25 things guys do when they like a girl

You have a very strong feeling that a guy likes you but unless he says it straight to your face, you’d rather not assume he’s head-over-heels in love with you.

No siree!

You’ve been wrong a lot of times before so you know that assuming someone likes you is a recipe for heartbreak.

Don’t blame yourself. Blame men!

They are strange, hard-to-read creatures from hell whose main purpose in life is to make our heads hurt and hearts bleed. But ugh we love them anyway, don’t we?

You’re not alone in this. It’s hard to tell if a guy likes us or we’re just assuming things or they’re just natural-born flirts who we shouldn’t take too seriously.

To help you make a more accurate reading of your guy, here’s a list of things guys do when they are truly (and I mean TRULY) into a girl.

1) You catch him looking at you often

When you turn your head, you catch his gaze.

When you pass by, you know he’s staring at you even if he’s wearing the darkest sunnies ever made.

When you make a presentation, you know whose eyes are glued to you.

Attention is everything when it comes to love and romantic relationships. When we’re into someone, we simply can’t not pay attention!

If you catch him noticing your every move, if you catch him staring at you too many times that it’s impossible to ignore, he might just like you.

Attention is the #1 sign of attraction. Even the natural born flirts can’t do this to every single girl they like so if he’s eyes are always on you, you gotta be extra special to him.

2) He gives you a lingering stare

So you are already aware that this guy stares at you a lot but one other thing to note is the length of his stare.

Is it a sticky, sultry, I-wanna-rip-your-clothes-off kind of stare?

You don’t have to count the seconds he stares at you like this is rocket science. You will just feel it. No, this isn’t some sort of fluffy BS. There’s a science behind this “you can just feel it” thing.

You can feel it in your fingers and toes when someone stares at you a second or more longer because the average time that people get comfortable with eye contact is only 3 seconds long. It will make you a little uncomfy but a little warm and tingly, too.

Aside from the length of his stare, here’s a more in-depth observation of how a man looks at a woman he loves. Pay close attention to how you feel when you lock eyes.

3) He singles you out

If your guy does the two things above but he does it to almost every girl, then honey, maybe he’s just the kind of guy who stares hard at anything.

Or he probably just sees you as a friend (he’s probably an empath or he’s naturally friendly) or you got yourself a flirt who just probably wants to score a lot of girls.

However, if you feel like he does these cute things only to you and absolutely no one else, then maybe you’re not delusional. Maybe this guy has brewing feelings for you!

Next time, pay attention to how he treats other girls and compare it to how he treats you. Notice if there’s a stark difference in the level of attention and affection.

4) He unconsciously mirrors your actions

You notice something weird.

It seems like when you cross your arms, he crosses his arms too. Or maybe it’s you who’s copying his moves? It’s as if you’re just in sync! And you drink your coffee and touch your faces at the same time, too.

He even laughs the same way you do now. Kinda. It’s just a feeling.

Mirroring is when an individual unconsciously copies the other person’s actions as they’re trying to establish a more intimate connection. It happens a lot in day-to-day interactions but it’s especially more obvious when two people are trying to vibe with each other, especially if one or both are HSPs.

5) He finds a way to touch you

He gives you a high five for a job well done.

He nudges you to say “look at that guy making a fool of himself” instead of just saying it.

He gets an inch too close that sometimes your arms touch but only very slightly that you’re not even sure if it actually happened.

Poor guy. He’s trying his best to stop himself but it seems like he just can’t help it!

He is probably dying to hold your hands.

6) He either talks too much or talks too little around you

He’s nervous when you’re around and you notice it because he starts to:

  • Blabber nonsense. He’d talk so fast it’s hard to decipher his words, jumps from one topic to the next, and stutters like a teenage boy. Sometimes he’d even try to sound cool but ends up sounding like a pretentious prick.
  • Not say a word. He just waits for the ground to open up and swallow him because your presence is too overwhelming for him and he’d rather not talk than look foolish.

If a guy is really into you, he will not be himself when you’re around. That’s a guarantee.

7) He asks you a lot of questions

He wants to know all the things about you that you’ll start to wonder if he’s a hired detective.

He wants to know what you had for breakfast.

He wants to know if you’ll go to your friend’s party (because he won’t go if you won’t).

He wants to know if you believe in horoscopes (because you’re the perfect match).

8) He is especially curious about your relationship status

When you finally have the time to be alone together, the first thing that a guy who’s interested in you would like to know is if you’re in a relationship.

He’d be relieved if you aren’t. If you’re in a relationship though, he’d still pry a little and ask questions if you’re happy (you know, so he can assess if he has a chance with you).

He’d ask it in a very nonchalant manner, of course…as if his happiness doesn’t depend on it.

9) He becomes an instant gentleman when you’re around

Everyone knows that he doesn’t give a damn about opening doors and offering seats and standing up when you leave but it’s as if he’s possessed by an angel when you’re around.

All of a sudden, he’s Mr. Nice Guy. His friends notice it too!

10) He teases you a lot

According to a study, some people use friendly antagonism (aka teasing and a bit of bullying) to establish a deeper connection.

He is also probably testing if your sense of humor matches because according to another study, a compatible sense of humor is crucial for long-term relationships.

Be careful though. Don’t force yourself to laugh and be okay even if you’re not comfortable with his jokes.

You gotta set healthy boundaries especially with romantic prospects or else you’ll have a toxic relationship.

11) He remembers details about you

Big stuff, small stuff. He remembers them all!

You find it flattering that someone could actually remember what you said three months ago or what you wore last week.

He also remembers almost everything you tell him, especially the things you love and hate. He will make sure that you’ll get the stuff you love and protect you from the stuff you hate.

