15 main reasons why a taurus man keeps coming back

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Why does a Taurus man keep coming back? Frankly, there are lots of reasons.

This zodiac sign is interesting, to say the least, and will give you a run for your money.

Whether you are simply wondering what makes him show up again and again, or you want to know what you can do to make him come back, here are 15 reasons a Taurus man will come back:

1) He sees you as a grounded person (and he wants that in his life)

Taurus men are attracted to grounded people.

This is because, due to their nature, they aren’t very grounded at all.

Quite the contrary, Taurus men are very “up in the air”.

They are constantly looking for things to keep them going.

And, since they aren’t very grounded at all, they tend to gravitate towards people who are grounded.

If he keeps coming back to you, you are both grounded and stable.

The Taurus man has a lot of responsibilities in his life, and he wants someone who will help him manage those responsibilities.

You see, for him, you are that person that brings a sense of stability into his life, a sense of groundedness.

Taurus men are not great at keeping on top of everything they need to do and accomplish, that’s why he wants to be with someone who can help him manage his responsibilities, and who will make him feel grounded in life.

And, that’s why he keeps coming back to you over and over again… because you are just that kind of person for him!

2) You are patient and nurturing (and Taurus men love that)

If a Taurus man keeps coming back to you, it could be due to your patient and nurturing nature.

You see, Taurus men love nothing more than a woman who is patient and nurturing.

They are just the kind of people who can’t stand dealing with a woman who is impatient.

The thing is, Taurus men are one of the most loving and giving zodiac signs.

It’s no wonder that they would like these traits to be reflected back in a woman’s nature, especially in a woman they are interested in.

You see, Taurus men are very compassionate people.

And, since they are the sign of the “Earth”, they have a lot of compassion for those they love.

When you are with a Taurus man, you can feel his compassion for you and what he feels for you.

He loves to help you out and give you his support when needed, and that’s why he keeps coming back to you over and over again.

You see, Taurus men don’t like dealing with women who aren’t compassionate at all.

They love it when you can show them that you are nurturing.

But wait, let me tell you something:

There’s another reason Taurus men love that: they want to see if you would make a good mother to their children!

Yes, I’m serious!

So, when a Taurus man keeps coming back, it might be because he sees that you would be the perfect mother to his children.

He is looking for a woman who is nurturing, patient and compassionate, just like a good mother should be!

3) You bring out his inner hero

Another reason a Taurus man will keep coming back to you is when you bring out his inner hero.

Let me explain:

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Men have certain innate drivers. And when a woman comes along and triggers them, it causes a powerful response.

The result is a man who loves harder, commits wholeheartedly, and truly dedicates himself to the relationship.

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4) Taurus men have difficulties letting go, especially when there’s a history

Taurus men have difficulties letting go, especially when there’s a history of past relationships.

They are also very strong and persistent, so they will continue to try and pursue the same woman if he believes she is the one for them.

So, if a Taurus man keeps coming back to you, this could be why.

Their loving and emotional nature can make them very clingy, trying to hold on to relationships, even when they are long over.

You see, Taurus men are very loyal and faithful.

They will do anything to keep their women happy, even when it means keeping a relationship going for a long time after the initial spark has faded.

That’s why they keep coming back to you over and over again, even though you have been separated for a while now.

It’s like he wants to make sure that you are still the one he loves.

And, if you have been with him for a while and he has fallen in love with you, there is no way he can let go of you!

But that’s not all.

If you remember, Taurus men crave security and comfort. They don’t like change.

So, when they feel good with a woman, they will try their best to hold onto that relationship because they don’t want things to change.

This can be quite a problem, given that change is necessary if you want to progress in life.

A Taurus man has to learn that change is not negative, it is necessary for their happiness.

If you have been with a Taurus man for a while and he has fallen in love with you, there is no way he can let go of you!

Because, if you are the one he loves, then he has to hold on to that relationship.

This is what makes them clingy and persistent, even when they know that the relationship has gone stale.

They are very stubborn and they don’t like to change their minds.

If they have made up their mind about someone, they won’t easily let that go!

5) He feels like you are a once-in-a-lifetime love

Another reason a Taurus man will keep coming back to you is that he feels like you are a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Taurus men are sentimental and they like to hold onto their women.

They do not believe in letting people go easily, as we just discussed.

But a huge reason for him coming back is that he actually convinced himself that there is nobody like you out there.

You see, he might go on dates and he may also see that there are other women out there who are better for him.

But then, he will think back to the time you were together, how happy you made him, and how much he loved being with you.

And he will feel guilty for letting go of you so easily.

