16 physical traits that pisces men find irresistible

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Are you head over heels in love with a Pisces man?

Is he the most handsome, cleverest, most interesting guy you’ve ever met?

If you’re wondering if you stand a chance with him, you’re going to want to know what he likes.

Now, when it comes to dating and attraction, we may all have our own individual preferences (for example I like tall, dark men), but each Zodiac sign has its preferences.

It’s the same with Pisces men who have their own unique set of physical preferences when it comes to the partners they date.

So what physical traits do Pisces men find irresistible?

1) A curvy and healthy figure

Great news ladies: The Pisces man is attracted to a woman with a curvy and healthy figure. And more importantly, he loves a woman who is comfortable in her own body.

Women have been under pressure to look a certain way for decades.

We’ve been looking at impossibly perfect and skinny models on magazine covers and actresses on TV  as role models.

We try so hard to look the way they look and when we’re unsuccessful (because we’re all built differently), we feel inadequate and unattractive.  

But luckily, it’s 2022 and women are embarrassing their natural curves more than ever. Women are finally starting to accept and love their bodies the way they are – and that’s just what a Pisces man likes.

He’s attracted to a woman who radiates strength and confidence, as opposed to a woman who feels the need to compete with other women by looking overly thin and fragile.

He prefers a woman who is confident about her body and who eats what she wants in moderation, instead of someone who is unhealthy due to an obsession with being extremely thin and looking a certain way.

The Pisces man is attracted to a woman who prioritizes her own well-being and who makes sure she gets enough rest and nourishment to stay healthy and strong.

At the same time, he appreciates a woman who is not obsessed with her weight and who does not focus on trying to change her body type.

All in all, the Pisces man appreciates a woman who is confident and comfortable in her own skin, regardless of whether she looks like the magazine cover models of today or not.

Way to go Pisces men!

2) Feminine vibe

Here’s another thing, the Pisces man is attracted to women who have a certain feminine vibe.

For many people, the idea of a feminine vibe is evocative of an image of softness, gentleness, and beauty.

But really, a feminine vibe is much more; it’s a feeling or energy that emanates from a woman. It’s subtle but noticeable, and it can be felt by both men and women.

A feminine vibe is a combination of soft, gentle emotions and feelings conveyed through your voice, body language, and clothing. In other words, it’s all about how you look, how you act, and how you present yourself to the world.

Women with feminine vibes are approachable and friendly, and they tend to exude an air of confidence but without being overbearing.

They also tend to express themselves through their body language–wearing clothes that fit well and expressing themselves through their wardrobe choices.

In general, they’re warm and inviting.

3) Beautiful smile

Who can resist a beautiful smile? A Pisces man certainly can’t!

A beautiful smile is more than just a set of pearly white teeth. It’s something that transforms the whole face because it comes from within.

A woman with a beautiful smile radiates joy and vibrancy and lights up a room when she walks in.

While I really hope you find this article helpful, I know that each situation is different and not all Pisces men are identical.

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4) A woman who takes care of herself

An important part of taking care of yourself is being respectful towards your body.

Now, this does not mean going on a crash diet or trying to look perfect, but it does mean making sure you are eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.

It also means paying attention to the way you look, because your appearance can have a big impact on how people perceive you. By taking care of yourself, you are sending the message that you are confident, self-assured, and capable of handling things on your own.

Another crucial part of taking care of yourself is taking care of your mental health.

This means:

  • Being in touch with your feelings and not holding on to negative experiences.
  • Being in touch with your spirituality.
  • It means meditating and being mindful.

5) Confident stance

The Pisces man is attracted to a woman who has a confident stance, as well as a woman who has a stride that naturally exudes self-assuredness.

He prefers a woman who radiates empowerment, as opposed to a woman who may be shy and timid around others.

He’s attracted to a woman who feels comfortable being herself, regardless of whether she is in a group setting, or in a one-on-one setting.

What’s more, he likes a woman who has a natural and effortless confidence about her, as opposed to a woman who artificially tries to appear confident.

6) Natural make-up

The Pisces man finds natural beauty irresistible.

