10 reasons why Western men have yellow fever

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Yellow fever is a term which refers to the romantic interest an individual has in a person of East Asian descent, especially when that interest is usually resulting in fetishization and/or fetishism.”

The Western male’s preference for East Asian women might seem harmless enough.

But much like the “yellow peril,” it often contains serious pathological components such as objectification, racism, and exoticism.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 reasons why Western men have yellow fever as they explain what they find so attractive about East Asians.

1) Western men are attracted to the physical beauty of Asian women

For most Western men, Asian women’s petite figures and delicate features are often seen as exotic and sexy.

While some Western men may be attracted to Asian women because of their stereotype of being submissive and obedient, others find them to be intelligent and independent.

Whatever the reason, there is no denying that Asian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world.

One of the things that make Asian women so physically appealing to Western men is their petite figures.

Asian women tend to be smaller and more delicate-featured than their Western counterparts. This can be seen as attractive and exotic by many Western men.

Additionally, the stereotype of Asian women as being submissive and obedient can also be a draw for some men.

Whatever the reason, there is no denying that Asian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world.

2) Asian women are seen as docile

Like any other ethnicity, Asian women have a plethora of stereotypes to deal with.

The most common stereotype is that Asian women are submissive and passive.

This stereotype stems from the fact that Asian women are often seen as the “model minority”.

Because of this, many people believe that Asian women are docile and submissive. However, this stereotype is untrue.

In fact, Asian women are more likely to be assertive and outspoken than white women.

So, if you see an Asian woman being assertive or outspoken, know that it is not because she is submissive or passive. It is simply because she is fighting for what she wants.

Another common stereotype about Asian women is that they are good at math and science.

Again, this stereotype stems from the fact that many people believe that Asians are intelligent because they are a minority group.

3) Asian women are perceived as being more feminine than their Western counterparts

In the Western world, traditionally feminine attributes are considered to be positive traits.

For example, femininity is associated with being gentle and kind, being highly emotional, and being seen as more likely to cry.

However, in the Asian world, it is not necessarily considered feminine to be kind or gentle. Instead, it is more important to be strong and assertive.

In addition, femininity is often associated with weakness.

In the West, women are stereotyped as being weak and unable to take care of themselves.

For example, they may not be able to do hard physical labor like construction work or farming.

By contrast, in Asia, women are seen as strong and able to take care of themselves because they are expected to do so at home.

They are also expected to have a large family because they have more children than Western women.

As a result, women who try to work outside the home may face discrimination from other people and even from their own family members.

Because femininity is associated with weakness in the West and strength in Asia, many people in Asia see Asian women as less feminine than Western women.

This can make Asian women feel uncomfortable because they want to be seen as more feminine than their Western counterparts but cannot figure out how to do so without feeling stereotyped or criticized.

4) Asian women are often seen as being more submissive and compliant than Western women

The stereotypical Asian woman is depicted as a docile and submissive individual, who serves her husband and family by tending to their needs.

According Asian culture, men are the “head of the household” while women are expected to obey and serve them.

As such, Asian women are often seen as being more submissive and compliant than Western women.

Men are thought to be superior to women in the Asian culture, and it is considered shameful for a woman to look down on or challenge a man in any way.

Asian men, on the other hand, can be seen as having higher status than Asian women because they are seen as being able to provide for their families.

Because of this, many Asian women feel that they have little choice but to accept their submissive role in society.

5) Western men find the traditional values of Asian women appealing

Asian women have traditional values that many Western men find attractive.

They value family and tradition, and they place a high value on education, so they can often be found working in professions like medicine, law, and engineering.

Asian women are also very strong in the workplace, which makes them ideal employees.

Because they are hardworking, reliable, and respectful of authority, they are often promoted to leadership positions.

Asian women are also known for their beauty.

Their pale skin tone makes them look delicate and porcelain-like, while their almond-shaped eyes make them look exotic.

Their hair is usually smooth and silky, and their bodies are typically slim and petite.

As such, some Western men want them as romantic partners.

6) Asian women are often seen as being more loyal and faithful than Western women

When it comes to marriage, Asian women are often seen as being more loyal and faithful than Western women.

