15 consequences of ignoring an Aries man

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Hello, fellow star-sign-invested boys and girls, I’m your resident Gemini girlie who got excited when I got this writing assignment. A zodiac sign article! Be still, my heart. 

Today, we’re talking about Aries men. Specifically, what happens when you ignore them. 

Spoiler: it’s a lot. 

But just a quick disclaimer: I’m only going to talk about Aries Sun men here so this is very, very basic. We’re operating under the idea of not knowing their entire birth charts. No Moon signs, no Ascendants, no Venus signs, no nothing. 

Also, as much as we love to pick apart and drag each other’s star signs, let’s all be clear that no human being will be 100% who their star signs dictate, much less just their sun signs. But it’s a good enough reference for when you don’t know where to start.

Cool? Let’s go. 

When you ignore an Aries man…

In your flirting stage

If there’s a word that I will use for Aries men, it won’t be the usual ones (although we’ll talk about those, too) like passionate or competitive, it’s Control. Hear me out.  

I have two very close Aries guy friends and they’re such different people from two different backgrounds but also so, so, so similar. The biggest similar trait of all: their need to control the situation. 

Aries men like fixing things and situations, always need to be on top of things, and never let anything go astray. We can infer so many things about their personality with this alone.

So with that said, if you ignore him for the fun of it:

1) He will ignore you back

What else do we know about this fire sign, huh? They’re extremely stubborn, they’re explosive, and they have a bit of an ego (okay, fine, a huge ego). And what happens when you ignore that kind of person? 

He will ignore you back. 

To be honest, this is both good and bad. It’s good if you’re just taking time for yourself and he will also choose to give you space. Aries men don’t like clingy people to begin with.

However, it’s bad if this is a mind game thing because he will repay the action. Aries men are competitive too, after all.

2) He won’t care

The subtle but very important distinction between the previous one and this one is that the first one is done out of spite.

This second one is done due to disinterest. Ouch.

Aries men (and women, if I’m being honest) are always on the go, always on the lookout for the next best thing that can add quality to their life, spontaneous, and could get restless for staying in one place for too long.

And if you ignore them, then they can just quickly assume—later accept—that you’re not interested. Aries people are so out and about in their lives that this can even seem just a minor inconvenience.

And do you really want to be called a minor inconvenience? Yeah, didn’t think so.

3) He will get fed up

If you’ve been continually ignoring this man for the “spice” of it, beware that he might get fed up sooner than later

Although let’s be honest, anyone who’s constantly made to feel like they’re ignored will get fed up eventually. Aries men just have a higher tendency to get bored in this kind of situation. 

Aries men crave stimulation after all and if they can no longer feel that they can get that with you, they will find that elsewhere.

4) He will chase you

As I said, Aries men don’t like clinginess. They’re so independent and self-sufficient that clinginess just gets stifling like the walls are closing in kind of stifling. 

And what happens when they feel that? They run away.

So to make him run towards you, let’s rephrase “ignoring” to “giving him space” in this context. You don’t even need to completely ignore him, too, just… go about your life as normal. (As you should.) 

The key here is to give him enough room to breathe, a healthy distance, you know? Enough to make him miss your presence when you aren’t there.

But not too much that he’ll be fine without it. It’s a delicate balance and it does depend on how much he already likes you

5) He will chase you, then ignore you

Surprise! You got a taste of your own medicine and then some. If you intentionally ignore an Aries man, there’s always a chance that he will play your game, too, like in #1 but more.

This could be attributed to either his competitiveness or his need for thrill. Or both. (Who am I kidding? It’s definitely both.)

My goodness, Aries people are so competitive it’s sometimes annoying to be around them when they get into competition mode. They can get reckless in their pursuit to win, too.  

So this thing you’re doing, ignoring him for the fun of it can trigger his competitiveness. Oh, you ignore me? Watch me chase you to think you won, and then ignore you. 

In a relationship

In the flirting stage part above, I talked about Aries men needing to be in constant control of the situation. In relationships, though, they turn into mush for the right person.

Not immediately, mind you! But if and when they feel that their partner is a safe space for them to be vulnerable, they will show you their softer sides. The keyword there is definitely “for the right person.”

So if you ignore him…

6) He won’t mind 

I think this will be the third time I mention this but Aries men don’t like clingy. They would love their partners to be independent. It’s a want them, not need them kind of situation.

So if you do ignore him, especially if you’re just busy doing your thing, he won’t mind. He, too, is such a busybody anyway.

7) He will try to find out why

In case you didn’t know, Aries is a cardinal sign. Simplistically, this means that—along with Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn—they are initiators. They get stuff done and now. 

(In my humble experience, I notice the initiative trait the most in Aries and Capricorn, more than Cancers and Libras but that’s an entire article for another time.)

So… Aries men? They are fixers and it’s still related to that control aspect. They want to make the situation better. And how can they make the situation better if they don’t know the problem?

So if you ignore him, he will try to find out why. He would want to address the problem, Aries tends to get confrontational, too. 

