What to do when he stops texting mid-conversation: 9 practical tips

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If you’ve been exchanging texts with your significant other and then suddenly he doesn’t text back, don’t worry. It is a common thing sometimes. 

But you should make sure that nothing is wrong. 

If something’s wrong, he might tell you when he’s ready to talk about it. But if his silence extends past a few hours (or days) and he doesn’t respond to your messages, there could be a number of different reasons. 

Here are some things you might want to do:

1) Don’t wait a day or two to text him again 

If you don’t hear from him for several hours, texting him again is a good idea. Don’t wait too long, though. 

There’s a big possibility that he saw your last message, about to think of a response but suddenly, something came up. 

He might’ve needed to do something really quick and responding to you slipped off his mind. Or, he fell asleep before he could compose a response. 

Understand that there could be a few other reasons.

If you wait too long, the chances that your message will be lost are very high. So waiting isn’t an option. Just text him again and ask him what’s up or when he’ll be able to reply. 

2) Send a light text message first and then progress to something more involved later

If you don’t hear from him again within the next couple of hours, send a quick text to check in on how he’s doing.

But don’t ask him anything specific, just a:

  • “How are you?” 
  • “What are you up to?”
  • “Doing something?”
  • “Guess you’re busy?”

Anything that looks like a casual text, a conversation starter… something that doesn’t sound serious.

If he doesn’t text you in response to your light message, send a more involved one. Don’t just send long messages with tons of questions. Keep it short and sweet. 

Try “hey how was your day”, or “how was work/school today”. 

Just something simple. He will probably see this and text you back once he gets a moment to do it.

Just don’t keep sending the same message over and over again. 

3) Try to distract yourself 

Most men will find it really annoying if they receive too many text messages. 

While waiting for his reply on your last message, try to do something that would make you forget about texting until he replies. 

Go out with friends, watch a movie or pick up that old book, or start a new one. Try to do other things instead of waiting for him to reply. 

Listen to this: the more you check your phone if he already responded or how long has it been since you sent him your message, the more frustrating you will feel. 

He might be thinking about texting you, but if you send another message, you’ll distract him from it and he might wait longer than he wants before sending it.

Stop overthinking about it and do something valuable instead… one of which is to put your phone down.

I’m not saying to just stop texting altogether, but at the same time, don’t be too obsessed with it. 

Trust me on this… it will just drive you (and him) crazy if you can’t stop yourself from sending him messages.

4) Text him again in the morning

It’s very possible that you sent your last text message late at night and he didn’t even see it. 

People sleep early, you know. Sometimes, they don’t check their phones until after sunrise. So sending him a message again in the morning is completely fine. 

Just check your phone before you go to bed for a final time and if he hasn’t responded back yet, send him another one in the morning.

Naturally, if you’re worried that something is wrong, then text him and tell him how you feel. 

If he didn’t respond back to a certain point, then tell him that it hurt your feelings and that he should check on his phone again to see if he has received any messages from you. 

Just let him know how you feel about the situation and this is a great way for both of you to talk about it.

Here’s the thing: there are men who don’t feel the need to say that they will text you later or they have to go to bed. It’s frustrating as it sounds, but it’s real.

Once they think that it’s time to put their phone down, then that’s it. 

You don’t have to worry, he will definitely send you a response once he saw your last message. And most probably it will be on the next day.

5) Give him time to reply

Try not to worry too much about it. 

Sometimes, people have their reasons for not answering back. And if he knows that you’re waiting for an answer, he might not feel like texting you back just to tell you that he can’t text right now. 

It’s better to wait a few hours and then send him a message again than it is to keep sending him messages over and over again. He’ll eventually answer back, he might just be busy. 

6) Think that he has other things to do 

You have to know that he is not really a texter. 

He might have plans for the day (or night) and hasn’t had the time to text you back. 

You’ve been waiting for a response for a few hours now and he seems like he’s avoiding you. What else could it be? 

Perhaps he is getting ready for a task, or already doing what he needs to do. Maybe he is attending an event where it’s too loud to hear his ringing phone.

He may have started playing games and his mind and fingers are all occupied for that.

Or, maybe he is with his friends hanging out. And that’s why he doesn’t check his messages at all.

Women do check their phones more often compared to men, that’s a fact. 

He is busy doing something and his phone is on silent mode now, so you don’t have to panic! Wait for a few more hours, you will receive that sweet response from him soon.

7) Understand that he is thinking how to respond to your last message

This is especially true when two people are having an argument through texting. 

When you are in an argument with a man for example, in everything you say, he is going to think about how to respond. 

You probably think that he is going to text you and yell at you back, but actually he might be doing something completely different to cool his nerves down.

He is trying to figure things out so that he can give you the best possible response and not make things worse.

Get this: this could be a great way to see if he has feelings for you. If he’s a guy who is into you and likes you, then he would hesitate to text you back. He would want to think before he replies. 

And that shows that he is really thinking of what to say, which means that you have affected his mind in a way that’s positive.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t care about your feelings, he will not think twice about how he will respond to you.

If this is the case, it’s either of the two things:

  • He will say something that will prolong (or worsen) the argument
  • He might say something offensive

At least you are aware of his true colors before you develop serious feelings towards him. 

8) Don’t text him back while in an argument

I talked about this point a bit, but here it comes again. 

I said that during an argument, he won’t respond to you immediately because he is trying to figure out what will be the best possible choice of words. 

He is thinking of a response that is going to change your mind and make everything okay. If that’s the case, then it’s going to take time for him to come up with a good response. 

If he will read your message right at that moment, then he might end up sending you something offensive. 

At that moment, all you will be is an angry person and he is trying to avoid that. So don’t text him back until after the argument is over. 

Be patient and wait for a few hours or a day. He will reply in the next day or two if it was the case of an argument between you two.

9) If you’re still worried and he doesn’t text back, send him a final message and just tell him that you want to know what’s going on

If you’re still feeling anxious or worried, don’t just keep texting him nonstop. It’s probably not the best thing to do. 

It might get annoying and it will most likely annoy him as well. 

Instead, send him a final message and tell him that you really want to know what’s going on. 

To be on the safe side, wait a day or two after sending this final message and then send another one to check in on how he’s doing. If you don’t hear back from him within that day or two, then it is definitely something serious.

Trust your gut feelings, though. If you think he’s pulling away, then that’s what he’ll do.

He might have feelings for you, but if he is not ready to be in a relationship, then don’t force it. 

Instead of dragging the experience out by sending him endless text messages, let him take the lead. 

Texting someone is a great way to communicate with the people you love and care about, but it won’t work all the time when there’s something serious going on in his life.

If he completely ignores you or avoids you, then it’s time to think of contacting him for a proper conversation.

If he doesn’t reply to your text messages or he avoids answering you in general, he either doesn’t like you back and/or has found someone else who is better than you. 

In the case of the first one, nothing happens because he isn’t interested in talking with you at all.


In this age of texting and chatting, it’s really hard to recognize a genuine feeling through simple text messages. 

However, if you take a break and analyze the situation, then you will be able to see clearly how he feels toward you. 

This way, you will know what he wants to happen between the two of you. It will be much easier for you to get through the problem because you already have an idea of what is going on inside his head. 

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