While this may be true in some cases, Asian women are no more likely to stay with a partner than Western women.

In fact, statistics show that Asian women are more likely to leave their husbands than Western women.

Although Asian women face a lot of cultural pressure to be loyal and faithful, this doesn’t mean that they are any less likely to cheat on their partners.

In fact, many Asian women who marry outside of their culture do so because they want to start a family and feel it is important to have a stable home life.

While there is no one reason why Asian women may be more likely to leave their marriages than Western women, there are some factors that can play a role.

For example, many Asian cultures place a high value on loyalty and fidelity, which can make cheating more acceptable.

In addition, the social pressure that Asian women feel to stay with their partner can make it harder for them to leave an unhappy marriage.

7) The sexual prospects of Asian women are often seen as being better than of Western women

Asian women are viewed as being more physically attractive than Western women.

This stereotype is reinforced by media coverage, which often highlights the physical attractiveness and sexual desirability of Asian women.

This assumption is also rooted in history, as many Asian women were historically trafficked to the Western world as wives or prostitutes.

These historical links between the East and West have led to the belief that Asian women are naturally more sexually desirable than Western women.

There is some truth to this stereotype, however.

Asian women tend to have a slim build and darker skin compared to Western women, who are often lighter and more curvy.

Both of these factors can contribute to an Asian woman’s perceived desirability as a potential partner for men.

Although these characteristics can contribute to an Asian woman’s perceived desirability as a partner, they do not inevitably translate into an easy ride in the dating world.

For one thing, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to attractiveness — every person has their own unique set of physical traits that contributes to their overall attractiveness.

Also, there is no clear correlation between physical appearance and sexual desirability in dating partners.

8) Asian women are often seen as being more sexually adventurous than Western women.

Asian women are often seen as being more adventurous than western women.

This is because they are more likely to take risks and try new things.

They are also less likely to be afraid of failure.

This can be attributed to the fact that Asian cultures value perseverance and strength more than western cultures.

As a result, Asian women are often seen as being more capable and resilient. They are also more likely to be independent and assertive.

This makes them ideal partners for western men who are looking for an exciting and challenging relationship.

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9) Western men are attracted to the idea of dating or marrying an Asian woman

These stereotypes are not only associated with Asian women and Asian men, but also with Western men and Western women.

For example, many Western men who have dated or married Asian women have complained about how Asian women are too submissive and docile.

Similarly, some Western women who have dated or married Asian men have complained about how Asian men are too dominant and masculine.

When Western men meet Asian women, they often assume that the Asian woman will be submissive and obedient.

They may think that the Asian woman will not be able to stand up for herself or speak up for what she wants.

On the contrary, when Western women meet Asian men, they often assume that the Asian man will be dominant and assertive.

They may think that the Asian man will be more willing to take charge in a relationship and make decisions on his own.

Such stereotypes can lead to problems in both relationships between Western men and Western women as well as between Western women and Western men.

10) There is a general perception that Asian women make better wives and mothers than Western women

This is partly true.

Asian women are more likely to be submissive and less independent than Western women, which can make them better wives and mothers.

Asian men tend to prefer a submissive and feminine woman, so Asian women tend to fit this bill.

Western women often have higher standards for themselves than Asian women do, which can make it difficult for them to find suitable partners.

Some Asian cultures also emphasize traditional values such as filial piety (the obligation of children to care for their parents in old age), which may make Asian women more suited to taking care of elderly relatives.

As a result, Asian women may be more willing to put family first than Western women are.

Taken together, these factors mean that Asian women may be better suited to taking care of children, while Western women may be better suited to running a household and keeping everything running smoothly.

Although these differences may make some people think that Asian women are better wives and mothers than Western women, they should not be taken at face value.


The phenomenon of yellow fever is most common in those who were raised or educated in predominantly white or western environments.

Yellow fever can take many forms, but it is most often displayed as an obsession with exotic cultural relics, foods, music and arts, and people.

But honestly, this stigma and stereotyping has to stop.

Love comes in all forms, shapes, sizes and races. There should be no preference in race when it comes to love.

Because when it hits you, it hits you, regardless of who it is.

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