When a guy says you have good vibes – What it means and what to do

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Have you ever had a guy approach you and mention the positive energy or aura you seem to be emanating?

But what exactly does it mean when a guy says you have good vibes?

Here, we’ll answer all these questions. We’ll also share some tips on how to respond when faced with such situations.

Let’s begin!

Understanding the body language

First, let me explain how it works.

There is a wide range of vibes or energies people feel and experience in their acquaintances and relationships.

Some people may have a strong pheromone connection or a subconscious sexual attraction.

Others may experience lust (a need for intimacy).

Others, on the other hand, may feel a spiritual connection as well as a deep emotional and metaphysical connection with another person.

What you put out attracts or pulls the same energy back to you.

For that reason, when a guy says you have good vibes, you must understand that it’s open to interpretation.

Here are the following:

1) He wants to be your friend

At times, we put so much meaning into a guy’s actions.

When a guy says you have good vibes, he may find you friend material.

You may seem warm, friendly, and approachable to him, so he wants to be your friend.

What to do:

If you know he’s eyeing someone else or has expressed interest in nothing more than friendship, express your gratitude.

Remember that most strong bonds, even relationships, are built on friendship. So don’t burn bridges as early as the first sentence!

2) He likes you

A guy telling you you have good vibes means he finds you and your personality attractive.

If you watched The Secret, you’ll see how many experts support the power of the law of attraction through manifesting.

Manifestation is the belief that focusing your thoughts, words, and energy on a specific goal or desire can attract it into your life.

The idea is that the universe is responsive to your thoughts and feelings.

You may be looking for a companion that day or someone to be with after your long-term relationship.

You attract the presence of someone because of the vibes you’re putting out. It’s the same as feeling the chills between two people fighting.

Whatever your reason is, the law of attraction rules. And it goes both ways.

In this case, if you are looking for a companion or someone to be with after the end of a long-term relationship, the guy may be aligning his energy with what you want.

What to do:

Ask yourself, “Do you like him?” Can the two of you have a relationship in the future?

You might want to give it a shot if you’re currently dating. If the guy asks for a date, it’s okay to accept and go out with him.

You’re lucky if he likes you—or it gets worse:

3) He thinks you like him

Men flirt. Women flirt.

Most of the time, men tend to flirt with women they think like them. As a matter of fact, some men try to push deep into your soul, so it wouldn’t be hard for him to touch base.

That’s why when a guy says you have good vibes, he’s trying to go far beyond regular flirting.

Don’t fret; there’s nothing wrong if you’re faced with this situation.

What to do:

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4) He wants to sleep with you

It hurts to admit: Some men look for girls to take seriously, but some men only want to hook up

That’s why when a guy says you have good vibes, that might be because he’s just trying to get laid.

It’s possible he has been eyeing you for a while and admiring you from afar.

You’ll notice the signs—he could have that glint of mischief right in his eyes, a lopsided and naughty grin, and the occasional touch to your hand or hair.

Sharon Ni Chonchuir from the Irish Examiner mentioned that men’s and women’s natural body scents emit pheromones. Pheromones come from urine, sweat, and other body secretions, making both men and women attractive to their receptors.

The only difference is that women were found to be more attractive during ovulation.

What to do:

Now, there are two possible scenarios:

  • When you emit the same lusty energy or vibration as him (meaning you find him sexually attractive), you can flirt with him a little. Then, decide what happens next.
  • If it creeps you out (which most girls can predict at the drop of a hat), you can thank him and walk away.

Nevertheless, most of the time, you’re just overanalyzing it…

5) He’s just complimenting you

It’s essential to recognize that not all men are only interested in a sexual or lustful connection.

When a man says you have good vibes, he may be complimenting you without any ulterior motives.

What to do:

The most straightforward and platonic response he can get from you is a smile and a simple “Thank you”.

If you’re close to that guy, you can tell him what the compliment means. If it sounds flirty, you can mention how it made you smile or blush.

In other cases, you also must consider that sometimes a compliment disguises itself as a favor.

6) He needs something from you

Women love compliments, especially if it’s something we want to hear.

When a guy says you have good vibes, wait until you all get a chance to listen to what he has to say.

He may be looking for something in return, such as a favor or assistance.

