Why did he kiss me if we are just friends? The surprising truth

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Friends don’t kiss each other, right?

That’s right!

So why did he kiss you?

Let’s find out the surprising truth!

Here are 14 possible reasons

1) He kissed you to make another girl jealous

Look: if you and this guy are just friends, maybe he just used you to make another girl jealous.

This move is a classic one and it usually works for him. 

Although kissing you was definitely not fair to you, it might have helped him reach his goal.

To figure out if this was his real reason, answer this:

Were there other people in the room when he kissed you?

Or, was there a possibility for another girl to see you kiss?

The presence of any person counts because he or she could be this girl’s friend and they could tell her about the kiss.

Also, to make sure this reason is valid, try to remember whether he told you that he likes a certain girl.

In case he kissed you to make another girl jealous, maybe you should reconsider your friendship with him. His move is selfish, to say the least.

Or, if you really value your friendship, it would be great to talk about it and establish some boundaries.

2) You were flirting with him and he couldn’t resist

Be honest: do you like this guy? Were you flirting with him before he kissed you?

If this is what happened, then he probably had no other choice. There was no way he could stop himself from kissing you. In other words, it was probably something that he didn’t plan to do.

Does this mean he likes you? Well, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you!

You see, maybe you made it really hard for him to resist. After all, friend or not, he’s a man. And if you flirt with him, he might get carried away.

However, if he is a man of character, then he definitely won’t fall for your games and will stay loyal to his real feelings.

But this scenario is a little bit tricky because you don’t know what his feelings really are. 

3) He was trying to impress his male friends

Read this point carefully because it might help you figure out what kind of man this guy is!

If he kissed you to impress his male friends, then he is probably a man who likes to show off. Also, he could be shallow and selfish, too.

He is probably the type of guy who needs others’ admiration in order to feel good about himself. 

The truth is that we all need this from time to time, but if he says you’re just friends, then it means he’s crossing some serious boundaries.

The brutal truth is that he might be using you to impress his friends.

If this is true, then you should think twice about being his friend.

Want to know for sure? Well, it’s simple: were his friends there when he kissed you?

If so, then this was definitely a move to impress them.

4) He isn’t sure about his feelings for you

At some point, you and this man may have decided to be just friends. 

But what if his feelings for you have changed?

Maybe he has developed strong feelings for you and is not sure how to tell you. Or, maybe he is trying to figure out if he has feelings for you or not.

While this is hard to figure out, it’s still possible!

The fact that he kissed you could be a sign that he is not sure about his feelings for you yet.

If that’s the case, you should ask yourself this:

Are you interested in him romantically?

Did you like the kiss?

If you answered yes to these questions, then maybe your feelings have changed as well.

5) He kissed you just to see your reaction

Listen, the surprising truth could be that he kissed you just to see your reaction.

It might seem like a mean thing to do, but guys are often like that. They don’t take everything seriously, not even a woman’s feelings.

Why would he want to see how you react?

  • Maybe he has feelings for you;
  • Maybe he wants to test the waters;
  • Or maybe he is just curious but doesn’t want to admit that.

Countless relationship experts agree that if a guy tries to get a reaction from you, then he probably likes you, but doesn’t know it yet.

6) He didn’t mean to kiss you

Want to know another surprising truth?

The truth is that the kiss might have been innocent. It could have been just an accident.

Before you say, “How could it be?” take a moment and remember if…

…did he kiss you goodbye when he was in a rush?

…was it just a peck on the lips?

…did he only touch the corner of your mouth?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then you might have been wrong about this kiss. Maybe he didn’t even mean to kiss you, after all.

Maybe it was just an accidental brush on the lips or a silly mistake.

However, you have to use your own judgment to figure that out.

7) He had no choice but to kiss you back

Did you kiss him even if you are just friends? 

Then you can’t blame him for kissing you back!

If you were the one who initiated the kiss, then maybe you put him in a difficult position.

He probably kissed you back because he was caught off guard. Kissing a girl they are just friends with is a big step that most guys wouldn’t take.

So, does it mean something that he kissed you back?

Well, no, it doesn’t mean he has feelings for you. 

Maybe he kissed you back because he felt trapped or didn’t want to make you feel bad.

Or, maybe you just surprised him and he went with the flow.

Unless you talk to him about the kiss, there’s really no way to tell what was going through his mind at that time.

8) He is just a player and that’s what he does

Let me ask you this:

How well do you know this guy? If you know for sure that he’s a player, then it’s still possible that he kissed you just for fun.

