25 twin flame confirmation signs to look out for

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Twins flames are two people who are connected in some way that’s beyond the scope of ordinary friendship. 

They have a deeper connection than most people share. Recognizing your twin flame is not easy and it can be even more challenging when you don’t know what to look for. 

When you meet someone who makes your heart skip a beat, it might be because that person is your twin flame. Here are 25 signs to look out for if you think someone might be your twin flame:

1) You’re instantly aware of their presence

I bet it has happened to you that you felt the change in atmosphere in a room when someone special enters. This is not your imagination, it’s there because you have an innate and deep connection with them.

You can feel their presence whenever they are around. If you find yourself feeling awkward and nervous when a certain person is around, it could be because of this reason. Your soul recognizes them and becomes alert instantly.


A twin flame connection is a soul connection and not a mind-based connection. You react to your twin flame’s presence even before your mind knows about it. 

The reason for this is that your soul recognizes its counterpart in another person and becomes alert and ready to communicate with that person as soon as they are together.

2) You feel an intense pull toward each other

According to the twin flame definition, you and your twin flame are two parts of one soul who involuntarily seek each other to reunite.

This pull is so strong that you feel like you’re pulled by a force that’s beyond your control. You feel like there’s something inside you that’s pulling you to this person.

You feel this intense pull toward each other because your souls need to reunite. Your souls will continue trying to reach out to each other until they finally find their way back home.

It doesn’t matter if the person reciprocates your attraction or not, the pull toward them is there because of the soul connection between you and them.

3) You can have deep conversations for hours without running out of things to talk about

Have you ever met someone who keeps you engaged and interested even after a long day of interaction? 

It is not a coincidence if you’re drawn to deep conversations with your twin flame. You can talk about anything for hours without running out of things to say.

Your twin flame will never bore you because they share your interests and thoughts. Their soul resonates with yours and this allows you to have a deep connection.

This is different from the kind of conversations you have with random people because they don’t share the same wavelength as you do.

When you find yourself so easily transported into a conversation, it could be because your twin flame is there. 

They keep the conversation flowing naturally because they know what type of relationship would work best for the two of you just by being together in the right setting!

4) You feel like you’ve known each other before, even if you’ve just met

Here’s the truth: 

If you feel like you’ve known your twin flame for a really long time even if the two of you have just met, it could be because the relationship between your souls is more ancient than the Earth itself!

The connection between your twin flame and yourself is so strong that it feels as though you’ve been together for many lifetimes. 

You may start to wonder whether anyone else in this world could ever understand you better than your twin flame. The answer is no because only they can truly grasp what’s inside of you.

This sense of familiarity is also one of the main signs that will disclose the presence of a twin flame connection!

5) There is a feeling of euphoria when you’re together, almost like a high

Of course, nobody wants to spend time with someone who is gloomy, depressed, and constantly complaining about their problems. This feeling of euphoria when you’re around your twin flame shows that the two of you are a perfect match. 

You can get high from your twin flame’s presence if you feel like something truly extraordinary is taking place between the two of you. 

When feelings of euphoria ensue, this is an indication that you have been destined to be together in a relationship because your souls have always been attached!

But sometimes you might confuse these feelings for something else because the circumstances around you may not always be ideal. 

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6) You dream about your twin flame frequently

One of the signs that will disclose the presence of a twin flame connection is that you dream about them frequently. After all, you and your twin flame share the same soul, so why wouldn’t you dream about them?

These dreams will show you what direction your life is taking and what choices to make. They are also a great way for you to see bits and pieces of your future together as a couple!

So, if these dreams are coming true in real life, this is an indication that something extraordinary is happening to you. 

If these dreams have been happening for quite some time now and they haven’t been coming true yet, then it means that they’ll happen soon. 

These kinds of dreams only tend to manifest when there’s a strong connection between two people.

7) Your intuition tells you that this person is very important to you

Trust your intuition, especially when it comes to your twin flame. It’s not just a feeling – it’s a way for you and your higher self to communicate with you!

If you feel as if someone is approaching you and they’re going to change your life, then they probably are.

Your intuition will usually be very subtle at first because it doesn’t want to blow its own horn. So, the next time you find yourself doubting what it’s telling you, just listen carefully and pay attention to the signs that this person is giving off. 