Luckily, we have the gift of intuition. We can sense non-verbal cues, tones, and even facial expressions. It helps us pick up on and better understand the meaning and genuineness of what is being said to us.

What to do:

You can express your gratitude and assess your relationship with the guy.

Pay attention to your inner voice and discover the intention behind his compliments.

Ask yourself these questions: How well do you know him? If he asks you a favor, would you do it?

That way, you can ask him what he wants, and you can be ready for what to say next.

7) He is inspired by you

One of the differences between men and women is communication style.

Men tend to be more direct, while women may be more inclined to use verbal and nonverbal cues.

That’s why, when a guy says you have good vibes, seek out the genuineness of his eyes and the way he says it.

What to do:

You can ask him, “How so?” or “In what way?” and see what happens from there.

Because if a guy likes how you look, it’s common for them to compliment your face, skin, or body. But if he genuinely goes out of his way to say he likes your vibes, it’s a rare occasion.

This type of compliment from a guy is hard to ignore, as it speaks to a deeper appreciation of your character and energy.

8) He enjoys being around you

Before graduating from college, I had the opportunity to have dinner and sing karaoke with some friends with whom I hadn’t had the chance to spend much time.

The truth is that I had a great time.

One guy even came up to me and said, “I enjoyed this. Your good vibes are uplifting. We should do this again next time.”

So, what’s the bottom line?

Honestly, I didn’t know I was easy to like. I thought I was uptight. That’s why I was shocked when he said I was comfortable to be with.

Also, I knew when he said it, he meant it in a platonic way.

I realized that it’s possible that when a guy says you have good vibes, it sometimes means he finds pleasure in your company and looks forward to spending time with you.

You both may have shared passions and interests, and he may feel comfortable sharing these with you in a way that he doesn’t with others.

What to do:

Suggest doing something together in the future if you are interested in spending more time with him.

The energy and positivity of your personality radiate from within you.

You create an uplifting and enjoyable atmosphere for others by putting out good vibes.

Not to sound self-serving, but believe it or not, that’s what good people do.

9) He thinks you’re a good person

A guy who enjoys being around you could mean he sees something different in you.

If you are genuinely nice, you are often unaware that you bring out the best in people, even if you don’t know them.

In short, he finds your energy and aura appealing.

With your aura, you influence his thoughts and actions.

What to do:

Acknowledge his words and continue the conversation or activity you were previously engaged in.

10) You remind him of someone special

If a guy says you have good vibes and you eventually explain that you remind him of someone he knows/knew, chances are:

  • That someone special is family
  • That someone special is an ex-girlfriend (or an ex-wife!)
  • That someone special is The One That Got Away (TOTGA)

While you can ask him who, here’s what you need to know: He can always say you remind him of his sister, mother, or niece.

However, the fact that he chose to tell you that you remind him of someone he knows suggests that the person may be someone with whom he has a deeper connection.

What to do:

There’s nothing that a little small talk can’t fix.

If your relationship with the guy advances to the next level, it’s reassuring to know that he likes you for who you are, not because you remind him of someone else.

11) He thinks you’re his soulmate

When a guy says you have good vibes, he feels that you are his soulmate and share a spiritual bond.

But how can one be sure about meeting his soulmate?

What to do:

It can be challenging to find a compatible partner, and we may sometimes waste time and emotions on people who are not meant to be our soulmates. Finding your soulmate is a challenging task.

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12) And finally, he’s in love with you

You can experience spiritual connection with a guy you just met or with someone you’ve known your entire life.

When a guy says you have good vibes, it means he either fell in love with you at first sight or wanted to be with you for a very long time. 

Love is a powerful energy between two people. It’s a spiritual connection that can have an impact on one’s perception, relationships, and understanding of life.

What to do:

If you’ve known each other forever, ask him what he meant. You’ll be surprised at men’s responses when asked “why” and “what”. 

Embrace your vibe

I’ve witnessed over ten failed relationships, including with my parents’.

By the end, they all could figure out that love was still there, only they couldn’t maintain the same energy and passion they had at the beginning.

This has led me to believe that whatever type of relationship you have with a person, maintaining a strong connection or energy is crucial for it to prosper.

Ultimately, a variety of factors, such as personal preferences, shared beliefs, and individual energy, influence the energy we perceive.

And the interpretation of the meaning is entirely up to you!

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