10 ways a guy will act when he knows you like him

Does he know I like him?

If you find yourself asking this question, then you’re looking at the right guide.

In this article, we’ll give you the top 10 things a guy does when he’s got the hints that you like him. Plus, we’ll also answer some FAQs that every girl should know.

If he does all these things listed below, he knows — oh… he knows.

1) He starts talking to you more

If he knows you’re into him and suddenly stops talking to you, take it as a sign that he’s not interested.

But if he tries hard to stretch the conversation with you — or he starts to talk to you out of the blue — well, then that’s a crystal sign he’s into you too.

Guys don’t find the energy to talk to girls they’re not interested in.

If he’s interested, he’ll want to talk to you.

2) He’ll ask you out

If he knows you’re attracted to him the same way he is to you, then it would be more likely that he would ask you out in some way.

He’d suddenly have the confidence to ask you if you wanted to hang out with him or with his friends. You’ll often find this shocking because he’s not the type of person who’d make the first move in an instant.

But because he knows you like him, he now dares to take everything to the next level.

Also, he wants his friends to meet you and see what they think of you, too.

Having said that, he’s starting to ask you to come to parties, hanging out with him during the weekends — get you acquainted with his friends and his lifestyle.

On the contrary, if he doesn’t ask you out and knows that you like him, it can either be a) he doesn’t like you or b) he is still too nervous to ask you out.

There are also other factors to consider here: he might be too busy to plan for a date, he might not be looking for a relationship, he might have a girlfriend at the moment, or he might have decided to just do it in the near future

Therefore, if he doesn’t ask you out but he likes you, you can expect to still see positive signals from him in his body language.

3) He’ll open up to you

Now that he knows that you’re into him too, you can sense that he’s letting his guard down and is not afraid to show his vulnerabilities. That’s because he’s not worried about being rejected anymore.

The truth is, men have an intense fear of rejection. They avoid like a plague — even if that means hiding their true self.

But once he knows that you’re into him, he’d become at ease and start opening up to you.

If a guy does this, he’s serious about wanting to have you in his life.

4) He’s nervous around you

He’s not nervous because he’s terrified of you. He’s nervous because he doesn’t know what to do next now that he knows you like him too.

Do you see him stuttering while talking to you? Does he start saying a *seemingly* bad joke to you? Or do you often catch him mumbling to himself when you’re around?

These are all signs that he’s overthinking things.

And why is he overthinking things? — because he likes you!

But there are two sides of a coin. One possible reason that he becomes nervous even if he’s not attracted to you is that he doesn’t want to upset you or to cause a scene by showing that he doesn’t like you.

In this case, he would show signs that he’s distancing himself from you.

Let’s focus on the flip side now. If he is attracted to you, here are some of the things he’d do that show his nervousness:

  • He rubs his face, arms, legs, neck, or eyes when around you
  • He taps his fingers and feet
  • He avoids holding eye contact for a long period
  • He speaks at a different pitch
  • He touches the front of his neck often
  • He scratches the back of his neck subconsciously

5) He teases you and becomes more flirtatious

Men like to tease the women they’re attracted to — it’s their way of showing affection.

So if he now starts to tease you more often — like playfully touching your shoulder while making a funny face — it’s only a matter of time until this progresses to flirting.

Speaking of flirting, now that he knows you’re into him, he becomes more flirtatious.

He’s not worried about getting rejected or being tagged as a sexual maniac because he thinks you’re comfortable with it (at least up to a certain degree).

So if you notice that he’s being a little more flirtatious — which is good for you — roll with it and see where it goes.

6) He goes out of his way for you

Straight off the bat: If a guy doesn’t like you, he won’t step out of his way to help you. This doesn’t mean he’d bang on the door at you.

He’d still be the gentleman that he is, but he’d do it to everyone. That is, he won’t give you special treatment.

On the contrary, if he liked you, too, he’d do everything to make you feel special when you’re with him.

He will not just open the door for you, but he will also treat you with genuine kindness. And this kindness often extends to how he treats your friends, family, and everyone special to you.

No matter how busy he may be when you ask him to help you with anything, he’d always have time to spare for you.

7) He pulls back

If you find that this guy in question is suddenly pulling back, he probably found out that you like him — and now he’s either scared or simply not interested.