You see, Taurus men don’t like being alone, that is something they like to avoid at all costs.

If you spent a lot of time together, they are often tempted to believe that you were the love of their life.

So, if a Taurus man keeps coming back to you, the reason might be that he believes you are “the one that got away”.

Almost everybody has someone like that, it’s a partner they broke up with, who, in hindsight, was the love of their life.

The Taurus man is trying to prove that he is still in love with you and he wants you back so that he can be happy again.

He believes that if he lets you go, he will never find his true love again.

Because, if he lets go of you, then there will be no one left for him to hold on to.

So, in a way, it is as if a Taurus man is holding on to the last shreds of hope that they will ever find true love again.

You can see why a Taurus man would keep coming back to someone they have been with for a long time even though they have moved on and met somebody new, right?

I would also chase someone if I believed that they were the true love of my life…

6) You have so many things in common

One of the reasons a Taurus man might come back to you, again and again, is because you have so many things in common.

Taurus men are attracted to women that can understand their feelings and make them feel special.

They want a woman who will be supportive, caring, and understanding.

This zodiac sign values commitment and loyalty, which is why they often return to the same partner over and over again.

If you think about it, this boils down to comfort again. When your partner likes to do the same things as you, it’s comfortable, they don’t push you out of your comfort zone.

So, even if your partner has moved on, they will still come back to you because you have something in common.

They don’t want to be alone and they want to feel comfortable with their partner.

Sometimes, they do come back to the same partner over and over again simply because they are comfortable with them.

Think about it: do you and this Taurus man have a lot in common? When you hang out, do you like doing the same things?

This is a big indicator that that’s the reason your Taurus man keeps coming back to you!

7) You protect him from himself and make him calm down and stop working

A Taurus man needs someone who can protect him from himself and make him calm down when he’s in a frenzy.

You’re able to do this by listening to his worries and telling him what he needs to hear.

This will help him stop working so hard and just enjoy life.

You see, Taurus men can be really hard on themselves and when they get sucked into a project, it can make them forget to take care of themselves and their own needs.

They might not realize this and they might think that they are completely fine, but they’re not.

This is why a Taurus man needs to be reminded of how important he is to himself and his own well-being and to take a break from time to time.

This will make him feel relaxed, calm, and happy again.

When a woman does this for him, a Taurus man doesn’t forget it. It will be a reason that keeps him coming back again and again.

A few things that might trigger this are:

  • telling him to take a break
  • bringing him a meal when he has worked long hours
  • sitting with him while he works
  • bringing him to bed to get much-needed sleep

These little acts of kindness stick in the memory of a Taurus. Plus, he will want to be that same hero for you.

I mentioned this fascinating concept earlier: the hero instinct. When a man’s inner hero is triggered, he’s more likely to come back to you again and again.

Just by knowing the right things to say to him, you’ll open a part of him that no woman has ever reached before.

And the best way to do so is by watching this free video by James Bauer. In it, he’ll reveal simple phrases and texts you can use to make your man truly yours.

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8) He still has feelings for you

Okay, this one is pretty self-explanatory, but a hallmark reason why a Taurus man keeps coming back to you is that he still has feelings for you.

In other words, he wants to be with you and he is not ready to let you go just yet.

This is the reason why a Taurus man keeps coming back to you, even after a break-up or when he thinks that there’s no way that things will work out between the two of you.

You see, Taurus men are interesting. When a woman hurts them, lies to them, or cheats – they will be gone and never look back.

They can’t let themselves feel anymore.

However, if you have always been good to them and the relationship ended on good terms, it will be really hard for a Taurus man to let go of you.

He still loves you and he will never stop loving you.

You’ll see this in the way that he treats you after a break-up or simply when he comes to see you.

He will treat you with so much respect, care, and love that it’s hard not to fall back in love with you again.

On a similar note:

9) He still trusts you

He trusts you for one reason and one reason only. He thinks that you’re the perfect woman for him.

That’s why he keeps coming back to you.

It’s not because he’s bored or that he has nothing better to do.

It’s because he knows deep down that with time, you could be just what he needs in a partner.

He admires your patience and your ability to let things go.

He respects the fact that you don’t sweat the small stuff. And even though things can be difficult between the two of you, he knows deep down inside that it will get better with time and effort on both your parts.

He wants to be with someone who will have his back no matter what, and as much as it pains him, he knows that person is you, even if you’re not together.

Trust is important to a Taurus.

As I mentioned earlier, once you break his trust, he’s gone.

However, if you are someone he can trust 100%, that will keep him coming back to you again and again!

