He texts you every day: What does it mean?

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So, you’ve been dating and found a guy who you really vibe with. He texts you a lot—almost every day, actually, and you’re starting to think if this means anything.

Or maybe, a good friend that you’ve known for a while now has started doing this as well. 

It’s understandable to be confused if there are any hidden intentions behind these constant texts. 

Do they just really enjoy interacting with you as friends or are they interested in you on a romantic level?

There can be many reasons why a guy is texting you every day, and we’ve listed down the 10 main reasons why they do this. Read on to find out what they are!

10 reasons why a guy might be texting you every day 

Obviously, he enjoys talking with you a lot. However, if he’s texting you every single day, there’s probably something more to this than meets the eye.

It’s a great feeling when someone you like is texting you this often. This means that you’re constantly on their mind and they want to talk to you often.

But, does he have other intentions than just talking to you? Probably.

Here are ten big reasons why he started texting you every day.

1) He’s looking for friendship and genuinely values your conversation

The frequency of his texts isn’t the only thing that matters. What kind of texts he’s sending is also important.

It’s reasonable for you to assume that he might like you romantically, but you should first examine how he texts you. 

See if they’re more on the friendly side or the flirtier side and read between the lines.

If you’re interested in him yourself, it’s better to ask him exactly what your relationship with him is. This way, you can be sure if he has romantic intentions or only sees you as a good friend.

You might feel that it’s weird to ask such a question over text (and it definitely is better to ask in person), but don’t worry. 

It’s important to clear up such things as soon as possible, especially since he’s probably wondering about the same thing.

This can result wonderfully in you two knowing that the other feels the same way, but it can also result in some awkwardness and tension if you discover that you see each other differently.

Either way, it’s best to be completely transparent with each other so the both of you can decide what to do next. If he’s emotionally mature, then he’ll be grateful that you were honest anyway.

2) He’s afraid to ask you out

It’s reasonable of you to assume that he’s likely attracted to you if he’s texting you every day. If that’s the case, he’s probably doing it because he’s still too nervous to ask you out directly.

There are three main reasons he’s doing this if he really does like you:

  • He is trying to gauge if you like him too before asking you out
  • He is flirting with you, hoping that you’d develop feelings for him before asking you out
  • He is trying to get you to ask him out

Read his texts carefully. Is he trying to drop hints he’s attracted to you or is he trying to woo you in any way?

It’s important to read between the lines of his texts to determine what he’s really feeling. 

However, as we said above, it’s safer to just have a proper conversation where you can outright ask him where the two of you stand!

3) He feels lonely and needs some attention

It’s also possible that he’s simply lonely and that he really enjoys talking to you. 

We’re social beings, after all, and having healthy relationships and friendships with people is crucial to our overall well-being. 

Maybe he’s alone in the new place he lives in or is struggling to make other friends. If this is the case, then he doesn’t have any ulterior motive.

If you’ve determined this in one way or another, it’s now important to decide to do based on your feelings. Should you keep texting him back?

If you enjoy his friendship and have fun chatting with him, then go ahead and keep talking to him. 

However, if you like him or find yourself developing feelings, then you either want to confess to him to take your chances or to lessen how much you talk to him so you don’t get tortured from unreciprocated feelings.

4) He has a crush on your friend

Guys might also try to be close with you via texts as a way to get themselves an opportunity to date your friends. 

If this is the case, then he probably sees you as a great wing-woman who can help him flirt with your friend.

Thankfully, you could easily confirm that this is the reason for his texts with these three main signs:

  • He only texts you platonically
  • He asks about your friend, like if they are single or what their type in men is
  • He asks you to “say hi” to your friend as a way to initiate contact with them

5) He has a crush on you 

How men text women they have a crush on is vastly different from how they usually text their bros. Don’t just pay attention to how he texts you, but also to the way he interacts with you in person.

Does he seem anxious or is he trying to impress you? Does he act differently around you compared to how he acts around his friends?

Compare the texts he sends you with the texts you receive from other male friends as well. It can be obvious or more subtle, but there’s likely to be a difference.

Here are various signs to look out for to see if he likes you romantically. If he has a crush on you, he’ll probably:

  • Be flirty by using a lot of emojis
  • Try to impress you with exciting life stories or his achievements
  • Text back very quickly
  • Be very concerned with how you are
  • Send you good morning and good night texts

The more of these things he does, and the more often he does them, the more likely he is to have a crush on you!

6) He wants your friendship to grow into romance

There’s a saying that goes “the best way to have a successful relationship is by first, being friends.” There’s a reasonable chance that he’s following such advice.

