What are the key twin flame physical separation signs?

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When you first discover that you are a twin flame, it can feel like the most magical thing in the world. You might even spend days just thinking about your other half and how much you love them. 

This blissful state of affairs won’t last forever, however. At some point, you and your twin flame might need to spend time apart.

This is when many twin flames struggle with the physical separation and wonder whether it means they are not meant to be together forever. Here we explore some key twin flame physical separation signs to help give you peace of mind during this challenging time…

1) You have no control over your emotions

Here’s the truth: 

The physical separation will bring up feelings of extreme sadness and loss. You are going to feel lonely, frustrated, and even angry. 

These feelings will come and go without any warning and without any reason. You might even start blaming all those around you for your emotional state.

Especially in twin flame relationships, you are going to experience intense feelings of love and infatuation. It is these feelings that often cause the most amount of distress when you are apart.

You might go through stages where you feel single and lonely and then you might feel an overwhelming desire to be with your twin flame. You may even have dreams or lucid visions that keep reminding you of your twin flame.

You can try to minimize the negative impact of physical separation on you, but the truth is that it’s simply not going to work. Sooner or later you are going to have to accept that you are going through this phase and that this is what it’s all about. 

2) You constantly feel unsettled

Little things like being in a crowd of people or being in a place where there is too much noise can cause you to feel unsettled.

Changes in the weather can definitely throw you off-guard and make you feel anxious.

This is all perfectly normal. 

Accept it, learn to deal with it, and don’t let it bother you.

Let’s face it:

Your twin flame is not going to suddenly rush back into your life when things go bump in the night or when you really need them. This isn’t how relationships work. They are built on trust, communication, and understanding. 

Try not to take physical separation as a sign that something is wrong between yourself and your twin flame – because nothing could be further from the truth! 

One of the reasons you feel unsettled after separation is because your twin flame has taken on some of these feelings from you as well. 

They are doing their best to keep tabs on things for your benefit after all (they know what’s best for both of you). 

There’s no need for either of you to feel worried about this…just relax, put on some tunes (or better yet watch some truly amazing videos), and get yourself through this phase!

3) You feel constantly triggered by things around you

There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is that you are still consciously or unconsciously aware of your twin flame’s presence in your life. 

Almost every time you notice something that reminds you of them, you will feel some sort of emotional response. This will happen even when there is no physical significance to the event.

So, here’s the deal: 

The effect your twin flame has on you is rather unique and is not likely something that will ever go away. In most cases, it’s not a bad thing unless you let it get to you and become a negative force in your life.

You are still sensitive to the energies of your twin flame even after separation, so if this is a problem for you – which I’m guessing it isn’t – then don’t focus on “what shouldn’t be there” or the way things are used to be (as much as you might like to). 

Instead, just accept that those feelings are there and try to learn to cope with them. 

4) You don’t feel a strong connection anymore

OK, I know what you’re thinking: “How can I lose a connection with my twin flame when I can’t still with them?”

We all go through this phase at one point or another, even if it’s only temporary. Your feelings for your twin flame will likely diminish over time, but they will definitely continue to be there and they will also manifest physically as well. 

This is one of the reasons why talking to someone who can relate is so valuable – you can simply listen to what your twin flame has to say and ask them if you are imagining things or not.

The good news is that once you have grown beyond this phase and have returned to a more mature level of energy – even if it takes a while – you’ll be able to feel “whole” again. 

You aren’t going anywhere (you aren’t going anywhere) and everything will feel back in place. You just need some time on your own.

Want to know the best part?

You can get help from a gifted advisor, who can help you navigate this process and make it easier for you to feel whole again. 

But the thing is, they won’t make any rules or try to force you into doing anything. They will simply support you through this phase and help get you back on your feet even if it takes a while.

There are many gifted psychics out there but personally, I recommend spending time with someone who is a certified energy balancing expert. Psychic Source is one of the few I can personally recommend and you can visit them by clicking here.

5) Your intuition will be tingling

Trust me, this process of going through this separation can be extremely painful and almost unbearable at times. 

Your intuition will be warning you non-stop and it will keep getting stronger as time goes by. Since you’re going through this transition, your intuition will be especially powerful. 