You may even have dreams about them before meeting them in person!

8) You feel very comfortable in your own skin when you’re around them

This is a common twin flame confirmation sign.

I know that it’s not easy to feel comfortable around someone you don’t know very well.

However, if you find that you feel as if everyone else is an impostor, but they somehow make you feel like the real deal, then this connection might be something amazing! 

Because you two share the same interconnected soul, it makes sense that you’ll feel comfortable around one another.

9) This person makes you a better version of yourself without trying

Sounds weird, right?

But it’s a phenomenon that thousands of twin flame couples have experienced at one time or another.

You’ll find that you’re more present and alert with this person than you are with anyone else. You don’t have to try hard to enjoy his company, because they make you feel happy and comfortable. 

But, don’t forget – this is simply your soul trying to communicate with you! It doesn’t mean that you’ve died and gone to heaven – it means that you’ve found love! 

10) You have incredible chemistry

As I’ve mentioned above, there’s a very strong connection between a twin flame. This is why they have great chemistry with each other.

Sometimes, this connection can be so strong that it can only be contained by two bodies.

But if you’ve ever had that experience where you just felt like your partner was the perfect person for you and there’s nobody else on Earth who could ever fill that void in your life, then this is the connection between twin souls!

Many times, this feeling comes instantly, and it’s very powerful.

11) You feel like you’ve known them before

Twin flame couples often feel like they’ve known each other for years upon years before they actually meet. 

Let’s dig a little deeper:

We can have one twin flame in our life, so a bond that is created once you meet your twin can be really strong.

Just imagine how many times you’ve physically met other people in this life and felt such a strong connection to them that it took even more work to get to know them.

So, when we feel like we’ve known someone for years before we meet them in person for the first time, that is all about our soul’s way of identifying what twin flame connection we are experiencing.

Your soul and your higher self  are working together in order for you to receive the most amazing gift of all:

Your own unique destiny!

12) You have an unexplainable desire to protect this person

That’s right! 

When you met your twin flame, you most likely felt like you would protect them at all costs. You may have even found yourself trying to shield them from the outside world.

This can be attributed to your soul’s desire for you to take care of the other half of itself for this lifetime. Loving your twin flame is going to be very hard if you can’t trust them completely! 

This desire to protect doesn’t go away when a relationship progresses.

13) You feel confused by how much you love and care about someone who previously meant nothing to you

I know that it might be confusing for you to feel so strongly for someone when you thought that they meant nothing to you.

But the fact is, your soul knew that this person was your twin flame, and it’s connecting you with them for a reason.

It’s trying to show you that this person is your other half, and because of their higher vibration and energy – they are allowing their aura to seep into your aura, thus making you feel the same way.

As funny as it sounds, the more attached to someone you become, the more connected you’ll feel with others who share your same soul! 

14) You can’t stop thinking about this person constantly

You just met this person and you can’t stop thinking about them, day and night.

This kind of connection is one of the most powerful things you’ll ever experience in your life. When it comes to twin flames, it’s almost as if you two are connected through another dimension! 

Your soul knows everything about your twin flame, and that’s why you feel so strongly connected to them. 

15) You get the sense that you’ve known each other in past lives

This one is a little more intense, but it is definitely something that many twin flame couples have experienced.

Ask yourself these questions:

-Do you feel like you have known each other before?

-Do you feel a strong connection between the two of you?

-Do you have a talent for being in tune with your partner’s needs, and are able to meet them almost immediately?

-Do you understand and accept each other, even when your partner can be really sensitive and emotional?

If all those questions are answered with a “Yes”, then it’s very likely that this is a synchronicity that has been set up by the Universe. 

There are also many people out there who simply know what it feels like to be together already, which is why they can do things so effortlessly together. 

16) You have a deep desire to help this person be happy

Every twin flame relationship is centered around helping each other be happy.

That’s because you’re both trying to make a difference in each other’s lives. One person is trying to help the other heal a wound, and the other is trying to help the first one understand that they are loved unconditionally.

This is why you’re so attracted to your twin soul even though there’s no romantic chemistry involved: 

You just want them to be happy! 