10) You aren’t dramatic or obnoxious (Taurus men don’t like that)

A huge reason why a Taurus man will keep coming back to you is that you aren’t dramatic or obnoxious.

You see, there’s nothing Taurus men hate more than drama.

They love being with laid-back women who don’t take things too seriously.

When a Taurus man sees you trying to be dramatic, he gets frustrated.

It’s annoying to him and it makes him feel as though you are trying to take control of the relationship.

If you’re constantly making a scene in front of a Taurus man, he will start to get annoyed with you and that’s the exact moment when he’ll start looking for someone else.

But when you aren’t dramatic, a Taurus man will keep coming back to you again and again.

This also relates to nit-picking him and nagging him about every little thing.

Taurus men don’t like that. They want a woman who doesn’t complain about every little thing!

When you nit-pick him to death, you’re basically telling him that he isn’t good enough and that you’re constantly unhappy when with him.

11) You don’t put any pressure on him

Taurus men are sensitive and put a lot of weight on the words that people say to them, so you don’t want to put any pressure on them.

Maybe you are starting to see a theme here when it comes to comfort and safety: Taurus men love that stuff.

When you are someone who doesn’t put pressure on him and lets him go at his own pace, he will keep coming back to you again and again.

You see, it’s all about the comfort zone.

Not putting pressure on him means you’re giving him as much space as he needs.

Once he sees that quality in a woman, he will never be satisfied with anything else, which is what makes him come back to you again and again.

12) You are an independent woman who makes her own decisions

Taurus men love women who aren’t afraid to make their own decisions.

Even though a Taurus man is a very patient man, he can get tired of women who constantly ask him for his opinion and then don’t take his advice.

He wants a woman who knows how to make up her own mind and isn’t afraid to be herself.

And when you’re someone who doesn’t need him to tell you what to do all the time (which is something most Taurus men hate) he will be attracted to you even more.

You aren’t afraid of commitment and can handle being alone sometimes too! A Taurus man loves that!

Taurus men hate it when women are overly dependent on them. They love taking care of them, no question about it.

But what makes a Taurus man feel really good is when he knows that you can also take care of yourself if you need to.

When he sees these qualities, it will make him want to come back to you over and over again, because he can’t find someone like you everywhere.

You aren’t afraid of being alone and can handle being a single woman sometimes too!

You see, a Taurus man wants someone who can be his partner, aka someone who can also take responsibility every once in a while.

When a Taurus man sees that you can be his partner, he will always want to be with you.

13) You are intelligent

Another reason why a Taurus man will keep coming back to you over and over again is that he knows that you are intelligent.

He loves women who are smart, so it’s no surprise that he’ll keep coming back to you if you are smart too.

You see, a Taurus man wants a woman who can hold her own in conversation, not just someone who sits around him and waits for him to do all the talking.

When he sees that you are witty and funny, and have complex thoughts, he will be obsessed with you!

This is because he knows that in order to live a peaceful life, he needs to be with someone who is emotionally intelligent.

That means you need to be able to talk about your feelings and emotions with him.

He loves women who are honest about their feelings, so it’s no surprise that he’ll keep coming back to you if you are honest too.

14) You understand him deeply

Now, this one is a bit deeper.

You see, we meet people that we talk to, and then sometimes, we meet people who just seem to get us.

Do you know what I am talking about?

Sometimes, you meet someone and you feel like this person understands you on a deep level.

Connections like these are rare to come by, so this could be a huge reason a Taurus man is coming back to you again and again.

You see, especially with his emotional nature, a Taurus man really appreciates it when someone takes the time to truly listen to him.

If you can do that, then he will know that you are the one for him too.

15) He loves how your mind works and he can talk to you about anything

Lastly, a Taurus man wants someone who can think logically and not just follow the herd.

He doesn’t want someone who is always going with the flow of society, but rather someone who thinks for herself.

He wants a woman who can keep up with his mind and not just cave into what everyone else is doing.

You see, a Taurus man really appreciates it when he can talk to a woman and she is just herself, without censoring any part of herself.

When you are around him, he will cherish that and treat you with respect in return.

But not just that, when a Taurus man feels like he can talk to you about anything without getting judged, it will be really hard for him to move on.

Turns out it’s not that easy to find people to who you can open up about practically anything.

Finding a woman like that is reason enough for him to keep coming back to you again and again.

What now?

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking that this is all nice and dandy, but how do I actually get a Taurus man to come back?

I touched on the hero instinct earlier – it’s the perfect remedy for the situation you’re facing.


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And in return, he’ll be compelled to commit to you and love you like he’s never loved another woman.

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