What does it mean when you dream about someone? 13 things to know

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Dreams contain clues to our waking life.

It serves as a reflection to who we are evolving into, as well as a guide to our destiny.

So if you dream about a particular person—especially if you dream of them multiple times—don’t take it lightly. You have to investigate what they really mean.

In this article, let’s find out what it means when you dream about someone and what you can do about it. 

What dreaming about someone means—in general

There’s a lot we have yet to learn about dreams. But we do know that they’re closely linked to your subconscious.

When you sleep, your conscious mind is in touch with your subconscious. Together they process the things you had experienced and felt while you were asleep.

This is why dreams are often so random. Your mind is trying to stitch together so many varied experiences.

Consistency in dreams—such as seeing someone over and over, or having scenes repeat—happens when something extraordinary is going on in your life.

And if you care about your spirituality and your destiny, the best thing to do is to figure out the specific meaning of your dreams.

What dreaming about someone means in a romantic context

1) You probably like them

I’ll give you the most likely answer right away—you probably like this person.

Perhaps the very notion had you cringing. Maybe you hang your head and say “no way!”

But remember what I said about dreams being when your subconscious and conscious minds are in touch with each other?

It just so happens that your feelings resonate in your subconscious, and that includes feelings that you’ve been repressing.

And so when you fall asleep and dream, you are slapped in the face with these feelings whether you’ve been honest with them or not.

2) They probably like you

Another possibility is that they’ve been thinking hard about you, which is why they’ve been showing up in your dreams.

This isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem at first for several different reasons.

When someone likes you, it will show in the things they say and do. It could be anything from the way they act to the way they phrase things. It will also show in their body language.

You might not always notice these signs, especially if they try hard to hide them, but your subconscious will catch on them.

On top of that, they might even be trying to manifest you, and that’s why they appear in your dreams.

3) They’ve been thinking of you— a lot

The thing with our thoughts is that they don’t exist in a vacuum. Rather, they ripple out into our surroundings.

This is why sometimes, for seemingly no reason, we get “bad vibes” or “good vibes” from people simply by being around them.

They could be thinking of you a lot, and this kind of energy is transmitted in your dreams.

Think too much about someone, and those thoughts would reach out to that person and manifest when their mind is at its most open.

Most of the time, that is when someone is asleep and dreaming.

4) You have a strong spiritual connection

You will often dream about someone who has a significant bond with your soul. They could be a soulmate of yours, or a twin flame.

When you have a spiritual connection of this level, your thoughts will naturally connect and influence one another.

And because of that, you will find yourself dreaming about them often.

It’s not limited to soulmates, though. There are some people who are more “open” spiritually—the gifted ones.

They might just be a random person who happens to have a big influence on your dreamscape because they naturally possess the energy to influence the subconscious of others.

5) They’re your soulmate

If you’re not just dreaming about them, but also seeing plenty of random coincidences that involve them, they might just be your soulmate.

Congrats! It’s not so easy to find a soulmate in one’s lifetime.

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6) You secretly hate them

Your crush or your partner shows up in your dream, but instead of hugging them, you pull back your fist and beat them up.

And you’re like, “Hold on. What just happened?”

Unfortunately, not every reason behind your dreams is necessarily positive. It could be because you’re holding in hate for them.

Take notice if you’ve been dreaming about getting into a fight with them, or watching bad things happen to them.

It’s not unusual for people to confront their frustrations in their dreams, especially those that they’ve been suppressing for one reason or another.

7) You secretly want to be them

If you’ve ever dreamed that you were someone else, it’s likely that it’s because you want to be them.

We think that some dreams are about others, but most of the time…it’s really about us.

Perhaps you admire them for being such a good person, or maybe you are envious of their fame or power.

So you often find yourself thinking about them, whether it’s to compare yourself to them, or to admire their good qualities.

This happens even if you’re dreaming about being your partner or your ex.

You are curious to know their perspective. To know what it’s like to live life in their shoes and understand them more deeply.

8) They intimidate you in real life

Ill feelings of unease and intimidation will get you dreaming about someone.

