13 things it can mean when a guy says he’s thinking about you

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Has a guy recently told you that he’s thinking about you?

This can be confusing, what does it mean when a guy says he thinks about you?

Well, actually, it can have quite different meanings, so I just summarized them all for you here:

1) He is actually thinking about you

You know, sometimes guys are pretty straightforward.

They say they are thinking about you and they mean…. they are simply just thinking about you!

By thinking about you, the guy could be referring to your last date, your last conversation, the last time you saw each other, the last time you talked on the phone, or any other recent interaction.

It could also be something you said or did that he’s been mulling over in his mind.

When he says he’s thinking about you in this context, what he really means is that he is thinking of you right now.

So don’t read too much into it. He might just want to keep your memory alive by thinking about the fun moments you two shared.

You see, while we often like to read a lot into simple conversations or things, in the end, it is sometimes just as simple as it can get.

Now: if a guy is simply thinking about you for no specific reason, does that mean he doesn’t like you?

No, not at all!

Again, sometimes, guys just think about you without a special reason, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like you!

2) He wants to sleep with you

When a guy says he is thinking about you, it could mean he’s fantasizing about having sex with you.

He’s either repressing these thoughts because he doesn’t want to come across as too aggressive, or he is expressing them because he wants you to know his intention.

In this scenario, if he says he’s just thinking about you, then he’ll probably want to keep it there.

But if he says he’s thinking about you in a sexual way, then he’s likely looking for a green light.

One of the most common ways a guy will go about this is saying something like “Oh I had a really random dream about you last night”.

By using the dream excuse, he is seeing how you think about the idea of being with him.

In that case, “thinking about you” could very well just mean that he wants to sleep with you and nothing else.

Honestly, when you don’t know a guy very well yet and he says he’s thinking about you, be wary.

More often than not, they might only have that one thing in mind, and not actually care about you like that.

3) He wants contact with you again

Have you not been talking to this guy in a while?

Then him telling you he’s thinking about you could mean that he wants to start talking to you again.

This can be as simple as him wanting to know that you aren’t mad at him. It could also mean he wants to get together again.

When he says he’s thinking about you, he may just want you to know that he’d like to reconnect.

If he’s being direct about his intentions, then he’ll probably ask you out on a date.

Usually, this one will be pretty clear as this guy will say something like “How’ve you been? I’ve been thinking about you!”

As a rule of thumb, if the guy is the one reaching out and he says he’s been thinking about you, he really likes you and you’re on his mind a lot.

So, don’t avoid a guy because he’s been thinking about you. If you want to know if a guy likes you, just ask him.

In any case, he’s not going to say “I’m thinking of you” if he doesn’t like you that much or if it’s just a flimsy excuse to get your attention.

So, go ahead… ask him out! And then find out for sure if he really thinks about you.

You’ve been spending time with this guy and haven’t seen him lately?

Then him saying he thought of you could mean that he wants to see you again soon!

You see, saying you’ve been thinking about someone can be a great way to break the ice and start up a conversation with someone again after a long time.

So, if he says something along the lines of “I’ve been thinking about you” then it is a pretty safe bet that this guy wants to see you again soon.

And if that’s not what he means, then he probably wouldn’t say something like that, so don’t worry!

4) He wants you back

If the guy has broken up with you and he says he’s thinking about you, it could mean he wants you back.

While some people are good at breaking up and moving on quickly, others aren’t so good at putting their feelings behind them.

This can be especially true if someone has been hurt in the past and has a hard time getting over their exes.

When a guy misses you after breaking up with you (or you breaking up with him), he may be looking for a way to reconcile with you.

You see, a message from an ex saying they are thinking about you almost always means one thing: they want you back.

Now, before you go ahead and take this guy back, I want you to take a second and really think about whether that is something you want to do.

You see, sometimes, after a little time has passed after a breakup, we realize that we don’t really like someone as much as we thought we did.

Or, sometimes, we find out that the relationship wasn’t as good as we thought it was and so we decide that it is for the best to move on.

If you decide that you do want to take this guy back and he said he was thinking about you, then you should seriously think about whether this is the right thing to do.

Think about what would happen if he just wanted to get back with you because he missed hanging out with you or how much of a mistake it would be if you were wrong about him being in love with you.

If this guy really does want to get back together with you and he said “I’ve been thinking of you”, then you can obviously go ahead and be with him.