17) Your conversations are effortless

It’s hard to maintain a conversation when you’re looking for words to say, and you can’t even think of what to say.

Everything is going well in your interactions until you have to jump in and start talking about yourself. 

But once someone starts talking about themselves, the conversation becomes awkward and it’s really hard for you to get back on track.

Twin Flames are at ease with who they are, and can just be themselves around each other, no matter where they are. 

This is a huge gift they give us – especially during soul-binding and relationship bonding! 

18) Your heart is racing the moment you see them

You might think that seeing someone you’re attracted to is what causes this, but that’s not the case.

This is a sign that your soul knows it’s connected to someone special. 

It has one of its own desires for you to experience unconditional love in your life, which is why you feel so strongly for this person. 

If nobody else on Earth could make you feel the way they do, this person would be what your soul wants for you! 

19) There’s an inexplicable feeling of déjà vu when you’re together

Deja vu is a feeling that people have when they’ve already lived out parts of their life before.

For example, many people will recall repeating the same day over and over again – even though it’s been so long since their last day of school.

It is also very common for twin flame couples to feel like they are going through the exact same things over and over again, without realizing it! 

This is due to two different souls who each have their own memories from past lives, being able to re-live them. 

Not only does this help us understand how our twin flames were during past lifetimes, but it also helps us better understand who we are today as well! 

20) You have synchronicity with each other

This is a big one.

You’re probably used to reading about synchronicity and how it is a sign of the Universe wanting you to connect with someone.

But this one is different – it’s a sign that your soul has connected you with your twin flame so that you two can be synced up perfectly. 

Here is some synchronicity you might experience when you’re paired with a twin flame:

  • You’re both always in sync with each other. 
  • You just know what to do in any given situation. 
  • Everything seems to come together for you and the person you’re connected with, almost effortlessly.
  • You can predict the future by seeing your twin flame’s aura. 

21) They trigger your sixth sense

Trust me, spiritual twin flame couples experience something called “sixth sense“.

They know things that can’t possibly be explained (like how to operate a sewing machine!), and they can read your mind.

Not only are they good at sensing spiritual energy, but they also know how to activate your sixth sense! 

You might not understand this until you’ve experienced it yourself, but once you see it, you’ll start waking up at night with strange thoughts or feelings coming into your mind. 

This is also one of the reasons why twin flames attract each other – because they both have these gifts! 

22) That person is constantly on your mind, even when you’re not together


The same thing happens when you and your twin flame are not together.

You can’t get them out of your head, and you can’t stop thinking about what they’re doing or what they’re going to do next. They’re always on your mind in ways you didn’t expect! 

If something happens that reminds you of your twin flame, it’s likely because they were thinking about you at the time as well.

23) Other people notice the intensity of your feelings

Besides how you feel yourself, people around you notice how you react to your twin flame.

They will notice how intense your emotions are after being together, especially when it comes to joy and sadness. 

This is because each twin flame doesn’t have its own identity anymore – and so they have the same emotional responses as your soul does. 

This intensity of your feelings will bring lots of attention from others! 

24) They look at you in a way that makes you feel like no one else does

Maybe you already have a partner or spouse who looks at you in this way. 

It’s a feeling that they deeply understand you and everything that makes up who you are – and they appreciate all of it! 

The love they give you is unconditional, and it’s exactly what your soul needs. 

This is also why once twin flames connect, it’s hard to break them apart. They will always remember how they were together… even if they go through different lives without reconnecting

25) You have a difficult time being away from them

Ever had a hard time being away from someone you love?

Well, a twin flame relationship is more intense than any other relationship you will have ever had.

Not only do you miss each other, but you also miss the other half of yourself. This is because your soul is missing a partner and their soul is missing a partner too. 

Although twin flames are meant to be together, they do have time apart from each other.

Because they’ve been separated for so long, your soul will miss them, and be quite sad when they are not around.

Final thoughts

We’ve covered 25 twin flame confirmation signs, and hopefully, you’re starting to see how all of these signs are connected. 

It’s really important to let your intuition tell you when you’ve met the right person – or it might take forever for you to figure out who your twin flame is! 

You have an internal compass, and it will point the way when the time comes.

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Good luck, and remember – there’s nothing that compares to the experience of a twin flame connection.

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