Will he want me if I move on? 15 ways to tell

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Moving on is hard, especially when a part of you is still holding onto the hope that he will want you back.

So, a lot of women think that by moving on, they can actually make him want them back.

If this sounds like you, there are 15 ways you can tell if he will want you once you move on!

1) The relationship ended because you were too needy

If the relationship ended because you were too needy, it’s not surprising that he didn’t want to continue it.

It’s also not surprising if he didn’t feel comfortable being around you.

The good news?

In case that was the only reason for breaking up, seeing you move on will trigger him to want to be with you again!

All of a sudden, you are focusing on things other than him and he remembers what a great woman you are.

He will want you back once he realizes that you have moved on and have become a better person.

He’ll feel bad and realize that he was the reason why you broke up.

You are free to move on now, but if you still want to be with him, just tell him that you need time to think it over.

2) He tries to contact you

If he’s been trying to contact you indirectly or by way of social media, it’s likely that he’s still interested in you.

He might be reaching out to see if you’ve been busy or if you’re still in touch.

He might be asking about your well-being or wondering how things are going.

If he’s making an effort to reach out, it means he cares about you and wants to continue the relationship.

He might be sending you flowers, sending you care packages, or even writing to you.

These gestures show that he cares about you and wants to keep the relationship alive.

He might not be contacting you directly but his actions say otherwise.

If he hasn’t sent any signals that he wants to continue the relationship, it’s probably best to give him some time and let things play out.

3) You bring out his inner hero

When you move on but you bring out his inner hero, chances are he will really want you.

If you’re asking yourself: “What does that mean for me?”, you’re not alone!

Let me explain:

There’s a new theory in the relationship world that’s causing quite a stir – it’s called the hero instinct.

Coined by relationship expert James Bauer, this fascinating concept finally explains how men really think and feel in relationships.

And it’s something most women have never even heard of.

According to James Bauer, men don’t actually need a lot to feel content in their relationships. To most people’s surprise, it has nothing to do with sex.

You see, men have innate drivers. These are natural responses that they’re not even aware of. But when a woman comes along and triggers them, it causes a powerful response.

The result is a man who loves harder, commits wholeheartedly, and truly dedicates himself to the relationship.

So, how can you trigger your man’s hero instinct?

Well, you certainly don’t need to act like a damsel in distress or buy him a cape. It’s quite simple, actually.

All you have to do is give your man certain signals that make him feel needed in the relationship. These allow him to step to the plate and feel fulfilled in his role as your partner.

And these signals are revealed in this simple and genuine video by James Bauer.

The truth is, once you understand how the hero instinct works, there’s no telling what heights your relationship can reach.

So if you want to give your man what he truly wants from you, make sure to check out James Bauer’s excellent video. In it, he reveals the exact texts and phrases you can use straight away.

Here’s a link to the free video again.

4) He regularly asks about your life

If he regularly asks about your life and how you’re doing, it’s likely that he still cares about you.

Now that you’ve moved on, you are suddenly extremely interesting to him again.

He doesn’t know what’s going on in your life, so naturally, he will reach out and ask you about it.

He might be asking you about your plans for the future, what you’ve been doing lately, or even how you’re feeling.

If he’s been asking about your life and how you’re doing, it means that he cares about you and wants to continue the relationship, especially when his focus is on if you’re dating again.

He wants to know that he still has a shot, so will inquire about your love life.

You see, sometimes you just need to move on in order for someone to realize what they are losing.

5) He is nostalgic

If he’s nostalgic for the past, it’s a good indication that he wants you.

He may be thinking about how things used to be and how he would like them to be again.

This suggests that he is still interested in you, even though you’ve moved on.

It’s also possible that he’s been hurt by you moving on and is looking for a way to heal.

If he seems nostalgic for the past, it might signal that he wants to work things out with you but doesn’t know how to do that.

He may be trying to express his feelings through words or actions, but they don’t seem like they’re working.

You might want to give him a chance and see if there’s anything else going on in his life that could be causing this problem.

6) He is trying to make plans

When you move on and all of a sudden your ex is trying to make plans with you, he definitely wants you, believe me.

Your moving on is causing him to panic, he really doesn’t want to lose you.

And if he’s asking you to go on a date, he might have a special reason for wanting to get together soon.

He may be trying to make plans and is consciously doing so in order to keep you interested, or maybe he wants to surprise you.

You can of course decide whether you actually want to hang out with him or not.

But if he’s trying to make plans with you and shows clear signs of being interested, it’s a good sign that he likes you and wants to talk.

7) When you don’t reach out, he texts you

Another sign he wants you when you move on if whenever you don’t reach out to him, he will text you instead.

This means he may still be interested in you, he is trying and waiting for you to get back to him.

He probably doesn’t know how else to express his feelings, so writing you a text feels the best way for him to do it.

He will most likely continue contacting you over the next few days and weeks to see how things progress with you two getting together again.

If he needs some time away alone, he will let you know how important it is for him to work on himself and get better, which could be why he has asked for some space from your relationship in the first place.

So what can you do in this situation if you actually want to be with him? Send this “No Communication” text

— “You’re right. It’s best that we don’t talk right now, but I would like to be friends eventually.” —

This one needs to be sent to your ex at the right time for it to be truly effective.

But why I like it is that you’re communicating with them that you don’t really need to talk anymore.

