When do dumpers realize they made a mistake? The brutal truth

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Okay, so you got dumped. Life sucks.

And now you’re left wondering: How long will it take for my ex to realize how wrong he/she was for dumping me? Will I be able to get him/her back before he/she moves on?

These questions might sound obvious and silly, but they’ll plague you throughout the bad days and lonely nights.

You need answers; I am here to give them to you.

The truth is it’s hard to say when your ex realizes they made a mistake because we are all different, and people regret things for different reasons.

But perhaps we can at least narrow it down a little bit by answering this question a little more clearly.

Well, here are some common instances when most dumpers normally realize their mistakes or regret their decision:

1) When you make a move

Yes, making an effort to get your ex back is the way to go.

It will definitely be painful for your ex to see you moving on with your life without them and being happy.Especially when he or she is still stuck in the misery of the breakup, it can be a real wake-up call.

The fastest way for them to realize how wrong they were is when they see you getting over the breakup and moving on with

your life, whether it’s finding a new relationship or taking up a new hobby.

They might realize what an idiot they were for letting you go.

If they find out that you’re getting over the breakup, they are more likely to show remorse for their actions and even try getting back together with you.

2) When you stop contacting your ex

When you stop contacting your ex, they might begin to miss you and realize their mistake.

It’s common for people to feel lonely after a break-up.

If you stop showing that you’re still interested after your break-up, then it’s very likely that your ex will start to realize how much they might be missing out on by getting rid of you.

It’s not always easy to do, especially if you need time alone to heal from the heartache.

But a few days, weeks, or months from now, it’s likely your ex will be thinking “hey, what am I missing out on?” and start to regret breaking up with you.

3) When you stop acting annoying

One of the most common reasons people break up with their partners is because they get on each other’s nerves.

But sometimes, even if you stop acting annoying, your ex might not immediately regret breaking up with you.

So what can you do in this situation? Send this “No Communication” text

“You’re right. It’s best that we don’t talk right now, but I would like to be friends eventually.”

This one needs to be sent to your ex at the right time for it to be truly effective.

But why I like it is that you’re communicating with them that you don’t really need to talk anymore. In essence, you’re saying that you don’t really need them to play any role in your life anymore.

Why is this so good?

You induce a “fear of loss” in your ex which will trigger their attraction to you again.

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No matter what your situation is — or how badly you’ve messed up since the two of you broke up — he’ll give you a number of useful tips that you can apply immediately.

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4) They see you in a new relationship

 Some dumpers want their ex back because they are just so jealous of your new relationship.

Especially when you meet someone that is better than them.

They become afraid that they will never find anyone better and end up with someone who just doesn’t love them like they used to.

They will likely start to wonder why you moved on without them, and attempt to pinpoint what it was that made them not good enough.

When their feelings toward you are triggered through jealousy, they will likely feel shame at the fact that they broke up with you in the first place and that what they have done was a huge mistake then they may reconsider their decision.

5) They realize how much they’re going to miss you

People don’t tend to think about how much they’re going to miss someone unless they’re really attached to that person.

The dumper may simply miss the good times they shared, and not be able to get you out of their mind.

This is a common reason why they may regret breaking up with you and want to get back together once they realize how much they are going to miss you and regret the reason they had made.

6) They see you moving on and getting results

If you are looking for ways to make your ex regret dumping you, it will be because he/she has seen you moving on and getting more successful in life.

It could be a new job and making more money than them, succeeding at work, finding a better guy, or becoming more social.

All of those things will help show them how wrong they were for dumping you in the first place.

7) They found out that you are the one 

A dumper eventually realizes that no one will ever love them the same way again. 

They also realize that even if they could get another relationship started, it won’t be with someone who loves them as much as you. 

And those feelings and memories of the relationship won’t go away, no matter how much time passes or how hard they try to push them out of their head.

This relates back to what Brad Browning taught me – there are simple ways to get your ex back.

I mentioned Brad earlier, he’s an expert at helping couples work through their issues and rebuild their relationships.

With practical tips to help you get your ex back, his advice could be just what you need to understand your situation better.

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8 ) You got the support from the mutual friends with your ex

Both of your mutual friends or family choose to be on your side and support you.

This is the first thing that makes a dumper realize their mistakes: when nobody’s there to comfort them.

