be part of what you’re doing, even if it’s just from a distance.

Just make sure that you don’t overreact if your ex decides to pop up out of the blue again after the breakup. 

Try to play it cool and see how you feel when you see them again.

8) They’re still trying to be friends with you

When things ended, however, they wanted to be friends with you so badly that they would do whatever was required to keep that friendship alive.

This is more on the side of them trying to get you back to dating them again. If they can have a connection with you, it’s easier for them to have a second chance with you. 

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9) They ask about you

It’s a matter of time but they’re still trying to figure out a way to get back into your life. 

They’re not giving up easily and want to know as much as they can about what’s going on in your life. 

You might hear from a mutual friend or a family relative that your ex has been asking about you through them, or maybe some of your friends received a message from them and eventually showed their real intention to talk about you.

Since they still care, they want to make sure that you’re doing okay, even if it’s just for their own benefit. It’s usually something that comes from the heart, although sometimes it can appear as if this is something more mysterious or even odd.

They may keep very close tabs on you so that they know where you are all the time, or they might continuously tell everyone that they have something special planned for you and the relationship.

This is really obvious, but they’re still not over you. They’re going to do whatever they can to mend this relationship and work towards getting back together during the next possible opportunity.

It’s just as simple as that. 

10) They suggest meeting up or going on a date together

When your ex suggests that the two of you meet up sometime in the next few days, they’re probably looking to see if there’s still any hope for the two of you. 

They may feel that the breakup was a mistake. They still have some feelings for you, and these are more romantic in nature. 

They’ll want to see if they can rekindle that spark that once existed between the two of you. 

This is not something you should avoid at all costs; it’s better to just understand where things are going with the two of you and make sure it’s okay with both of you.

When your ex suggests another date or a get together, it’s not something you should be surprised about. 

Now if you think that you two deserve something more and want to get back together in order to work things out, then it’s not a bad idea to try again. 

If you’re not ready yet, but they’re persistent, that might be the way they’ll handle things when they feel that’s what you want. 

There are many possible ways your ex can try to get your attention away from all the hurt and pain that you’re feeling right now. They might be looking for a way to show how much they care about you.


These are just a few samples of the things that your ex may have in store for you. 

They’re not really anything strange or out of the ordinary, it’s just something they still want to work on in order to see if the two of you can get back together. 

You should definitely be honest with them, but this is something that you shouldn’t stress about and should treat as a normal thing; after all, there’s no reason for them to be upset.

Hopefully, this guide should help you learn the right way to respond when your ex tries to contact you after a breakup. You should be able to take away some lessons that can improve your future relationships.

If you’re going through a breakup and need some advice or support, please feel free to reach out at any time to a trusted friend or family, or even a relationship expert.

It’s always better to talk about these things than pretend they don’t exist at all.

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