This means that he prefers a woman who wears natural-looking make-up (or even no make-up) to a woman who tries to artificially change her natural look with make-up.

It’s all about subtlety with the Pisces man, he doesn’t like anything dramatic and over the top.

So, if you want him to find you attractive, don’t wear tons of make-up. Don’t draw or tattoo on your eyebrows. And most certainly don’t get botox or any esthetic surgery done as he’s sure to find it a big turn-off.

Just think: Less is more.

7) Discrete tattoos

Turns out that a lot of Pisces men like women with tattoos.

But of course, in keeping with their characters, they prefer a woman with small, discreet, tattoos that have meaning as opposed to a woman who has large, bold tattoos that mean nothing at all.

When I was dating a Pisces man, he told me that he finds the tattoo I have on my shoulder super sexy because my clothes normally hide it and it’s like a secret that only he knows about.

And if you’re wondering about my tattoo, I’m going to leave you guessing…

But let’s face it, it’s not always possible to know what a Pisces man is thinking and they can sometimes be mysterious and hard to crack. I mean I was surprised about the whole tattoo thing myself.

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8) Elegant style

Here’s the thing: The Pisces man prefers a woman who is both elegant and feminine, as opposed to a woman who has a very casual and laid-back style.

He’s attracted to a woman who has a style that is refined, tasteful, and discreet, as opposed to a woman who has a style that is very in-your-face and attention-grabbing.

What’s more, the Pisces man likes a woman who has a style that is both classic and timeless, as opposed to a woman who wears the latest (and often short-lived) fashion.

9) A seductive perfume

Perfumes are attractive because they activate the “reward center” of the brain. This is the area that processes a variety of sensory information, including smell and body chemistry.

When activated, this area produces feelings of pleasure and reward, which can make people feel good about themselves. It’s no surprise then that Pisces men find seductive perfume irresistible.

And did you know that because perfume is so closely associated with emotions, it can increase feelings of attraction and intimacy?

In fact, exposure to certain scents may even trigger the release of oxytocin — the “love” hormone — in both men and women.

Oxytocin promotes trust and attachment, making perfume a powerful tool for connection between people.

So if you’re not normally in the habit of wearing perfume, it may just be the perfect time to go to a perfume store and find “your scent”.

10) Long hair

Pisces men find women with long hair irresistible – they find this type of look extremely feminine and alluring.

There’s actually a long history of men being attracted to long hair as a symbol of fertility and youthfulness.

In many cultures, long hair has been associated with femininity, so it’s no surprise that men have found it appealing for centuries. And as I mentioned earlier, Pisces men are attracted to women with a feminine vibe.

Today, the length of a woman’s hair can still signify youthfulness and healthiness, but it can also communicate other things, like confidence, intelligence, or even sensitivity.

11) Women who work out and do yoga

The truth is that Pisces men are attracted to fit and healthy women who put time and effort into taking care of their bodies and minds. If you’re already doing yoga or some sort of workout, they are likely to be into you.

Pisces men also tend to appreciate women who are active and athletic, especially if they actively pursue a sport or activity – like if they enjoy running marathons or lifting weights.

They find women who are health-conscious and eat healthily attractive. What’s more, Pisces men are also more likely to be attracted to women who don’t smoke or drink.

So if you’re already doing yoga, eating right, and staying away from alcohol and cigarettes, he’s sure to find you irresistible.

12) Smooth and clear skin

Lots of women tend to overlook skincare, but if you want to attract a Pisces man, you need to start taking care of your skin to keep it clean and smooth.

This means wearing sunscreen to keep your skin healthy and young. It means using moisturizer and the whole shebang!

13) Well-kept, short nails

Like I said, less is more.

Pisces men are likely to be drawn to women with well-kept, short nails and turned off by women with long, fake, polished, nails with nail jewelry.

What’s more, they definitely won’t appreciate a woman who bites her nails.

It’s all about a clean and natural look with Pisces men.

14) Youthful appearance and energy

Pisces men are attracted to women with a youthful appearance and energy

Now, this doesn’t mean that they only date young women.

A youthful appearance means looking healthy and vibrant – no matter how old you are.

