What makes a man miss a woman after a breakup? These 10 things

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So you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend and it seems like you’re missing him a lot.

You wondered that when a guy misses a woman, what are the things he does to make him think about her?

This article is an attempt to answer such a question.

Here are 10 things that make a man miss a woman after a breakup

1) Habits of both

The habits of both parties are one of the things that make a man miss a woman after a breakup. Habits are formed through time, and every time you or your boyfriend do something, it becomes a habit.

If you have been in a relationship with your boyfriend for a long time and you have been living with him for so long, you will be used to his habits and he will be used to yours.

He misses the way you both used to do everything together. He misses the way you both would go to bed, cuddled up on the couch and watching your favorite TV show.

Just imagine:

When he was reading a book, you would always sit next to him and look at the pages. After a breakup, you’ll find that your boyfriend is reading the book by himself without someone looking at it with him.

Or he used to get up late with you in the morning and take a shower before joining you for breakfast or bring something particularly sweet from his café. He will also miss a special way of doing things with you as well as saying “I love you” when it is least expected.

So habits like these can make a man miss a woman after a breakup because we cannot control our feelings towards behaviors that we do daily. We cannot control the way we feel and what we think about the things we do with our partners.

2) Memories

Besides habits, the memories between the two of you also make him miss you a lot. The first date, the first kiss, and the first night. These are all special memories that both of you share and now you’re missing them.

Men would be sure to miss the happy moments that they had with you. 

Memories of good times you spent together

The memories of good times you spent together are going to be in his mind when he misses you. These memories will keep popping up in his head and that is why he will feel like missing you so badly.

He can easily find his way back to those happy moments when he walks into your room for the first time after a breakup because you two were so happy before.

Memories of your favorite things

Memories of your favorite things are also going to make him feel like missing you after a breakup happens between the two of you.

Memories of how you used to care about his feelings when you were around

The memories of how you used to care about his feelings when you were around are also going to make him feel like missing you after a breakup happens between the two of you.

And you know what?

If you used to sit on a bench in your favorite park while feeding birds together, maybe he’ll think of you, especially when other girls won’t do this with him. Boys like to see their ladies happy and warm-hearted.

If you used to make dinner together, he’ll miss how you were the best cook ever. 

All these things that we share with each other during the good times make us feel special and happy. This is what makes us love each other and make us miss our lost relationship so much.

3) Make love

This may be one of the most common reasons why men miss a woman after a breakup. He will miss the time that he had with you because he can’t have them anymore. 

He will miss your touch and kiss. He will miss you being close to him and sharing the same bed with him.

The truth is:

Men are not just attracted to your physical body and what it looks like.

Sure, he would want to attract you too, but it would also be more about your personality, how you feel about him, how you appreciate him, and his thoughts about the two of you when there were two of you. 

But sometimes, a man misses a woman after a breakup when he makes love to another woman. It is hard to explain why, but it’s like you’re comparing his lovemaking with that of your ex-boyfriend’s.

He’ll be thinking about how it was with you and how you did it better than the new girl in his life. 

When he compares them, it’s hard not to miss you because all the good things are coming back to mind, and all the bad things that happened between the two of you are now being pushed out by those good memories. 

4) Your smell

Your smell is something that a man will always be thinking about after he feels that you have left him. You can ask him what he thinks about your smell and he will always reply to you by saying that it’s your scent that makes him miss you after a breakup.

He probably won’t miss a smell, but he will miss the way you smell and how it makes him feel happy at that moment. He would probably wear the same perfume or soap that reminds him of your scent. 

It might be that when he was driving his car, the weather was nice and warm and you were wearing a perfume that smells great. It might be the smell of a soap you used for your hair or just about anything that makes him feel connected to you.

The smell is a very important factor which will help to impress other people more than appearance. The better your smell is, the more attractive you are. 

It is the only thing that shows your personality and those things affect a person deeply from the inside. 

So just imagine, that your boyfriend was wearing the same perfume that you used to wear when you were together. It is evident, it will be very hard for him to forget about you or feel like he doesn’t have anything in common with your life anymore. 

In short, men can be very sentimental about the way their partners smell. Don’t ask me why, but we have a strong connection with our sense of smell and memories.

5) His loneliness

After a breakup, a man feels lonely. He misses the warmth, love, and affection that he used to get from his girlfriend.

Loneliness doesn’t come from being single; it comes from not having someone to love.

He might be afraid of being alone; he might feel that it’s way better to be with someone than to be without anyone. He might feel lonely when you two were apart and he was left all by himself. When you were together, he didn’t feel so lonely.

