11 real reasons you keep dreaming about your ex-boyfriend

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Do you keep dreaming about your ex-boyfriend?

While these dreams may just be a result of stress or emotional unrest, they could be telling you something important.

Here are 11 reasons why you keep dreaming about your ex!

1) You’re still attracted to him

One of the reasons why you keep dreaming about your ex is because you are still attracted to him.

It’s possible that when you see your ex, you’re reminded of all of his good qualities or the way he made you feel.

If this is the case, it may be difficult to let go of these feelings.

Some people hold on to old memories even if they make them unhappy, which is why they keep dreaming about their ex.

If that’s the case for you, you might not have fully moved on from him just yet.

You see, even when people have good qualities, as soon as you move on, the attraction fades.

But after a breakup, we tend to idealize our ex-partners, making them way better and more attractive in our minds.

Are you idealizing him?

It might be hard to notice this at first, but if all you can remember from the relationship is how great he was, then chances are, you idealize him in your head.

So what can you do if this is the reason you dream about him?

Well, you can start reflecting on your relationship and writing down a list of all the negative qualities he had that eventually led to the breakup.

Don’t worry, this list is just for you and to pull you back into reality.

Nobody is perfect, so by writing down all the negative aspects of your ex, you can teach your brain that maybe you’re better off without him.

It’s a way to make yourself feel better, but it also helps you stay away from him in the future.

2) You miss him

If you’re dreaming about your ex, it’s possible that you miss him.

Missing someone is a natural part of the healing process and dreaming about an ex could be an indication of that.

You see, even if you are no longer attracted to him, it’s possible that you still miss him.

It’s normal for people to want to be with someone they loved, even if they’re not in love anymore.

You can’t expect to not miss someone after a breakup, especially if you were together for a long time.

After all, being with them is what made you happy during that time.

If this is the case for you, then it’s important to realize that he doesn’t make you happy anymore and that he doesn’t deserve your tears and pain.

Instead of focusing on how much you miss him, focus on your new life instead! You have a better chance at happiness there!

3) You want to get back together with him

It sounds crazy, but it’s possible that the reason you keep dreaming about your ex is that you want to get back together with him.

Maybe you can’t shake him out of your head and you have a sense that he’s the one for you.

This could be an indication of deep-seated insecurity or unresolved feelings for him.

You may be clinging to this relationship because it’s familiar, or because it’s what felt safe in the past.

Whatever the reason, if this is true, then it might be time to talk to your ex and discuss how you feel before getting back together.

It’s possible that you’re trying to talk about your breakup with him, but you’re not sure how because it is so hard for you.

You might be afraid that if you really let yourself open up and talk about your feelings, then the breakup will seem even more painful than it already is.

It’s true when you want to get back together with your ex, talking about it runs the risk of feeling even more rejected than before.

However, if that is truly what you want, then not doing anything might be worse because you will regret your inaction further down the line!

But I get it, you may be feeling confused and unsure about what you want because you’re not sure what’s best for you.

You are very hurt by the breakup, but you aren’t sure whether to try again or cut your losses.

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4) You need closure

If you’re dreaming about your ex, it’s likely that you need closure.

Even though you don’t miss him anymore, it’s normal to feel like a part of you will never be the same again.

You might also feel like something is missing from your life and that you need closure to move on with your life.

It’s normal to feel this way after a breakup, especially if the relationship was intense and lasted for a long time.

But if you’re still feeling bad about it, then take some time off from thinking about him and focus on other things in life that make you happy.

It’s possible that these dreams are your subconscious telling you that you’re not over him and you need to talk to him about certain issues.

Perhaps the breakup didn’t offer any closure and you’re still confused as to what happened.

If you can, ask him to talk about the things you need closure about.

And in case that’s definitely not an option, you need to learn to find closure without him.

I know, it’s easier said than done, but it’s possible.

Think about it: the mere fact that he chose not to be with you is already closure enough – he is not the right match.

You see, the partner you deserve to be with is someone who chooses you above anything else.

With him, you won’t have to wonder about the closure in the first place.

5) You have regrets about the breakup

If you find yourself dreaming about your ex, it could be that you have regrets about the breakup.

You see, if you’re still not over your ex, you may be having bad dreams because he or she is on your mind constantly.

You may also be feeling guilty for leaving them or are worried about the future now that the relationship is over.

Regrets after a breakup are very normal, especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a long time.

If you’re still having these dreams, it’s important to realize that they’re not necessarily bad.

You see, dreams are your subconscious trying to work through events that happened.

However, if these dreams persist you could consider reevaluating the breakup.

Was it you who ended things? Would you want to reconcile and try again?

You may still want to talk to him about certain things you feel like you need closure on.