This is one way your brain helps itself process those feelings.

Why do you find that person intimidating? Should you be intimidated in the first place? Are they a threat?

Your mind works through questions such as these 24/7. And while it might be distressing to experience—they can be worse than nightmares sometimes— they’re ultimately a good thing because those “nightmares” can give answers to your questions.

Perhaps you are intimidated by them because of an insecurity of yours, for example.

In meeting them in your dreams, you have a chance to feel all these feelings but twice or thrice as strong. And because of this, you will wake up and be able to say for sure “I’m insecure of them.”

Dreams highlight and exaggerate our fears so that we can finally acknowledge them in our waking life.

9) You miss them terribly

Dreams are one way your mind copes with you missing someone terribly.

Think about it—if you can’t meet or contact them in person, you can at least be with them in your dreams.

These dreams can take on any form. Sometimes you might simply be enjoying each other’s presence quietly, and sometimes you might be trying to escape a sea dragon.

It might not always feel like healing, but it will help keep the pain from being as bad as it could be… until the day when you either move on or reunite.

For now, just enjoy them in your dreams. And if you have the courage, reach out to them.

They might be missing you as much, too.

10) You miss the kind of person you are when you’re with them

You dream of being in love with someone—perhaps your ex, or your crush from kindergarten.

A part of you automatically assumes they’re the one for you. Why else would you be dreaming of them regularly?

Well, it’s NOT impossible, but if we have to be pragmatic, it’s not actually about them—it’s about YOU.

Or rather, you are dreaming about them not because of who they are but because they remind you of who you used to be.

It’s normal for you to miss who you were in the past every now and then. Perhaps you were a little more trusting then, or perhaps you were happier…more carefree.

Think of what they represent, too.

They can just be symbols.

If they used to be a significant part of that chapter of your life, then they’ll show up in your dreams.

You may want to pay attention and see if you’ve also been dreaming about other things from that time of your life, such as your friends and hangouts. And then reflect as to WHY you think you’re dreaming about them now.

11) You have unfinished business with them

Not every parting happens cleanly. In fact, most of the time there remains something that needs closure.

Perhaps they left after a big misunderstanding without you having said your side, or maybe you hurt them and never had the chance to say sorry.

You will dream about people who are always on your mind, and especially if you have an unfinished business.

The fact that there’s something you earnestly want to resolve between the two of you means that they’ll almost always be on your mind.

Trust me. Unless you reach out to them and talk about what happened between the two of you, they’ll continue to haunt your dreams.

12) They managed to stir your interest

You don’t “like” them (yet), but they intrigue you.

There’s something that they said or did that left an impression on you.

Perhaps there was something about their body language that confused you, or maybe they simply left you guessing.

Whatever it is that they did, they got you thinking about them and this, in turn, will mean you will eventually start dreaming about them.

If this is the only reason why you’ve been dreaming about them, then the moment you figure out what has caught your attention, they will begin to leave your dreams.

Unless, of course, what you made out of it only made you even more intrigued.

Perhaps they had been sneakily expressing their interest in you, for example. Or that you’re starting to really like them but you’ve just been holding back.

13) Your subconscious is guiding you to your big love

There’s regular love…and there’s a kind of love that makes you say life is worth living.

And for a love like this, there’s usually something spiritual involved.

It pays to look deeply into your dreams.

What do you feel in those dreams?

What are the things you talk about?

Looking into these things is a good idea because there’s a possibility that your subconscious is trying to guide you to them.

This guidance could be anything from helping you realize the things you need to work on if you want to get together…to helping you realize your mutual attraction.

If you keep dreaming about the same person, and you experience a lot of strange coincidences like seeing angel numbers, watch out. Your union with your special someone is getting closer!

What does it mean when you dream about someone specific

Sometimes you will find yourself dreaming about someone specific, over and over again.

Sometimes the situations will repeat, sometimes they just keep changing…but the character remains the same.

All of these also have their own meanings, and if you must try to interpret your dreams, you should pay attention to these details.

When you dream about your ex

The most common reason why you might dream about your ex is that you’re feeling a deep longing for them.

