14 reasons a guy looks you in the eyes when you make love (complete list)

Making eye contact during sex shouldn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable.

It should create a deeper level of intimacy and understanding between partners, especially for those who are in love.

However, if a guy looks you in the eyes when you make love, it’s not a definite sign that he’s in love with you.

In fact, there are numerous reasons a guy could do that, and sometimes, these reasons are not even related to you.

Curious to find out more?

Here’s the only list you’ll need:

1) A guy looks you in the eyes when you make love – the scientific explanation

Scientists have concluded that a guy looks into his partner’s eyes while making love for many reasons.

Here are some examples:

When a guy looks you in the eyes when you make love, it means he feels more confident and aroused by doing so.

Also, when he does that, it means he wants to get a sense of how you’re feeling.

Wait, there’s more!

Prolonged eye contact makes our bodies release a certain hormone. In case you want to know, this hormone is called oxytocin and it has wonderful properties.

To put it simply, it’s a sort of love hormone that enhances the feelings of euphoria that he – and you – feel while making love.

2) He likes to see the way you react to what he does to you

A guy’s reason for making eye contact while you’re intimate could be to see how he makes you feel.

Your reactions are easier to read if your partner looks into your eyes. Sure, you could let him know that you love what he’s doing to you by moaning. Or, you could simply tell him.

But, these forms of communication are less intense than making eye contact. So, it’s only natural for him to choose the option that offers him the most arousal.

I won’t go into the naughty details. However, your task is to pay attention to when exactly he initiates eye contact.

Is it when he goes down on you or caresses your breasts? If so, he wants to make sure you like the way he does all these.

3) This guy feels like your hero and acts like one in bed

When you make love, this guy wants to be your hero. He wants to be the man who satisfies you, makes you feel desired, and holds you tighter than anyone else.

He keeps making eye contact with you when you make love to make sure the bond between you two is strong and stays that way.

You see, men also need to form intimate, committed relationships. It’s not all about sex for them.

So, if he’s staring into your eyes, it’s because he’s hoping to be the man, and the hero you need.

4) He thinks he’s in a porn movie with you

Unfortunately, this guy may be looking into your eyes when you make love because that’s what he saw in porn movies and probably wants to try in real life.

To figure out if this is your case, think about the moments when he chooses to look into your eyes.

If it’s when you please him orally, then you’ve got your answer: he is aroused by the idea of connecting in such a way while you go down on him.

In this case, his reason for looking into your eyes could be purely sexual.

5) This guy wants to control you just by looking at you

This happens when a man is power-hungry and controlling. He wants to know that you feel helpless in his hands, and he wants to have this effect on you.

By looking into your eyes when you make love, he wants to intimidate you and make sure you have no will of your own. He wants to have total power over you, so he is doing whatever he can to be in control of you, physically and emotionally.

In addition, by looking into your eyes during sex, he is trying to show that there is no need for you to take initiative. You can just sit there and let him do what he wants to do with you.

Doesn’t sound sexy, does it?

But it gets worse. Many men who have this attitude do this just because they have learned to associate making eye contact with power.

In other words, they learned that if they can intimidate others and make them feel vulnerable with their gaze, they can control their behavior in some way.

So, if he is staring at you like this when you’re doing it, it might not just be your inner beauty that he’s admiring!

6) He is obsessed with you and showing it

Obsession is not the most attractive quality. But hear me out!

It could be the reason he’s staring at you when you make love.

Here’s why:

Obsession is a stage in the love-addiction cycle. Obsession could be what he is feeling when he looks at you like this, and it has nothing to do with you being hot!

In fact, many people suffer from the obsession stage of lust and addiction. What happens is that a person obsesses on the thing they love. The reason he is doing this is that he needs more of it.

So, if he is going out of his way to stare at you and make eye contact with you when you have sex, there’s probably something wrong with his attachment to you.

Bad news: This level of obsession is not healthy for a relationship, especially if he does it without stopping even if you ask him to.

7) This man is really into you and wants the whole experience

The connection between a man and a woman is not only physical. It is more than that.

So, if he is making eye contact during sex, it could mean that he feels connected to you on an emotional level, too.

He might find making eye contact with you emotionally rewarding; just as he finds sexual contact with you physically satisfying.

The good news? He might do so because he’s in love with you.

He might be really into you and infatuated with you. That’s why he doesn’t want to miss a single moment of your sexy time together and wants to fully enjoy it.

8) He looks into your eyes to avoid looking at your body

Want to know a trick that men often use?

They look into your eyes to avoid looking at your body. Looking at your body is not an option for them because they are too aroused to also handle visual stimulation.

