10 reasons your crush is ignoring you (and what to do about it)

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You have a crush on someone, and you’re unsure whether they feel the same way. 

In fact, they’ve been ignoring you lately, which makes things even more confusing for you. 

They haven’t been texting or calling, and now their phone just seems to be dead whenever you try to contact them.

So, what’s going on? Why is your crush ignoring you? 

Before you panic and start sending them multiple text messages begging them to talk to you, or even sliding them DMs on Instagram, hear me out!

Believe it or not, there are things you can do to stop them from ignoring you. But first, you need to figure out why your crush is ignoring you. 

Here are 10 reasons your crush is ignoring you (and what to do about it):

1) You’re not their type.

It really breaks my heart to tell you this, but your crush might be ignoring you because you’re not their type. This might sound superficial. However, it is what it is.

Simply put, they have their reasons for not liking you and they are not personal. It probably has nothing to do with you as a human being and everything to do with the fact that you don’t fit into their type.

While this may be very disappointing, it’s important to accept your crush’s preferences or prove them wrong.

However, if they are ignoring you, it’s hard to learn more about them and figure out whether you’re their type or not.

What to do about it?

The only way to find out is to try and get to know them better. 

Be patient, spend time in their presence and ask questions so that you can learn more about them. For example, you could find out what they like or dislike from common friends.

This process may take a while, but it might be worth it. Soon enough, you’ll know whether they like you or not. 

2) They are preoccupied with other things.

One of the possible reasons your crush is ignoring you is that they are preoccupied with other things. 

Not everyone has time for romance and there is a possibility that your crush doesn’t have time for it either. 

They may be busy with their studies or work and simply don’t have time to talk to you. Or, maybe dating someone is simply not on their priority list.

Look at it this way: They don’t want to lead you on, and that’s why they’re ignoring you. 

Their choice may have nothing to do with you as a person, but with the idea of including someone in their lives or becoming intimate with someone.

What to do about it?

This isn’t the worst reason to be ignored, and if this is the case, then there is nothing much you can do but give them some space. 

You can always try again later when they are less preoccupied with other things in their lives.

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3) You did something wrong.

Another possible reason your crush might be ignoring you is that you did something wrong.

Maybe you offended them in some way or did something to displease them. Can you think of anything?

You can probably think of a few things. 

Maybe you said something that made them uncomfortable, or you did something that they didn’t approve of. Perhaps you even did something to hurt them in some way.

Whatever the case may be, if you’ve done something to annoy your crush then there is a chance that ignoring you is personal and they are just avoiding you because they are angry at what happened.

What to do about it?

If you need to apologize for what happened, then make sure you do so. 

Don’t give up if they don’t forgive you right away, though. 

If they do forgive but are still trying to avoid you, then try talking it out with them. It might help clear things up and make them feel less annoyed at your actions. 

However, this point also requires your patience. They probably won’t want to talk when you first approach them.

4) They have a crush on someone else.

The truth is, your crush might not intentionally ignore you. They might simply be in love with someone else

Your crush might have taken a liking to someone and is trying their best to focus on them.

Since they are in love, they ignore your attempts to get them to like you.

Your crush might even be in a relationship with someone, but it’s in a very early stage where they haven’t told anyone about it. 

They might not have told you because they were afraid that it would ruin their relationship. 

It’s understandable that they would think like this because it’s something that happens all the time. 

What to do about it?

Let them go. There is nothing you can do about it because they have already fallen in love with someone else. 

They probably don’t want to talk to you, so accept that and give them some space until they are ready to talk again.

Maybe things won’t work out between them sooner than you expect.

5) They are not sexually attracted to you.

While looks and body types are not everything when it comes to attraction, they do play an important part. 

If your crush doesn’t find you physically attractive, they might be trying to avoid you so that they don’t have to reject you. 

This is especially true if the two of you are close friends or acquaintances already. 

If they are someone close, then chances are that your crush has noticed that you’re having feelings for them. 

They might have felt awkward at the thought of their friend liking them, or your crush might have been putting up a very convincing front to hide their feelings. 

What to do about it?

For a close friend, you can try and see if they like you and if so, tell them the truth. 

Make sure that they don’t feel uncomfortable around you because of the situation. 

If they do feel uncomfortable, then be understanding and don’t pressure them into a date. 

If they are someone you barely know, just give them some space and don’t try to force the issue because that could make things worse. 

6) They don’t recognize you.

Your crush may be a spiritual person who believes in the concept of soulmates. If they do and they ignore you, maybe they know something that you don’t.

Soulmates have a way of finding their way to each other and ignoring or avoiding other people is part of the process.

In a way, maybe they are just trying to help you find your soulmate by ignoring you. 

Maybe they are giving you space so that you can meet someone else. It could be because you need to realize that you’re not their soulmate and that you need to find yours.

