Cancer man: Will he come back if you ignore him?

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Ah, the Cancer man.

You may be going through a rough patch in your relationship with him. Maybe he’s upset you too much, and your instinct is to not communicate with him for days on end.

Or maybe you’re in the early stages of dating. Your go-to trick is to give him the silent treatment to see how he’ll respond.

You may be wondering: what happens when you ignore a Cancer man? 

In this article, we’ll talk about why ignoring a Cancer man may do more harm than good — especially when you don’t want to lose him completely.

We’ll also talk about important details you need to know to understand him better.

Let’s jump in!

1) He gets hurt deeply

Cancer men are among the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. If you ignore a Cancer man, he may find it hard to deal with the pain. 

He can also be insecure about a lot of things. He craves attention from you, and he wants the assurance that you’ll be there for him when things get tough.

So if you brush him aside, he will not take it lightly. He may feel that he is not good enough for you. 

Worse: he may take your silence as a rejection and become bitter.

A Cancer man also finds it difficult to let go of something that bothers him. 

Don’t expect him to quickly forget it when you start to ignore him. If he gets too upset, he may hold onto anger and resentment.

2) He won’t open up 

Here’s the deal with a Cancer man: he won’t speak up if he feels neglected.

Instead, he would keep his feelings to himself and recede further into his shell. 

You see, a Cancer man needs a lot of reassurance. Without encouragement from you, he won’t be able to express his emotions easily. 

He can also be very passive-aggressive.

In other words: he won’t tackle things head-on. 

A Cancer man can be so empathetic that if he is upset with you for ignoring him, he’ll expect you to know how he’s feeling without him saying a word. 

If you keep on ignoring him, he will lose interest in you over time. And if you aren’t able to coax him out of his shell fast enough, you might lose him for good. 

3) He will also ignore you

The thing about Cancer men is they are attention-seekers and attention-lovers.

So if you starve him of this attention he craves, he’ll also give you the cold shoulder and turn distant.

And it doesn’t stop there: if the two of you pull off the hot and cold routine for too long, he will likely go into hiding.

Have you ever wondered what triggers a Cancer man’s insecurity

It’s not getting the love, adoration, care, and desire that he needs from you. When this happens, he’ll start to feel less than worthy and unsure about himself.

What does that mean for you?

The moment he notices that your attention has drifted away, he may retaliate by doing something similar. And you may not hear from him when you start to talk to him again. 

4) He will stop trusting you

A Cancer man is a delicate sign that takes commitment, loyalty, and trust seriously.

He can be very slow to trust others. But once he lets his guard down with you, he’ll expect you to tune in to his feelings and emotions. 

He will want you to be someone he can trust and rely on. 

Can you imagine how a Cancer man will react if he finds out that you’ve been ignoring him because you’re playing hard to get?

You got that right: he won’t take it lightly. 

Instead of finding this gesture cute, a Cancer man will go into thinking that you’re toying with his feelings for no good reason. 

It gets worse: he might find it very hard to trust you again after you break his fragile heart. 

5) He can be deeply emotional

Cancer men are among the most emotional signs of the entire zodiac. He feels things deeply and intensely, which means you may often deal with an emotional mess regularly.

Think about that for a minute.

Because if you ignore him, you must be prepared for an emotional backlash.

You see, if you go totally cold at any point in time, a Cancer man may take that to mean that you’re done with him. 

The pain of rejection can hit him hard, and he may play all sorts of scenarios through his mind. It may not be too long before he seeks the space to deal with all his emotions.  

6) He won’t chase you

Think that a Cancer man will come running after you if you ignore him?

Think again.

He’s more likely to go running in the opposite direction instead.

Cancer men are very intuitive, so if he gets the sense that you’re drifting away, he is more likely to retreat than pursue you more. 

That’s because he wants to feel desired and needed. When you ignore him, he will take it as a cue that you don’t want him or that you’re not emotionally available. 

Simply put: if you give him mixed signals by ignoring him, he will take it as a rejection and back off. If he feels like the situation is hopeless, he may give up entirely.

7) He may flirt with other women to get your attention

Cancer men are very affectionate and needy. He relies on his partner for constant and undivided attention. He wants to feel appreciated and valued.

In other words, a Cancer man will most likely not stick around if he feels like he’s not getting the attention and love he deserves.

And it doesn’t stop there. He may take revenge by seeking attention from other women. 

Think about how that may hurt for a minute. 

8) He may cheat

What’s the worst thing that may happen if you’re in a relationship with a Cancer man and you ignore him for way too long? 

He will lose interest and shift his focus elsewhere.