You might even have a weird feeling that someone is being near you without ever seeing them or hearing their voice – this can be so strong and weird that at times, it feels like someone is following behind you or just trying to talk to you.

This is one way of telling you that it’s time to pay attention to your intuition and trust it (but please don’t believe everything that comes out of your head).

Once again, I don’t want to make any rules because this may not apply to everyone, but the bottom line is: trust yourself because your intuition will tell you when the time has come for something new to happen in your life. 

You and your twin flame will eventually reconnect after you’ve gone through the process and you’ll notice that everything in your relationship will change (both now and in the future) simply because you have become more sensitive to energies around you. 

You’re no longer acting like a puppet who belongs to someone else – instead, you’re acting of your own free will and start moving toward your own destiny.

6) You’ll have vivid dreams 

Another sign of twin flame physical separation is that you might start having vivid dreams. These dreams usually involve your twin flame, because it represents the depths of your being and the love you need.

You’ll start having intense dreams in which you’ll be in a forest, walking with an angel/deva/spirit guide or with your twin flame . . .

You’ll have these dreams again and again until you realize that it’s really him/her talking to and for you in your dreams.  

According to The Secret Teachings of All Ages, dreams are an opportunity to connect with your soul and remember the things you’ve forgotten.

The dream and the reality will become one and this is how your soul will be communicating with you and reminding you that it’s still alive after all these years. 

Your soul doesn’t forget, it only forgets about the material world – because it’s so wrapped up in its own journey, but that doesn’t mean that your twin flame has forgotten about you.

7) You struggle to concentrate at work or school

Of course, this stage will affect you at work and in school, but the major problem will be that you simply don’t want to do anything.  

You feel like there’s “something else” that’s holding you back from accomplishing things. You’re so sure that if you just went ahead and did what you wanted to do, your life would turn out differently, but of course, it won’t because that action does not compromise your soul plan (which is exactly what we want).  

The twin flame represents the spiritual part of your being that represents growth and expansion – its nature is to always transform itself into the next level of growth – it wants to grow towards the full expression of its divine nature.

But the good news is:

This is your chance to start your own spiritual journey because you can’t be in your highest expression of your divine self while still being attached to the material world.  

Sure, you can read a lot and do some yoga and meditation (which are important), but you need to get on with your own soul plan, by doing something that will help you grow in spiritual growth.

The more you follow your soul plan, the more relaxed will be the resistance inside of you about changing jobs or leaving school.  

And when you reconnect with your twin flame, you’ll naturally make decisions that will allow you to follow your soul plan.  

8) It feels like an aching void in your heart

Twin flame relationships are different from other normal relationships.  

It’s not just about two people who get along or two people in love with each other, it’s about two souls who are seeking each other and know that they have to have one another. 

This is the time when your heart will ache and feel empty because your twin flame is no longer with you.

You may feel like you’re missing someone, that you want to see them again, that you want to hold them in your arms. You may feel a deep sorrow from being separated from this soul.

Keep in mind that time heals all things and that time will pass.  You will be able to start to move on and you can feel more of your lost twin flame in your life.

Keep going, follow your soul plan and soon you will reconnect with them!

Final thoughts

Twin flame physical separation is one of the most confusing stages in any twin flame relationship. Because, while you’re going through it, you’re not sure if you’ll ever see your twin flame again and that can be extremely painful.

But I don’t want to make any rules, because what I’ve described here might not apply to everybody.

Some people will experience physical separation for a short time and some won’t experience anything at all. But those who go through this stage will always eventually reconnect with their twin flame.

See this separation as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your soul. You may be going through a transformation process that is helping you to grow into the next level of your soul development so that you can become more aligned with your twin flame.

I have recommended a few things that you can do to transform your physical separation experience into a more positive one. Including speaking with the gifted psychics who offer remote viewing and telepathy sessions. This will help you to connect with your twin flame even when you’re apart

They not only have the ability to see and communicate with your twin flame, but they can also guide you and provide insight into the type of things that you should be doing while you’re apart.

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Together, we will make this separation experience into one that allows you to truly grow and become a better person.

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