Just make sure that whatever decision you end up making is something you actually want to do, and not something you just think you want to do

5) He wants to be exclusive

If a guy says he’s thinking about you, then he’s giving you a heads-up that he’s interested in more than friendship.

He’s letting you know that he’s hoping to take the relationship to the next level.

If he’s actually thinking about you in a romantic way and wants to be exclusive, then he’s likely asking you about your feelings on the matter.

You see, sometimes, guys don’t know how to be straightforward with their feelings, so they will tiptoe around an issue, like wanting to be exclusive, by saying things like “I’m thinking about you”.

If you’ve been seeing a guy for a while and he starts dropping hints like this, chances are he wants to be exclusive.

If you want to be exclusive, then you should tell him that you want the same thing. This will give him the green light to start being more direct about his feelings for you.

You see, if a guy is thinking about someone, he’s generally hoping to get in touch with them in hopes of starting a relationship.

He may have been seeing this person for a while, but he hasn’t had any luck because he wasn’t sure how she felt about him.

Now that he knows she likes him, he’s not going to wait around any longer and is going to try and make things happen.

But sometimes, we don’t want to be the ones initiating anything, so it’s perfectly fine if you prefer to not say anything to him and wait until he gathers the courage to ask you to be exclusive.

The thing is, if you want it to happen sooner, you can encourage him by flirting back and saying things like “I’m thinking about you, too”.

6) He’s afraid of losing you

If a guy is really into you, but you don’t seem to be into him, then he may say he is thinking about you to show that he has good intentions.

He might not be ready to let go of you completely because he doesn’t want to lose your friendship or your great qualities.

When someone really likes you but you don’t feel the same way, it can be hard to let go, even if you want to.

You might not know how to end the relationship without hurting the other person’s feelings.

So if you are worried about hurting the feelings of the guy you aren’t interested in, then he may say he is thinking about you to try and convince you to be with him.

You see, this will also happen if a guy hasn’t been very committed to you and you’re finally done with being disrespected.

All of a sudden, he will be afraid of losing you and will start saying cute things, like he’s thinking about you.

When a guy is being nice to you, he’s generally trying to get closer to you by giving you compliments and making sure you’re happy.

He might be saying he’s thinking about you because he wants to be the only person in your life, or because he wants to know that there are no other guys who can take his place in your life.

If a guy is trying really hard, then it might look like he’s actually interested in being exclusive with you.

While this might seem suspicious, it could also just be him trying to get closer to the person he likes so that they will start dating him sooner rather than later.

All in all, him saying he is thinking about you is a pretty good sign that he likes you and doesn’t want to lose you.

7) He’d rather be with you than where he is right now

When a guy says he’s thinking about you and it sounds more like a complaint than a compliment, then he is probably talking about his current surroundings.

He could be at work, at home, or literally anywhere.

If he’s not happy where he is, then he’ll likely wish he were with you instead.

If he’s thinking about you when he’s with his friends or family, then he might just miss your company.

If he’s thinking about you when he’s at work, then he might be wishing he could escape the monotony of his daily routine.

Whatever the exact reason, it’s pretty sweet to find out that a guy would rather be with you than do what he is doing, right?

I mean sure, if it’s work or something not very pleasant, then it’s not hard to beat, but if he’s out with friends and texts you that he’s thinking about you, then it’s a sign that he wants to spend more time with you.

Of course, if he’s thinking about you because he’s not happy at his current location, then it could also mean that he wants more than just a quick hook-up.

8) He misses you

If a guy says he is thinking about you, then he is probably longing for your company or for the good times you two used to have together.

If he misses you, he may miss the way your relationship used to be, he may miss your old connection, or he may just miss your company.

You see when you break up or simply part ways with someone, and they tell you they are thinking about you, then they most likely miss you a lot.

Think about it: what other reason would he have to suddenly think about you?

It could be that he is just lonely, or it could be that he misses your company.

And the best part?

If a guy says he is thinking about you even though you haven’t seen him in a while, then it’s probably because he can’t stop thinking about you.

When a guy says something like that, chances are he wants to talk to you more than anything else. So if a guy says that, then it’s probably because he wants to be with you again.

He might not be able to stop thinking about you, and the reason why is simple: he missed you.

