What does a guy remember about a woman? Everything you need to know

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Guys are simple creatures. Give them a green light to check you out and they’ll remember everything about you the next time you meet up. 

Guys tend to overlook the little things when a girl is hotter than hell. 

But what exactly makes a woman memorable? 

I’ll take you through the top things that you need to know. Let’s jump right in.

1) Shower him with compliments

Listen up. Most guys hate being called anything other than hot and beautiful. The more you make him feel wanted, the more he will remember you. Men loved to feel desired as much as we do. 

Complimenting a man on his looks and character is a great way to start. Start simple. 

If he has a handsome face, tell him. If he’s got a muscular body, let him know. Always tell him what you like about the way he looks. Then, when you’re done, add something nice to the end of it like ‘and I like all of those things about you. 

Enjoy being playful and charming. The more you can turn up the chemistry between you, the more you will stand out. 

This keeps the conversation going while flirting with him at the same time and keeps everything hot and spicy.

2) Smile

It may sound silly but a smile makes you stand out from other women that he sees all day. 

Girls tend to shy away and try to be cool around men but that doesn’t work very well in real life and certainly doesn’t in the online dating world either. 

Guys are more receptive when they see a girl smiling and talking freely. The best part is that you don’t have to be a ‘happy go lucky’’ girl. 

Just smile and share your thoughts. And talk about the things that make you feel your best. The confidence and joy will pour through your conversation and he will associate you with things that feel good. 

Guys are more likely to respond to a positive attitude than they are to an overly serious attitude.

3) It’s all about the way you speak

Men are very literal creatures and are drawn toward women they can easily picture in their mind’s eye. 

So the more you can feed his imagination, the more you will stand out. 

If a guy is talking to you and says ‘Yeah, we should get together soon!’. You can fill in the rest of the details immediately after that great opener. 

Help him spark his imagination and visualize the two of you together having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Add a bit of naughty intrigue and you’ll really have his imagination on you and be thinking about you all day long.

4) Make him feel good

Guys can’t stand controlling women, it makes them want to run away. 

They cannot stomach being treated any other way than like kings in their own world. So the more you can tune into this base need, the more he will respond to you and remember you. 

He wants to feel his best around you and he will pay attention to how you make him feel. 

5) Offer him a drink 

If you treat your man every now and then, he will remember you. 

A guy will rarely turn down a drink; his ego doesn’t need to be stroked as much as your body does. 

It comes across as unusual for girls to offer drinks so it makes sense for guys to go with them. Because it means that you want to take care of him and spoil him a little, while spending time with him. 

Also, it doesn’t matter if he’s a beer, wine, whiskey, or coffee drinker. 

Just be sure to keep it classy and don’t get too crazy. 

Make sure he is sober enough to remember the great time he had with you.

6) Say his name

An easy way to make a man feel instantly connected to you is to make him feel familiar around you. 

When you first meet up with a guy, he’ll spend longer on you and remember you if you say his name often. 

He will also take note to remember your name without fail because he will immediately feel connected and close to you when you address him personally.

It is important that this be done in a way that doesn’t sound desperate, keep your tone pleasant and upbeat, as though you are happy to see an old friend again.

7) Be genuinely interested in him

Take the time to remember details about the man you’re talking to and you will stand out in a man’s mind. 

It’s the little things that make a difference. 

Every guy loves a girl who remembers what he said previously during the conversation. 

If you can remember details and relate to them, then you are communicating in effective ways with this man.

This proves that you are paying attention to what he says and validates his ideas and feelings as important to you, which keeps him interested and wanting more from you.

8) Leave your mark

If you have a way of consistently leaving your mark, you will stand out in a man’s world. 

It can be a kiss, a certain pet name, or just a sexy reminder of the evening you have shared. 

Whatever it is, make him feel like he wants to see you again because he enjoys the moments you have already shared. 

This will keep him thinking about you and give him something to look forward to later on! 

The key here is that the gesture leaves an impression when he thinks about you

Something should be different about what he remembers from this evening than from any other night out with other women. Try to get to him in a way that is personal and playful. Be creative and spontaneous. It will come to you!

9) Make eye contact

It may seem obvious but most women are not naturally gifted at this skill but the more you can look deeply into his eyes, the more you will stand out in his memory. 

Guys do love women who make them feel like they’re the only woman in the room. And looking at him with intrigue is a certain way to do this. 

We’re all attracted to eye contact, it’s actually a universal and innate human need. 

So get used to making it more often. 

Also know how to stop looking at your phone if you’re in an elevator, with a man you would like to impress!

10) Allow him to be himself

If you encourage a man to be himself, your man will remember you. A man will find a woman who is not controlling to be a breath of fresh air.

He ultimately wants a girl who doesn’t try to change him or tell him what he should do all the time and instead encourages him to be himself. 

He isn’t looking for a mother. He’s looking for a partner and a lover. 

Remember the important difference between these roles. 

11) Use body language

A man doesn’t need a lot of words to make him feel good. Body language can easily make you stand out

Use your body in the same way as you would communicate anything else. 

