10 reasons guys act rude when they like you

Everyone knows that guys can be moody, but this doesn’t justify their rudeness.

As someone who’s been on both ends of the spectrum, I can see why sometimes guys act rude when they like a girl because they are scared of being rejected or just want the girl to notice them.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship and noticed that the other person acts really rude sometimes, chances are there’s a good reason.

So here are ten reasons a guy acts rude when he likes you.

1) He’s jealous of other guys

One of the main reasons a guy acts rude when he likes you is because he’s jealous of other men. When a guy is interested in a girl he likes, he becomes overly protective over her because he doesn’t want any other man to flirt or get close to her.

He thinks that if the girl notices him, then she can’t notice anyone else. This makes him feel like he has to be on his best behavior all of the time in order for you to notice him.

This might be a tough pill to swallow, but all guys get the “jelly” when someone else shows interest in the girl they have their eye on.

Sometimes people might act rude because they get jealous of the time and attention you give to others.

He might also get jealous if he is afraid of losing you to someone else.

2) He doesn’t know what to do with his affection

Some men aren’t used to showing their emotions, and the way they deal with this is by acting rude.

When a guy acts rudely in an effort to control the situation, that’s when his behavior becomes obvious.

Here’s why:

He doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings for you, so he pushes them down and acts like he doesn’t care.

He feels awkward around you because he is in love and might end up acting rude on purpose in a desperate attempt to get your attention.

Men who act like this usually want your affection but feel weird about asking for it, so instead, they show it in a way that is not so obvious.

3) He is not ready for a relationship

A guy can end up acting rude if he is unsure of himself and doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings for you.

Sometimes guys might act this way because they feel like the relationship is going too fast for them and that you might leave them in the end.

Here’s why:

Some guys are afraid of committing to you because they will be committed and have to give up on their freedom once they do.

He doesn’t want to lose his freedom or the ability to make decisions without you. Some men don’t like to get close or have a serious relationship, and he deals with it by acting rude.

He is afraid of being hurt, so he pushes all their feelings aside and pretends to like the girl but really doesn’t.

This makes them feel that you are only interested in him as a friend, and he will struggle to perform more than average with their love life.

He might also feel awkward in a relationship because he isn’t used to being close to someone else for so long and gets nervous about being vulnerable with someone else.

He wants to keep you as a friend at a distance because if you get too close he will end up getting hurt.

4) He wants you to keep chasing him

Some guys know they are awesome and attractive, and they might show it by acting rude.

This is because they know that “if they don’t act like a pushover, you’ll never call them again.”

He knows that if he acts like a jerk, you will want to chase him and show him that there are more than just jerks out there.

He wants you to chase them, and so he acts rude to get your attention.

He might show signs that he doesn’t need the girl by being rude or not getting what he wants.

He might also “chase” you by making it clear that he doesn’t need you in his life.

He likes that you are interested in him so much that you would put up with this behavior, and he wants to make sure you know how good he is.

5) He has been hurt before

A guy who has been in a relationship before will sometimes act rude if he does not want to go through that again.

He does not want to feel the pain he felt when he was in a relationship before.

He might be afraid of commitment because he is afraid of being hurt.

It sucks when someone you love rejects you and tells you that they think you are a jerk or a loser.

It is hard not to judge yourself based on how others see you and the way they treat you.

It’s hard for him to trust and give his love for someone else, so he might act like this until he’s sure it’s worth it.

6) He is shy

If a guy doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings for you, he might act rude to make sure that you don’t “get close” to him.

He can do this because he is not interested in getting close to anyone and is afraid of the possibility of being hurt by someone else.

This might be why:

Some guys don’t know what they want, so they act like jerks because they are scared that if they are too nice, you will leave them anyway.

These guys know they aren’t the most attractive or popular guys in the world, and their insecurities get the best of them when you give them attention.

7) He thinks you are moving too fast

Some guys might act rude to show you that you are moving too fast in your relationship.

He might think that you have a lot of interest in him, and he doesn’t want to get hurt by someone who is “too into them.”

He doesn’t want their feelings to change suddenly or become more serious than he already is.

He might also think that if you’re moving too fast, you might just want to find the best guy and leave them in the end.

Some guys are afraid that a relationship will become too serious, so they act like jerks to keep themselves at a distance from the girl.

He might think that if things become serious, he will get hurt, so he reacts with hostility or rudeness.

However, if you can discover his fears then there might be a way to help him grow.

If he lacks self-confidence, he might need you to approve of him and tell him that you love him.

You can do this by being aware of his insecurities, and by changing the way you behave towards him.

8) He doesn’t know what he wants

You might be thinking that a guy wants to date you, but maybe he really doesn’t.

