20 ways to tell if a girl likes you over Facetime

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When you head out on a date with a girl, there are so many different ways to tell if you’re a good match for each other.

You order the same drinks.

She touches your arm.

Her eyes never break contact with you.

But, a date over Facetime can be much harder to read.

There’s no touching, the eye contact is harder to notice, and you’re both miles apart.

Of course, this makes things much harder when it comes to working out whether or not she likes you. Harder, but not impossible.

The same visual clues are there for you to pick up on, as long as you know what you’re looking for.

Here are 20 signs to tell whether a girl likes you over Facetime

1) She initiates the conversation

If she’s the one to call you first or arrange the call, then it’s a good sign that she’s interested in you.

If there weren’t any feelings there, she wouldn’t give the time to meet you over Facetime. Life’s far too busy for that!

It’s a well-known fact that many girls will wait for you to call them first. It’s one of those games that gives them the confidence that you’re into them from the get-go.

So, if a girl is breaking this to be the one to call you first, it’s because she’s interested. Not only that, but she’s not afraid to let you know either. Take it as a great sign.

2) The conversation lasts

There’s nothing worse than jumping on the phone with a girl you like, only for the conversation to go stale early on.

Unlike being out in a pub, there are no distractions of other people around you that can give you that breathing space while you collect your thoughts. You’re very much put on the spot when it comes to Facetime.

So if you find that the conversation flows and none of these awkward moments arise, then you’re onto something good.

There’s definitely some chemistry there nudging the conversation in the right direction.

Girls can be very chatty by nature. But they become even more chatty with those they trust. If you’ve gained her trust and she’s chatting away to you, then you can guarantee that there are some feelings there.

Let’s face it: Initial conversations with women can be tough. However, you can turn a potentially awkward moment into a moment of connection simply by finding common ground with them.

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3) She laughs a lot

A girls’ laughter is very much music to a guy’s ear. She thinks you’re funny!

And there’s good reason for that as well. The truth is, people tend to laugh more when they’re feeling happy and what to show you’re interested. While your joke was probably very funny, there’s a lot more going on when you hear a girl laugh.

She might actually be trying to let you know just how she feels about you.

Laughter can also be a sign of nervousness, which is once again, a good indication she’s interested in you.

The only reason she’s feeling so nervous around you is because she likes you, she has a lot to lose if she says or does the wrong thing (at least in her eyes).

When it comes down to it, laughter is a good thing. Even if your joke actually wasn’t that funny to begin with…

4) She teases you

It’s one of the first things we are all taught about boys and girls: if they tease you, it’s because they like you.

Well, guess what, it’s entirely true!

If your girl is teasing you on the phone and poking fun at you where she can, it’s because she feels comfortable with you and knows you won’t take it to heart.

She knows that you’re going to be OK with that and it makes her feel comfortable with you.

Teasing is also reserved for good friends. You don’t tease someone you don’t know as you can never be too sure how they’ll take it.

By teasing you, she’s trying to let you know exactly how she feels about you. Take it as a great sign!

5) She tells you so

It’s one of the most obvious signs there is, but one we don’t always trust.

If a girl openly tells you she likes you, then you should listen to her. Part of you may not trust it. You might even question whether she’s just teasing you.

But the truth is, feelings aren’t something you normally tease about. The only reason she would be opening her feelings up to you is because she wants you to know and she wants you to respond.

She may not say she likes you but perhaps another variation of the same words. Listen out for any of the following comments from her:

  • I really care about you
  • You’re important to me
  • You’re special to me

6) She flirts with you

Flirting isn’t something that has to be reserved for the in-person dates. It can happen during Facetime as well.

The signs are often more subtle, so it helps to pay close attention. Here are some of the things you should be on the lookout for:

  • Does she get extra giggly during conversations?
  • Does she dress up for your video calls?
  • Does she allude to getting undressed over the video calls?
  • Does she give you sly looks through the conversation?
  • Does she try and arrange to meet up in person?

These are all signs of flirting. Plus, there are so many more to think about. It’s about trusting your gut instinct when it comes to this one.

Recognize the flirting for what it is and understand it’s a good sign when it comes to whether or not a girl likes you.

If she doesn’t like you, she won’t waste her time flirting with you.

7) She asks personal questions

Think about where your conversation goes.