And if you’re someone who hates confrontations, better prepare yourself because an Aries man will get stuff done. And now. 

#7 is connected to #6 in the way that even if they can’t figure out why, he’ll at least try to make the situation better. So #7 is…

8) He will coax you

Aries men are some of the most “all-or-nothing” people I’ve ever met in my lifetime. They do things with such fierceness and vigor and drive. 

To the point that when they start showing their softer side, it’s almost fascinating. It’s like a lesson on anthropology (sorry, I’m a Gemini, anthropology is fascinating to me. Carry on.)

But because it takes a while for an Aries man to warm up to people, once he does, he will do what he can to keep the relationship at its best. 

Including coaxing you if you ignore him, up to a point at least. 

Which brings me to #9 that is…

9) He’ll get frustrated

Aries men can get idealistic, especially in romance. They have such ideals on how they want their relationships to be. 

Mind you, I’m not saying all Aries men want the same thing, not at all. All I’m saying is if it deviates from his ideas, that’s when he gets frustrated. 

Especially if he can’t fix it. 

10) He’ll argue with you

Aries people have such tempers. They have a short fuse and their frustrations can get the best of them from time to time.

He will confront you. Aries men like to take control of the situation after all. And they like to fix things promptly. 

They want to solve things here and now, so confrontations are not unusual with this sign. Unlike some of the other signs in the zodiac, they’re usually not one to keep their concerns in.

Especially if you’re already in a relationship. 

They’re direct and to the point when attempting to settle the situation. But if a talk can no longer help, he could get really angry

11) He’ll get angry 

He’ll get angry but he won’t hold a grudge. Aries men might have short tempers but they’re not so capable of holding grudges for too long (compared to other signs, at least.)

If you’re dating an emotionally mature Aries man, he will also be quick to apologize for getting angry. But the other end of that is he will be hurt if he realizes you’re ignoring him on purpose

(And do you like being ignored on purpose? Hopefully not.)

As I said, Aries men tend to warm up to people slower, so when they do emotionally invest, they mean it.

12) He will leave

Okay, so probably not immediately. I’m making it sound more dramatic than it is, but it’s certainly a possibility. 

This is especially true if you continually do this ignoring routine. (Real talk: ignoring people on a routine basis is not a cute look. You wouldn’t want that done to you, right?)

But what else do we know about  Aries men? They’re what? Impulsive. That’s correct. 

For all the fighting for that an Aries man can do, he could always reach his limit and leave.

Speaking of leaving, I mean, since we’re here anyway… let’s talk about what could happen when you ignore your Aries ex.

After a relationship

For good measure, I also wanted to add a few more points just in case you’re dealing with an Aries ex. Not that Aries people go back to their exes often, they’re all-or-nothing kind of people after all.

But just in case your Aries ex is lurking around your atmosphere, perhaps trying to get your attention, perhaps regretting an impulsive breakup, these are some things that could happen if you ignore him:

13) He’ll persist

We’ve established that Aries men are competitive, right? In the same breath, they are also persistent.

If you’re living your best life after your breakup (aka without him), his ego will take a hit. He could try to approach you again. 

Or it could be that he tried to rebound after your relationship but it wasn’t what he expected, especially if he was the one who broke it off with you first (impulsive, impulsive Aries.) 

So in case he approaches you again and you ignore him, he’ll persist if he genuinely wants to be in your life again. 

So be clear in your No if you refuse to give it another go. Otherwise, he might treat it as a challenge to win you back (unless that’s what you want. No judgment from me, sis, whatever floats your boat.)

14) He’ll cut off contact 

The all-or-nothing energy that Aries men give also bleeds into this instance. If he wanted to reconcile but you ignored him, he’d cut off contact

Could be out of spite, could be from acceptance. Either way, it’s to keep control because you can’t ignore him anymore if he blocks you first, right? 

Sounds like point #1, isn’t it? It’s essentially still that “I’ll ignore you harder than you ignore me” situation.

15) He’ll move on

I know I said that Aries men will chase you and they will persist in this endeavor, but it’s only to a certain extent. Really. 

They will either: get bored of the chase or find the new best thing they can focus on. Especially if you’ve already gone “no contact”, which I’m a big fan of, btw. 

So, he’ll move on. Not immediately, no, but he’ll do the motions. He’ll busy himself with other things or other people, find the next shiny thing, find his next passion.

At the end of the day, the Aries man will prioritize himself, he loves his independence after all. He lives his life in a way that makes him feel happy and fulfilled. 

So if you ignore him long enough he will eventually choose to remove himself from the situation. 

Now, what?

As I said at the very tippy top, we only talked about Aries Sun men’s qualities. So many parts of their birth chart/natal chart can affect their behavior, but at the very least, these are good starting points.

However, my stance in situations like these is to do actions that you are fine with if they are done to you, too. 

But when all is said and done, we’re different people and we will do different things and love people differently. 

Anyhow, I hope I at least gave you something to think about (or laugh about, if you’ve already experienced this!) about dealing with your Aries man. Best of luck!

Until the next star sign article, bestie. I wonder which one is next?

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