10 powerful traits of a woman with integrity

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Integrity is one of those powerful characteristics that make you secure and confident in yourself as a person. Put simply, integrity is being honest and having strong moral principles in place.

People who possess this amazing characteristic are known to be trustworthy, honest, and kind.

Without integrity, you aren’t being honest with yourself or those around you. It defines not only your beliefs, but also the way you act and the decisions you make in life.

Integrity is what guides your ethical and moral principles and makes you who you are as a person.

It’s a quality that everyone should be striving for in life.

Here are 10 powerful personality traits of a woman with integrity.

10 powerful traits of a woman with integrity

1) She takes responsibility for her actions

This is a hard thing for many people to do.

After all, if you’re able to slide a mistake under the rug or pass it off as someone else’s wouldn’t you be tempted to do so?

Not if you have an ounce of integrity in you.

Integrity is all about possessing a high level of honesty, which wouldn’t allow you to avoid owning up to your mistakes.

In fact, doing so isn’t something that would ever cross your mind.

We all make mistakes in life.

We all do things we regret.

It’s what we do and how we react afterwards that defines who we are as a person.

A woman with integrity owns up to her actions and takes responsibility for them, without concern for what consequences she might face.

Whether she’s in the office or out with friends, integrity is a characteristic that doesn’t leave your side. It guides all areas of your life based on the same principles.

Next time you think about passing the buck to your co-worker, do a moral integrity check and consider whether that’s the best choice to be making.

2) She values other people’s time

We all have places to be, people to see, and things to do in life.

Whether you’re the CEO of a multimillion-dollar business or secretary at the local real estate office, your time is valuable. And a woman with integrity recognises this.

Time is one of those resources we only have a finite amount of, no matter how desperately we try.

And a person with integrity recognises that no one’s time is more valuable than any one elses.

If you spend time with that person, they will thank you for that time. They will understand that you have selflessly given that time to them and want to make sure you know how appreciated it is.

Likewise, they aren’t going to just palm off jobs they don’t want to do just for the sake of it. Everyone’s time is valuable and they will make sure people are compensated for the time they spend on tasks.

If you see yourself as a woman of integrity, then the first thing you need to do is be mindful of time and how valuable it is. To each and every person.

When people make the time for you, in business, friendships, or relationships, never take it for granted.

3) She puts the needs of others above her own

In our fast-paced world where everyone is constantly trying to get ahead, it’s rare for someone to put the needs of another person ahead of their own.

For many people, this wouldn’t even cross their radar.

We are often so caught up in our personal lives and achieving our individual goals that we don’t even notice those around us who are struggling or needing a helping hand.

A person with integrity does just this.

They are more focused on the good of our community as a whole than their own individual goals or desires.

As a result, they are more than happy and willing to put the needs of others above their own when it’s warranted.

This shows true integrity.

It’s not something they do for praise or recognition. They do it because following their moral compass, they know it’s the right thing to do.

They won’t make a fuss about it.

They won’t draw attention to it.

They simply do what is right at the moment.

If you want to become a woman of integrity, think about how your decisions are affecting those around you and the community as a whole.

By being mindful of those around you, you are more likely to notice when people need help, allowing you to put their needs ahead of your own.

4) She is extremely trustworthy

Someone who possesses high integrity puts honesty above everything else.

This is the type of person you can trust time and time again without a single doubt in your mind.

They’re the work colleague you can go to when you’ve made a mistake and need help correcting it. You can trust them to act with your best interests at heart to help you out of the mess.

They’re the friend who you can talk to about all areas of your life and know she will never use it against you or spill your secrets to someone else.

She’s the person that will always be there for you when you ask, so you know you can rely on her no matter what you’re going through.

It’s rare to find people like this throughout life.

These people are the ones who show true integrity.

If you’re looking to become a woman of integrity then it’s important to be a guardian of honesty. This means to always be honest with those around you and to never betray their honesty with you.

It’s a powerful trait that is hard to perfect.

5) She is the first to offer forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of those enviable traits that can be so hard to muster.

Often in life, we are so driven by our emotions, making it so hard to forgive when someone has wronged us.

For a woman with integrity, forgiveness comes naturally.

