15 reasons why a guy likes you if he is protective of you

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If he’s constantly checking up on you, making sure you’re okay and that you don’t need anything, it could be one of many reasons why he likes you.

Check out these 15 reasons why a guy might be protective of you.

1) He’s not just checking up on you, he’s checking out the situation

It’s not just that he is constantly checking up on you.

If a guy is protective of you, it means he isn’t just thinking about himself and his feelings, but he truly cares about you.

We lived in a messed-up world.

To experience the true magnitude of how f-d up things can be, take a look at a few true-crime Youtube videos.

Kidnappings, murders, and abductions are commonplace nowadays so if your man isn’t looking out for you, kick him to the curb.

Yes, I know you’re a strong independent woman, all I’m saying is that there are some real sickos out there and it’s always reassuring knowing that someone has your back.

So, he’s not trying to be a control freak…

He wants you to be happy and healthy and is willing to put in the effort to make sure that happens.

2) He makes sure you have what you need

A guy who is protective of you will also want to take care of your needs by buying you things or making sure that whatever you need has been taken care of.

Maybe he’s just trying to show his love for you by doing this for your time or maybe he’s doing it because he feels like it’s what a man does for his woman.

Either way, it shows how much this guy cares about you, so even if all he does from there on out is buy you stuff, go ahead and accept the gesture of love from him.

3) He wants to make sure you’re okay

Some guys want to make sure that you know they’re there for you and that they’ll always provide support.

He might be checking up on you because he wants to make sure you’re not going through something difficult.

If you’re facing troubles, you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll be there for you through thick and thin and wants to do everything in his power to lessen your pain and stress.

In this scenario, he’s trying to ensure that your relationship is stable and that he will always be able to provide the care and protection it needs.

If your boyfriend acts like this you’re lucky! He’s a definite keeper!

4) He’s trying to make your life easier

If he is constantly checking up on you and making sure you’re okay, it could be because he wants to make sure you’re getting all the things that you need. Men are providers and when they can meet the needs of their partners, it’s a huge thing for them!

He might want to take care of you and make sure no one is bothering you.

He might also want to help with your workload and make sure everything’s running smoothly. He’s doing this because he has your best interests at heart.

Not only will this probably make him feel better, but it’ll also let him know that he’s providing for his loved ones. If a guy wants to take care of his family, it means he cares about them and knows they need him.

So if he’s always hovering over you, it could be because he needs to feel like he’s providing for his loved ones or that they need him.

5) His protective nature reflects his insecurities

This is one of the reasons why a guy might be protective of you.

He may not like the idea of you being out on your own and may feel that he needs to take care of you because he’s worried you’re going to get hurt or that something bad will happen.

It could also be because he feels the need to protect you from other people in the world.

You are special to him and he wants to make sure you stick around for a very long time. He might even see you as “the one” and wants to take a walk down the aisle with you.

6) There might be a history of abuse that he is trying to protect you from

This could be true because it’s a common reason why people might like someone they take care of.

It also might be true because he wants to keep you safe and make sure that you are not hurt again.

A guy who is protective of you can also be sensitive to your needs, which could mean that he will help you with anything in order to make you happy.

He’ll make sure that the main priority is on your happiness, rather than his own needs.

7) He gives up his time for you

Another way a guy who is protective of you might do this is by giving up his time for you.

For example, if he does something for you without expecting anything in return, then he may want to protect what he feels for you or show how much he cares about you.

If a guy loves you, this would be one of many ways he would like to show it through actions and words.

This could mean that the guy will prepare your favorite meal or do whatever else it takes in order to make it perfect for you when telling him “I love ya.”

8) You are a challenge for him

A guy may be protective of you simply because he likes a challenge.

If a guy is protective of you, it could mean that he likes the fact that he has to work to get your attention.

It’s one thing to like someone who is approachable and easy to talk to, but it’s another thing if a guy likes the challenge of having to fight for your attention.

A guy might also like you because it makes him feel powerful.