Does she ask personal questions about your life? More importantly, does she dig deeper with more questions?

It’s normal on first dates to ask questions about friends and family as you try and get to know each other. It’s all part of that initial process.

But, if she’s digging deeper and seems genuinely interested and wants to know more, then it’s a good indication that she likes you.

Even more so if she starts questioning your past/current relationship status and what you’re looking for in a relationship.

She’s sizing you up and trying to work out whether you’re a potential boyfriend or a waste of time. The only reason she’s going to these lengths is because she likes you.

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8) She shares a lot about her personal life

While she’s happy to ask you about your own personal life, she’s just as happy to share information about her own personal life.

It’s one thing to do the asking and another entirely to do the answering.

If she’s willing to share all this information, it’s because she wants you to know her better. She likes you and wants to share all the small details with you, so you can work out if a relationship is a possibility.

It can help to ask her some more personal questions to see if she will open up. She may be willing to share and just waiting for the perfect opportunity to do so.

It never hurts to ask. And you’ll work out how she feels about you when she gives her answer.

A girl who’s not interested will keep things short and sharp and never delve into anything too personal. She isn’t willing to let her guard down with you and doesn’t want to give you the opportunity to get to know her.

9) She’s always open to having the video on

If a girl is happy to Facetime you and turns on the video each and every call, then it’s a very good sign that she has feelings for you.

Girls can be quite guarded when it comes to showing off their looks — especially when it’s on short notice.

When you go on a physical date, she has time to get dressed, do her makeup, and get comfortable before she sees you. She doesn’t always get that time when it comes to a Facetime call.

The fact that she is still happy to answer with the video shows that she has let her guard down when it comes to you. She likes you and is sending that message.

10) She asks you out

There’s only so far you can get with Facetime dating.

At some point, you need to make the call about whether this relationship is going somewhere and whether or not you should both meet up in person. She might make that call for you and go ahead and ask you out.

This is a sure sign that she’s interested in you. Not only that, but she wants you to know it as well.

11) She blinks fast

This is one of those more obscure body language signs that can help you determine whether or not she likes you.

Does she blink fast while talking or while you’re talking?

Blinking slowly is actually a sign of disinterest.

On the other hand, blinking fast is a sign of stress. In this case, it’s likely excitement or nervousness around you, which indicates that she’s interested in you.

12) She’s blushing

This is one of those old-school signs that might remind you of the movies.

When the girl goes bright red when the guy asks her out.

Blushing is caused by a release of adrenaline and cortisol hormones. This happens when people feel excited, nervous, embarrassed, or stressed.

When it comes to a Facetime call, it’s safe to say she’s probably feeling a bit nervous talking to you because she has feelings for you. This causes her to blush — something she can’t control. Yet, a great indication for you!

In fact, she might notice the same on your face depending on how you feel.

13) She can’t stop smiling

Take a pause during your conversation to notice her facial expressions. Is she grinning from ear to ear?

It’s important to be able to recognize a genuine smile from one that she’s putting on simply to be polite. As a general rule, a genuine smile causes crinkling at the sides of the eyes.

If she’s genuinely smiling at you throughout the conversation, it’s a good indication that she likes you.

14) She mirrors you

Mirroring, as the name suggests, is when your movements match each other.

If you’re trying to gauge whether or not she likes you over a Facetime call, then start mirroring her movements. It goes without saying that you want to be as subtle as possible with this one, so it doesn’t look completely put on and awkward.

By mirroring some of her actions, it helps her to feel a lot more comfortable and at ease with you.

Mirroring is a great way to create a connection with her and you can watch how she responds as well. You might notice as she becomes more comfortable, she opens up and lets you in more.

You can also take a look and see whether or not she is mirroring your actions already. It’s often done on a subconscious level and is a sign of strong attraction.

Mirroring can go beyond the body language as well, it could be using similar words and their demeanor as well.

If she’s already mirroring you, then you have your answer. If not, then mirror her to help create that attraction.

15) She bites her lip

It’s one of those things we’ve all found ourselves doing from time to time. Most of the time, without even realizing that we’re doing it.

Biting your lip, even for just a second, is a sure sign that she’s interested in you. It’s a sign of seduction — even if she is doing it subconsciously.

