Why do I get the feeling that he’s the one?

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You met a wonderful guy, and after being with him for some time, you can’t help but get the feeling that you’ve finally found the one.

But you might wonder why you feel this way. After all, there’s a chance that you’re simply blinded by love and that you’re deluding yourself.

To help you along, in this article I will give you 25 reasons why you get the feeling that he’s the one.

1) Your core values are aligned

Not only do you agree on what kind of house you want to live in, you also agree on what kind of lives you should lead.

You both have the same views on marriage, kids, finances, religion, and you even share political beliefs.

It’s not a real deal-breaker when you disagree on little things because when it comes to the things that truly matter, you see eye-to-eye and want the same things.

It really makes you feel like the two of you are meant to be when you no longer need to compromise on the big things, and especially if you didn’t need to in the first place.

2) He makes you feel respected

The world is a judgmental place. But when you’re with him, you don’t feel like you’re being judged at all. In fact, he does the exact opposite and you know he’s not just faking it.

And even if he disagrees or dislikes something that you do or believe in, he doesn’t make you feel bad about it or try to pressure you to change.

He treats you like an adult and respects your choices instead of treating you as his property.

It’s rare to see men like this, and it speaks volumes about just how mature he is as a person. Because of this, you might feel like the two of you are meant for one another—and indeed, if you treat him the same way you’re probably going to do well together.

3) He isn’t like your exes

You might have loved your exes, but exes are exes for a reason.

Maybe they didn’t try hard enough to understand you, or maybe there was something about the things they said that made you uncomfortable, or maybe there just wasn’t any passion in the relationship no matter how hard you tried.

Those relationships simply didn’t work out.

But he, on the other hand, has that something that your exes just didn’t have. And the difference is very clear to you and to everyone around you.

That doesn’t mean that he’s perfect. In fact, some of your exes had more things going for them than he has. But despite that, you’re just more happy with him and what he has to offer (which, to you, is a lot!).

You thought you experienced love before but now that you’re with your boyfriend, you know that those weren’t the real thing. Your exes were just there to prepare you for your true love.

4) You can talk your heart out with him

When you’re with him, you find it easy to talk. You know that he will understand you or at least keep an open mind, and that if you say something he doesn’t like then he will be gentle with you.

And not only that, but it’s also like you just never run out of things to talk about!

You can’t recall any times of awkward silence between the two of you, or times when you found it hard to look for things to talk about.

Being with him is like being with your best friend. You just can’t stop talking and laughing, and this is very rare. You’re one of the lucky ones in this world if you found a lover who can also be a best friend.

Understanding on this level is a sign that you’re in a healthy relationship and that you can take it to the next level at any time.

5) You laugh effortlessly

Laughter is one of the signs of a happy relationship.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re laughing your hearts out all the time, of course. Rather, it means that the two of you feel free to laugh at yourselves, at each other, and at other people.

And when you laugh, he laughs with you because of how your sense of humor aligns with his.

And most important of all is that when you tell a self-deprecating joke out of frustration or anger, he laughs with you and tries to cheer you up instead of laughing at you and bringing you down.

The two of you simply have something good going, and that might be why you think he’s the one.

6) He’s an exception to your rule

You used to tell yourself that you won’t fall for short guys, but you find that you love him anyways even though he only reaches your shoulders.

Or maybe you said that you won’t date someone who has never gone to college, but when you met him, you didn’t really mind the fact that he’s a high school dropout because he’s awesome in many other things.

You surprised yourself and everyone around you.

You know for a fact that your standards didn’t go down and you’re not desperate. He’s just the exception. And that’s probably the reason you feel strongly for this guy.

7) You can show each other your “bad” side

The world knows you as a quiet and patient girl and you might even see yourself that way, but you don’t feel bad being the exact opposite in his presence. You can break down in front of him and show him the annoying and insecure version of you.

You don’t feel like you must conform to what others think you are, and neither are you afraid of losing his respect for being out of character in front of him.

He always sees you in a good light.

Even if you’re throwing a fit, he knows you’re not really bad to the core, and that you’re probably just having a bad day.

8) You find each other sexy all the time

It’s easy for both of you to turn each other on even after years of being together. 

It’s not as straightforward or easy as you may think it is to find someone compatible with you sexually.