Even if you haven’t broken up with him, he may assume that you want to get out of the relationship because you do not want to speak with or be with him. 

Picture this: how will you feel when your Cancer man moves on to another woman because you went too long without giving him the attention he craves?

The bottom line:

A Cancer man hates being ignored.

It’s not always easy to determine if he’ll come back after you ignore him.

It will depend on two things: how he reacts to the situation and how deep was your relationship with him before you gave him the cold shoulder.

You see, Cancer men do not like to deal with change. 

In other words: if you ignore him for too long and he doesn’t have the slightest idea why you became distant, he will not take things lightly.

It gets worse: pushing him away for too long can lead to serious consequences. He’ll retreat into his shell, and he may never speak to you again. 

What you need to do to get him to come back

Are you feeling worried because you ignored a Cancer man and pushed him out of his comfort zone in a big way?

No need to fret. I know how you feel.

The good news is: there are things you can do to get him back. The most important thing you need to know is you have to act fast.

First things first: you must understand that there are certain things that Cancer men need in a partner or relationship. These things include:

  • Attention and affection
  • Reassurance
  • Stability and security
  • Strong sense of loyalty
  • Compassion and empathy
  • Honesty
  • Emotional connection

With these in mind, you can now work your way toward reconciling with your Cancer man and getting him back.

Here’s what you can do:

1) Give him the space he needs 

A Cancer man dislikes aloof, detached, and uncooperative partners. 

Don’t be surprised when he reacts negatively after you give him hot and cold energy for way too long.  

The thing is: he won’t speak to you or come back that easily.

You see, Cancer men thrive on stability and safety but their emotions can get the best of them. 

No matter what your reason is for ignoring him, he will feel hurt and rejected. He may also overthink and lose confidence in himself.

He may start to question if you are the right partner who can give him the reassurance he needs when things get hard.

Here’s the kicker: you need to be patient. Give him the space he needs to think about what happened and what he wants moving forward.

Let him know that you care and that you’re there for him without being too pushy. 

2) Be honest

A Cancer man will always be honest with you. He will also have a strong sense of integrity, and he wants open and transparent communication with people he cares about.

If you want to work things out with a Cancer man, you have to tell him the truth.

Once you feel like he’s had enough time to himself, do your best to reach out and express your feelings.

Be sincere but considerate, as harsh words and criticism may only make things worse.

Talk to him about the real reason why you ignored him.

Did he do something that upset you? 

Was he too moody and unpredictable that you ended up feeling confused and frustrated?

Express your true feelings and tell him how much you miss him.

Also, don’t forget to listen to his side of the story.

3) Apologize for what you did

This goes back to sign #3.

Don’t think twice about saying sorry if you regret your decision to ignore a Cancer man for way too long.

It will take some time before he can move on from what happened but he will appreciate your sincere apology.

Don’t be aggressive when you don’t get a response from him right away.

Here’s the deal: a Cancer man may forgive you, but he never forgets.

Take it one step at a time and be more patient and understanding. If you’ve hurt him deeply, it may take a long time before he can open up about his true feelings.

Just let him know that you will be there for him no matter what. Ask him what he needs from you.

Own up to your actions and tell him you’re trying to be better.

4) Genuinely connect with him

Cancer men thrive on emotional connection.

But here’s the catch: you would have to open up and be more vulnerable if you want a genuine connection with a Cancer man.

By now, he may already have trust issues with you because of your choice to ignore him. 

To slowly regain his trust and pursue a deeper connection with him, you have to learn to be more comfortable in sharing your feelings.

If he forgives you and lets you into his life once again, you need to be more present. 

In other words: you have to make it up to him by expressing your affection and love more frequently. 

Show him how much you need him and how much you want to nurture him.

Let him know that he can trust you enough to be someone he can rely on when times get rough.

I know this is easier said than done.

You may be thinking: how can I be more vulnerable with him if I don’t understand how he truly feels?

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5) Be kind and empathetic

Cancer men can be quite moody and unpredictable.

What does that mean for you?

It means that you’re going to have to deal with a lot of emotional volatility when you ignore him for quite some time. 

The key is to be compassionate when his emotions get too tense. 

Take a step back and try to see things from his point of view. Make him feel that you are prioritizing him and his needs.

Show him that you respect him enough to never invalidate his feelings.

Let him know that instead of ignoring him, you’ll be more open to his ideas and value his concerns when you disagree on something.

Do your best to make him feel safe, loved, and understood.

Reassure him of your attention and love by being as kind and empathetic as he is. 

Ultimately, he’ll be willing to stick around and work things out if he sees you as someone who will be with him through the highest highs and lowest lows. 

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