13 surprising things it means when a guy strokes your hair

Have you ever felt a guy stroking your hair?

It can make you feel good, right? Maybe a little giddy and light-headed. Maybe even tingly all over, like when someone gives you a long, sweet kiss.

It makes sense that the way men stroke your hair could actually be causing those feelings. Here are 13 surprising things it means when a guy strokes your hair!

1) He admires your beauty

The truth is:

Women love the feeling of being adored and this is just a tiny way for him to show it.

And men can sense when women love to be stroked and caressed on the head.

It’s a very intimate gesture that he uses in public and with close friends and relatives, as well. So if your guy does this, you’ve got a keeper!

In a word: he admires your beauty.

2) It means he cares about you

I bet you could feel his heart beating faster as he stroked your hair. For a man, caressing a woman’s hair is like telling her that he’s feeling very protective and possessive of her.

This is because men are instinctively attracted to women who are good for them and those qualities turn them on.

Imagine you’re walking down a dark alley when suddenly your date appears beside you.

Your guy is feeling more protective and that’s why he’s caressing your hair. He senses that you’re vulnerable at this moment and he wants to protect you.

That’s one of the reasons women love to fall for men who are protective of them—they make them feel special, right? If you ever see your guy stroke your hair, it means he feels safe with you and cares about keeping you happy.

3) It helps him warm up to kissing you

Fun fact:

Every couple has their own unique ways of being romantic.

For example, some women like to be told how pretty they are. This works for their vanity and shows them their worth.

Some women like to be wooed, so that’s why many guys will go the extra mile  — including stroking your hair! — whenever a girl needs a little coaxing.

But wait, there’s more!

Here are other signs that indicate he wants to kiss you:

  • He comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist.
  • He touches you in a flirtatious way. (For example, he runs his hand over your butt.)
  • He’s flirting with you. (He’s making small talk, not to mention he’s constantly touching you and seducing you.)
  • He whispers in your ear.
  • He puts his hand on your thigh.

4) He misses you

Maybe you guys’ schedules just haven’t meshed in a while or maybe you’re between jobs and he doesn’t see much of you.

Whatever the reason, maybe he’s missing you way more than he lets on.

He’s probably thinking about how good it felt to be around you and how good it felt to cuddle with you.

5) He feels close to you

Here’s an interesting fact:

A man is physically aroused when he touches a woman because touching releases the chemical oxytocin. This is the chemical that’s responsible for making you feel close to someone.

So when a guy plays with your hair or caresses it, he’s experiencing some very real feelings. He feels connected to you and that leads him to want to be close to you in even more intimate ways, as well.

It’s like a mini foreplay session that also means he feels comfortable with you and values your relationship.

6) He’s recalling a memory with you

This is especially true if you’ve dated for a while. Maybe he was your first kiss, maybe he took you to prom, or maybe you got married.

He’s probably trying to relive the experience, which is exactly why he caresses your hair when you’re in close proximity. He’s bringing those memories back and it makes him feel closer to you, as well!

It gets better if you can recall a memory together and laugh about it.

Here are several ways to bring up a good memory:

  • Ask him about one of his favorite memories he had with you.
  • Tell him about a sweet time you spent together. (Tell him how much it meant to you.)
  • Show him something that reminds you of both of you. (For example, the music video for your first dance at prom.)

This is going to make your guy feel even closer to you, which is why he’ll love to be around you more and more.

The key here is to focus on one special moment, reminisce about it, and then share that memory together so you can both remember it.

7) He’s proud of you

Imagine that this is your special day, maybe you just got a promotion at work or it’s your birthday.

Either way, you wouldn’t be surprised to see the way he caresses your hair.

It’s a very human gesture that’s meant to make you feel proud of yourself and it works.

As a woman, you’ll feel proud of yourself because you’re awesome! It’ll make him proud of you as well because this is a moment in time that he treasured and valued with you.

This person can be your brother, your dad, or your loved one.

But keep in mind that when it’s done by a man that means he’s in love with you and he wants everyone to know how special you are.

8) He can’t stop thinking about you

Some men are very straightforward when it comes to showing their interest.

