15 signs a Scorpio man is done with you (and how to change his mind)

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Something’s just not right…

You can’t seem to put your finger on what the problem is, but you have a feeling that your Scorpio man is pulling away.

Is he done with you? Does he want out?

Don’t freak out just yet.

Take a deep breath. Everything is going to be ok!

First, I’m going to share 15 telltale signs that he’s done with you and then I’ll tell you what you need to do to change his mind.

Let’s jump right in:

1) He’s silent and moody

If your guy is normally chatty and easy-going but all of a sudden he’s quiet and withdrawn, this is a pretty clear sign that something is up.

It could be that he’s simply going through a rough patch in his life, or it could be that he’s fed up with your relationship and is trying to figure out how to break up with you.

Be patient and give him some space to work through the situation. If his moodiness has lasted longer than a few days, it’s time to talk.

2) You feel like you’re constantly fighting

If you’re always getting into heated arguments, this is a clear sign that there’s bad communication between you and your partner.

While disagreements are normal, fighting all the time shows that you and your partner aren’t on the same page.

When you’re always fighting and nothing seems to get resolved, it’s usually because you don’t know how to communicate properly with each other.

All in all, this isn’t a good sign for a long-term relationship and maybe your Scorpio man has had enough.

3) He doesn’t respond when you reach out

It’s normal for people to go through periods of low communication, especially if they’re going through a stressful time.

I mean, you can’t expect your significant other to respond to every text at all hours of the day.

But if you try to reach out to your boyfriend and he doesn’t respond – at all, this is a bad sign.

The fact that he’s being so inconsiderate may be because he no longer wants to be in a relationship with you.

4) He doesn’t introduce you to his friends

When you’re dating someone new, it’s normal to be a little nervous about meeting their friends.

But if you’ve been dating for a while and you still haven’t met his friends, this is a red flag.

Now, there are several possible reasons that he hasn’t introduced you to his friends:

  • He may not know how to introduce you to his friends
  • You might be too different from his friends to fit in
  • There may be drama in his social group that makes him feel uncomfortable
  • He may be planning on breaking up with you, so why bother?

Try talking to him about it and see what he says.

5) He disappears for days at a time without explanation

When you’re in a relationship, you’re going to want to spend as much time with your partner as you can. So, if your boyfriend disappears for long stretches at a time – it’s not looking good.

It could mean that he’s cheating on you, that he’d rather be alone or with his friends, or that he’s simply bored with you.

Has he fallen out of love with you? Is there someone else?

Unless you hire a private detective to follow him around, it’s going to be nearly impossible to know where he disappears to for days on end.

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6) He’s suddenly very busy

If your Scorpio man suddenly has lots of things to do that take him away from you, it could be a sign that he’s distancing himself from you.

Now, if he’s always been a busy person, this may be normal and nothing to worry about.

And even if he’s always had time to spend with you and now he’s busy, if everything else in your relationship is ok, then you probably shouldn’t worry.

However, if you tick off several signs from this article in addition to him being busy, then chances are that he’s getting ready to break up with you.

7) He’s distant and unresponsive physically

If your guy is not showing any physical affection towards you, it could be a sign that he is done with you.

Think: when’s the last time you had sex?

If he asks about your day, tells you how pretty you look, or compliments you, it means he still cares.

There are other reasons why a guy might behave distant physically such as illness or even work overload, but those should be addressed before they turn into full-blown problems.

However, if your boyfriend keeps his distance and is cold towards you, it’s time to talk. It could mean that there’s another problem at play.

8) He’s rude

No matter how long you’ve been together, nobody deserves to be treated rudely. It’s a sign that he either doesn’t care about you anymore or that he’s not treating you the way he should.

And if he’s being rude to other people close to him, it could be a sign that he’s going through a tough time and needs support instead of criticism.

But if he is sweet and kind to everyone but you, I’m sorry to say that it probably means he’s sick of your relationship and wants out.

9) He plays the blame game

If he’s pointing fingers for every problem that crops up in your relationship, he’s trying to put the responsibility on you so he doesn’t have to take accountability himself.

He doesn’t want to work on your relationship – he wants an excuse to end it. Blame is unhealthy in any relationship. It’s not a sign of love and admiration – it’s a red flag.

By playing the blame game, he’s basically saying that it’s your fault that things aren’t working out and he can leave feeling like he’s the good guy.

10) He doesn’t respond to your texts or calls

If your man is normally very responsive to your texts and calls, but all of a sudden, he stops responding without a reasonable explanation, it’s a red flag.

Now, the decent thing to do when you want to break up with someone is to tell them that you’re not happy in the relationship and that it’s over. Unfortunately, that’s not what everyone does.

Worse than breaking up with someone over text is ghosting them. That’s when they ignore your calls and texts and hope you get the message. It’s a cowardly move but it’s quite popular, especially with guys.

11) He’s cold

If your Scorpio man is suddenly cold towards you and there’s no reason for him to act that way, it could be another sign that he’s done with you.

Of course, he could just be having a bad day or maybe he’s mad at you about something. Have you tried talking to him about it?

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12) You catch him lying without a reasonable explanation

I really hate it when people lie. I always make it a point to be upfront with people and tell it like it is.

I’d rather be told the truth, no matter how much it may hurt, than have someone lie to my face.

Lying is one of the worst signs a Scorpio man is done with you. It’s a sign that your man is not as committed to the relationship as you think he is.

Lies can range from tiny white lies to huge fabrications that raise major red flags. If you ever catch your man in a lie, address the issue immediately.

If he can’t tell you what the lie was about or why he had to say something untrue, then it means he’s not committed to you and your relationship.

