17 traits of a high caliber woman (and how to be one)

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Some women just seem to be built differently.

They walk like they own the place and their confidence radiates.

Other people know that, and they respect these high-caliber women a lot.

But what are the traits of these women and how can you become one?

17 traits of a high caliber woman

1) They respect themselves deeply

These women respect themselves so much that they’ll do whatever it takes to maintain their high level of confidence and attractiveness.

They won’t put up with nonsense or second-guessing themselves – even if that means standing up for what they believe in.

They know that they’re beautiful, and they enjoy being seen as beautiful. They’re confident in their own skin and know that no matter what anyone says, their inherent worth doesn’t change.

You see, their self-respect is mirrored in their actions.

  • they nourish their bodies and move them
  • they invest in themselves (education, self-improvement, financial investments)
  • they get enough rest
  • they prioritize proper hygiene

All of these things reflect how much they respect themselves. After all, if they don’t, then who will?

2) They are happy with or without someone

High-caliber women are independent and self-sufficient. They don’t need anyone to complete them or make them happy.

They have their own lives and their own interests, and they’re happy with that. There’s a saying that goes “A woman who needs a man is like a fish who needs a bicycle.”

High-caliber women don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy.

In fact, many of them are happier when they’re by themselves because it gives them the freedom to do what they want without having to worry about pleasing someone else.

Being single might seem like it would be lonely or unfulfilling, but high-caliber women know how to be happy without a romantic partner.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t good girlfriends or wives. On the contrary!

Believe it or not, people who are happy on their own actually make the best partners because they will ensure that the relationship is healthy and not codependent.

3) They know their worth

One of the key ways you can tell a woman is high-caliber is by her sense of self-worth. These women know that they are valuable and worthy of respect.

They don’t need a man to “complete” them or tell them what to do. They make their own decisions and take responsibility for their actions.

If you want to be seen as high-caliber, then you have to have a strong sense of self-worth.

Some of these women have accomplished a lot in their lives, from working in prestigious positions to being published in high-quality magazines.

They know that they’re not just some woman who happens to be good at something. They’re respected because of the work they’ve done and the skills they’ve developed.

However, high-caliber women know that their worth is not tied to their success. They are aware of their inherent worth.

4)  They radiate confidence

Another trait of a high-caliber woman is that she has a strong sense of confidence.

She knows who she is and what she’s about, so there’s no need to play games or put on a facade.

She’s proud of her accomplishments and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. Her confidence comes from within, and it radiates through her entire being.

When you’re talking to a high-caliber woman, you’ll immediately know it because of the way she carries herself.

She is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t try to fit into someone else’s ideal of what a woman should be.

It’s important that you don’t confuse being confident with being arrogant or narcissistic. These women have a certain air about them that makes them feel in control.

They know what they want and they’re not afraid to speak their minds.

They also have a lot of energy and are always up for a good time. And still, they will come across as humble, not arrogant.

5) They have their own identity

High-caliber women know who they are and what they believe in.

They know what they like and don’t like, and they’re not afraid to stand up for themselves. They won’t compromise their morals just to please someone else.

Their sense of self is strong, so they will make decisions based on what’s best for them rather than based on someone else’s opinion or the pressure of society. This doesn’t mean that they are selfish, though.

They are very caring and empathetic people who understand that everyone has a different point of view and that’s okay.

They will listen to your side even if it doesn’t align with theirs. They just don’t feel the need to change their own point of view to fit in.

This sense of identity is lacking in a lot of people these days because they spend so much time pleasing others that they don’t even know who they are on their own.

6) They are always working on self-growth

Another trait that makes a woman high-caliber is her drive for self-growth and improvement.

She knows that there is always room to improve, and she is always looking to grow as an individual.

She knows that she can learn new things and gain new experiences, which will help her be a better person and find her purpose in life. 

7) They are independent

Yes, high-caliber women are independent.

Some women know their own strength and what they can do. They don’t need someone else to tell them what to do.

She follows her own career and men are attracted to that. 

This self-sufficiency is the source of a lot of their confidence. You see, they are happy to receive help and have things be easier for them, but they also know that they would be okay on their own.

They are responsible for themselves, even if someone is taking care of them.