They’ll tell you about how much they like you and then ask you out on a date. But there’s another man that’ll be more subtle.

This is a guy who will touch your hair or caress it without making any fuss about it, but he’ll still give off that subtle feeling of interest because he’s afraid of being rejected.

In case you’re wondering whether you can detect this type of guy, watch out for these signs:

  • He touches you a lot. (For example, he runs his hands through your hair when you’re watching TV together.)
  • He shows affection with a kiss on the forehead.
  • He looks around your place and takes special notice of everything. (This means he’s trying to learn more about who you are.)
  • He offers to walk you home. (He’s being protective of you, but he’s also giving off the message that he cares deeply.)
  • He wants to know where you are at all times.

If you want a relationship right away, these subtle signs will help you realize if it’s the right thing to do. Just make sure that both of you are on the same page before going any further.

9) He doesn’t want to lose you

Everyone has that moment when they realize that they want to be with you forever.

He’s thinking about how great you are and how lucky he’d be to be with you. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if he wants to be close to you in a very physical way.

You might think that it’s strange for a guy to caress you like this, but it’s really not. As a matter of fact, it’s mostly men that have trouble expressing their feelings towards the women they desire.

They’re afraid of coming off as too forward or even creepy so they’ll try to do things in a very subtle way.

So how do make him do this more often?

You need to give him a sign that you’re interested in him. Take your time to chat with him or even flirt with him.

This will make it easier for your man to open up to you and tell you that he wants something more. If your relationship is new, then invite him over for dinner and spend a little more time together. This way he’ll feel like he’s making progress with you and will be even more proud of his actions (caressing your hair).

10) You are important to him

Of course, most of the time men caress hair because they’re infatuated with the woman they desire.

But at the same time, they want to let her know that she’s important to them.

When a guy touches you like this, he’s expressing his feelings. It’s a very manly gesture that means he values and cherishes you.

He wants everyone to know just how much you mean to him, which is why he caresses your hair whenever he gets the chance.

But here’s the thing:

If his actions bother you, then you should simply ask him to stop.

That way he’s not confused about your relationship and can react accordingly.

If you don’t have a close enough relationship with him or aren’t ready for this type of behavior, then respond by pushing his hands away slowly. Don’t use any force because that will hurt your chances in the future.

11) He’s being flirtatious

This is the most common reason why a man caresses a woman’s hair.

Men and women want to flirt with each other, which means they may touch your hair more often than usual. This is really innocent and all it means is that he likes you.

If he touches your hair in public and you’re not on a date together, then don’t get upset about it because it’s simply his way of flirting with you.

12) He’s an affectionate type of guy

There’s a difference between a man who’s just being friendly and an affectionate man.

Affection is when he doesn’t have to think about this at all and will caress you without thinking twice. He’ll do it because he loves you, not because he’s trying to make you feel special.

This is a guy that’ll be faithful to you because his love is pure and true.

He’s the type to be affectionate with everyone, not just with you. He’ll give you and your friends or family a hug or even a kiss on the forehead. This type of guy knows how to show his feelings in an honest way.

13) He’s trying to get your attention

You’ve probably heard that when a guy buys his woman flowers, it means he wants to apologize for something. Well, there’s more to it than just an apology and this is why he might caress your hair as well.

Touching and caressing your hair while you’re in an intimate conversation with him is a way to get back into your good graces. He knows that you won’t get angry if he touches you like this. In fact, you might even kiss him because you think it’s cute.

Final thoughts

We’ve covered 13 things that can help you out when it comes to understanding the male mind.

You’ll be able to tell when a man is flirting with you if it’s out of respect or just because he wants to touch your hair. It’s not hard to recognize these signals and at the end of the day, it’s all about learning how to use them.

Use these signs to your advantage and make him want more.

The key here is to be subtle about it and don’t come off as too forward. If you play your cards right, then you’ll have that special someone by your side in no time.

If you want more information on how to get a man, then continue reading just like this article. The more you know about men and their behavior, the easier it’ll be for you to let them know that you’re interested in them.

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