They will start thinking that there is something wrong with them. They will try to find out what went wrong and they may realize they made a wrong decision.

9) The advice of their family or friends

It’s the advice of others that often makes a dumper realize the mistakes they’ve made. It can be either from a friend or a family member.

Especially if both of your family expected you two to be together, there is a good chance that the dumper realizes their mistake.

They also realize how much it hurts for their family to be disappointed in them. This is why the majority of parents and significant others are able to interfere in the relationship.

How to know if the breakup is a mistake?

If you’re not quite sure whether or not your recent breakup was a mistake, these signs can help you decide for sure.

Signs that the breakup may be a mistake:

– You continue to feel sad and miss your significant other.

– You feel down and out.

– You wish the person you dumped would talk with you.

– You wish the two of you were back together.

– You feel like you lost something important.

– You dream of your old couple’s status.

– You end up in the same town as your ex and see them or run into them in public.

– Even though you don’t feel like talking with them, you are still moved to see them or just want to say hello.

– You have trouble sleeping because you miss their voice in the next room over and worry that they are sleeping better than you are without them, every night.

– In order to make things right, you have made plans with the person who dumped you.

– You are trying to find ways to fix your relationship when it is clear that your ex wants nothing more to do with you.

– You feel compelled to win them back no matter what.

– You have started contacting the person who dumped you and is trying to get them to give you another chance.

If you are the dumper and recognize yourself in any of these signs, it is probably a good idea to try to reconcile with your partner.

If you are the dumpee and recognize yourself in any of these signs, it means that you have a legitimate reason to be upset by the breakup and there is nothing wrong with you for feeling hurt.

Will a dumper ever come back?

A question that we are frequently asked is: “Will a dumper ever come back?”

People ask this because they’re torn between moving on with their life and figuring out what they’re going to do if they get back together with their ex.

Here are a few signs they might come back:

1) They are texting you more

They are starting to text you more. Not only are they texting you more, but they’re texting you with a renewed interest as well.

They might want to get back together, or they might just want to talk things out with you.

Either way, it’s hugely positive if your ex is now texting you more than before.

2) They are not stupid anymore

So your ex dumped you and it was awkward and they made it look like they just didn’t want to be with you anymore.

Well, now they have time to think things through and realize that you were like-minded people.

This is a huge step for anyone that has been dumped. They may still be bitter, but at least now they realize how stupid of a decision it was to dump you.

3) They are more friendly

If your ex is warming up to you, that means that they must have realized what a mistake it was to dump you.

While this is technically a sign that something has changed, it’s still worth noting as a positive sign of your ex coming back.

If they’re more friendly and are starting to text you more, or even talk to you on the phone, then this is a huge sign of them coming back!

4) They apologize

This one is pretty straightforward: they’re expressing their regret over the way they broke up with you by apologizing.

They might not be exactly sorry, but they at least recognize that they were wrong. This person is serious about getting back together and is trying to rectify the situation.

5) They express remorse

Someone who is actually serious about getting back together will likely express some level of remorse for breaking up with you.

This person probably didn’t want to break up with you at all and regrets doing so. This person might be looking for a way to get back together, but he or she isn’t sure if you’re willing to take them back or not.

How to prepare yourself for when they do come back?

So how can you prepare for when your ex comes back? Well, it’s not easy.

For one thing, you can’t just go out and expect them to come back. They’ve made a decision and that’s more or less final.

You have to give them time to think about everything that happened and decide whether or not they want to get back together with you.

So if you see this coming, then try talking to your ex about it.

Don’t be pushy or make it seem like you’re trying to manipulate them into coming back but just let them know that you care about them and see what happens from there.

If they say that they still don’t want to be with you, then that’s okay. You could keep it up for a little longer or even try to talk to them some more.

But what if your ex is truly done with you?

It is important to avoid dwelling on the past. If you have not moved on from the breakup yet, chances are you will never move on.

In fact, it is likely that you will lose interest in your friends and activities as a result of this new phase in your life.

It will be difficult to fully get over the breakup because you probably feel like you are stuck in the middle of a period of mourning.

If you want to move on, it is recommended that you start by finding a new hobby or activity.

By doing this, you can make a goal for yourself and keep yourself occupied by doing something that interests you.

After a while, the emotions from the breakup should fade away and bring back your energy levels.

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