She understands that perfectionism doesn’t exist. Which means people are going to make mistakes and they need to be forgiven for these along the way.

Someone with integrity not only recognises their own faults and apologise for them if the situation requires it, but they also forgive others for their own shortcomings without a second thought.

They recognise that no one is perfect. So no one should be held to impossible standards. Even you.

If you’re looking to become a woman of integrity, then start by forgiving yourself. Understand that no one is perfect, including you, so you can be aware that mistakes are a part of life.

Go easy on yourself, and as you do, you will naturally find yourself going easy on others too.

6) She gives credit where credit is due

Have you ever taken credit for something you didn’t do?

Perhaps it just slipped into your lap, so you took an opportunity that presented itself?

Or, on the flip side, did you avoid giving credit to someone who deserved it due to your own personal feelings?

We’re only human. We make mistakes.

It’s normal to let our feelings get in the way from time to time.

A woman with integrity would never claim credit that wasn’t due to her. It simply wouldn’t cross her mind.

At the same time, she would very openly acknowledge the contribution of others and give them the credit they deserve.

Being credited for our actions feels good. A person with integrity recognises how important it is and would never question taking that away from someone, least of all for their own benefit.

If you’re looking to become a woman of integrity, then start by acknowledging the positive actions of others. Have a mindset of looking to build people up, rather than knock them down in life.

7) She lets things go

Are you the type of person to hammer a point home? And by that, I mean if someone disagrees with you, do you just keep going in the hope that they change their mind.

Being right or wrong in these situations isn’t important.

What is important, is how we handle the disagreement itself.

A person of integrity will never push a matter, just for the sake of proving their point.

In fact, they are unlikely to engage in much of an argument at all.

While they are more than happy to talk something out in a civil manner, as soon as voices are raised or things start to get heated, they will back down and walk away.

Is it because they know they are in the wrong?


Their view on the matter is unlikely to have changed at all.

Instead, they know when to walk away and let things go.

It’s an extremely respectable trait that so few of us possess. After all, when we know (or rather think) we are in the right, we want to keep going until the other person sees our side of things.

If you’re looking to be a woman of integrity, it’s time to let these debates go. As tempting as it is to engage on the matter, you’ll get much more out of being the other person and being able to walk away from it all.

8) She is authentic

This has to be one of the most powerful traits that a woman with integrity possesses.

Authentic people are hard to come by. They really are far and few between.

That’s because an authentic person shows their true self each and every day. They don’t hide behind others. They never put on an act.

They are who they say they are and their decisions and actions reflect this on a daily basis.

An authentic person isn’t going to follow a crowd.

They aren’t going to do something because everyone else is. And they are going to speak up if something isn’t right.

They live their life by their own moral code and will never steer for the sake of peer pressure.

If you’re looking to be a woman with integrity, then you need to find the moral code you want to live your life by and never stray from it.

Don’t hide behind others or put a mask on when it suits you. Own your morals and be yourself each and everyday.

People will be able to trust you and rely on you.

9) She believes in others

A woman with integrity isn’t simply invested in her own life. She also deeply cares about those around her and is always willing to believe in their dreams as much as her own.

She is able to show confidence in the ability of others in different areas of life and give them the boost they need to reach their goals and achieve each and every day.

She genuinely has faith in other people, and uses this belief to help people keep striving for their dreams and not giving up.

If you’re looking to be a woman of integrity, then it’s about acknowledging those around you and sharing in their life.

Instead of simply focusing on you and what you want to achieve, it means investing in those around you and having faith in them each day.

10) She has patience

This is a trait we could all use a little more of in our lives.

Women with integrity are never quick to anger and blame.

They don’t immediately try and find the cause of a problem just to make themselves feel better.

Instead, they have patience in a range of situations. They won’t aggressively beep at others in an episode of road rage.

They won’t anger when people push in a line.

They won’t yell at someone for getting in their way.

A person with integrity treats those around them the same way they would like to be treated. And that comes with a great deal of patience.

If you’re looking to become a woman of integrity, take the feelings of others into consideration. You never know what someone is going through on any given day, so treating them with patience and kindness is one of the best things you can do.

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