15 physical traits that Scorpios find irresistible

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If you’re wondering what physical traits Scorpios find irresistible, you’ve come to the right place.

Being a Scorpio myself, I also happen to be married to a Scorpio which is why I can tell you with certainty what we find attractive.

First, we’ll look at what male Scorpios like, then we’ll take a look at what female Scorpios find attractive.

Let’s get started:

1) Scorpio men prefer a more natural look

The majority of Scorpio men generally prefer a more natural look on a woman.

This means that they don’t like it when a woman wears too much makeup; they hate a fake tan; they don’t like too much grooming; they don’t like clothes that are too revealing, and don’t get me started on botox and plastic surgery.

This isn’t to say they don’t like attractive women. They like women who are attractive naturally and don’t need too much help – or at least – women who don’t seem like they’ve spent too much time in front of the mirror.

2) They find women with higher voices irresistible

We might not know exactly why, but research shows that Scorpios and men, in general, find women with higher voices more attractive.

This is probably related to the fact that higher-pitched voices are perceived as being more youthful.

Men might be biologically programmed to find a youthful partner because it means that they have a higher chance of passing their genes on to their children if they’re with a younger woman.

3) They are drawn to women wearing red

Red is a powerful color, especially when it comes to attraction.

If you want to make an impression on a Scorpio, wear something red.

Studies have found that men associate the color red with romance and sex, and many men find women more attractive when they are wearing red.

This attraction could be due to the fact that red is a powerful color that often stimulates emotions – including passion and attraction.

Whatever the reason, the color red can have a positive impact on a first date and make it more likely that the man will see you as an attractive partner.

To maximize the positive impact of the color, choose a shade of red that suits your skin tone and makes you look radiant.

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4) They like a middle-sized bust

Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t better. When it comes to bust sizes, Scorpio men like something in the middle.

They don’t like flat chests but they don’t like anything too large – certainly not fake.

What’s more, most Scorpio men are actually “ass” men, so breasts aren’t that important.

5) They like facial symmetry

Scorpio men love women with facial symmetry. They are very attracted to people who have both sides of their faces evenly shaped and formed.

This is because humans are naturally drawn to symmetry. It is a sign of health and helps us to identify the health of an animal or plant.

When you see a person who has facial symmetry, you know they are healthy and will be able to produce healthy offspring. This is why many people find symmetrical faces to be more attractive. They are made to breed.

Now, many women have one side of their face that is just a little more attractive than the other side. This is normal and even celebrities have this – even if most of us don’t notice it.

But when Scorpios, it turns out that they’re more attracted to women with symmetrical faces.

It is important to remember that facial symmetry doesn’t necessarily mean two perfectly matching halves. It means two halves that are close to being the same in terms of size and shape.

6) They love a woman with large eyes

Men have been drawn to large eyes for thousands of years.

There’s just something irresistible about a woman who looks at you with large eyes – something puppy-like.

If you don’t have large eyes but want to attract a Scorpio, don’t worry.

If you want to catch the attention of the man you are interested in, you should consider getting your eyeliner and eye shadow applied in a way that makes your eyes look larger.

7) They like natural eyebrows

Here’s some advice: If you want to attract a man and make yourself more attractive, stop plucking your eyebrows!

Keep your eyebrows as they naturally are. This is because Scorpio men prefer natural eyebrows over perfectly shaped or even drawn-on eyebrows.

They generally like when women don’t try too hard with their appearance. This includes not overplucking your eyebrows!

Now, you don’t need to let your eyebrows grow out wildly and become unkempt. You just need to pluck the odd eyebrow and leave the rest as nature intended.

Trust me, this can have a positive impact on your appearance and make you more attractive to men.

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8) They like upright and open posture

In our society, we are programmed to believe that confidence is attractive.

But what exactly does confidence look like?

It turns out that confidence is represented through the way that a person holds themselves. More specifically, it is represented through posture.