The thing is, you’re trying to make sense of your breakup by dreaming about it a lot.

I need to tell you something important, though.

Even if you feel a lot of regrets about the breakup, it might not be a good idea to get back together, at least not right away.

You see, there was a reason the two of you ended things.

And even if you regret breaking up right now, if there hasn’t been a lot of time for either of you to work on yourself and change, chances are, the patterns will only repeat themselves again.

It’s better to take some time apart and grow on your own before trying again.

6) You are thinking of ways to get him back

On that note, dreaming about your ex can also be a result of you thinking of ways to get him back.

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7) He’s your “friend” with benefits

If you and your ex are still friends with benefits, it’s no surprise that you keep dreaming about him.

Whether or not this dynamic is healthy for you is up to you to decide, but more often than not, sleeping with an ex will not end in a good way, trust me.

This scenario could be problematic for a number of reasons.

You may end up resenting your ex because he’s just using you for sex, or you could prevent yourself from moving on because of your frequent contact.

Whatever the case, if this is happening, it’s time to put an end to it before it gets out of control!

8) You have a fear of being alone

One of the most real reasons why you keep dreaming about your ex is because you fear being alone.

You may feel like you are not ready to be on your own and that you need someone by your side.

You may also feel like you need someone to help you get through the pain and sadness that comes with a breakup.

Even if you don’t want to be in a relationship right now, it’s okay to admit that you still need someone by your side.

This could be an indication of a deeper underlying fear of abandonment or fear of being alone.

The good news?

As soon as you identify something like this, you have the chance of working on it and healing that aspect of yourself.

You can then take the time to really wrap your head around why you are afraid of being alone and what you can do about it.

This is a personal journey and one that you will go through at your own pace.

Some things that might help you are:

  • shadow work
  • inner-child healing
  • therapy
  • journaling
  • meditation

When you work on these fears, you will instantly notice that all of your relationships improve and become more healthy, believe me!

You will feel better about yourself and more confident about being on your own.

So take a deep breath, do some introspection and figure out what you are afraid of.

Use this as an opportunity to grow and become the person that you want to be.

9) You are still in love with him

A huge reason why you might be dreaming about your ex is that you are still in love with him.

Even though you know that he is not right for you and that you have to let him go, you still feel sad waking up in the morning knowing that he is out there somewhere and not with you.

You are worried that if you stop thinking about him and trying to get back together, it will mean your love for him has truly ended.

So instead of moving on and getting over this guy, your subconscious mind keeps telling you how much you love him in the form of dreams.

You may be thinking about trying to get back together because this is the only way of getting rid of those feelings of pain and sadness.

However, it’s not necessary to get back with him just because you want to get rid of feeling pain and heartbreak.

You see, it’s normal to still be in love with an ex for some time after the breakup.

It just shows that your connection was real and deep.

And the good news?

You will feel better eventually, there is just one uncomfortable thing you need to do first:

Feel your pain and sadness!

You can do this by journaling and talking to a friend or therapist.

When you feel your pain and sadness, you will notice that you can slowly let it go and it is not as strong as it used to be.

This is the only way to release your emotions, believe me!

10) You are jealous of his new girlfriend

Are you dreaming about your ex-boyfriend more than usual?

It could be for many reasons but it may also be because you are jealous of his new girlfriend and that’s why your subconscious is reminding you of him.

People typically dream about their exes when they are feeling unsettled or jealous.

You may have seen the new couple out somewhere, or you may have just been reminded of them in some way, which made you think of the old relationship you had with him.

If you feel like this might be the case for you, then it might be time to work on moving on from him and finding someone else.

Jealousy can be a tricky emotion to deal with, but try not to suppress it and instead, observe it.

What part of you is jealous and why?

11) Your subconscious wants you to move on and forget about him

Your subconscious may be using dreams to tell you that you need to move on and forget about your ex.

You’ve been hurt by him and it’s time to let go.

And the crazy part?

Your dreams are just a reminder that he still has power over you, which is something you’re afraid of.

If this is the case, consider how much he meant to you and how much pain he caused you. Is it worth letting him control your thoughts like that?

Usually, the answer is no.

Your subconscious wants you to move on, which is also why you’re working through your unresolved feelings through your dreams.

You may have thought about him and your memories of him, but you know deep down that it’s time for you to move on.

Dreams can be a tool that your subconscious uses to help you work out things in your life.

They often act as a reminder of something that is bothering you, which is why they are so common when we try to deal with our emotions.

By working through our emotions, we are trying to release the tension and stress that comes along with them.

This is what many people do when they are sleeping and dreaming, which is why they often see people or objects from their past in their dreams.

Moving on will not be easy, but you will be happier as a result of it, believe me.

Do you want to move on or do you want him back?

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