He might not have decided whether he wants to date you or just have sex with you.

If someone isn’t interested in dating, they’re probably not that interested in sex either.

However, guys are different from girls and don’t always know how they feel about someone else.

He just needs time and space before he can figure out what’s going on with them.

Some guys don’t know what they want from a relationship or from themselves.

He might act rude because he is not sure what he wants.

He might be afraid that if you get close to him, he will have to do something with his life or his behavior that he doesn’t want to do.

You want to be important to him, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

9) He feels you are just not that into him

If a guy feels that you are not that into him, he has probably never felt this way about anyone before. He might think that maybe you are just playing with him.

That’s why sometimes guys act rude and distant because they are trying to figure out if it’s real or not.

He doesn’t want to feel this way, but he doesn’t know what else to do. He doesn’t want to give himself to someone else, just so that the other person will hurt them.

10) He thinks he might hurt you or himself

You might be thinking about why he acts as he does and gives you the cold shoulder.

If a guy feels this way about you, it means that he might feel vulnerable in a relationship or in being open with people. He’s afraid that he might do something wrong or hurt you.

It’s normal to feel scared sometimes, so they try to avoid it if someone feels this way.

He thinks it’s better to stay away and keep himself safe.

He might feel like he’s in a wrong place and that if he gets closer to someone else, it will make them even worse.

He doesn’t want to hurt you or himself, so he just acts rude.

However, if you can discover his fears then there might be a way to help him grow. You can do this by being aware of his insecurities and by changing the way you behave towards him.

By now, you’ll be wondering what to do, am I right?

Let’s dive in:

Don’t judge him or expect him to change.

If a guy is acting rude, the first thing you have to do is to give him time and space.

This is so he can figure out what’s going on with himself. If you push him to get close he might react even worse.

The best thing you can do is just be nice and remain open for the relationship. If you can be open, then he might get closer to you and start to share his feelings.

This is a great way for him to find out what he actually feels about you.

Don’t stop him from talking about his fears.

When a guy acts rude, it means that he doesn’t trust in you or himself. If this is the case, it’s not that easy for him to talk to someone else about his feelings and fears.

However, it’s healthy for everyone to get their fears out of the way.

If you can help him talk about his fears, then he might finally be able to share his feelings with you and show some emotions.

Be patient and understanding.

If a guy acts rude, it might be that he is not ready for a relationship with anyone else.

It takes every person a while before they can commit to another person or share their feelings.

If you can be patient and understanding, then he might be able to build a relationship with you. Sometimes, it takes a while before a guy, or a girl is ready for something serious.

Give him your love.

If a guy acts rude, he might need you to approve of him and tell him that you love him. This will make him feel safe and secure.

If you can love someone who is down on himself, then it will give him more confidence in himself and the relationship. If a guy feels insecure in himself, he might not know how to express it properly.

This is why you have to show your love to him by making him feel that you approve of him.

Don’t force him to come closer.

It’s not that easy for someone who is afraid to open up to someone else and share his feelings with them.

If you force him then he might close himself even more and become more distant from you. Don’t force him to come closer; just be patient and wait for him.

I know you are probably thinking:

“If he’s rude and keeps pushing me away, then how do I know if he really likes me?” The answer is that you don’t know!

It might look like he is confident with himself, but deep down, he might be scared that he will do something wrong. It might take time before a guy is ready to get closer to someone else.

Have you ever felt scared that you would hurt someone or have to do something you don’t want to? Even if you are a girl, don’t panic!

There is hope! The fact that he pushes you away shows that he cares about your feelings and doesn’t want to hurt them. If a guy didn’t care then, he wouldn’t push you away.

Focus on yourself

After all, you must know this important thing:

If you want to get a guy’s attention and make him fall in love with you, then it’s really important to focus on yourself. It doesn’t matter how much you love someone.

If you don’t take care of yourself and focus on your own life, then he will lose interest in you or feel like he isn’t the one for you.

You don’t want to be a person who is clingy and tries to control him. Let him have his own space and just focus on being a happy person yourself.

Final thoughts

I know that these tips can seem complicated, and sometimes they take some time to work.

That’s why I want you to use them. Real love takes a long time. You need patience, but don’t wait forever!

I believe in love, so I’m gonna put my money where my mouth is… And since I’m confident about your willpower and strength of character, I’m also willing to share this with you in this article.

Keep this in mind.

Women are emotional creatures, and losing their emotional connection in a relationship can really affect their life and relationships.

So don’t let him put you on a shelf (or take you off of it), but understand that he might not be the one for you, and he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

I hope I inspired you to get out there and find someone who truly loves you for who you are.

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