When he sees how people around him enjoy when engaging in a relationship, he feels that he’s missing out on a very important part of life. He will certainly feel lonely when you two break up and let him down.

When he is with other people, he will feel like they don’t understand him or how they just don’t get along with him well. Everyone around him looks happy and he would like to be happy too.

6) Your support and understanding


The important thing a guy misses about his girlfriend is the support and understanding you gave to him. A man feels that only his girl will understand him, and nobody can replace her in this. 

When you were with him, he felt that he was not alone. He felt safe when he had your support.

If you were a person who always stood behind him, even when he was wrong, he would miss that feeling of safety, comfort, and security when he was with you.

If your love for him was unconditional, your boyfriend would find it very hard to forget about you because you were his rock during hard times. 

You were always there for him and this will make it very difficult not to think about you whenever he needs a shoulder to cry on and support from someone who really understands what he’s going through.

He will miss you because you always listened to him and supported what he wanted. He will miss your good opinion about him and your high spirits because you have always been there for him. 

He misses the way you understand what he was going through and being there for him during the bad times.

And another thing:

A man misses your love and cares a lot. You always took care of him, no matter what happened or how bad the situation was. 

He never felt this kind of love from anyone else in his life, but only from you. It’s hard for him to accept that you are not with him anymore, but he will have to live with it for sure.

You know very well that being with someone who understands us well is something we all need in life.

7) Your absence and silence

Your absence and silence make him miss you.

Yes, it’s not easy to have someone to chat with all the time, to be with him, to be with his problems, to be with his joys and worries. But still, it’s your way of showing that you’re into him.

When you break up with him, he feels like something is missing from his life. He doesn’t have that person he can talk to about his problems or someone who will give him support when he’s down. 

A guy misses a woman because he misses her presence in his life. When he feels your absence or silence, he will miss you because he cannot hear the voice of his soul mate. He cannot feel your presence and can only feel it by hearing the sound of your voice.

Most men will not be able to live without their lover’s voice especially when they are very emotional. This is why after a breakup, they may experience anxiety as well as loneliness and sadness. 

They may even have moments when they feel that everything is going to die, meaning that there is no hope for them to get over their broken heart.

This is why once a man feels that you are no longer there or you are not talking to him anymore, he will miss you because he cannot hear your voice or see your face anymore.

8) Better version of yourself

When a man loves you, when he sees you become better, he will miss you. He might even feel that you have changed and become someone different than who he once knew.

One of the best ways for women to make themselves more attractive after a breakup is by changing their characteristics. They can change their hairstyle, wardrobe, and even their personality to make themselves more attractive to him.

Doing your hair or makeup

This is one of the best ways for women to make themselves look better after a breakup because if a man loves someone and he sees them being beautiful without doing anything about it, then he will miss them.

You can always do your makeup and hair for him so that he can see how beautiful you are without thinking about it too much.

Your behavior

After a breakup, women can make themselves more attractive by changing how they act towards them.

This is why they must learn how to behave towards him differently after a breakup because if they act like the same person, then he may feel that there’s nothing special about them anymore and this may break his heart again.

Your attitude towards life

You should always be optimistic about everything when it comes to life but when it comes to your relationship with your ex-boyfriend, there are things that you should not do so that he does not feel that you have changed. 

It is best for women to always be happy about life and not to expect too much from their boyfriends after a breakup because if they do, they might feel that there’s something wrong between them.

9) Your special characteristics

Men are not the same, they are pretty different. They have different ways of thinking, but they all like that special something in each woman. There is always something special and unique that makes us love our partners, no matter how simple or strange it is.

Every person has a special characteristic and this is exactly what makes us fall in love with them. So after breaking up with his partner, he would miss the unique characteristics you have.

You know, you could be a crazy person or very normal but he will find out that there was something that made him feel unique and special with you.

He will miss how beautiful your smile is, how sweet your voice sounds, and all the things that only you have. It could be her personality or the way she laughs. It could be the way she talks or the way she walks. It could be her smile or her eyes. 

He will be missing those things because they were special to him and he wants to remember them. 

10) His mistakes

You will be surprised to learn that his mistake was one of the things that made him miss you after a breakup.

The guy didn’t treat her well during their relationship. He will sometimes remember the hurt he caused you and miss you so much.

Maybe he cheated on you but you still forgive him. Or he forgot important anniversaries to you.

He remembers how you were sad, how you suffered when you went through those hurtful things. He’ll remember how you stayed upbeat after the hurt and stayed by his side. His remorse makes him miss you even more after you break up.

These are 10 things that make a man miss women after breaking up. Every man will think about you after breaking up, no matter what happened between you two. 

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