Lying is an incredibly toxic thing to do and not something you want in a healthy relationship.

13) He makes plans with his friends – without you

It’s one thing to hang out with your friends by yourself from time to time, but it’s quite another to start making plans with them on a daily basis without ever including your partner.

If your guy is constantly out with the guys and never around, it could mean that he doesn’t want to be around you anymore.

By making plans that don’t involve you, he’s effectively shutting you out of his life.

14) You find inappropriate texts or emails on his phone

I don’t condone spying and snooping around.

That being said, it’s not your fault if you come across something by accident. For example, if you use your man’s phone to search for something on the net, and you find flirty texts or emails between him and another woman.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s cheating on you, but the fact that he’s communicating inappropriately with other women means that he’s not happy in your relationship and may want out.

15) He picks fights

Arguments are a normal part of any relationship, they aren’t bad if they’re constructive and used as a way to solve problems.

But if your guy is picking fights for every little thing, he may be trying to push you away.

He doesn’t want to have a meaningful discussion about the problem or about how you can improve your relationship – he just wants to argue.

How can you change his mind?

If these signs that a Scorpio man is done with you sound familiar, don’t lose hope!

These are the most common signs that a guy is getting ready to break up with you, but nothing is written in stone.

With a little patience and the right approach, you may be able to salvage your relationship and win your Scorpio man back before he’s gone forever.

Let’s take a look at what you can do:

1) Give him space

If your man is done with you, he may just need a little space to think about what he wants.

If you want to stand a chance of winning him back, you have to respect his need for space.

Even if you did nothing wrong or you had a fight about some silly misunderstanding, he might need some time to himself to clear his head.

Let him know that you’re there for him if he wants to talk and be patient. Don’t push him.

2) Don’t pressure him to commit

Scorpio men hate being pressured into anything, including a relationship.

If you’re trying to win back your Scorpio boyfriend, you should avoid pressuring him to commit.

He wants to know that you don’t expect him to move any faster than he’s ready to. He also wants to feel that you’re not just in it for the short term.

So don’t pressure him to commit (or to do anything else, for that matter). If you want him to be yours, be patient and let him take his time.

3) Reassure him of your feelings

If you think your Scorpio man is done with you, you’ll want to reassure him of your feelings.

But don’t overdo it. Don’t be clingy, don’t beg him to stay with you.

Be patient.

4) Try something new together

Scorpio men are ruled by the element of water, which represents transformation and change.

If you want to win back a Scorpio boyfriend, you must be willing to change and transform.

Scorpios love novelty, so try to do something new with him. Even if you don’t like it, go with it.

Let him choose a hobby or activity that he loves and go with him.

Scorpios also love being in control, so let him take the lead and make the decisions. These gestures will help him see that you’re ready to transform with him.

5) Show him you’re trustworthy

Scorpios are known for their incredible intuition and ability to correctly read people. If you’re trying to win back a Scorpio man and have previously broken his trust, he may not be ready to give you another chance.

Make him see that you’re trustworthy by not flirting with other men or talking about your past relationships.

Let him know that you’re committed to him and that he’s the only one in your life. He’s a very jealous zodiac sign and once you win his trust, he will be loyal to the end!

6) Give him a chance to miss you

If your Scorpio man needs some space and he’s not ready to talk to you, let him be. If he’s done with you, you can change his mind by giving him a chance to miss you.

Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, put on your best dress and go out with your friends. Take up a new hobby. Live your best life.

When he sees how great you’re doing, he’ll remember how great you are and he’ll miss what you had. Trust me, all you have to do is give him some space and a chance to miss you and he’ll be back.

7) Don’t beg

I’m going to let you into a little secret: Begging is not attractive.

If your Scorpio man said he’s done, don’t beg him to take you back. This will only make him want to leave even more.

You need to make him realize that he’s making a mistake without acting desperate and needy.

8) Work on your confidence

Begging is not attractive, but you know what is? Confidence.

Men are attracted to women who are confident, have a strong personality, and who know what they want out of life.

9) Go out with your friends

If your Scorpio man looks like he’s done with your relationship, then go out with your friends and have some fun.

Not only will he wonder why you’re taking things so well, but it will take your mind off him and you’ll meet new people.

This might also help you realize that there are tons of other guys out there who are ready for a relationship and who will treat you with respect.

When he realizes that he could lose you to another man, he’ll want you more than ever before.

10) Do something for yourself

Remember that it’s not all about him – do something for yourself. Start going for walks, reading books, drawing, or doing other activities that you love.

This will take your mind off the Scorpio man and help you get your confidence back. You have to start loving yourself again before you can attract the right guy into your life.

This will also show the Scorpio man that you’re happy with yourself and that you don’t need him in your life.

This will make him miss you even more and will make him regret his decision of letting you go.

11) Don’t give up!

Scorpios are very stubborn and once they’ve made up their minds about something, it’s very hard to change them. If you’ve tried all the above and your Scorpio boyfriend is still not ready to forgive you, don’t give up!

He may need more time, and he may need to be completely sure about your feelings and intentions.

Be patient, faithful, and true to yourself. Trust that he will come back to you when he’s ready.

Scorpio men are intense, passionate, and private – and the best way to get through to them is by being upfront and honest.

Be open and honest with him, and he will appreciate it.

Final thoughts

Dating a Scorpio man is exciting and challenging. These men are passionate and loyal when they’re in love, and they’re great at keeping a relationship going.

They’re also very stubborn and might struggle with communication, so you have to be patient with them.

If you feel like you’ve messed up, don’t panic!

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