10 things a taurus man loves about a scorpio woman

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‍Taurus men and Scorpio women are likely to be drawn to each other almost immediately.

These two zodiac signs have a lot in common, making their love affair that much easier to start and continue.

But why does a Taurus man love a Scorpio woman so much? Well, there are quite a few reasons…

1) They are both independent

One of the main things Taurus men love about Scorpio women is how independent they are.

Both of these zodiac signs are independent, but they each come by it in different ways.

Taurus men are independent by nature. They are very self-sufficient and don’t need a lot of attention, whereas Scorpio women are independent because they have learned to be.

They have to be self-sufficient because they’ve usually had to be.

This independence is a very attractive trait to a Taurus man.

He loves that his Scorpio woman can take care of herself and that she doesn’t need him to do everything for her.

It makes him feel needed and wanted when his partner doesn’t need him to take care of everything.

You see, independent women are very attractive to this zodiac sign.

However, it is also important for Taurus men to know that when the time is right, they can also take care of their Scorpio woman.

It’s the best of both worlds – she lets him take care of her when she needs him to, and she takes care of herself when he’s not around or available.

This behavior is so attractive because one thing Taurus men don’t love is neediness and dependency.

They don’t want to feel like they have to do everything for their partner.

Sure, they want to spoil them whenever possible, but they don’t want their partner to rely solely on them.

Scorpio women are very independent.

They don’t necessarily need to be taken care of because they can take care of themselves.

But, when someone does take care of them, they like to surrender into this feeling and let it happen.

2) Scorpio women have lots of natural charm

Another thing Taurus men love about Scorpio women is their natural charm.

It’s almost effortless for a Scorpio woman to charm people – she just has that certain something.

Taurus men find this extremely attractive because charm can be a rare thing to find in someone.

It’s also great because a Scorpio woman’s charm will likely be used to get what she wants in her career, her love life, and her friendships.

All of these things are important to a Taurus man, and he will love that his Scorpio woman can get what she wants so easily.

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3) They are mysterious

While they are both independent and charming, Scorpio women are also mysterious.

This is another thing that Taurus men find incredibly attractive about Scorpio women.

They enjoy the fact that their partner is so mysterious, and they love trying to figure them out.

It makes the journey of falling in love with a Scorpio woman that much more interesting – which is a major plus for most Taurus men!

Being mysterious is also a great way for a Scorpio woman to protect herself.

She doesn’t want to let people in so easily, so she holds back and remains mysterious.

This can be worrisome for a partner who doesn’t know what their significant other is hiding, but it can also be a very reassuring thing.

It shows that their partner isn’t an open book and that they’re private people who need their space.

This is reassuring to a Taurus man because he knows that his partner isn’t an impostor – she’s just private.

The thing is, most men are intrigued by a little bit of mystery. Something about not knowing what’s going on in a woman’s mind is extremely appealing to a Taurus man.

It’s not just about the fact that he can’t figure her out, but it’s also about the fact that she knows what she’s doing.

There are things about her that he doesn’t know and never will.

He finds this extremely sexy because it means she has a life outside of him – and that makes their relationship even more interesting!

As you can see, there are many things about Scorpio women that are attractive to Taurus men.

So if you find yourself falling for one of these zodiac signs, don’t worry – they’re likely falling for you too!

4) Scorpio women make taurus men feel safe

If there’s one thing Taurus men love about Scorpio women, it’s how safe they make them feel.

Scorpio women are incredibly protective of their partners, and they will go above and beyond to make sure they’re safe.

This is something a Taurus man will really appreciate because he will likely feel like he’s being protected by his girlfriend.

There’s no better feeling than being cared for and protected by someone you love.

This is definitely something a Taurus man will love about dating a Scorpio woman – among many other things!

The thing is, Taurus men are very masculine and will take on the role of the protector most of the time.

However, when a woman can get him to the point of actually surrendering and feeling safe with her, he will be completely enamored.

He will feel like he’s been transported to a new world, and it will make him fall in love even harder.

There’s nothing sexier than a Scorpio woman who can take control and make her partner feel safe.

It’s almost like she has the power to protect him from anything!

This little switch in roles from time to time is what will make a Taurus man fall head over heels in love.

5) They have great chemistry

When it comes to chemistry, Taurus men and Scorpio women score very well.

Both signs are very tactile and sensual people, which makes for great chemistry between the sheets.

And the rest of their relationship, too! They feel things strongly and aren’t afraid to show it.

They have a certain spiciness to their relationship that is likely to keep a Taurus man coming back for more.

But not just that, Scorpio women also aren’t afraid to experiment and try out new things in life, which makes them the opposite of boring people.

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6) Scorpio women are caring and considerate

Another thing Taurus men love about Scorpio women is that they are caring and considerate people.

They are always looking out for the best interests of their loved ones and are great at helping with things around the house.

They might not always be the best at actually finishing tasks, but they often get started with cleaning or repairs before they putter out and get distracted.

On top of all of this, they really want to make their relationships work.

