20 big signs he’s going to leave his wife for you

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I’m going to be honest here, there are tons of great guys out there.

But life isn’t always easy out there for women looking for a guy.

You want a man who is not only reliable but also ready to commit the rest of his life with you forever.

If you fell in love with a married man and you are hoping that you will be able to live together forever, here is a list of 20 signs that he wants to leave his wife and be with you!

1) He introduces you to his friends as his girlfriend

If he introduces you as his girlfriend, then that’s already one of the biggest signs that he wants to get a divorce and make a huge change in his life.

Sometimes marriages don’t work out, and people realize that there is someone better for them out there.

If he’s ready to introduce you to his friends, then that means he’s willing to take the risk and move on.

His friends probably already know about you if he is ready to introduce you, so make sure you stay as relaxed as possible.

These situations can be very uncomfortable because of the unresolved issues and especially because friends tend to keep sides when a marriage is about to end, but if you think he’s ready to leave his wife, then you should take this chance.

It is a chance to show them that you are the right girl for him and if he chooses you, then his friends will be happy for him.

It can feel like a competition in some moments but try not to get to your heart as much.

Do what you can to be his closest friend, and that way, he’ll feel very comfortable about introducing you to everybody.

2) He always talks about his life goals with you

If your guy loves talking about his plans and dreams with you, then that’s a huge sign that he wants to make you a big part of those plans.

If he always talks about how he wants to change the world and how he wants to become a better man because of you, then that means he sees a future with you.

3) He feels like a hero with you

Men want to feel important and want to be able to take care of their loved ones.

If he isn’t getting that in his marriage, it is very likely that he will soon end things with her and stay with you.

There’s a new theory in the relationship world that’s causing quite a stir – it’s called the hero instinct.

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You see, men have innate drivers. These are natural responses that they’re not even aware of. But when a woman comes along and triggers them, it causes a powerful response.

The result is a man who loves harder, commits wholeheartedly, and truly dedicates himself to the relationship.

So, how can you trigger your man’s hero instinct?

Well, you certainly don’t need to act like a damsel in distress or buy him a cape. It’s quite simple, actually.

All you have to do is give your man certain signals that make him feel needed in the relationship. These allow him to step to the plate and feel fulfilled in his role as your partner.

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The truth is, once you understand how the hero instinct works, there’s no telling what heights your relationship can reach.

So if you want to give your man what he truly wants from you, make sure to check out James Bauer’s excellent video. In it, he reveals the exact texts and phrases you can use straight away.

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4) He tries to keep in contact with you as much as possible

A bad marriage can sometimes feel like a black hole with no bottom.

It can suck the life out of any person in the world because being unfulfilled every single day and not having your needs met can make a person pretty unstable.

This is probably the reason why your guy even thought about starting a relationship outside his marriage and why he is taking such a big risk.

Every relationship requires lots of time and effort, both to keep it alive and also to make it work.

This is why your guy has been making a good effort to keep in touch with you ever since he met you, and this is why he is willing to give up his marriage for you.

5) He spends his every free moment with you

Here is the deal – happily married people tend to spend time together, see friends, visit new places and simply enjoy their time together.

If your guy doesn’t spend time with his wife but uses every moment to come and see you, it is a sure sign that he is reconsidering his life choices and thinking about giving you the lead role in his life.

He probably feels safe and happy with you and wants to feel more of that every time he gets a chance.

How often do you receive various signs of affection and care?

If it’s too often, then that’s a big sign that he is definitely not happy, and he may soon walk out the door of his marriage.

He is probably just happy he found someone who can give him the love that he was missing from his life and wants to show you every chance he gets.

If he loves spending time with you in real life and he is also active on social media, then that’s a huge sign that he is ready to make a big change in his life.

He knows the importance of staying connected to everyone, but most importantly to you in the real world.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media platforms are great places for him to stay connected with you.

6) He loves it when you show off your love and affection in public

The first rule of having an affair for married men is not to show any affection in public.

However, if he loves to show off his relationship and doesn’t care what people think about it, then that’s a big sign that he wants to make a change in his life and start a new chapter with you.

It shows that not only is he not afraid of being seen with you, but he may even be doing it as a provocation to speed up the divorce and push things in the wanted direction.

This is the part where you need to set the boundaries and show him what do you believe is appropriate behavior until he decides to split with his wife and continue living his life with you.

Being in a situation when people know your guy is married and is still seen with you can be tricky.

It can put you in a difficult position with your family, so it is necessary to speak to your partner about it.

As you know, men can be deceiving and often go back to their wives at the first sign of trouble.

Therefore, it is important to bond with your man and make him see the value in having a strong relationship with you.

7) He gives you gifts and makes plans for the future together

Buying gifts and showing affection is always good when we want someone to feel appreciated.

When you notice that your partner doesn’t shy away from going the extra mile to make you happy is an excellent sign that you are very important to him.

If he’s ready to put all his efforts and time into making you happy, then that’s a huge sign he wants to start a new life with you.