A youthful energy means that you enjoy life and are up to trying new things. It means you’re not afraid of a little adventure and that you have a certain “joie de vivre”.

15) Long legs

There’s something about a long pair of legs that Pisces men find irresistible.

Don’t worry if your legs are not particularly long because you can compensate for that by dressing in ways that emphasize the length of your legs, such as wearing high or wearing trousers that are the same color as your shoes.

There are lots of guides online to looking taller so if you’re not naturally tall and have short legs, you’re sure to find everything you need by Googling it.

16) Feet

Pisces men tend to have a bit of a foot fetish.

There, I said it.

If you want a Pisces man to find you irresistible, then he needs to find your feet irresistible.

I mean, scrubbed, manicured, and dipped in cream.

You need to take as much care about your feet as you do the rest of your appearance.

If you don’t clip your toenails often or you have corns and calluses, you might as well forget about him!

Personality traits Pisces men look for in a woman

While looks are an important part of attraction, they’re not everything.

You can be the most physically attractive woman, but if you don’t have the personality to match – there’s no future for you and a Pisces man.

So what are they looking for?

1) Kindness and compassion

If you have a Pisces man interested in you, the best way to let him know you’re interested in him is to be kind and compassionate.

Pisces men are naturally kind, loving, and compassionate people. They are drawn to these qualities in other people and will be more attracted to you if you show kindness towards others.

A Pisces man will also appreciate your compassion for his feelings and your willingness to listen to him as he shares his feelings.

Pisces men are dreamers, especially when it comes to love. Show him that you’re someone who will be there for him and believe in his dreams, and he’ll fall for you quickly.

2) Honesty

Being honest with yourself and others is extremely important for Pisces men.

If you want to get a Pisces man’s attention, show him you can be honest and open with him.

Pisces men want to be around people who are themselves and don’t try to pretend they’re something they’re not.

If you like him, let him know.

Being honest can help you get to know each other and each other’s personalities better. It’s also a great way to build trust between you two early on.

3) Independence

Pisces men enjoy being around confident, independent women.

While they are compassionate and caring people, they also like the fact that you don’t need them 24/7.

A Pisces man wants a woman who is able to take care of herself and who doesn’t rely on them to take care of her. I mean, they want to be able to provide and take care of their partners, but they want them to be able to do things on their own and be self-sufficient.

They want partners who are confident in all areas of their lives, including their relationships with them. They want partners who are able to stand up for themselves and who know what they want and who they are.

What’s more, they are looking for someone who feels comfortable being open and honest with them, as well as confident enough in themselves to be able to let them know when something isn’t right or isn’t working for them.

So while your Pisces guy loves being there for you when you need him, you shouldn’t be afraid to show him that you can take care of yourself.

4) Someone that’s easy to talk to

A Pisces man doesn’t just want someone to look pretty next to him; he wants a partner to share his life with.

He wants someone he can open up to about his hopes and aspirations. Someone he can talk to about the things that matter to him, but also someone he can have a relaxing conversation with.

He wants someone to laugh at his jokes as well as someone who will listen when things get tough without passing judgment.

Does this sound like you?

5) Someone fun and adventurous

Pisces men are dreamers, but they also enjoy adventure.

If you can take him on adventures, he’ll fall in love with you quickly. If you can also make him laugh while doing it, he’ll fall in love with you even faster.

Life is too short to sit around being serious. So if you want to live life to the fullest and aren’t afraid of a little adventure, you’ll make a great partner to a Pisces man.

6) Compassion and empathy

Compassion and empathy are extremely important traits for Pisces men.

Pisces men look for compassion in all areas of a relationship and want their partners to be sympathetic towards them.

But it’s not just about them, they want their partners to be compassionate towards their friends and family, and people in general.

Pisces men are extremely compassionate and gentle souls who are looking for someone they can relate to.

7) Kindness and goodness

Pisces men are attracted to women who are kind and good.

You can show a Pisces man that you are kind and good-hearted by helping him out when he needs it, and by being generous and compassionate with others.