If this is the case, he’ll try to come off as someone who cares deeply for you, but only platonically. 

However, watch out for these signs as these probably point to him wanting romance and not just friendship:

  • He starts using pet names or nicknames with you
  • He acts jealous when you talk about other guys, especially if they hit on you
  • He often finds random reasons to text you

If you already vibe well in this supposed friendship phase, then this is a good sign if you’re also interested in him romantically. It means that you’ll be very compatible partners.

So he may text you every day, trying to sound like someone who platonically cares for you. 

Commonly, he’ll use beautiful pet names, get jealous when guys hit on you, and would always find friendly reasons, or rather excuses to text you often.

If you get along great, it’s a good sign you’d be compatible partners.

7) He wants sex

Maybe it’s a bit too much of a generalization, but there is some truth to the saying that guys often look for sex. As a result, they’d do all sorts of things to get laid.

One way is to constantly text someone they’re dating. He’s trying to keep himself in your mind to make it easier to seduce you when you eventually meet in person.

8) He’s obsessed with you (not in a good way)

Here’s another reason why he’s texting you every day: he simply can’t help it and he’s way too infatuated with you that he’s borderline obsessed. 

Watch out if he texts you even at times that you don’t text back—this is a good sign of how into you he is. 

It’s not only guys who are interested in a romantic relationship or sex who do this. Even guys who just want a friendship can text like this.

However, be careful if keeps relentlessly texting you even if you don’t reply often or have turned him down. 

He should still respect your boundaries no matter what, and it might become an issue of safety if he keeps up such behavior.

9) He is physically attracted to you

There’s a chance that he doesn’t really know you that well, but he is very attracted to your looks. If this is the case, then he’s trying to see if he likes your personality too because he already likes you physically.

He’s trying to see if he likes you overall as a person. He’s also trying to be more acquainted with you before he feels it’s appropriate to ask you out.

Essentially, you already tick one of his boxes and he’s determining whether you’d be great together as a couple. 

However, there’s also a chance that he’s looking for something more casual such as a friends-with-benefits situation.

There’s nothing wrong with this per se, as long as he’s honest about his intentions. If you aren’t interested in the kind of arrangement he wants, then tell him and he should respect your wishes.

10) He’s texting you to keep you as an option

There are a few guys who will keep you as an option by texting you often even if they currently don’t have any real interest in a relationship or even a friendship. 

If he has a girlfriend, the likelier this is the case.

Guys do this if they think their current relationship has a chance of ending sometime in the future. 

This is why he’s always keeping in touch so that he readily try to go for you if they do break up.

Another variation of this is if a guy is texting many women at the same time. 

He’s interested in all of them and is thinking about which girl is the most compatible for him as a girlfriend.

He’s keeping all of you on the edge by constantly talking and flirting with you

However, he doesn’t want to explicitly ask you out just yet because he hasn’t made up his mind.

One very telling sign that this is the case is that he refuses to meet in person. If they really liked you, they’d want to actually see you face to face, right?

How can you tell he’s flirting with you?

1) He calls you cute nicknames

This is one of the most obvious hints that he just might have some feelings for you and is texting you for more than just friendship. 

It’s just so rare and unusual for friends to use nicknames in texting, so if he’s using them, he’s surely flirting with you.

If you find these nicknames cute or endearing, tell him that you like the nickname he has for you. 

You can also call him by a nickname—these are great ways to flirt back and show that you’re also interested.

2) He calls “just to ask how you’ve been”

If there aren’t any particular reasons he’s texting or calling you, then he simply wants to have a constant presence in your life. 

He wants to show that he cares for you deeply or wants to make you feel that he’s a person you can trust and be safe with.

He also wants to tell you that you’re constantly on his mind. Essentially, he’s trying to mimic what couples already do and is trying to be as close to you as he can be.

3) He tries to make you laugh (isn’t that cute?)

Who doesn’t find humor attractive? 

Not only is he trying to seem like a desirable partner to you, but he also wants you to associate him with a great time.

This is a common tactic guys use to flirt with girls, so be on the lookout. Just be sure that he’s a great guy outside of his jokes, too!

4) He’s always first to texts

Initiating conversation is a big sign that he’s really into you. He always wants to talk to you, simple as that.

He wants to talk to you about a lot of topics. By doing so, he is trying to see if you have mutual interests or have compatible personalities.

However, it’s important to consider other factors as well, because he might have ulterior motives that aren’t a potential romantic relationship. 

People can initiate texts for a myriad of reasons, but if he’s doing it often, then he just might have fallen for you already.