For example, stand up when he walks into the room and then sit back down when he sits down. Don’t interrupt him when he’s talking and don’t expect him to say anything in return. 

These subconscious cues will make you stand out and be memorable, even if he can’t quite place his finger on why.

12) Let him dress you

Men love women who can be themselves and let them take control during their time together. 

He wants to know that you trust him enough to allow him full control over your appearance throughout the evening. Let him tell you what he thinks is sexy, and make the look happen for him. 

Playing out his fantasy is one way to be memorable. 

He will want to be able to see you in a variety of ways and enjoy the experience that much more, and when he gets to be in control every now and then, he will certainly enjoy the experience.

13) Play hard to get

A man will ignore a woman who’s easy. He needs a challenge and this will make you stay on his mind. 

The more you stand out and make yourself a challenge, the more he will take note and remember you and think of how to connect with you. 

You can spice things up by simply asking him if he wants a drink before leaving his house, taking your time in saying goodbye once you get home, and ending it with a simple kiss on the lips. 

Tease him and make him work a little for your affection and attention. Just not too hard.

14) Be transparent about your feelings from the start

You don’t have to be in a rush to tell him that you love him and want to marry him, but you should be open and honest about your feelings from the first date

Let him know that you’re not looking for a fling or a one-night stand and that you’re not interested in casual dating. This can actually make you more of a challenge. 

That doesn’t mean you need to put a label on your relationship right away, but he’ll feel much more confident in his feelings for you when he knows that you feel the same way.

15) Don’t be afraid to have serious conversations

Having meaningful conversations will set you apart as memorable. 

Of course, no relationship is without its share of silly moments, but don’t be afraid to talk about serious topics when the time is right. 

Ask him about his family, his childhood, and his dreams for the future – but only when you both are in a serious and comfortable mood. He will remember the depth of your interactions. 

He’ll be able to tell if you’re just trying to find a way to break the ice. 

What’s more, you’ll get a better sense of who he really is. 

When you’re dating a guy, you don’t just want to be his girlfriend: You want to be his best friend.

16) Show him your soft side

To stand out in a man’s mind, you want to be seen as confident, but you also don’t want to be seen as cold and unapproachable. 

Don’t be afraid to let him in on the little things in your life that make you who you are and the things that fill you with joy. 

Ask him about his childhood and his favorite memories with his family. 

Let him know that you’re interested in what he has to say, and he’ll definitely feel more comfortable with you in return.

17) Don’t be over-apologetic or too eager to please

If you stay cool, he will remember you. 

There’s a big difference between showing him your soft side and seeming overly eager to please him. 

You don’t have to be his maid, his mother, and his therapist all at once. 

You don’t have to agree with everything he says and you don’t have to be the first one to apologize if something goes wrong between the two of you. 

Be understanding and empathetic, but don’t let him walk all over you just because he’s used to getting his way with other women.

18) Resisting just makes you seem more interested

Guys can smell desperation from a mile away. If he thinks you’re trying too hard to make him like you, he’ll be able to tell. Think about the last time you met a girl who seemed to be vying for your attention.

What did you think of her?

You probably thought she was desperate and kind of annoying, right? Well, a guy is no different. If he thinks you want him too much, it’s going to make him run in the other direction.

19) Let him know he can trust you.

A guy will find you memorable and fall for you when he sees that you’re honest and trustworthy. 

Be true to your word and don’t be afraid to have that serious conversation about what he’s doing if you feel like he’s being dishonest or secretive. 

You don’t have to be his conscience, but he needs to know that you’re there for him when he needs to talk.

20) Be proud of who you are and what you stand for.

Guys love a challenge, but they also love a girl who knows what she wants in life and this will make you stand out in his memory. 

Don’t be afraid to disagree with him if you don’t like something he says or does. 

You don’t have to be aggressive or insulting about it, but he needs to know that you’re proud enough to stand up for your beliefs. 

He’ll respect you more for it and he’ll definitely fall for you all the more.

21) Let him see that you have a life of your own.

It’s important to be a good match for the guy you’re dating, but it’s also important to be the kind of person who can weather the storm even when you’re not dating anyone at all. 

Don’t let him see you as someone who is always looking for someone else to make you happy. 

Let him know that you’re capable of making your own happiness and he’ll see you as someone he can’t live without. 

When you show him that you’re confident and comfortable around him, he’ll see you as someone who’s worth committing to. 

Enjoy the interaction

When you meet someone new, it’s easy to get caught up in how to impress him and stand out in his memory. 

It’s normal to feel insecure when you first start dating someone new. 

With so much pressure on our appearance these days, it can be hard not to wonder if the guy you like sees you as just another notch on his bedpost. 

And while there’s no amount of reassurance that will stop those fears from creeping up, there are some things you can do to make it clear to him how special he is to you. 

A guy will fall for you when he sees a girl who’s confident enough in herself not to need validation from him; who isn’t afraid to be herself around him; and who challenges him at every turn. 

But remember it’s important to think of what he needs and how you can make him feel. 

The better your man feels around you, the better he will treat you and the relationship. 

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