There’s a lot of things that must align, like your comfort with and desire for kinks (or lack thereof), or your tastes for what your partner should look like, or even how accepting you are towards things like swinging and open relationships.

And of course, when you do sleep together, you just can’t find anyone better in bed. You don’t feel like you are ever wanting or afraid to try out something new in fear of judgement.

Maybe some of your past lovers might have been better at making your body move, but he just has this extra something.

9) You both feel like you’re the lucky one in the relationship

When you look at him you can’t help but want to say “I’m so lucky to have you.” But he would disagree! When you do say those words, he’ll throw them back at you. He’s convinced he’s the lucky one.

And perhaps there’s a truth in that. Both of you are lucky to have each other because you don’t make the other feel like they’re losing out on anything or taking the short end of the stick in your relationship.

Because of that, both of you feel like you’re meant for each other and don’t want to let each other go. How can you, when having each other by your side is enough to make you feel like you won the lottery.

10) He has made you discoveries yourself

There are aspects of your personality that are so well hidden that even you weren’t aware of them.

And your boyfriend makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin that he would help you discover new things about yourself.  He takes it all with such grace that you don’t feel like it’s such a bad thing after all. And you do the same thing to him in return.

As a result, the two of you might end up growing into entirely different people during your relationship.

Things like these are often signs that two people are not just regular lovers, but are actually twin flames.

11) You can trust him with all of your heart

Even when he goes away for several days or he goes drinking with friends, you can’t help but keep trusting him.

With other people, you used to worry a lot if they’re cheating or if they’re simply playing around with you.

But not him. He has earned your trust for being consistent and loving.

No more fidgeting and worrying about whether he’s going to come knocking one day telling you he’s leaving you for another.

You’re so at ease you don’t even bother to keep checking up on him.

12) You still appreciate each other’s quirks

Some of us find our partner’s quirks cute and endearing at the start of a relationship but then eventually some of those quirks stop being cute. It’s just the way things go.

They can even become quite annoying and some of us might even be tempted to want our partners to change.

But with him, you continue to appreciate his quirks just as he appreciates yours. There’s nobody trying to change the other in your relationship and, when someone does manage to irritate the other, the worst thing that happens is a soft sigh or laughter followed by an attempt at understanding the other.

For many people, a situation like this is a dream that they want to be true. For you, it’s reality.

13) Your honeymoon phase never ends

You’ve been together for a long time now but still you can’t get enough of each other, almost as if the honeymoon phase has never ended in your relationship.

That doesn’t mean that you’ve been blinding yourselves in the flaws you see in each other, of course, as much as the idea of a ‘never-ending honeymoon’ might imply as much.

You see them and acknowledge them, but they don’t make your relationship with him any less magical.

Maybe it’s because you’re just that compatible, or maybe it’s your continued effort to express love and adoration for each other.

14) You’re willing to do anything and everything

There’s a famous movie that says that the recipe for love is just to “take out two regulars, mix them together, and let them stew. “

And you’re very much willing to “stew” with this person. It stumped you, actually. You’re the type who has a problem with commitment but with your current boyfriend, you find that you’re actually capable of sacrifice.

You’re sometimes convinced that you truly love them more than yourself, and this is something that sets them apart from your exes.

15) You stopped searching

Ever since you’ve been with your boyfriend, you have lost interest in other men.

That colleague of yours that you used to find really cute? He now looks normal and you even wonder why you liked him in the first place.

And when you’re sitting at the bar with your girlfriends, you’re just chill. Not even Brad Pitt or George Clooney could take your breath away.

This surprised you a little because you used to ogle at men even when you’re in a relationship. It’s not that you feel guilty, it’s just that the only handsome guy to you is your boyfriend.

You’re still under their spell even after years of being together.

16) He feels like a reward

All your past suffering now makes sense.

You used to wonder why you’re unlucky in life and love but since you met your boyfriend, you can now say that all the suffering paid off, that life is still fair because it’s saving the best for last for you.

Meeting your boyfriend has made you believe that good things can still happen to you, after all.

You start to feel that all those hardships are just part of life because you now have your sweet reward.

It feels like you’re in a brand-new chapter of your life that’s just filled with happiness and you’re now at peace with your bitter past.

If you start to feel this way about life because of him—that you’re one lucky girl after all—of course, you’re bound to feel that he’s the one. He’s changed your story and how you see life…something that happens only once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky.