My point is – if your guy makes you a priority in his life, he is committed to you and wants you to see it.

8) He talks about his problems to you

There is a lot of advice out there that says if your partner doesn’t open up to you and talk about his problems, then he is not committed to the relationship.

Marriage means that both husband and wife are two halves of one whole, and they should be able to share their feelings and problems.

If your guy cannot do that with his wife, then he wants a fresh start with you.

If your guy is always talking about the present and the things that are happening right now in his life, then that’s a huge sign that he wants to do whatever it takes to make a change in his life.

Men tend to be afraid of change because it is not easy to face problems and open up to new things in life, especially when it comes to marriage.

There are a lot of things involved – families, finances, and sometimes even kids.

People sometimes get tangled in all of it and are simply afraid to say honestly that there is someone else out there who is capable of making them happy and wanting to be with that person for the rest of their life.

9) He’s always looking for excuses to see you

If your lover is always willing to face any challenges and difficulties in order to see you, then he wants a commitment from you, meaning that he is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for his love.

The odds are that he is taking a huge risk to come and see you, so if you feel that it is easy to meet him and he’s always looking for excuses to do that, then it is highly likely that he’s trying to break away from his wife.

At this point, the best thing you can do is to support him and help him overcome this period.

It is surely not easy for you as well, that is completely understandable, but you can at least hope that it will be over soon.

What you need to do is to stick with him and show him just how much you care about him and want him to be happy.

10) He talks poorly about his marriage and his wife

The truth is that just the fact that he started a relationship with you means that his marriage was not good to start with.

There are probably many things missing that he is trying to get with you. That doesn’t only refer to physical intimacy but also trust, humor, same beliefs or goals.

If your guy is telling you bad things about his marriage and his wife, then it’s a big sign that he’s ready to do something about it and that he’s already tired of living the same old routine with her.

However, it is not easy to make such changes, and it takes time to do it, but the amount of his dissatisfaction in the relationship can clearly tell you that he wants something new in his life.

11) He misses you when he’s not with you

It’s not about missing you when he is on vacation or at work, but rather that he can’t wait to see you to find out how your day was and to tell you about his.

If your guy can’t stand not being with you for longer than 24 hours, then it means that he wants something more intimate and permanent in his life.

Perhaps he is getting impatient to see you, and he feels like a kid on Christmas Eve.

That means that his feelings are getting stronger and that he will soon tell you that he wants to make some changes in his life.

12) He is thinking about his feelings for you and trying to understand them

Men are creatures of habit, and they are most comfortable in their own pattern of behavior.

When they realize that they have new emotions and feelings towards someone, it takes them time to accept it and understand what they mean and how they can fit into their life.

When your guy is trying to understand and accept his feelings for you, it means that he wants to see these feelings develop further.

13) He wants to be around you

Sometimes it is obvious that he’s been missing you, but sometimes it can be more subtle.

Pay attention to the way he is acting when he’s around you, and how your presence simply brings him back to his senses!

It is a huge sign that he wants to make a change in his life and share all the moments with you.

It is about being in the same room with each other and enjoying every second of your time together.

If you’ve seen him dressed in his finest suits and going to work with a certain glow on his face, then it’s possible that this is just another sign that he’s thinking about you, day and night.

The color of his mood is changing, and you are the reason this is happening.

Try to enjoy every moment you get to spend together because it’s a very rare thing to find someone who cares about you so much.

If you look at the positive side of it, you can say that he is not just looking for a rebound relationship but rather a brand-new life with you.

14) He seems happier with you than he ever was before

If your lover is smiling more and enjoying his time together with you, but he still has commitment issues, then that’s just a sign that he needs to confront his feelings on the matter and understand where this feeling is coming from.

Emotions are not easy to handle, especially when it’s about marriage that is not satisfying his needs in every sense of the word.

I mentioned this fascinating concept earlier: the hero instinct.

When a man’s inner hero is triggered, he’s more likely to commit and invest all his efforts to make a relationship work.

Just by knowing the right things to say to him, you’ll open a part of him that no woman has ever reached before.

And the easiest way to do so is by watching this free video by James Bauer. In it, he’ll reveal simple phrases and texts you can use to make your man truly yours. 

Here’s a link to the excellent video again.

15) He leaves his family for you

Family is a priority for everyone. However, it is not always black and white.

Sometimes when there are too many issues in the family, a man will try to find a way to get out of it all because the issues are too much to handle.

If he’s willing to spend less time with his family just to be with you, then that’s a huge sign he wants your love more than anything else out there.

This may lead to limited discussions about the family problems he is facing.

If your guy is trying to avoid talking about his family, then it is a huge sign that he has some serious issues with them and that he doesn’t want to talk about them with you.

Not because he doesn’t want you to know more about him, but because he’s trying to break away from the situation and start a new chapter in his life by taking everything into his own hands.

Sometimes the road to a clear family situation can be pretty challenging and hard.

For example, if a man goes through many family problems and they don’t seem to get resolved, then it could be a sign that the time for making new decisions did not come yet.