12) He likes and hearts your posts

When you post something — even if it’s something totally mundane like your feet or your favorite ice cream — you always get a like or heart reaction from this guy.

Sometimes, in his attempt to get your attention, he might even choose an angry emoji just to be different from everyone else.

You feel his presence online and offline.

13) He tries hard to look for things you have in common

You mention that you like gore movies.

He then tries really hard to think of a gore movie he watched and says he likes the genre too (even though it will become obvious later that he’s just saying that to connect with you).

He will find those things you both share and try to highlight them because a guy who likes you will try with all his might so that you’ll be compatible.

14) His friends seem to know that he likes you

When you pass by or enter a room, things get a little tense.

They either get instantly quiet or they nudge the guy or they change the topic quickly. This looks like it’s something from a 90s campus flick but it’s like this in real life, too.

His friends even tease you both a little that it sometimes gets a little awkward.

15) He insists to pay for your drink

Or coffee, or sandwich, or cinema tickets, or life insurance.

Okay, maybe not life insurance but he’s always trying to offer you stuff and say it’s nothing. As if he’s as rich as Bill Gates or smth!

He does this because he wants to make you smile in little ways. Most of all, it will make him feel good.

16) He is more than willing to do favors for you

This is like #15 but more like an act of love.

If you have to leave town, you can guarantee that he’d say yes if you ask him to take care of your cat. He’d even water your plants.

17) He seems aloof

Sometimes, because he’s nervous around you, he could get a little distant.

He would seem like he doesn’t care about you at all. But it’s the total opposite. He could be overcompensating his feelings because he’s afraid he’d be too obvious.

Or it could be that you’re talking to another guy and he feels jealous.

Or there’s something you said that he took personally because he cares so much what you think.

18) He tries to dominate group convos

When you’re around, that is. He wants to be the center of attention. He wants other people to like him so you will see he’s interesting, funny, smart — in other words, that he’s a catch!

This might turn you off a little but that’s what men do if the girl they like is around. Just roll your eyes and be comforted by the fact that if you’ll actually be together, this won’t happen very often because this isn’t his natural state.

19) He tries to be your hero

The hero instinct is when a guy tries to take care of you and be your sort of savior.

Yep, despite the whole #metoo movement and women empowerment, men still want to feel like they’re our hunters and protectors.

This isn’t really bad. I guess it is just what it is. Sometimes, we women want to feel like we’re being protected and taken care of, don’t we?

If your guy always wants to see you happy and he’s willing to do anything to save you from trouble and misery, chances are he’s into you.

20) He checks your reaction

Someone makes a joke about him? He laughs and gives the other guy a high five… then he looks at you.

Someone drops sad news? He sighs and says a little prayer…then looks at you.

Someone flirts with him? His eyes will find you to check if you’re bothered by it.

21) He gives you gifts

It could be as subtle as ordering your favorite cake and sharing it with everyone in the room.

It could be as obvious as a gift wrapped in a cute wrapper. Of course, he will also give gifts to your other friends so it won’t be too obvious!

He will find ways to give you stuff you like because more than trying to win your heart, a guy who truly likes you would feel so happy just knowing he can make you happy.

22) He jokes about his feelings

He jokes about you being together —  that he’ll be the father of your children and that you will have 50 grandchildren. He is doing this to check your reaction.

You wouldn’t say these “jokes” to someone you are repulsed by, would you? It will make you cringe.

You also wouldn’t want to hear it from someone you totally don’t like, either. It will make you cringe.

He will bombard you with these jokes to test if you’re not repulsed by him and the idea of you being together. It’s also a good strategy to plant lovey-dovey images in your head.

It’s so effective that I wonder why not too many guys use this to test a girl’s level of interest.

23)  He always wants to stay a little bit longer

You’ve been working on a project, and now it’s done. But he says he wants to discuss a bit more because there’s something he’s still not sure about and 1000 other excuses.

He’s walking you home and your home is just around the block. So he suggests you grab a quick bite first.

You say goodnight, he says “oh wait…”

He just wants more and more time with you.

24) He laughs at your jokes (even if they’re awful)

Look, you’re self-aware so you know you’re not really some Amy Schumer or Ali Wong but you take your chances anyway.

You tell a joke and everyone gives out a weak laugh except your guy. Your guy is laughing so hard as if he totally gets your joke.

He wants your attention. He wants to make you feel like the two of you connect. He’s just super into you and if we’re into someone, we’re on a high and everything they do is cute.

25) He asks about your life plans

He wants to know how you imagine your future because he somehow wants to know if he can be a part of it.

Hey, we don’t really ask these questions to people we don’t give a sh*t about.

Now, a guy could ask these questions in a friendly way, of course. But if he does a lot of the things above and also gets curious about your life plans like his life depends on it, then he’s totally into you and might be very serious about his feelings for you.

So.there you have it. The subtle and not-so-subtle things guys do when they’re in love.

If you found yourself noddin’ to at least half of the items in this list, then girl, you’re not just delusional. Your guy is totally, absolutely, 100%-ly into you!

This means…hallelujah! You can now flirt back without hesitation and even make the first move because he might be dying to be with you but is just hiding it.

Go claim this guy and if you’re too shy for it, at least claim the fact that you’re one hot lass and you’re not just imagining it. The guy you like totally digs you!

Wrapping Up

Understanding the signs of a guy’s interest can be as complex as decoding a secret language, but armed with these insights, you’re better equipped to gauge his feelings.

Remember, actions often speak louder than words, so trust your instincts and the behaviors you observe.

If you’ve ticked off many items on this list, chances are high that he’s genuinely into you.

So, feel empowered to reciprocate those feelings or take the lead. After all, recognizing mutual attraction is the first step towards building something beautiful together.

Embrace this knowledge and whatever decision you make, do it with confidence and joy.

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