Being kind to your partner is a wonderful way to show him that you care. You can show kindness to your partner by helping him out with daily tasks, by being thoughtful, and by doing things that he may need but might not ask for.

If you want to date a Pisces man, you can also show goodness by standing up for what is right. Pisces men will be incredibly impressed by someone who cares about social justice and who is willing to stand up for what is right in the world.

You can also show goodness by being honest, and by treating others with respect.

8) Intelligence and education

Pisces men are likely to be drawn to someone who has a good level of education.

Before you freak out – this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a Ph.D., but it’s important to be well-read and knowledgeable about the world around you.

It’s also important to have an open mind and to be willing to learn from your partner.

Pisces men want their partners to be intelligent and well-read because they want someone who will be able to discuss and debate with them.

They want someone who can keep up with their own intellect and who will be able to challenge them and make them think.

They want a partner who is educated and knowledgeable on many different subjects.

They like to be able to talk about many different topics with their partners and want someone who will be able to discuss them with them.

So if you want to date a Pisces man, you should really try to be well informed about what’s happening in the world, as well as have a basic understanding of various topics such as art, history, politics, science, and psychology.

And one more thing: You should also be willing to listen to your partner and be open to his perspectives and ideas.

9) A sense of humor

Men – and especially Pisces men – love to be with a woman who has a sense of humor. They want someone who can laugh with them and make them feel happy and relaxed.

They want a partner who doesn’t take life too seriously and who knows how to have a good time.

Think about it: Nobody likes to be around people who are constantly negative and pessimistic.

Pisces men can be very emotional and sensitive and they want someone who can help them to relax and unwind.

They want a partner who can make them feel good and can lighten their load and make them laugh.

Are you that someone?

10) Open-mindedness

If you ask me, being with someone who is open-minded is super important.

The thing is that we’re not all the same – we don’t all think the same, act the same, have the same tastes and interests, nor are we all of the same opinion – but those things aren’t all that important when you’re with someone who is open-minded.

Being open-minded means you are willing to listen to someone else’s viewpoint, you’re open to changing your mind and seeing the world in a different light.

And that’s what your Pisces man wants: a partner who is open to different opinions and who is able of having a discussion on various topics without becoming defensive or shutting them down right away.

11) Creativity

Finally, Pisces men love creative women and want partners who are able to express themselves in one or more ways.

They are attracted to women who have a creative outlet, whether it be: photography, writing, painting, or making music.

The thing is that Pisces men are quite creative themselves and find it to be a great form of self-expression and outlet for their emotions, which is why it’s something they value so much in a partner.

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What Pisces men find unattractive in women

We’ve looked at the physical and personality traits that Pisces men find attractive.

But what about what they find unattractive? Is there something that women do that puts them off?

Here are a few things you should never do if you want to attract a Pisces man and make him fall for you:

1) Don’t be too flirty or forward

Pisces men are very romantic and in love with the concept of love, but they don’t exactly like to be hit on.

They are drawn to women who are confident, but not aggressive or impose their sexuality on anyone.

If you come on too strong and start flirting or being too sexual, a Pisces man might be too shy to even let you know he isn’t interested. He’ll just disappear from your life without a word.

Pisces men are not into one-night stands, and if you’re expecting him to be your next conquest, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Pisces men want someone who respects their values and treats them with kindness.

2) Don’t be too needy

Pisces men are sensitive and thoughtful, but they also like women who are strong and confident.

They’re not drawn to submissive types who let them make all the decisions. Pisces men want a partner who is their equal and doesn’t need to be taken care of all the time.

They aren’t drawn to needy women who can’t live without their constant attention.

Pisces men want someone independent and self-sufficient who has her own life. They’re not as possessive as others. They’re drawn to women who are confident enough to express their needs and make decisions on their own.

They aren’t drawn to women who try to turn them into a provider or who expect them to take control of every situation. They want to date someone with whom they can share power, not someone who is so submissive that she can’t make her own decisions.

3) Don’t be too clingy and don’t show up unannounced

The truth is that (Pisces men don’t like clingy women who are always showing up at their house unannounced or who stick to them and refuse to let go.