They want to make their partners happy, and they want to make their partners feel loved.

This is something a Taurus man really appreciates, as it shows that his partner really wants this relationship to work.

You see, if there is one thing Taurus men can’t stand, it’s selfishness.

They don’t like being used, and they don’t like having their time wasted.

Scorpio women are the opposite of these things.

They are kind, caring, and generous people who are always looking out for the best interests of their partners.

They never want to hurt anyone’s feelings or make them feel bad about themselves.

And this is exactly what a Taurus man wants in a relationship.

7) They’re intelligent and independent

Taurus men also love the fact that Scorpio women are incredibly intelligent and independent.

They have a natural curiosity about the world and are interested in expanding their knowledge.

They might not become experts in their fields like the Taurus man might, but they will likely know the basics.

This is something that a Taurus man will appreciate, as he will know that he doesn’t have to be the person in the relationship who researches everything.

He can just focus on his own strengths, and his partner will focus on hers.

And, of course, her strengths extend beyond her intelligence and into her independence.

She might not need her partner to do everything for her, she is definitely capable of doing things on her own.

This is a very attractive quality to a Taurus man, as he doesn’t want a clingy or needy partner.

But back to the intelligence – this is so important for Taurus men because they want someone they can have deep, philosophical conversations with.

Scorpio women are great at this, and they will never be bored with their Scorpio men.

Taurus men love to talk, and they love to talk about big ideas.

They love to discuss life, the universe, and everything.

And Scorpio women are great at this!

All in all, they complement one another perfectly and when things are right, they can talk for hours on end about anything and everything under the sun.

8) They’re great listeners and are empathetic

Another thing Taurus men love about Scorpio women is that they are great listeners and are empathetic.

This is a quality that is typically found in the Cancer zodiac sign, but it can also be found in a Scorpio woman.

She wants to understand her partner and wants to be a good, caring partner herself.

She wants her partner to feel heard, and she wants to make sure that he feels comfortable confiding in her.

When he does, she will be incredibly supportive and will likely have good advice.

The same goes for when he is confiding in her. He will feel heard, he will feel understood, and he will feel cared for.

This is a great feeling for any partner to have, and it’s something a Taurus man will appreciate in his Scorpio woman.

You see, there are so many people out there who pretend that they are listening to someone when in reality, they are just waiting for their turn to finally speak.

But a Scorpio woman doesn’t do this. She is a great listener, and she will make sure that her partner knows that he is being heard.

This is so important to Taurus men because they are usually very independent people, and they don’t need to lean on anyone else.

But they do want someone who will listen to them when they need to talk and who will be there for them when they need support.

A Scorpio woman makes the perfect partner for Taurus men in this respect.

She’s an amazing listener, she gives great advice, she’s always there for him when he needs her, and she has great empathy for his feelings and his experiences.

9) They’re loyal and trustworthy

Another thing Taurus men love about Scorpio women is that they are loyal and trustworthy.

Taurus men will love that they can trust their partner and that they can be loyal to them.

They will likely be completely devoted to their partner, and they will feel like they can trust their partner with anything and everything.

This is something a Taurus man will love about his partner, as it’s incredibly reassuring to have this in his relationship.

You see, Taurus men are usually quite secure in their relationships, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to insecurities.

They might not show it, but there are times when they wonder if their partner will be loyal to them.

This is especially true if they have been hurt in the past. They might wonder if their partner will leave them for someone else, or if someone else will come along and take their partner from them.

But when a Scorpio woman comes along, she will make him feel secure in his relationship. She won’t cheat on him or leave him for someone else.

She would rather be alone than be with someone who doesn’t make her happy, and Taurus men can appreciate this loyalty and security in a Scorpio woman.

With her, they feel safe and know that if things were to change, she would be honest with him about it.

10) They’re connected to their feminine energy

Lastly, Taurus men love that Scorpio women are connected to their feminine energy.

Feminine energy is something that is found in all women, but it can be stronger in some women than others.

A major sign of a woman who has a lot of feminine energy is that she is intuitive and empathetic.

This is something that all Taurus men love, but they especially love it in a Scorpio woman.

This is likely due to the fact that she’s usually more in touch with her feminine energy than other women.

But not just that. A woman in her feminine energy will also have no problem with receiving.

You see, so many women feel bad about receiving anything, whether that’s love, money, or attention.

But when a woman is in her feminine energy, she will have no problem with receiving anything from anyone.

She will be able to receive love, money, and attention without feeling like she’s taking too much or that she’s being an overly-needy person.

A Taurus man will love this about his Scorpio woman because it means that she’s more comfortable with receiving than most women.

This means that he can give her things without feeling like he’s going overboard or making her uncomfortable.

This will also make him want to spoil her even more.

Is he attracted to you?

There are many things a Taurus man will love about dating a Scorpio woman, but those are the ten things he will love the most.

Now that you know all this, you probably understand why Taurus men are so obsessed with Scorpio women!

Of course, some of it always comes down to personality, too, so this is more of a guideline than anything super specific, but in general, you can count on this!

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