Here are some of the reasons lip biting is such a sure sign of her feelings:

  • It shows suppression of feelings: she’s having a reaction to you and biting her lip is her response.
  • Our lips also react quickly to our surroundings: if she has feelings for you, she’ll feel it in her lips first, which will encourage her to bite them.

Remember, she may only do it for a very quick second, so you have to make sure you’re paying attention for this sign.

16) Head titling

Have you noticed through your conversation that her head slowly tilts more and more to one side?

This shows that she’s not only listening intently to what you’re saying but also that she’s interested in what you have to say.

She’s interested in you.

17) She remembers the little things

If you’ve had a couple of Facetime conversations now (which in itself is a good sign that she likes you), then you might have noticed that she remembers the little things.

She asks about that issue you were having at work and whether it resolved itself. She asks how your family event went on the weekend. She asks how your boys’ night out was the other day.

She remembers all the little things you tell her and she follows up and asks questions about them. This is more than simply being polite.

She has feelings for you and genuinely cares. She’s asking these questions because she’s interested and wants to know.

18) She’s open to meeting up in person

Have you discussed meeting together in person yet?

If not, now’s a good time to do it. There’s only so far you can take a relationship on Facetime before you need to physically be in the same room together to test that connection.

Bring up the possibility of going out on a physical date together and watch for her reaction.

Does she say yes and seem genuinely interested in the idea? Or does she dismiss it and change the conversation?

You’ll know whether or not she likes you and is interested in her reaction.

19) Strong eye contact

This is a great sign that can be seen over a Facetime conversation.

Does she keep eye contact with you while you’re talking? When you look away and look back again, is the eye contact still there?

This eye contact is a strong sign that she likes you. The eyes are the windows into our soul. If she’s not breaking eye contact with you, then take it as a strong message about how she feels.

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20) She makes time for you

How long does your Facetime conversation last? Do you find that you both get talking and lose track of time?

She’s set aside this time and taken it away from other things, which she would only do if she liked you. As we all know, time is very valuable. There’s never enough of it.

If she’s prioritizing you over friends, family, and other things in her life, then it’s a sure sign she likes you. At the same time, the fact you can both keep the conversation flowing for so long is another great sign that there’s a connection there.

If there are one too many awkward silences, then you’ll both end up giving up on the call and hanging up.

If there’s a connection, you’ll always find there’s plenty more to talk about.

Are Facetime dates a good idea?

With technology advancing each and every day, the ways in which we connect with others are constantly changing as well.

There are so many reasons to opt for a Facetime date instead of the traditional meet in-person date:

1) Saves time

Dating can get tiring, as you work out who you click with and who you don’t.

It saves so much time to be able to meet over Facetime and decide whether or not this is a relationship worth pursuing. It means you save the physical dates for those women who have relationship potential with you. It’s a great way to vet along the way.

2) Long-distance

You might meet and connect with a girl who doesn’t live anywhere near you. She could be in a completely different state.

Facetime is the perfect way to date and stay connected despite the distance, so you can work out whether this is something you both want.

3) Saves money

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Dating can also be expensive.

While the tradition of the man always paying on the date is dying out, even contributing to dates (that lead nowhere) is an expensive thing to do.

Thanks to all the apps out there, dating is easier than ever when it comes to meeting people. But going out on a date after date adds up!

It’s much easier to meet over Facetime first before heading out on that first proper date together.

4) Less pressure

Is there anything more nerve-wracking than that first date together?

Choosing what outfit to wear, where to meet her, whether you should bring chocolates or flowers… then you have to constantly think about the conversation and whether or no you’ll click.

5) Easy out

If a date on Facetime isn’t going well, easy.

Simply make an excuse, say your goodbyes, and be done with it. It’s not quite this easy when you’re on a date in person.

Think to all the TV shows where the main character asks someone to call him halfway through the meal in case he needs an excuse to leave. This takes so much more thought and preparation!

Of course, the main drawback is the lack of physical contact, which can be a good indication of whether or not there’s any chemistry between the two of you.

Whether you’re on Facetime through lack of other options (ie, you live too far apart), or have simply chosen this as the easiest way to begin your relationship, there are plenty of ways to work out whether or not you’re a good match.

Make sure you don’t get friend-zoned

Use the signs above to help you work out whether or not a girl likes you. Depending on the answer, you should get working on that in-person date to move things along. Otherwise, you might get friend-zoned.

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