5) He writes looong texts 

Most guys aren’t as avid texters as women. So if you find him regularly sending you long, elaborate messages, then that simply means he enjoys talking to you a lot.

However, it doesn’t mean that just because he sends short messages that he’s not interested in dating you. 

That could just be his communication style, and there are perhaps other signs that he likes you.

6) He bombards you with flirty texts and pictures

We’re not just talking about sexting. Flirty texts can take the form of:

  • Teasing
  • Sending selfies for no apparent reason
  • Using a lot of emojis
  • General liveliness in the conversation

He wants to take his conversations with you up a notch. He wants to build familiarity and comfort between the two of you by doing this.

Watch out if he gradually becomes flirtier and more suggestive. This is a sure sign that he’s really trying to get you to like him.

If you feel the same way for him, then flirt back with your own texts and pictures.

If he continues doing the same, then you can be sure that he’s interested in actually dating you.

Signs that a guy is into you

The first thing that indicates a guy might be into you is if he replies to your text messages within seconds, literally.

So, answer this — does he respond to your texts fast? 

  • If he does, then this means that he is often eagerly and excitedly waiting for your reply — a good sign that he is constantly thinking about you.
  • If he doesn’t reply quickly, then it gets trickier. It’s reasonable to assume that he’s probably not interested enough in you to date you.

However, it’s also possible that he’s trying to come off as a cool and independent person who’s not always on their phone. 

By doing this, he is trying to make himself seem more intriguing and thus make you become more interested in him.

Also, see how open he is to you whenever you talk. 

If he shares personal problems with you or asks for your advice on things, then this shows that he trusts you deeply and is very comfortable with you.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that he just needs a good friend like you to talk to about his issues. 

However, it can also mean that he wants to build emotional intimacy with you as preparation for a potential relationship in the future.

If you like him too, show him that you care about his feelings by trying to help him or even open up about your own struggles as well. 

If you reciprocate his vulnerability, he’ll treat it as a sign that you like him back.

What if he texts you but never asks you out?

There are some major reasons why he’s texting you but never actually asks you out

  • He might be simply bored and is doing it to pass the time. Maybe he just has your number lying around somewhere and just wants to have someone to talk to often. If this is the case, he might be talking to other girls casually as well.
  • He is afraid of or unsure about committing to you in a serious relationship. The guys usually don’t like the idea of being “tied down” to someone, but they still want the joy of being connected to somebody.
  • He can genuinely care for you, but there might be things in his life right now that make him think that he’s not ready for a relationship. Perhaps he still wants the freedom of being single or there are personal matters he still has to take care of first.
  • He might also text you as some form of safety net — to keep you hooked to him in case he finally decides whether he actually wants to pursue a serious relationship with you or not.
  • He has emotional needs and insecurities, especially a desire to feel loved and wanted. He wants to keep texting you to feel that someone likes him in one way or another, even if he’s really just keeping you on the hook and doesn’t have any serious intentions.

It’s very weird and actually quite manipulative, but it happens. Worse, he probably texts other girls too and does the same thing just to fulfill his emotional needs.

Essentially, he’s simply toying with you for the sake of his ego. It’s tricky to know if he’s actually texting other girls too if you’ve never actually gotten a hold of his phone, but there are clear signs he’s a player that you should look out for.

Wrapping up

Despite everything we’ve said, dating isn’t rocket science and you can never be sure if someone likes you based merely on their texts alone. 

There are tons of other things to consider that can make someone text you often, such as how busy they are or how much they like texting.

There are guys who text a lot by default to everyone. There are also people who just aren’t keen texters, so it’s still very possible for someone to like you despite not texting often and vice-versa.

One really good sign to see if he likes you is if he texts you just as much or even more than the other way around. 

If he matches your energy in texting, or even exceeds it, then he is clearly interested.

After all, any good relationship is founded on mutual enjoyment of each other’s company. If you text each other back and forth, then there’s definitely potential for a deeper connection.

Now that you’re more well-equipped to read between the lines of a guy’s texts, the ball is now in your court. 

Regardless of how you feel towards him and his regularly texting, it’s always best to be honest and direct about your own feelings and expectations.

Regardless of how he feels as well, he should respect your decisions and treat you properly. If he actually, genuinely cares for you, then that is what he would do, no questions asked.

So, do you have a guy who just can’t stop texting you every damn day? 

How does it make you feel?

Again, we can never be sure unless you ask him directly. But, in our opinion, if he spends all this time and energy to talk to you, then surely has his eyes on you!

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