Here’s what players do: they flirt with many women, kiss them all, and then have fun with them.

Even so, you might ask yourself: Why did he kiss me if we are just friends? Why did he suddenly see me as something more than friends?

The brutal truth could be that he…

… was bored;

… wanted to impress his friends;

… was drunk;

… needed some excitement.

Don’t get me wrong, though! Men can change, and maybe he has already.

9) He is attracted to you physically

Let’s get one thing straight:

Even if a man thinks you’re attractive, that doesn’t mean he wants to be more than friends.

However, if this guy finds you physically attractive, then it’s possible that he kissed you because of that.

10) He never wanted to be just friends

Have you ever considered that he agreed to be just friends because he thought that’s what you wanted?

Maybe he had a crush on you, but he was afraid to tell you. Maybe he was waiting for the right moment to ask you out.

And then you decided to be just friends. You had been very clear in your intentions, so he agreed and put his crush on hold.

But what if…

… he just couldn’t help himself anymore and he just kissed you?

… he had a moment of weakness?

If that happened, then you’ve just found out that he really likes you, but he can’t say it yet. And that’s why he kissed you.

11) He is looking for a rebound

Want to know another surprising truth?

Some men think they can just move on after a bad break-up. They are convinced that they can find a new girlfriend fast.

But guess what? They are wrong.

However, this doesn’t stop them from trying. 

Some men think that getting into a rebound relationship will help them forget the pain of their previous breakup.

And that’s why he might have kissed you: he was hurt, confused, and looking for a familiar face and comfort.

While this is no excuse for his actions, it could help you understand him better. 

Fair warning: even if you like him more than friends, you should stay away from him while he’s suffering. Rebound relationships are not meant to last, so he needs to move on as soon as possible.

12) He was drunk or high as a kite

Why did he kiss me if we are just friends?

It’s possible that he wasn’t in his right mind.

What? How?

It’s common sense that drunk or high men behave in irrational ways. They might not know what they’re doing.

It’s also common sense that men who are drunk or high might not be able to control themselves. 

So, if he kissed you…

… he might have been unable to ignore the feelings that overwhelmed him;

… he might not have been able to control his urges.

In both cases, it’s possible that he didn’t want to kiss you. It just happened. 

It wasn’t his fault – at least not entirely. 

Did I mention drunk or high men don’t make good decisions? This is one of those cases.

13) He was confused by your move

Let’s be honest:

Sometimes, women can be confusing. (I’m not the only one who thinks so.) 

Maybe you said one thing and did another. 

Maybe you made him think that he had a chance with you, but you didn’t mean to. 

Or maybe he was looking for a sign that you feel the same way as he does and it just happened! 

In other words, he may have kissed you because he felt confused by your actions.

And now you’re confused by his. Ironic, isn’t it?

14) He felt pity for you

This point might sound rough, but it might be the surprising truth for some of you.

Maybe he kissed you because he felt pity for you. After all, women can be pretty vulnerable. 

Maybe he saw you going through a difficult time and he just felt sorry for you.

Or maybe he saw you crying and felt sympathetic towards you. Whatever the reason, it happened.

He just wanted to show that he cares about your well-being. That’s all. No hard feelings!

How to know if he enjoyed the kiss?

Regardless of his reasons for kissing you, it happened. 

You enjoyed the kiss. 

But what about him? 

Here are a few signs he enjoyed the kiss, too:

  • He kissed you slowly;
  • He looked into your eyes;
  • He smiled;
  • He touched your face and hair;
  • He kissed you more than once.

What else?

Did he act friendly towards you after the kiss?

Did he continue to see you or did he avoid you?

Was there chemistry between you after the kiss? 

Answer these questions to find out if he enjoyed the kiss as much as you did!

Will a man kiss a woman he is not attracted to?

Here’s the surprising truth: Yes!

A man will kiss a woman he is not attracted to for reasons like:

  • He feels pity for her.
  • He is being pressured by circumstances.
  • He wants to check if his feelings change.
  • He wants to make another woman jealous.
  • He is bored and just wants to kiss.
  • He is just trying to have fun.
  • He is looking for a rebound relationship.

As you can see, the reasons are many. But they all have one thing in common: they have nothing to do with the woman.

What does this mean for women? It means they can’t find out much about a guy’s feelings just by knowing why he kissed them.

He kissed you even if you’re just friends. What next?

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