Instead, what they do is look into your eyes to distract themselves from reaching a climax.

If he does this, it means he cares about your satisfaction and he doesn’t want to finish too fast or before you.

However, it doesn’t indicate anything about his real feelings for you.

Look at the bright side: Your body is so attractive, he can’t handle looking at it!

9) This guy is an incurable romantic – simple as that

Men have different ways of expressing their love for women; different ways of showing affection.

And it’s great! Every woman should be cherished in a way that only her man can do it.

If there is one guy who does his best to make you feel special, more often than not, he is probably a hopeless romantic.

This guy simply will not stop looking at you when making love because he has found the love of his life and he wants to show you how much you mean to him.

In fact, the only thing that a hopeless romantic wants is for you to know how much he loves you.

So, if he looks at you like this when making love, it probably means that his feelings for you are stronger than anything else.

10) He is confident and eye contact doesn’t make him feel vulnerable

A sign of a confident man? He makes eye contact without hesitation, even in the bedroom.

A confident man feels comfortable in his own skin. He doesn’t feel the need to hide behind his sunglasses or play the shy guy if he finds you attractive.

On top of that, he is not afraid of being vulnerable, which is why he looks at you with confidence, even in the most intimate moments.

So, if he looks at you like this, it means one thing – he is confident in himself and proud of his physique.

11) This man likes eye contact because it amplifies his feelings

Making eye contact is an important part of the human-to-human connection.

For example, when you’re at a party and you look into the eyes of a stranger, you are sending out signals to him that you are looking to bond with him.

You are also signaling your desire to be liked by this new guy by making eye contact with him. It’s like sending out a signal that you want to connect.

Well, the same happens with him. When he looks into your eyes for a long time, even when you two are having sex, he is sending signals to you that he wants to bond with you.

In addition, he could also notice that his feelings for you are more intense during sex and while looking directly into your eyes.

Let me put it this way: He feels closer to you emotionally when you two are intimate.

12) He feels a deeper connection and doesn’t know what it is

Do you need another reason?

He could be making eye contact with you because when he does that, he is flooded with all sorts of happy feelings that he can’t understand.

So, he is exploring those feelings by doing exactly what triggers them: looking into your eyes when making love.

This gesture shows that he is definitely interested in you. He doesn’t want you just for your body. On the contrary, he is trying to connect to the soul inside it.

Surprisingly enough, this reason is not as uncommon as you might think.

Numerous men have a hard time recognizing deep soul connections, and some of them only realize this during sex because that’s when they’re most vulnerable.

13) This guy wants to make sex with you more mindful

“Mindful” seems to be a term that is used quite often these days, but what does it actually mean?

Being mindful simply means being in the present moment. This involves the ability to pay attention to details, in contrast to being distracted by the outside world.

When you are mindful, you can be more aware of your surroundings and yourself.

In other words, he’s trying not to get distracted by external factors and truly live in that moment with you. That’s why he could be looking into your eyes when you make love.

14) You communicate with him during sex using your eyes

Another reason a guy looks you in the eyes in the most intimate moments could be because of, well… you.

Think about this for a second;

Do you openly communicate what you like and dislike?

Are you using your eyes to reassure him that you like what he’s doing?

So, if looking in your eyes is the only way he can tell whether you feel good or not, then it’s normal for him to stare at you. He’s probably trying not to miss a signal or something like that.

If you don’t like this, you can easily switch this guy’s focus. How?

By talking to him or by moaning to express the way you’re feeling.

Last words

Locking eyes during moments of intimacy is far from being a mere gesture; it’s a profound act that can deepen the connection and understanding between partners, transcending the mere physical aspect of love.

This eye contact, while often seen as a sign of affection, especially in the throes of passion, should not be hastily interpreted as an unequivocal declaration of love. The motivations behind such a gaze can be manifold, ranging from a desire for emotional closeness to influences as detached as mimicking scenes from adult films.

This comprehensive guide has laid out the myriad reasons a partner might seek eye contact during these intimate moments, from the desire to gauge and respond to your reactions, to a need for control, or even as a means to prolong the pleasure.

Some reasons are rooted in deep affection and a yearning for a more profound connection, while others might stem from less savory motivations.

Understanding these motives can not only enhance your awareness but also empower you to navigate the complexities of intimacy with more insight and sensitivity.

Whether it’s a signal of confidence, a manifestation of love, or a reflection of deeper issues, recognizing the nuances behind this gaze can enrich the bond between partners, making every moment of closeness an opportunity for greater emotional and physical harmony.

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