A confident person will typically have an upright posture that is open and inviting. This suggests that they are comfortable with who they are and are not trying to hide.

Most men are attracted to women who hold themselves like this. This is because it makes them feel comfortable and relaxed.

When you hold yourself confidently, you let the people around you know that you know who you are and where you’re going. This draws people in and makes them want to be around you.

Now let’s see what the ladies like.

9) Female Scorpios like a little stubble on their men

Scorpio women prefer men with a little stubble on their faces.

This zodiac sign is physically and emotionally reserved, and a clean-shaven face just doesn’t say “I’m confident and masculine” like a 5 o’clock shadow does.

This is because women are attracted to masculinity, and stubble is a sign of a man who is confident enough to let his facial hair grow naturally.

This is also why many models or actors who play strong roles have stubble on their faces.

10) They like men with hairy chests

The Scorpio woman likes a man with a hairy chest.

However, the sex appeal of body hair doesn’t end there. Women also like it on a man’s legs and even his arms.

Why do women like body hair? It’s because the hair on a man’s body is a sign of virility and masculinity.

A strong and confident personality coupled with a hairy chest is simply irresistible to Scorpio women.

11) They like guys with muscle definition

Scorpios women like their men in peak physical condition.

They love to stare at beautiful bodies – in the same way, that other zodiac signs like Pisces and Cancer love to stare into another person’s eyes.

They love to explore the human body and see how different people are shaped. This is why women who are ruled by the Scorpio sign love musculature.

Now, this is not to say that you should bulk up so you’re like the Incredible Hulk. Instead, you should focus on maintaining muscle definition.

You should be strong enough to lift heavy things, but also flexible enough to move in various ways that women find attractive.

12) They find scars to be sexy

Scorpio women are often attracted to men with scars.

This is because scars are a sign of a struggle – something that women love.

Scorpios like to look into a person’s past to see where they’ve come from. They like to see what struggles a person has overcome.

Scars are a physical representation of that. Scars also indicate a person’s strength and resilience. After all, scars mean the person has survived an injury that many others could not.

What’s more, scars give men a “bad boy” image and that turns Scorpios on.

If you have scars, don’t be ashamed of them. Let them speak to your past and attract the women you want into your life.

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13) They like tall men

There is a common misconception that tall men are more successful with women. This is false. Tall men can be very attractive to women, but it all depends on the zodiac!

Scorpio women, for example, are more attracted to tall men than women from other zodiac signs.

This is because Scorpios like to feel as though the man is in control and that he can take care of them. A tall man fills this role perfectly.

If you’re a short guy who is interested in dating a Scorpio woman, don’t worry. You can compensate for your lack of height by being extremely confident and authoritative in your interactions with her.

14) They like guys who smell good

One of the most important things that women notice about men is their scent.

This is why women love to smell men who are wearing cologne or deodorant. This is also why women hate it when men wear cologne which is way too strong for them.

When a man wears too much cologne, it can be overwhelming to a woman. It’s like being smothered in a cloud of scent that’s too heavy to breathe in.

Some women are attracted to a man’s natural scent. They like to be able to smell a man’s body odor and know what he smells like naturally. But Scorpios prefer their men smelling fresh and clean and are put off by any hint of sweat.

15) They like men who appear confident

The best way to attract a Scorpio woman is to appear confident in yourself.

This means you should have an air of self-assurance and self-confidence that radiates out of you. This is because Scorpios are a very reserved and private zodiac sign.

They don’t like to open up to people easily and are very selective in who they let into their lives.

If you like a Scorpio woman, you need to approach her. Don’t wait for her to come to you; go to her and introduce yourself. Be bold and confident in what you say to her, and she will find you incredibly attractive.

Why Scorpios are so attractive

Independent and resourceful, with an ability to see things others don’t, they possess a subtle charm that makes them so attractive. But why?

Let’s take a deeper look into the lurid world of the Scorpion…

1) They’re mysterious

Scorpio is a very mysterious sign. Their intense nature and their deep-rooted emotions make them hard to read.