17) Pain is more tolerable

Whatever life throws your way becomes more bearable when you’re with him. It’s like he’s your anesthetic!

And when you have fights and troubles in your relationship, it’s not as heavy as what you’ve felt before with your exes.

You’re able to handle everything because you know deep in your heart that nothing else is bigger than your love for each other.

You also know that no matter what happens, they have your back and this feeling alone makes even the biggest troubles feel like nothing.

You don’t want to worry about painful and worrisome life events but on the rare occasion that they crossed your mind, just imagining that they’ll be there with you every step of the way is a source of comfort.

18) Your happiness is magnified

You’re now inspired to do your best at work because once you’ve saved enough, you’ll build your house together or go on a Euro trip.

He inspires you to do your best at anything because your success is his success and it’s something you want to share with him.

Success is indeed sweet when shared but it’s especially sweeter when you share it with him specifically.

Even a simple thing as sharing a cone of ice cream can double or even triple your happiness. And you’d want to share everything with him for the rest of your life.

19) Your fights make you stronger

Many people believe that all the cute stuff is nothing, and that it’s how you fight that actually sets the normal person from being “the one” for you.

When you fight—whether it’s because of something trivial or something serious—you come out stronger!

You know how to talk to each other, you know when to keep quiet, and you know when to compromise.

This is something that you didn’t have with your exes. Maybe with them, you tried to resolve your issues but there’s resentment building.

If you’re able to solve things, and even laugh about your fights, you found yourself a keeper.

20) You see him

You already know how he feels or what he’s thinking before he even opens his mouth..

You see through him—you see the real him that’s hidden from everyone else—and you’re really happy with what you see.

When others say bad things about your boyfriend, you just laugh (and get a little frustrated) because they just don’t see the real him.

This could be because your boyfriend has a facade when around other people and that you’re a highly sensitive person who can sense him, but you just find it funny that there’s nothing that he can hide from you since day one.

21) He sees you

Like the one above, he sees through you.

It’s not just the familiarity, really. It’s something hard to explain that you might even suspect that you have a strong spiritual connection.

He knows how your mind and heart works and has seen the version of you that no one else is capable of seeing.

He can tell when you’re sad or worried in just seconds of interaction. And you don’t even try to lie to him because you know he can smell it!

22) Being happy together is effortless

You don’t need to spend a lot of money going to fancy restaurants or planning trips abroad. You don’t need to drive out to a mountain and shout your love for one another, or declare it to friends and strangers online.

Happiness for you two is as easy as cooking pancakes for him at the crack of dawn or him slipping a dandelion into your pocket. You can even just laze at the couch doing nothing and you’d be perfectly happy together.

And that’s because you’re each other’s source of joy.

If you can be happy with nothing, then it’s no surprise that you feel he’s the one.

23) You don’t care about what others think

You feel proud being at his side. It doesn’t matter if your neighbors think he doesn’t deserve you because his work sucks or because they think he’s ugly.

You simply don’t care about their opinions because you’re truly happy.

Maybe you cared once, with other people. But you simply love him too much to let them bother you.

And besides, they might think he’s dumb and ugly, but that doesn’t matter to you. You might even feel that he’s quite handsome and smart and that your neighbors are simply judgemental.

24) You want him in your life forever

You’re much happier now that he’s in your life and, of course, you wish that things will stay this way forever.

The thought of life wearing the two of you down worries you because you want to preserve what you have. Your relationship is the most precious thing for you and you’re willing to do anything to keep it alive.

If only this moment were to last forever, then you’ll have happiness for eternity.

25) But you’re willing to let them go once they’re unhappy

Despite the fact that you do want to keep them in your life forever, you know that if you ever know that they’re unhappy with you—and it’s been going on for a while— you’re willing to set him free.

That’s because his happiness matters more to you than your own happiness. You don’t ever want to see him suffer from life and especially not from you!

That’s the irony of finding the one. You know you’ve found them when you’re willing to let them go.


They say that when it comes to finding the one, “when you know, you know.”

You have a feeling he’s the one because he probably is. It’s a combination of feeling it strongly in your heart and seeing most—if not all—of the signs mentioned in this list.

Are you smiling while reading this?

Well, congratulations! Finding your one true love isn’t so easy. It doesn’t happen to everybody. Now, stop reading and go to him. Don’t ever let him go.

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