He missed your smile and your laugh and your company so much that his mind won’t rest until it gets another chance at seeing them again.

9) He was reminded of you and felt nostalgic

If the guy tells you he’s been thinking about you, then he may be remembering the times when you two first met or the moments when you two were really close.

Maybe he was looking at an old photograph of the two of you together or found an old article you two had written together.

He may also have heard a song that reminded him of you or he may have seen something that brought back memories of the good times you two shared.

What he is really saying is that he misses your friendship or partnership and the good times you two used to have together.

You see, sometimes, when we are reminded of someone from our past, we get the sudden urge to reach out to them.

A guy reaching out to you and telling you he’s thinking about you could mean exactly that – he was reminded of you and felt nostalgic.

Now: does that mean he wants to get back together with you?

Not always. Some guys are simply feeling nostalgic, but that’s it.

Think about it: how many times do you think about a guy from your past with nostalgia without actually wanting them in your life again?

I don’t know about you, but it happens fairly often to me.

For example, if I hear a song that reminds me of someone, I’ll often think about that person again and feel nostalgic.

But it doesn’t mean that I want to get back together with them or even talk to them again.

10) He is testing the waters

If a guy says he’s thinking about you, but he doesn’t elaborate on what he’s thinking, then he could be testing the waters to see if you reciprocate his feelings.

He may not be ready to make a full commitment, but he still wants to see if he’s got a shot with you.

When a guy is testing the waters, he usually says something like, “I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.”

This is a way of saying, “I’m interested in more with you, but I’m not ready to make a serious commitment.”

When a guy says he’s thinking about you, you should know that it can be a great sign.

It means that you’re on his mind, which means he’s thinking of you in a positive light.

When he says this, don’t shy away from the conversation. Instead, ask him what he’s been thinking about.

More often than not, a guy who says something like this is trying to imply that he wants more from you than just thinking of you.

He wants to see if you’re willing to go out on a date with him and see where things go.

The best way to take this comment is as a sign that he wants more with you, but he’s not ready for a serious commitment.

By reciprocating his energy you can show him that you also like him and would be interested in him.

11) He’s going through a rough time

If he says he’s thinking about you, but it sounds like he is having a really hard time doing so, then this could be a sign that something is wrong with him.

Maybe his girlfriend just broke up with him or maybe his mother has just passed away or maybe he just lost his job.

Whatever the reason, if he says that he’s thinking about you, there is a chance that he’s just going through a rough time and wants you to be there for him.

Now: this can go one of two ways.

If you get your hopes up, you might get disappointed because there is a chance he is just using you in order to feel better about himself.

But if you are careful, then you know that he is feeling down and needs a shoulder to lean on.

So, when he says he’s thinking about you, you can be there for him.

Maybe he is in need of support and you were the first person he thought of, because you really bring comfort to him.

In that case, there is a chance that he actually likes you a lot more than just a friend and might be interested in a relationship with you.

My advice? Wait until the situation that is making him feel bad has finally blown over and you will know his true intentions!

12) He thinks about you a lot

Think about it like this: when you are in a car full of people and you have to pee really badly, you sometimes hold it until you really can’t anymore before asking the driver to pull over to a gas station when you don’t want to be an inconvenience.

Well, it’s the same with guys.

Once they tell you they think about you, they’ve already been “holding it” for a long time.

You see, this guy has probably had you on his mind for weeks and he has been thinking about you non-stop.

It’s not just that he wants to be with you, it’s that he is so into you and can’t stop thinking about you.

In other words, he likes you a lot!

Now: this is the guy who really likes you and wants a relationship with you.

See his comment as a sign that this has been going on for a lot longer than he cares to admit.

13) He wants to get to know you

If you are just starting to date, then a guy saying he’s thinking about you probably wants to get to know you a lot better.

Sometimes, it can be a bit of a creepy thing to say, especially when you haven’t known him for a long time, but it all depends on context.

If he says something like “What you said yesterday really struck a chord with me and I’ve been thinking about you ever since”, it’s a little less creepy and actually pretty sweet.

He’s not just saying it to get close to you, he actually means it.

I mean, you’d be a fool not to notice!

But this also applies if you’re already dating.

If you are on a date and his comment is that he thinks about you, then he likely wants to see more of you again soon.

What did he mean?

Now you probably have a pretty good idea about what this guy means by saying he’s thinking about you.

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