What to do about it?

By now you should be wondering, how can they know for sure that you’re not their soulmate?

The truth is:

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Maybe your crush knows about this already!

7) They are playing hard to get.

Your crush might be playing hard to get because they want you to keep chasing them.

They want to see how much you like them, and if you don’t give up after a certain amount of time, then they are going to give in.

They want to see if your interest is really genuine because if it’s not, then they shouldn’t bother with you.

While this may be frustrating at first, it could help avoid a painful breakup later on in the future. 

What to do about it?

Try not to give up on them. 

If your crush is playing hard to get, then keep chasing them and show them that you are serious about pursuing them. 

You might be able to change their mind by showing that you’re interested, but if they don’t want you, then there isn’t really anything you can do.

8) You don’t give them enough space.

Are you the clingy type? If this is the case and you have the tendency to suffocate the subject of your affection, then they might have no choice but to ignore you.

Being clingy can make your crush uncomfortable because that could hint that you like them too much or have profound romantic feelings for them, and they may not be ready.

In such a situation, your crush could worry that you’ll become clingy and try to avoid you at all costs. In addition, they might want to avoid temptation. 

What to do about it? 

Don’t give up on them. If you still want them, you need to show them that you’re not clingy by giving them some time and space

The more space you give them, the more they will be comfortable around you and you will be able to spend time with them without worrying that they are going to run away at any minute. 

9) They think you’re a bad person.

Your crush may not like you because they think that you’re a bad/evil person.

They might have heard rumors about you or they might know certain things about your past that make them see you in a bad light.

For example, they might think that you’re a cheater, a liar, or even a criminal. This could be the reason why your crush ignores you. 

Or, they might simply have a fear of you and think that you’re dangerous. In either case, this is someone who will be more than happy to ignore you. 

What to do about it? 

Show them that you are not those things. If you were, then tell them and ask them to reconsider liking you or getting close to you because these things don’t apply to you anymore.

You can show them that they are wrong by using logic and facts in your favor instead of them just relying on rumors. Or, you can show them that you’ve changed.

10) They have a crush on you as well.

Your crush might have a crush on you as well. 

Then why are they ignoring you?

The answer is simple: they don’t know how to handle the situation

They don’t know what to do about their feelings for you, so they’re doing what most confused people would do in such a situation: ignore you. 

But even if they’re not showing signs of attraction towards you, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a crush on you. 

Annoying, isn’t it? These days, it’s really hard to figure people out.

What to do about it? 

The best thing you can do is confront them. Don’t worry if you can’t do so face-to-face. As mentioned before, texting could be effective too.

Tell them how you feel and ask them if they feel the same. However, if they don’t reciprocate your feelings and don’t want to pursue a relationship with you, then it’s best to move on. 

There’s no point in wasting time hoping for something that will never happen. 

My crush is ignoring me all of a sudden. Why and what can I do?

All of a sudden, your crush started ignoring you. What gives?

If this happened all of a sudden, then it could be a random thing that has nothing to do with you. 

For example, maybe they got a new phone. They could have deleted your texts or never received them in the first place because of the transition to their new phone number.

In this case, you should wait until you see that they are ignoring you for a certain amount of time. 

Then, try texting them again and asking them if everything is okay. However, if they continue ignoring you after some time, then there is probably a deeper reason behind this situation.

Or, maybe something else has happened. 

There are other reasons why your crush is ignoring you that have nothing to do with you or your relationship, such as a last-minute change in their work/school schedules.

Bottom line is that sometimes, life happens. What this means is that, at times, they might not be able or willing to respond.

Should I ignore my crush if they ignore me?

This is a tricky question because the answer is different for everyone, but I’ll do my best to provide you with an answer nonetheless. 

The first thing that you need to understand is that your crush might ignore you because they are not into you or simply because they don’t want to be bothered with you.

They could also be too busy to respond, or maybe they’re trying their best not to respond and avoid any unwanted drama or complications.

The truth is that you can’t really know what goes on in your crush’s head. So, by behaving in the same way they do, you don’t really solve anything.

Why? Because even if you ignore your crush, they’re still ignoring you.

It’s just that now, you are doing it too.

This is why I don’t recommend that you ignore your crush if they ignore you. Instead, I recommend that you try to understand their situation and what’s going on in their heads at the moment.

If it turns out that there is a deeper reason for their behavior, then try to solve this problem together.

Final thoughts

By now you should have a better understanding of why your crush is ignoring you and what you can do about it. 

Depending on the situation, there are different ways that you can approach your crush to show them that you’re worth it.

If they still ignore you, then they aren’t into you and don’t want to be bothered with you. In this case, it’s best that you focus on yourself and your life instead of obsessing over a lost cause.

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