By being distant, we don’t mean he’d completely avoid you.

If his pulling back means he likes you and is scared to do things that might turn you off, then this could be a good sign for you. Remember that even if he’s scared, he would still hang around you.

However, if he stops talking to you after knowing how you feel about him, this could also mean he’s not into you. His silence means that he’s giving you time to shake off the feeling because he can’t return the attraction.

If that is the case, then it would be likely that he would do some, if not all, of these things:

  • He’d cross his arms and/or legs when he notices you
  • He positions himself to be farther away from you
  • He points his feet away from you
  • He doesn’t talk to you or he doesn’t exert effort to continue the conversation when you try to talk to him
  • He’s tight-lipped when you’re talking
  • He looks toward the exit when around you
  • He always avoids eye contact with you
  • He makes sure not to see you when he normally would

8) His body language will speak for itself

This should be the first tip:

When you’re trying to understand what his feelings are, it always helps to look for his body language signals that can all have the same meaning.

Having said that, if you want to figure out whether he knows you like him, look closely at any changes in the way he acts when you’re around.

And if you want to gauge if he likes you too, then make sure to look for multiple body language signals that suggest that he is attracted to you.

For instance, you might notice that his body language is more directed towards you and he’s not shying away from showing it — his body faces you during the conversation, he laughs at your jokes even if you find it corny, and he tries his best not to touch your arm, which he often fails.

Wait, that’s not everything yet. There are still many signs that someone who’s attracted to you would subconsciously do, such as:

  • Always pointing his feet in your direction
  • Pointing his toes upward and raising his eyebrows upon seeing you
  • Making adjustments to his clothing or hair when you’re around
  • Mirroring your body language, like standing with the same stance as you
  • Touching you back when you touch him
  • Standing closer to you when you stand closer to him (or at least not stepping away)
  • Becoming conscious of himself when he is around you
  • Getting defensive when other men are around
  • Paying attention to you more than anyone in the group
  • Looking at your lips when talking to you
  • Glancing in your direction then smiling or quickly looking away when you notice him
  • Touching your feet with his feet

9) He texts you more

If he’s not into you and he knows you like him, he’ll cut the texting to a minimum (often to just focus on the important matters or what he’s texting you about).

But if he’s into you, he’ll make sure to always stay in touch with you either by texting or interacting with you on social media.

I mean, it makes sense, right? He likes you and he knows you’re feeling the same way toward him too.

This makes him feel relaxed and confident that he can do whatever he wants online without being like a creep.

If you find out that this guy is doing his best to stretch the conversation with you, you can be positive that he wants to be with you too.

10) He doesn’t mention other women

If he knows you like him and he isn’t into you, he’ll not hold back from mentioning women he’s attracted to in front of you.

And this doesn’t always mean he’s being rude; he’s just subtly hinting at you that he’s not interested in you.

So, if he’s doing this, save yourself from heartache and find another guy to focus your attention on.

However, if he’s careful not to mention women at all because he knows you like him, this could mean he’s attracted to you too.

He’s doing this because he doesn’t want to have the impression that he likes someone else.

By showing that he’s not interested in other women, he’s giving you hints that his only focus is you.

The bottom line:

Sometimes, knowing whether someone likes you or not doesn’t have to take reading some clues — because you can feel it.

You know when someone knows you like him and that he likes you too because you can feel it in your bones.

It can be the way he looks at you or the tension you feel when he’s around. The point is, you can get the feeling.

You just have to listen to yourself.  And when you do, don’t second-guess your intuition — it’s usually right.

Now if he’s also doing the things mentioned above, then your question has been answered — he knows, girl!

All you can do now is play it cool and let him take the wheel.


How will a shy guy act if he knows that you like him?

If he is also attracted to you, he would show signs of attraction (stated in number 8).

If he does show those signs, then it’s positive that he also has feelings for you.

But since he’s a shy guy, he may not be keen on asking you for a date. It’s either you will wait until he musters enough courage to ask you out or you’d go ahead and make the first move instead.

What does it mean if he’ll act the same?

One possible way that he will act after knowing you like him is that he will act the same as if he doesn’t know.

If this is the case, then he either a) likes you but only as a friend, b) likes you too but is shy to ask you out, or c) doesn’t feel the same attraction toward you.

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