They can be guarded with strangers and may appear overly reserved, though once you’re close to them, you’ll quickly see their true, loyal nature.

They are usually keeping their cards close to their chest, unwilling to reveal all their secrets at once. It can be charming and alluring to have such a person in your life, even if you do get frustrated by how hard they are to crack.

Scorpios are also known to be very selective in who they let into their lives. They prefer to take things slowly, getting to know someone before they fully let them into their private world.

As a result, they often have a smaller group of friends and close relationships in their life, but those people are special and important to them.

2) Loyal to the bitter end

Scorpios are known for their intense loyalty to those they love.

No matter how hard they try to keep to themselves, they will always find themselves involved in someone else’s mess. Their strong emotions will prompt them to act, even if they intended to stay out of it.

Once they care about someone, they will fight for them until the bitter end. They will always have your back, even when you don’t think you need them to.

They are fiercely protective of those they care about and are willing to put their own safety on the line for you.

3) Intelligent and resourceful

Scorpios are known for being intelligent and resourceful, often coming up with creative solutions to life’s problems.

They are very good at problem-solving and have the ability to turn any situation into an advantage.

They are good at reading people, so if you have a problem that needs solving, they’ll likely be able to come up with an appropriate solution for you.

If you’re with a Scorpio and something unexpected happens, you can rest assured that they’ll have a plan for dealing with it.

4) Confident and intense

Scorpios are known for having very intense personalities, especially when it comes to their emotions.

They have no problem being extremely open with their feelings and letting others know what they’re going through. This can be both a blessing and a curse in some relationships.

You see, they want to be able to be open and honest, but they also need to learn when to keep their feelings to themselves.

They can be so intense at times that they overwhelm the people around them.

Scorpios are also extremely confident. They are very good at understanding themselves and know what they want out of life. It’s easy to get caught up in their confidence and find yourself wanting to follow their lead. This can be a good thing if you’re feeling uncertain about your own direction.

5) Protective and possessive

As mentioned above, Scorpios are fiercely protective of their loved ones. They have a strong desire to protect those in their inner circle from danger and harm.

This can sometimes cross the line into being overprotective and possessive, which can be a problem in some relationships.

However, you might find yourself liking their protectiveness and actually appreciating them wanting to keep you safe and close to them.

Scorpios are also very protective of their emotions. They don’t want to be vulnerable, so they are usually careful about who they allow to see their softer side.

They also don’t want you to pry into their feelings or try to solve their problems for them.

Keep in mind that in relationships, they will want to be given their space and won’t appreciate you trying to smother them or control them.

6) They have a dark, magnetic appeal

Scorpios are known for having a dark, magnetic appeal.

They are often drawn to dangerous activities, such as extreme sports, or dark, intense hobbies.

They may also have a dark, intense side to their personality. This can be very attractive to some people and a turn-off to others.

You can’t help but be drawn to them and their mysterious intensity. You’ll likely want to know what makes them tick and what’s going on inside their head.

Scorpios are also good at hiding their emotions. This can make you want to dig deeper, as you’re likely to find something fascinating, even if it’s not always pleasant.

You may also find yourself becoming intensely fixated on them and wanting to know everything about them.

Final thoughts

Scorpios are intense and passionate, with a strong desire to know everything. As such, they are attracted to partners who are just as passionate and intense as they are.

They have an intense drive to succeed at everything they do, that’s why they’re looking for a partner who is confident and assertive, with a strong personality.

They are very passionate lovers and make excellent partners, as they love deeply and intensely.

They can be private, but once you get to know them, you’ll find they are deeply emotional people who are empathetic and compassionate.

If you find yourself attracted to a Scorpio, don’t try to break them out of their shell. Instead, give them time to warm up to you. Once they feel comfortable enough to let you in, you’ll find that you’re with a deeply passionate and loving partner.

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