This happens most often in the days following your breakup, and will slowly cool off as you get over them.

Perhaps you even feel a little nostalgic for the time you spent together, even if you might not exactly miss the person themselves.

And oftentimes there’s also a bit of lingering tension that you need to work through… and while it’s nice to see them in your dreams often, it would be better to reach out to them and talk.

When you dream about the same person repeatedly

There’s definitely a deeper meaning behind you dreaming about the same person over and over.

But sometimes it’s not quite straightforward, and it’s important to take into account just what kinds of dreams you’ve been having, and when they usually occur.

You can interpret them yourself, but again, I strongly recommend consulting a gifted advisor to make sure you are getting everything right.

We’re not gifted, after all. Besides, there’s always the chance that you might let your biases get in the way of your judgment.

This is exactly what happened to me when I was trying to interpret my own dreams. In the end, I misread everything because I interpreted everything literally.

Avoid making the same mistake I did. Get guidance from someone with extra intuition—especially if it’s about love.

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When you dream about your partner cheating on you

The immediate conclusion to being haunted by dreams of your partner cheating on you is that… Well, your partner is cheating on you.

But that’s not the case most of the time.

In fact, dreams of this nature are more about you.

Perhaps you’re haunted by a sense of inferiority, and you’re insecure in your relationship.

Thoughts such as “I don’t deserve my partner” or “my partner should find someone better” often go hand in hand with these dreams.

You’re so afraid that you might lose your partner to cheating that you can’t help but think about it. And this leads to you dreaming about it.

When you dream about cheating on your partner

The opposite scenario—that of you cheating on your partner—has a very different meaning. Rather than insecurity, they often represent guilt.

Perhaps you have actually cheated on your partner, or perhaps you simply have been spending so much time on work or your friends that the guilt drags you down when you sleep.

You might do a good job at holding back or repressing these thoughts while you’re awake, but you will have to face them nonetheless.

When you dream about falling in love with a stranger

Dancing under the moonlight, romantic dinners, and steamy nights under the sheets. You can’t deny that your dreams have been good.

But there’s just one problem: you don’t know who the hell you’re with.

There’s no denying that you like them (in your dreams) but you just can’t put a finger on who they’re supposed to be.

Well, chances are that they’re your soulmate and that while you’ve yet to meet… you will, and perhaps sooner than you think.

When you dream about your childhood crush

Dreaming about your childhood crush can be quite an interesting experience.

This is one of those situations where your dream is most likely symbolic rather than literal.

It probably doesn’t mean that you should drop everything and look for your childhood crush. It does mean, however, that you miss your childhood.

Things were certainly simpler when we’re kids. Even romance then was as simple as saying “Let’s share a snack!”

Your childhood crush is a link to those more positive parts of youth and so becomes a fixture in those nostalgic dreams of yours.

When you dream about your childhood enemy

Dreams of your childhood enemy can mean that you desire to reevaluate your past conflicts.

There are many times when we would take a stand or pick fights thinking that we were in the right, only to learn otherwise.

Perhaps you’ve regretted many of your past conflicts with people and harbor a desire to reconcile with your enemies… and not just necessarily your childhood enemy.

Your childhood enemy showing up in your dreams can be your mind asking you “were they really as bad as you thought they were?”

When you dream about kissing your best friend

You dreamed that you kissed your best friend. Oh no!

Don’t worry, it’s probably not as bad as you think it is.

Dreaming about kissing (or falling in love with) your best friend is motivated by a desire for love and comfort.

Our friends are often people we feel comfortable being ourselves with, and who doesn’t want a relationship where we can let loose?

These dreams could also mean that you’re harboring hidden feelings for your best friend.

And hey, if you think about it, most of the best relationships happen when the couple are also best friends. So don’t close your doors. Maybe your dream is actually telling you something.

When you dream about having sex with someone

Dreams about sex can be quite straightforward, but they can also happen for multiple different reasons.

One of them is that you’re simply sexually pent up. Perhaps you haven’t found someone who can satisfy you in some time, so you dream that you’re with someone who you imagine CAN give you the satisfaction you crave.