Of course, they still make sure that they take care of themselves too because they know that it’s important to take care of yourself first.

8) They have high standards

Another trait of high-caliber women is that they have high standards. They are not afraid to set boundaries and rules for themselves.

They know how to say no, and they know how to make sure that they are being treated fairly.

They do not put up with people who treat them poorly or disrespect them. They don’t want anything bad in their lives, so they will make sure that it doesn’t happen.

They will not put up with bad behavior, and they know what behaviors are okay. They have their own standards that they live by, and they aren’t afraid to live up to them.

This stems from their high level of self-respect. You see, when you respect yourself, you don’t accept disrespect from other people.

9) They are kind

One of the most important things that a high-caliber woman possesses is her kind and compassionate heart.

She knows how to connect with people, and she doesn’t shy away from a good conversation.

She also has great communication skills, which attract other people. Her kindness and compassion make her a great friend and a wonderful person to be around.

She is not afraid to show her emotions. She can be happy, sad, angry, or whatever she wants to be.

She is not afraid to let people know what she is feeling, and she is not afraid to let others in on those emotions.

10) They have lots of empathy

One of the most important traits of high-caliber women is their ability to radiate kindness and empathy.

These women are compassionate and have a heart for others.

They often have great relationships with those around them and are always looking out for the best interests of those around them. This type of woman is respected a lot.

Being empathic is not always easy, but these women know that it is worth it.

11) They have great inner strength

One of the best traits that a high-caliber woman can have is her inner strength.

This type of woman has the ability to be strong in her own life even when she is not feeling good emotionally.

She knows how to get past tough situations and difficult emotions, and she doesn’t let them stop her from being who she wants to be.

12) They are emotionally intelligent

The next trait that makes a woman high-caliber is her emotional intelligence.

She knows what she is feeling and why, and she doesn’t let those emotions take over her life.

She knows how to handle her emotions and not let them ruin her life.

And the best part?

She also knows how to handle other people’s emotions as well, which makes her a great listener.

13) They don’t care for drama and gossip

High-caliber women don’t care for drama and gossip.

They are not the type of woman who likes to spread rumors or talk about other people behind their back.

They are kind and caring, but they also know how to keep a secret.

They don’t enjoy talking about other people, especially if it is in a negative way or to hurt them in any way.

14) They are funny

One of the most important things about being a high-caliber woman is that they are funny.

Whether they are the life of the party or your funniest friend, they know how to make people laugh. They have a sharp wit and a quick tongue, and they aren’t afraid to use it.

They can be sarcastic, witty, dark, or whatever else they want to be.

It’s not just their sense of humor that makes them fun to be around; it’s also their ability to make others laugh.

People love being around high-caliber women because they are always able to put a smile on someone’s face.

15) She has great values and morals

The next trait that makes a woman high-caliber is her strong morals and values.

This type of woman does not do things that go against her values or morals just for the sake of doing it.

She will not do something that goes against her values just to fit in with others or to be cool. She has a strong sense of direction and knows where she is going in life.

Her moral compass is always pointing in the right direction, and she doesn’t let anyone steer her off course.

16) She is a great role model for other women

Finally, a woman who is high-caliber is a great role model for other women.

She knows how to be strong and confident in herself and her beliefs, which will inspire others to do the same.

This woman leads by example, and instead of putting other women down, she knows that another woman’s light does not extinguish her own.

17) They are connected to their feminine essence

These high-caliber women connect with their feminine essence. This means that they have a strong sense of self-esteem and they know who they are and what they want in life.

They are confident in who they are and what they stand for.

Connecting with your femininity means feeling good about who you are and what you have to offer. It’s embracing your feminine qualities instead of forcing yourself to follow the norms of our masculine-driven world.

This has nothing to do with gender, by the way. Feminine and masculine essence is purely based on energy.

You see, the feminine energy is centered around:

  • nurturing
  • receiving
  • caring
  • flowing
  • creativity

So high-caliber women thrive in these things.

Be your best self

In short, high-caliber women are simply their best selves and constantly striving to improve.

And the best part?

There is a high-caliber woman in every single woman out there, you just need to tap into that part of yourself!

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