In essence, you’re saying that you don’t really need them to play any role in your life anymore.

Why is this so good?

You induce a “fear of loss” in your ex which will trigger their attraction for you again.

I learned about this text from Brad Browning, who has helped thousands of men and women get their exes back. He goes by the moniker of “the relationship geek”, for good reason.

In this free video, he’ll show you exactly what you can do to make your ex want you again.

No matter what your situation is — or how badly you’ve messed up since the two of you broke up — he’ll give you a number of useful tips that you can apply immediately.

Here’s a link to his free video again. If you really want your ex back, this video will help you do this.

8) He says that he misses you

Your ex-partner might say that he misses you – it can’t get much more obvious than that to be honest.

If someone says that they miss you in a text, it is the clearest form of communication that they want you after you’ve moved on.

The more effort your ex-partner puts into writing these texts, the more likely it is that he wants to get back with you.

9) He stalks your social media accounts

If he’s been following your social media accounts closely, it’s likely that he’s hoping to reconnect with you.

On the other hand, if he hasn’t done so in a while, it’s likely that he’s not interested in you anymore.

Or, who knows, maybe he cares about you too much to stalk your social media?

Think about it: if he really cares about you and sees you moving on on social media, that’s gotta hurt, right?

When someone truly cares about you and sees that you’re moving on in life, it hurts.

It’s difficult to see people change for the better, especially if you still want them but can’t have them.

That doesn’t mean he has to give up – sometimes the best thing is just letting go of some things like watching your social media for a while.

10) He asks your friends about you

One of the first signs that he may want you back is if he’s asking your friends about you.

If he asks your friends how you’re doing, it’s a good sign that he’s considering whether or not he wants to pursue a relationship with you again.

Plus, if he’s asking them if it’s ok for him to get back in touch with you, it means that he’s hoping his request will be granted.

11) He posts old memories of you two on his social media

One of the biggest signs that he’s still interested in you is if he posts old memories of you two on his social media accounts.

This could be anything from selfies to old pictures.

If he’s still trying to hold on to some hope that you’ll come back, this could be a sign that he’s still interested in you.

He might even want to show those pictures to new people so they can see how attractive and popular you used to be.

12) He drunk texts you

When you move on and suddenly your ex starts drunk texting you, chances are he really wants you back.

You see, you only drunk text people you have really strong feelings for.

The good news?

You are still ingrained in his subconscious mind!

Although the conscious mind may be aware of what we are thinking and feeling, our subconscious is still operating in control.

It’s like a switch that can turn on or off at any moment.

And when he’s drunk, that switch turns on really fast.

He might ask you how you’re doing or he will blatantly admit how much he misses you.

Simply put, if he’s drunk texting you, it means he wants to get back together with you.

13) His body language tells you

When you move on and you aren’t sure if he wants you still, watch his body language.

If he does, his body language will be screaming “I want you!”.

  • He’ll be leaning in and smiling.
  • He’ll be touching you
  • He will hold your hand
  • He will face you
  • He will fix his hair or clothes when you walk into a room
  • He will blush when talking to you
  • He will adjust his posture when he sees you

You see, body language can tell you more about what a person is thinking than words ever could.

By reading people’s body language, you can tell a great deal about their thoughts and intentions.

This information is invaluable in understanding how they’re feeling, what they want or need from the world, and even where they see themselves in relation to the world. (or in this case – in relation to you)

14) He wants to protect you

When a guy still wants to protect you after you’ve moved on, he deeply cares about you.

Simply put, he wants to keep you safe.

He wants to make sure that you’re okay and that you’re not going through anything difficult.

He may even try to help you out with your problems or get your back in a pinch.

In addition, if he’s trying to protect you, it means he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you.

Even though you’ve moved on, he would still do anything for you.

I mentioned this fascinating concept earlier: the hero instinct. When a man’s inner hero is triggered, he’s more likely to want you back.

Just by knowing the right things to say to him, you’ll open a part of him that no woman has ever reached before.

And the easiest way to do so is by watching this free video by James Bauer. In it, he’ll reveal simple phrases and texts you can use to make your man truly yours.

Here’s a link to the excellent video again.

15) When you move on, he tries to change, too

A huge sign of him wanting you when you move on is when he makes an effort to change.

This could be improving himself in any kind of way, like:

  • working out
  • eating healthier
  • seeing a therapist
  • meditating
  • journaling
  • getting enough sleep
  • being outside every day
  • doing shadow work
  • doing inner child healing

You see, when a guy really tries to improve himself, it can be a sign that he has an ulterior motive – in this case, winning you back.

It’s not a bad thing at all, in the end, even if you don’t get back together, he will have improved himself, so it’s a win-win situation!

Do you want him back?

After knowing all the signs of him wanting you if you move on, ask yourself this very important question:

Do you even want him back?

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to impress someone that we forget about what we truly want.

Maybe you’re better off without him!

And if you really want him back?

I touched on the hero instinct earlier – it’s the perfect remedy for the situation you’re facing.


Because once a man’s hero instinct is triggered, he’ll only have eyes for you. You’ll reach a part of him that no woman has ever managed to reach before.

And in return, he’ll be compelled to commit to you and love you like he’s never loved another woman.

So if you’re ready to take that plunge and reach new heights in your relationship, make sure to check out relationship expert James Bauer’s invaluable advice.

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