It’s also possible that there’s someone who you want really badly. In this case, the sex symbolizes the state of connecting to them and holding nothing back.

And for some, dreams about sex—especially when kinks are involved—can reflect an inner desire to rebel against conformity and modesty.

When you dream about killing someone

It can be quite distressing to find yourself dreaming about killing someone.

You might even give yourself a moment to tell yourself “I did not just dream that!”

Well, you can relax—it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a killer.

It does mean, however, that you most likely have aggressive or violent tendencies that you should try to keep in check.

It could also mean that you have a lot of pent-up stress and frustration. And if you’re killing one person in particular, then it’s possible you want to “kill” their role in your life.

And one last explanation is that they’re the part of YOU that you want to get rid of. What does that person represent? That’s probably the trait you least like about yourself.

When you dream about being chased

You don’t know why you managed to get into that situation, but you’ve been dreaming about being chased by someone. It could be your ex, your parents, or a stranger.

You don’t know why you’re being chased either, or why you’re running. You just know that you have to run.

Dreams like these don’t really mean that someone is literally going to start chasing you down the streets, of course. They mean that you’re unhappy about something and that you want to flee.

For example, you might be dreaming about running away from your ex because your ex left you a huge emotional burden you’ve been struggling with ever since your breakup. This means you want to finally move on from the heartbreak, and not that your ex literally wants to assault you.

When you dream about someone who hates you

Nobody likes having to come face to face with the people they hate in person, and stumbling across them in their dreams is, well… an unwelcome experience, to say the least.

And yet sometimes you will find yourself dreaming about the people who hate you. And there’s a good reason for this—it’s how you manage your fears.

You might be afraid that they’re going to try to ruin you by spreading rumors about you, or that maybe they’ll try to steal that someone you’ve had your eyes on.

If you don’t want to encounter them in your dreams ever again, learn to manage your anxiety.

What you can do:

So now that we’ve discussed what it means when you dream about someone, you might ask… what now?

Well, you might want to get in touch with your inner desires first, and then try to figure out how you feel about the whole situation.

Don’t panic and overthink

What if your reality is being affected by your dreams?

It can be a little freaky!

Things like seeing your dreams play out before your eyes can be disconcerting, for example. Even worse would be when you can’t recall if something happened in reality, or in your dreams.

You might even find yourself wondering when your dreams end and reality begins.

When you find your reality seemingly being affected by your dreams, you will want to try to stay calm and think.

This might be a sign from the universe that something big is about to happen in your life.

Connect with them

If they’re someone you know or have contact with—like a friend or your ex—then you can just shoot them a message.

But if they’re someone you don’t know or if you have lost contact, you can try to manifest them or consult a psychic to help you reach out.

You can also guide your dreams by writing down the things you want to tell them on a piece of paper and then reading it before sleeping.

This way you inform your subconscious how you want to react to them when you meet them in your dreams.

This also increases your chance of reaching out and communicating with them on a spiritual level.

And eventually, once the connection gets stronger, the universe will bring the two of you together.

Let it guide your waking life

Sometimes we spend our waking lives trying to run away from the harsh truths we have to face.

Your dreams might have forced you to confront these very same truths. Perhaps these were you having done your friends wrong, or that you invested into the wrong relationship.

The thing to do in this case is to try to learn where you went wrong, and how you can do better moving forward.

Perhaps you’ve been holding back from chasing after the right person for you because you were too shy. Then you should probably try to learn how to be a bit less shy.

Dreams just help us create roadmaps to the life we want.

You have to apply whatever it is you realize in your dreams to your reality whether it be to your career, relationships, or love life.

Last words

There are many different ways to interpret dreams. All of them involve either strong emotions or deep spiritual bonds. Often both.

Navigating your dreams can get a bit messy and weird, especially when you factor in the inevitable biases you’ll have, as well as how hard it can be to remember dreams correctly.

That’s why you should be careful and avoid rushing to conclusions.

If possible, try to talk to a gifted advisor who knows how to help you navigate the chaos of the unconscious mind.

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