Will a Leo man come back? Yes, if you do these 8 things

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Have you wondered if a Leo man wants you back?

If you and your Leo man broke up, it hurts like hell. Nothing can be more heartbreaking than dealing with this painful phase.

Many women like you who still love their partners will probably ask, “What can I do to make him come back?” or “Will my ex come back after dumping or breaking up with me?

Maybe yes or maybe not! Let’s jump right in.

Will a Leo man come back after a breakup?

Breakups happen in most relationships. 

And it’s normal to want someone back after a breakup. And no matter how hard it can be, it’s always best to check all the possibilities so you can deal with them. 

Here’s 7 things to expect.

1) He’ll act wounded (or probably not)

Well, he’s deeply hurt that you separated. And when he wants you to know how hurt he is, take it as a sign that he wants to give your relationship another chance.

A Leo man who shows his pain and vulnerability is appealing to your empathy and emotions.

He wants to know your reaction or get sympathy from others.

But most of the time, he’ll hide his pain and shrug off the emotional impact of your breakup. 

He’ll do something to conceal his feelings and stifle his pain. Either he’ll throw himself into work or get busy dating someone new.

But if you know him too well, you’ll see that this is all part of his act. He wants the rest of the world to know that he’s fine – but deep inside, he’s not.

2) If the love was strong

Leos are bold, stunning, outgoing, ambitious, and sociable – which can sometimes drive you crazy.

They are also loyal, committed, and will stick to you no matter what. As they are born romantics, they’re not afraid to show their love and make their significant others feel like the center of the universe. 

But if their flirtatious side rules even when in a relationship with you, then it means he’s not fully committed. 

Remember that Leos desire passion and excitement – and need relationships that feel hot.

If the love they feel remains strong after a break-up, it means that you and the relationship you have has a special place in their hearts.

If you didn’t break up because of infidelity, there still could be a chance that you can give each other another chance.

Here’s a tip: Be honest.

Take the risk of telling him exactly what you’re feeling. The more honest you are with him, the better chances of him coming back.

But if he’s not interested in doing so, he’ll be honest with you as well. He’ll probably give the reasons why as well.

You’ve got to open up with him and take the risk. 

When you do, either he’ll come back or admit that he won’t.

3) What would a gifted advisor say?

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So could getting some outside guidance help?

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4) The way you make him feel

Leos appreciate it when they receive compliments and validation from others. No, they don’t need an ego boost.

But the way you make him feel good about himself, and how you tell him how amazing you felt when you’re with him makes a huge difference.

He’ll be a bit responsive when you tell him that he’s the sweetest and most romantic man you’ve ever known – and the hottest you’ve ever had in bed. He wants to know all those things you have to say about him.

Truth is, no matter how vain it sounds, Leo’s desire to be told how awesome they are. 

The key here is to appreciate him for the person that he is – his personality, traits, strengths, and all that he has. Take this opportunity to tell him how fantastic he is in bed and see how he’ll react.

More often, this is what a Leo man wants from you. Even after a breakup, he desires to be appreciated and loved.

When you do things that will make him feel good, he won’t think twice for he’ll consider going back to you

Leos come back because they see something in you that they want to be close to.

But wait — there’s more.

5) If he’s unhappy without you

Based on what the Horoscope.io shared, a Leo man is very stubborn and follows his ways. 

It’s hard to change his mind once he decided on it. So when he dumps you, it’s for real.

But, there are several instances wherein he will try to win you back

  • He’s jealous for you seem undisturbed by the breakup
  • When you start dating someone one
  • When he realizes that he was with the right person when he had you

Normally, he’ll feel upset. But when his sadness persists for months or years, he’ll see what he had been missing. And that’s when he’ll think of getting back to you.

When he wants to win you back, he will set aside his pride. He’ll do everything to show that he still loves you and tell you what he wishes he had done while you were still together.

A Leo man never backs down from any challenge. He has no problem fighting for the woman he loves.

In this case, pay attention if his intentions are genuine or if he just wants you back for other reasons.

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7) Truth is, anything is possible

A Leo man may come back after you’ve broken up. He could try to fix what went wrong. 

But all these depend on where his heart was and what he feels now.

Leos have a sensitive nature. They get hurt easily especially when their pride is being challenged.

If you broke up with him, he’ll be hurt and his ego will get bruised. Because of this, he has a hard time coming back for fear of getting rejected and getting hurt again.

If you cheated on him, he’ll find it difficult to forgive you for ruining his trust.

But if you and your partner split up due to misunderstandings or are simply going through a rough patch, then that’s a different story.

Your Leo will probably find a way to make the relationship work if his feelings and love for you remain strong.

He just needs time to process his feelings and emotions. Once he calms down, he’ll reach out and ask for another chance at love.

8) On the other hand, if you hurt his feelings

When you broke up and his ego got bruised, he won’t be quite as responsive. 

And it won’t be too easy when you cheated on him and hurt his feelings. 

When you realize that you’ve made such a big mistake, you’ll need to apologize in the sincerest way you know. 

Prove to him how sorry you are.

Do everything to regain his trust and confidence in you. No matter how much you still love him, you have to work for it.

As a Leo man tends to hold grudges, make amends as soon as he can. Never wait for too long nor think that the pain will eventually heal on its own. It won’t. 

When you don’t act quickly, he might think that you don’t want anything to do with him anymore. His mind might get filled with unpleasant thoughts about you and what you’ve done.

Then again,

Time heals all wounds but you have to prove that he can trust you again.

While there isn’t a guarantee that he’ll forgive you or come back right away, keep showing him how serious you are this time. For even if he comes back and gives your relationship another chance, he’ll keep wondering if you’ll do those things again.  

Be very careful.