He won’t know if you like him unless he puts in an effort. So, when he does put in an effort, it means that you must have some level of interest in him as well.

What are other possible reasons why a guy might be protective of you? Some of the more obvious ones:

9) Your independence and strength excite him. It may also be intimidating.

A guy who likes you is protective of you for many reasons. One reason a guy might like the fact that you’re independent and strong.

He may be impressed by how strong your character is and how much autonomy he doesn’t have over you.

Your independence and strength also excite him.

It may also be intimidating too–not something every girl can say about their significant other!

10) He sees himself as your protector.

Another reason a guy might be protective of you is that he feels the need to do so because he’s worried about what will happen if he doesn’t.

You are clearly very important to him and he will do everything in his power to keep you safe and sound.

11) Somebody he loved in his past might have been hurt.

History has a funny way of repeating itself and this time, your man is not taking chances.

That’s, why a guy might be protective of you, is that he’s been there before.

Maybe his family member or close friend had been hurt by someone else, so it makes sense to him that if another person hurts them, they’ll try to protect that person from hurting themselves.

12) He doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you.

Guys can be protective of you because he feels that you’re vulnerable and deserves his protection.

He wants to make sure nothing bad happens to you and that you’re safe.

If he’s always checking up on you and making sure you’re fine, it could be because he’s not comfortable with leaving your safety in someone else’s hands. He might also feel like he needs to take care of you.

13) You are his “one” and he doesn’t like the idea of losing you.

It’s possible that he really cares about you and doesn’t want to lose you. Maybe he sees you as his last chance for love?

The guy wants to make sure you’re always safe. He might be watching out for you because of some past experiences or other reasons, but he wants to make sure that nothing bad happens to you.

He might not want someone else to take over your role in the relationship.

Maybe he likes the idea of being with one person exclusively and all of his energies are focused on making this relationship work.

14) You trigger his inner hero

All men swoon when you tell them “You’re my hero”! It makes them feel good, needed, and valued.

What you’re essentially doing is triggering his hero instinct.

What is a man’s hero instinct?

It is the unconscious way in which a man behaves when he is protecting someone, or connected to something that he loves.

This is the same instinct that drives men to protect and defend their families, their country, and their friends.

Heroism comes from an intense feeling of responsibility for others.

A hero has a deep need to protect those who cannot protect themselves and it is this deep feeling of responsibility for others that leads to a man’s heroic actions and decisions.

So, go ahead and make him feel like he’s your superman. After all, he drives 50 miles to help you change your flat tire, he’s definitely a hero!

Praise him.

15) He won’t let you do anything reckless or dangerous.

He’s trying to protect you from yourself.

He’ll do anything in his power to keep you safe and keep you from making a mistake.

He’s trying to prevent you from doing anything that you might regret later on.

If he has to, he’ll stop your reckless behavior by force. He just doesn’t want you to get hurt because of your own mistakes or poor decisions.

So yes, you might have downed 10 tequilas and feel like you’re invincible. You’re not! Be thankful that you have someone to look out for your when you not thinking straight!

Protective vs. Controlling, what’s the difference?

There’s a HUGE difference between a man being protective vs. being controlling.

It is important to distinguish between what he is trying to protect and what he is trying to control.

A man will always try to protect you from yourself if he loves you and cares about you. He’s not trying to control you or tell you what to do. He’s just trying to keep you safe and happy.

But if he tries to control your decisions or decisions that are not in your best interest, then that’s when it becomes a problem.

He might be controlling your life for his own benefit, rather than for yours. He might be controlling you because he wants something from you, like sex or money.


A man will do anything for the woman he loves.

He’ll protect you from harm, and he’ll do it even when you don’t ask him to.

You might not know this, but he’s always looking out for you and doing his best to keep you safe!

So stop thinking that he has no feelings and that he’s just a selfish jerk.

He wants to make sure that you’re happy and safe because, in his eyes, nothing matters more than your happiness and safety.

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