Pisces men don’t want you to brag about how much you love them or try to force them into a relationship they’re not ready for.

They need time and space to process their emotions.

They find clingy and possessive women unattractive.

The bottom line is that Pisces men want a partner who respects their need for alone time and who has a life outside of their relationship.

4) Don’t criticize his art or writing

Pisces men are creative and sensitive souls.

They are often writers and artists who pour their hearts and souls into their work.

In my experience, Pisces men are very sensitive to criticism so tread carefully.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, they want to be supported and encouraged, not torn down for their mistakes. Pisces men want a partner who understands that what they do is a form of self-expression and doesn’t try to tear it down and criticize it.

Pisces men are very sensitive to criticism in general and don’t respond well to it. They want a partner who understands that they aren’t trying to be malicious or hurtful, they’re just expressing themselves and trying to be honest.

So make sure that any criticism comes from a place of love and that it is constructive.

Tips to attract and keep a Pisces man!

And now, let’s look at 5 top tips to attract and keep a Pisces man:

1) Understand the basics of Pisces’ astrological sign

Armed with a better understanding of what makes your Pisces man tick, you’ll be able to better navigate the dating landscape.

First and foremost, Pisces men are ruled by their emotions.

As a water sign, they are empathetic and gentle lovers who want nothing more than to please their partners.

Pisces men are also highly sensitive — which means they will be easily hurt by criticism and are likely to cry at a sad movie or story.

Pisces men are dreamers who need a lot of affection, support, and reassurance from their partners.

They have a tendency to be overly imaginative, which means they will sometimes misinterpret your words or actions.

2) Be there for him and be his best friend

For all their sensitivity, Pisces men love to be around others and seek out company whenever possible.

They are natural friends and partners with many benefits.

Your Pisces man will likely become your best friend, so you’d better be ready to be there for him like he is for you.

When it comes to love, Pisces men are very dedicated and loyal — which doesn’t leave much room to explore other options. He will likely want your undivided attention and appreciate your lack of clinginess.

Pisces men desire intimacy, but they don’t want to be smothered by it.

3) Travel together and go on adventures

Pisces men love to explore and are often drawn to the unusual and unique.

With that said, try to steer clear of tourist traps and tacky souvenir shops and instead go on a quest for something more authentic.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the traditional tourist attractions, but by taking your Pisces man on a quest for more off-the-beaten-path destinations, you’ll show him that you’re ready to explore and experience life outside the box.

You can also look for ways to incorporate more adventure into your everyday lives. Canoeing, rock climbing, or even exploring an abandoned warehouse are all activities that can bring you closer together.

4) Give him some space

As we discussed earlier, Pisces men are emotional creatures who crave a lot of affection. In turn, they also need a lot of alone time to recharge and regroup.

Try not to smother him or pressure him into doing things he doesn’t want to do. If he wants to spend a day at home watching movies, let him!

Trust me, if you give him the space he needs and make sure he knows you are there for him when he needs you, you will help him feel more comfortable around you — and ready to take your relationship to the next level.

5) Be affectionate

Pisces men crave affection, but they may be afraid to show this side of themselves to the world.

If you’re dating a Pisces man, it’s important to show him he can be as affectionate as he wants and you won’t judge him for it.

Being affectionate doesn’t just mean holding hands or cuddling on the couch — it can also be as simple as letting him know you appreciate him and the little things he does for you.

Pisces men need positive reinforcement, so make sure you let him know how you feel about him and don’t take him for granted.

6) Don’t nag!

Is there anything more annoying than a partner who nags?

I’ve been guilty of nagging myself (hey nobody’s perfect) and I know it drives my partner up the wall, but he’s a Scorpio. Pisces are even more sensitive to nagging and don’t respond well to it.

Nagging your Pisces man will only drive him away; it will make him feel unappreciated and unloved.

Don’t nag your Pisces man; instead, try and use positive reinforcement.

Final thoughts

All in all, Pisces men are sensitive, creative, and dreamy individuals who are looking for a partner who will stand by them through thick and thin.

If you are looking to attract and keep a Pisces man, be patient, supportive, and flexible. Most importantly, be yourself!

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