On the other hand, if he is ready to leave his family and all the issues that come with it clearly show that he wants to commit to starting a new life with you and perhaps breaking some old behavior patterns that no longer serve their purpose.

16) He seems torn

If you notice that your guy seems very distracted and torn, he is surely weighing his options and thinking about the ways he could resolve this puzzling situation.

He is probably very much aware at this point that he can no longer continue living the same way that he used to, and the intensity of his feelings towards you is getting stronger every day.

This can be very hard for anyone to handle, so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t talk much when he is with you.

The fact that he is considering it so seriously means that he is very close to making a decision and taking the step that will change his life.

All in all, be prepared that this period will be full of ups and downs, as well as frustrations on both sides.

At this point, the worst thing you can do is to get into a fight because that can only make things worse and push him away.

Keep in mind that even though this situation is very hard, it cannot last forever, and this is certainly something that will have to end at some point.

17) He answers the phone whenever you call

When married men start an affair, they usually miss a lot of calls when they are with their wives because they don’t want to rock the boat.

This is usually a way that women use to test the guy’s feelings, especially at the beginning of the relationship.

This can change over time, and it is a clear indicator of the man’s feelings.

If you notice that he answers his phone whenever you call, no matter where he is, or if his wife is with him, then it means that he is ready for the change.

It is a very simple sign, but it can also mean that he has a lot of time to think about his feelings for you and that he is ready to show to the world that his feelings for you are stronger than anything else.

It takes time to get to this point, and you shouldn’t expect it at the very beginning of the relationship.

As he becomes more confident that his decision is the right one, it will become easier for him to confront his wife and declare his love for you to the world.

18) He is not concerned with his reputation

If your man has never been the one to be concerned about what others think about him, then it is clear that he doesn’t care about how people will perceive his infidelity.

He feels that he’s already given too many years to a relationship that offers him no more than trust issues and other problems.

It probably means that he came to the point where he no longer wants to commit to making everyone else happy but wants to do everything he can to live a more fulfilled life.

Not that he is not worried about morality, but he is probably more concerned about his mortality.

There is only one letter difference, but the actual difference is huge, and it can lead to some tectonic changes in his life.

Perhaps he has realized just how fast time passes by and that he can no longer spend it with his wife, who simply doesn’t care or love him anymore.

If he has found love and commitment with you and he is finally at peace, you can be sure that he will stick around and enjoy it to the fullest.

19) He starts wearing his wedding ring less and less often

A wedding ring is a symbol of fidelity, love, commitment, and trust.

If your guy avoids wearing it lately, it means that he is aware that he cannot commit anymore to the vows he gave.

The fact that he is not wearing his wedding ring as much as he used to might be a sign that he is about to tell his wife that it is over and that he wants to move on.

It is a very subtle sign, but it can be a big part of his need to make some changes in his life.

Some people just can’t take being stuck in a stagnant relationship anymore, and this is their way to finally break out of that dead end.

When you notice it, make sure you don’t make a big deal out of it because giving your partner some space to figure out his feelings will bear more fruit and help you enjoy your relationship more.

Bringing in frustration and more confusion won’t get you far.

Instead, keep things light and friendly and be supportive about his decision.

20) He tells you that his marriage is over

This is the last piece of the puzzle in the broken marriage that will be a clear sign for you that he is about to move on with his life and spend the rest of it with you.

He will be ready to tell you that his marriage is definitely over and he has no intention of continuing it.

He might even be ready to confront his wife about it if she doesn’t want to end their marriage.

By this time, he will have already made the decision to move on and live a happier life with you.

He will probably tell you about his divorce plans before anything happens.

If he does this, it means that he trusts the fact that you are ready for the same commitment, and no matter what happens, he is certain that you will stick with him through thick and thin.

It is a sure sign that his mind is made up, and he is ready to put an end to this part of his life.

When you come to this point, make an effort to give him all your love and support, so he can go through this period easier.

Your support will mean the world to him because making difficult decisions like this comes with a fair share of pain and frustrations.

It is important to understand that when a married man leaves his wife for another woman, he has already made the decision to leave everything behind and start a new life.

It might have been hard for him to make that decision, but he knows deep down in his heart that it is the best thing for his future happiness.

He wants to try and make new memories with you and forget about all of the bad ones from the past.

Final thoughts

Breaking up a marriage is never easy.

It is not easy for anyone involved, especially the spouses who are ready to move on.

If you are in love with a married guy, you may be in the most difficult struggle in your life.

If you feel that you are in an impossible situation and you need to push it in the right direction, keep your head cool and think about the things you can do.

I touched on the hero instinct earlier – it’s the perfect remedy for the situation you’re facing.


Because once a man’s hero instinct is triggered, he’ll only have eyes for you. You’ll reach a part of him that no woman has ever managed to reach before.

And in return, he’ll be compelled to commit to you and love you like he’s never loved another woman.

So if you’re ready to take that plunge and reach new heights in your relationship, make sure to check out relationship expert James Bauer’s invaluable advice.

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