Hurting his feelings is a huge risk. He may also forgive you, but he may also not take the chance of loving you again

Even if a Leo man is strong and vigilant, he can easily get hurt and carry the pain that love has caused. And when he tries to move on, he’ll do it quickly and look for affections from another.

But of course, what you can do is to prove to him that your love is real. Win him back with your genuine love and affection. 

If he keeps coming back, what does this mean for you? 

Based on his zodiac sign, a Leo man will keep on coming back like a boomerang to you because you are thrilling him like no other. 

Cosmic Deity shares these reasons why a Leo man wants you back continually:

  • He’s struggling and refusing to face reality
  • His mindset may still want to dominate you as he did before
  • His competitive and jealous nature rules over
  • He still loves you deeply and genuinely
  • You’re allowing his presence into your life
  • You’re unsure whether to let him go or let him stay as you still love him

Understand that not all relationship breakups are the fault of a Leo man. 

If he comes back, it may be because he can’t let go of a wonderful woman who has all the wonderful aspects he had ever dreamed of. His heart is big and his love is genuine. 

So, if you still love your Leo man, forgive yourself and what had been. Embrace him with loving arms.

Let’s find out how to win a Leo man back

If you want your ex to come back, you can manifest to make it happen. Get into his mind and heart the best way you can.

But still, you need to let your Leo man know that you still want to have a serious relationship with him.  

I know you’ve been dying to know-how. 

So here are tips you can follow:

1) Make the “No Contact” rule work for you

Try to hold off any means of communication with your Leo man. Instead of bugging him or waiting for him to come back, use this time to reconnect with yourself and take great care of yourself.

So what can you do in this situation? 

Well, instead of just waiting around for him to come back, speak with a gifted advisor and find out what the future really holds with him.

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2) Do a heartfelt apology

If you made a mistake, caused the breakup, or blamed him for what happened, say sorry. Speak passionately. Express how sorry you were for hurting him, for causing him pain. 

But then, be wary not to get too emotional and dramatic (as Leo’s aren’t up for those dramas). 

When you feel like crying, don’t wail and exaggerate. Just let your hearts out. 

By doing this, he’ll feel your sincerity. In time, he’ll forgive and will be more likely to come around. 

3) Put the hype on

The best way to win a Leo man is to lay down the flattery. 

Remember that this sign loves attention and affection as it makes them feel good. 

What you can do is remind him of the person he is and the great memories you’ve shared. Let him know that nothing else is worthy than he is.

Praise him for the fantastic qualities he has and for being the best partner he had been. 

This will make him feel proud and give him an ego boost. And this will tempt him to come back to share more amazing times with you. 

4) Take care of yourself

A Leo man can’t resist a beautiful woman.

Channel your energy into becoming the new and improved version of yourself.

So keep up with your appearance and make an impression. Look good for yourself and him – whether you’re meeting up for quick coffee or when you know you’ll cross paths with him. 

Be irresistible for him. When he sees you, he won’t stop thinking about you.

But you don’t need to go overboard. Just be yourself. Be the woman he fell in love with. 

Make your Leo man see you as strong, as powerful, and as beautiful as you are.

5) Be honest with him

If you truly want him back, open up to him. Don’t be afraid to let him know that you love him.

You can start with a simple text message. Tell him how you miss him in your life and how much you still care for him.

Take the risk of putting your feelings out there. But, never beg.

He’ll see your honesty and vulnerability. And he’ll likely open up and tell you how he feels too.

When you go out with him, ask him what he wants to do. And take this moment to touch him lightly as a way to show your affection.

6) Continue to live your best life

It might hurt if your Leo man won’t get back to you right ahead, but never neglect yourself. 

Instead, keep doing what you love to do without any regrets. Take this time to catch up on things you’ve been putting on hold before. 

Or perhaps, you can work on your favorite hobbies or check out the new band in town. And why not go out with the girls and have fun? 

When your ex sees you having the time of your life, he’ll wonder why. He’ll find you more attractive as you’re about to live your best life without him.

It will be hard for his ego to take this, but this is one way for him to realize that he wants to get back to you – and share the joy you’re experiencing with him.

7) Bring the affection on

In most cases, the best thing you can do is shower him with love and affection. 

Touch works powerfully as it releases dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that make people feel good. 

Take every chance to touch him whenever you can. Give him bear hugs or kiss him on the cheeks when you meet.

This will make your Leo man remember the feeling of being with you and the chemistry you’re sharing. It will rekindle the romance and make the fire burn once again. 

8) It’s going to require patience 

The best way to get your Leo man back is to make him think that coming back is his idea. 

Leos doesn’t want to feel pressured so never try forcing him to come back. When you do, you’ll push him further and lose him away. 

If he broke up with you, understand the reasons behind it. Breaking up doesn’t always mean that the love is gone into thin air. 

If you broke up because of someone else, you can talk things out. Find out how you can learn to be comfortable trusting each other again.

Give your Leo man time to think things over.

Avoid bombarding him with messages begging him to come back. When he realizes he doesn’t want to lose you, that’s the time when he’ll run into your arms.

Whatever happens, respect his decision. The desire is up to him – and not because you guilt-tripped him into it. 

Still, you’re more in control of your situation than you realize. And this means that you can increase the odds in your favor.

Here’s the thing

You’re in control of your life and your happiness. And even when you broke up and had closure, there’s always a possibility a Leo man will come back. 

No matter what the reason is for your break-up, as long as you’re both willing to forgive and start once again, you’ll be back together for good – like what you’d hope you’ll be.

Keep this in mind. 

Sometimes a heartbreak can be a catalyst for change.

Even the most heartbreaking breakups – and second chances with your Leo man lead to being one of the best you’ll ever have.

If you still love each other, give it a go!

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