15 amazing things that happen when your soulmate touches you

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Are you looking for your soulmate or do you think you might have already found them?

Wondering how you can know for sure that they’re “the one”?

There are actually a lot of ways to recognize your soulmate, and one of them is through an incredibly powerful physical connection.

So, what exactly happens when your soulmate touches you?

Read on to find out!

1) Your heart rate accelerates

There’s nothing quite as powerful as being touched by your soulmate for the first time.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for – your body craves their touch, you’re full of anticipation, and then – it’s like fireworks!

Being touched by your soulmate is one of the most exciting moments of your life. You feel like your heart is going to jump out of your chest because it’s beating so fast!

But here’s the kick: It can also take you by surprise.

You see, it’s one thing to be attracted to someone and to anticipate their touch, but it’s something else altogether when you’re meeting the person for the first time.

Picture going to a dinner party and being introduced to someone.

You say “hello” and hold out your hand when your heart rate starts to accelerate like crazy! You wonder what’s going on – you don’t feel sick. You’re sure that their touch caused this reaction in your body.

It’s pretty amazing what happens when your skin touches that of your soulmate.

2) You feel excited

You feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.

You have butterflies in your stomach.

You feel like something amazing is taking place.

And all this because your soulmate touches you.

Is it love? Is it arousal? Is it attraction? Or is it something deeper?

It’s all of the above and so much more. How could you be anything but excited when you finally find your other half?

3) You feel an almost magnetic pull toward them

When I was a kid, I used to love playing with magnets.

And even though I knew there was a rational, scientific explanation for why magnets of opposite poles attract each other, it still felt kind of magical to me.

Now, imagine that you and your soulmate are magnets of opposite poles. Imagine that pull. Well, that’s how it feels when you touch your soulmate.

It’s a pretty strange feeling to be pulled toward someone by an invisible force.

Whether you already know this person and have felt a physical attraction to them for some time now, or you’re seeing them for the first time, you can tell that they’re your soulmate because of that inexplicable pull you feel.

4) You feel a deep sense of peace

One of the best things about finally being reunited with your soulmate is feeling a deep sense of peace.

When your soulmate touches you, it’s like all the chaos and uncertainty of the world stop. It’s like all your problems and your worries evaporate.

I guess it’s because you’re no longer alone.

And even though the world is still chaotic and your problems are there, the fact that you don’t have to face them by yourself is reassuring.

5) You feel like you’ve known them forever

Obviously, this one only makes sense if you’re meeting your soulmate for the first time or you’re just getting to know them.

You probably knew that there was something special about this person, but you weren’t quite sure what until you felt their touch.

That’s when it hits you – you know them!

You’ve known them your whole life. You’ve known them since before you were born.

But, how is that possible?

Because they’re your soulmate.

Now you’re probably thinking, “All this sounds great. But I need actual proof. I want to be sure that they’re my soulmate”.

I hear you.

The truth is that nobody can offer scientific proof about soulmates, but you might want to try a psychic artist.

Let me explain.

I was hanging out with some girlfriends of mine a couple of months ago when one of them suggested getting a professional psychic artist to draw what our soulmates look like.

I thought it was just a bit of fun, I wasn’t really expecting anything.

When I got my sketch I was in shock – the picture was of my husband! 

What’s more, I wasn’t the only one. My friend Trish recognized the guy in her sketch – it was an ex-boyfriend that she never got over.

Get your own sketch drawn here and who knows, maybe you’ll recognize them.

6) You feel an overwhelming sense of love

Did you know that when two people are in love, physical touch can trigger the release of oxytocin?

People often refer to oxytocin as the “love hormone” because it’s associated with falling in love, lust, and it’s even present during childbirth!

This can result in feelings of love, pleasure, and contentment.

Now imagine how powerful a touch can be when it’s between soulmates.

The first time I touched my soulmate – who is now my husband – was on our first date. I don’t remember what he was talking about, but I do remember how intently he stared into my eyes and the overwhelming feeling of love wash over my body as he took my hand in his!

And even after ten years together, each time he touches me, I feel a sense of love. Ok, it’s not as intense and overwhelming as it was that first time, but it’s still some pretty powerful stuff.

