10 thoughts your husband might be thinking when he looks at other women

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Have you ever been curious about what your husband is thinking when he glances at other women on the street?

And how these thoughts might differ from the ones he has when he looks at you?

Here are 10 thoughts that your husband might be having when he looks at other women.

1) She’s pretty

Let’s state the obvious, he might think that she’s pretty.

He notices her hair, her eyes, her smile, her legs…whatever it is that captures his attention. And he admires it.

I know, this will hurt a little, but don’t worry too much about it.

This is a natural and totally normal thought even when your wife is standing right next to you.

You see, finding someone pretty or not is a completely objective opinion that we all do with everyone we meet on a daily basis.

And pretty people are nice to look at, so we tend to look at them more than at others.

Yes, you do that, too, not just your husband!

2) I’m attracted to her

The most common thought that a man might have when he looks at a woman is that he’s attracted to her.

I know, you probably didn’t want to hear this, but it’s true.

When your husband sees another attractive woman, he might feel attracted to her.

You see, men are biologically programmed to be attracted to women, especially when they look good.

The truth of the matter is, your husband probably isn’t thinking about cheating, but simply making a mental note, like “she is attractive”.

Before this destroys all of your confidence, think of yourself when you see men in public.

Your mind automatically categorizes them into “attractive” and “not-so-attractive”.

It has nothing to do with your relationship or whether or not you’d ever cheat.

It’s just a thought.

It’s impossible to completely eliminate our thoughts and feelings of attraction to other people.

This is a part of human nature, and it has been with us since the beginning of time.

And since men are naturally more visual than women are, they are more likely to notice other attractive people than you do.

Sure, that can ruin your day every time it happens. Or…

You can accept that your husband will always be attracted to some women and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If he’s faithful and respectful to you, there’s not much more he can do, either.

3) I’m not attracted to her

If he’s looking at a woman that your husband isn’t attracted to, he’s probably thinking this.

He’s probably thinking, “She’s not my type”.

Just like you have your own preferences for men, so does he.

If you aren’t attracted to a man, you don’t think about him much or pay him much attention.

So when your husband is looking at a woman, he might just be noticing her and finding her to be “not his type”.

He may be thinking she doesn’t have the same qualities that he likes in you.

He might also be thinking he’s not interested in her because she doesn’t dress up as nicely as you do.

Sometimes when husbands look at a woman, we immediately jump to the worst possible conclusions, when in reality, their thoughts could be the exact opposite.

4) She’s in my way

The first thought he might have when he sees a woman is that she’s in his way.

This could be because she’s blocking the sidewalk or because they’re walking side by side and it feels like he needs to get past her to walk down the street.

Before you immediately think “oh he thinks she’s hot”, try to be rational and take into consideration that he might just be annoyed that she’s in his way!

5) That’s a cool hairstyle

When your husband checks out a woman, he might be thinking, “that’s a cool hairstyle.”

You see, even for men not everything is about “oh she’s hot”.

Sometimes, a woman just has a really unique hairstyle and your husband acknowledges that and thinks it’s cool.

Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with his feelings for you.

Think about it: when you see a guy with a sick hairstyle, it also doesn’t change the way you feel about your hubby, does it?

If you’re jealous of how he looks at women, then you probably think he’s thinking about them in a sexual way.

This may be true some of the time, but it’s definitely not always the case.

6) What a hideous outfit

Sometimes, men have very elaborate opinions on fashion.

So, before you jump to any conclusions about your husband planning to cheat on you, he might just be judging a woman’s outfit.

He might be thinking that her outfit is “hideous” or “lame”.

So, cut him some slack and give your husband the benefit of the doubt!

7) My wife is so much prettier than her

This one will make you happy.

A lot of the time, when a man looks at a woman in public, he simply thinks how lucky he is because his wife is so much prettier.

This doesn’t mean he’s not attracted to that woman or that she’s not his type.

He just thinks the other woman is pretty and that he’s lucky because he has a beautiful wife that’s even prettier!

So, don’t be jealous if he’s looking at other women in public.

He might just be thinking that his wife (aka you) is more beautiful than the woman he’s looking at!

8) She must have a good job, those shoes are expensive

Men are often very business-oriented and know what objects (like for example shoes) represent a lot of money.

So, when your husband is looking at another woman, he might not think about her appearance at all, and instead, is pondering what she does for work in order to afford such fancy shoes.

You might be thinking that he’s thinking about her body, but in reality, he’s just thinking about whether he can also get to such a level of financial freedom eventually.

9) She has some good style

When your husband looks at other women, he might be thinking about how they dress.

This is especially true for men who have a keen eye for fashion.

Your husband might notice what the woman is wearing, the cut of her clothing, and whether or not she’s wearing anything that could be considered trendy.

He might also admire the way she styles her hair.

When he does that, it has nothing to do with him finding her particularly attractive, he might just like her style!

Don’t jump to any conclusions.

Think about it: when you see a man who is dressed really well, you also admire his style, don’t you?

Sometimes so much so, that you don’t even think about looking at his face.

On that note, your husband could be having one last thought:

10) That’s an attractive outfit, my wife would look great in that

When a woman walks by your husband and he thinks that she’s wearing an attractive outfit, that can make you jealous.

It’s okay to be jealous, but what if I tell you that he might be having a very different thought in his mind than what you’d expect?

It’s true, a lot of the time when men see a woman wear a really hot outfit, they don’t really care about the woman wearing it.

In reality, they are thinking about how their wife would look amazing wearing the same thing.

Of course, you don’t need to dress for your husband, but this is actually really flattering.

The first thought in your husband’s mind is you and how amazing you would look wearing something that another woman is wearing.

Don’t get too hung up on it all

My biggest tip – try not to get too hung up on your husband looking at other women.

As you can see, there are endless thoughts that could be running through his head at the time, and jumping to conclusions because you’re insecure won’t do him or you any good.

Instead, try to ignore the looks (as long as he’s not being obnoxious about it) and remember that you subconsciously do the same and it doesn’t have any meaning!

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