Pretty amazing, huh?

7) You feel safe

I feel safe when my husband is around, no matter where we are and what’s going on. And when he puts his arms around me, I feel like he could keep me safe even if the sky were to fall on us.

Being held by your soulmate is like being in your own personal bubble that protects you from all the dangers of the outside world.

I guess it’s because of the unconditional love soulmates feel for each other. But that’s not all, they also trust each other, understand each other, and support each other, which is why they feel so comfortable and safe in each other’s presence.

They know that no matter what happens, together they will make it through.

And do you know what?

They’re reminded of this sense of security every time they touch each other.

That brings us to the next point…

8) You feel like you’ve “come home”

Imagine a horrible day at school when you were small. Now, remember how great it felt to finally get home.

Home is where you feel safe and loved. Home is where you belong.

And when your soulmate touches you – you’ll feel exactly the way you did when you were a kid.

The deep connection that you feel with your soulmate creates a sense of comfort and belonging which is why they will make you feel like you’ve come home at last.

9) Your worries and anxieties melt away

When you feel the touch of your soulmate, it’s like all your worries and anxieties disappear.

You see, because you’ve found your other half, you feel stronger and more confident.

You may have been scared to face certain situations alone, but now that you’ve found “the one”, you know that together, you can face anything.

The only thing is, you’re afraid that you could be mistaking “infatuation” for something deeper, it’s happened to you before.

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10) You feel a strong desire to be with them


Of course, this makes sense when you’ve known your soulmate for a while. There was already an attraction to them. You knew you’d be together, it was just a matter of time.

And when you finally touch, when you hold each other, you don’t ever want to let go.

But when you don’t know the person, and you touch them – whether it’s shaking hands or they hand you something – it’s surprising to say the least!

Just imagine your barista giving you your coffee, your fingers touching and you feeling like “This is the person I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with”.

It’s like something from a movie!

Luckily for you, if they really are your soulmate, they’ll feel the exact same way.

11) You feel alive

It’s like you’ve been going through life half-asleep, in a zombie-like state until now.

When your soulmate touches you, you feel as if you’re waking up for the first time. Their touch triggers a rush of sensations that are impossible to replicate.

You feel a sense of energy and your senses become heightened: It’s like you’re seeing everything for the first time.

Everything looks better, smells better, feels better, tastes better…

In short: You feel alive!

It’s like now that you’ve found your soulmate, you finally have a sense of purpose and can really start to live life.

12) Making love is out of this world

It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

When soulmates make love – they’re joined both physically and spiritually – it’s tantric.

Sex isn’t just sex, it’s a union of souls.

Don’t be surprised if you forget where you are or feel like you’re on another plane, that’s quite common.

Everyone who has experienced making love with their soulmate says the same thing – it’s the most intimate and beautiful experience they’ve ever had.

13) You experience a sense of oneness with them

Here’s another amazing thing that happens when your soulmate touches you – you feel complete.

I know it sounds strange, but it is believed that soulmates are one soul split into two bodies.

That means that we can’t ever be whole until we find our soulmates.

When you look at it that way, it makes sense why you’d experience a sense of “oneness” or like you’ve found your missing half when your soulmate touches you.

Have you ever felt like that?

14) You feel seen for the first time

Now, I don’t mean to imply that everyone has been ignoring you your whole life. You have friends and family who love and appreciate you.

But this is different.

When your soulmate touches you for the first time, you feel like they can see deep into your soul.

There’s no hiding anything from them. You feel like they can see the whole of you, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What’s more, you see them too. That’s how you know that you’re soulmates.

At last, you can be yourself – completely…

15) You can show your true self

You don’t have to hide anything. You can show them the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Being touched by your soulmate is actually quite liberating. It’s like you’ve been hiding your whole life and now you can finally reveal your true self and finally relax.

And do you know what else?

They feel the same way. They have no need to hide anything from you.

And there you have it, 15 amazing things you’ll feel when your soulmate touches you.

If you still have some doubts, or if you want to know what you should do next, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the wonderfully kind and insightful folks at Psychic Source, they’ll put your mind to rest.

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