10 things a man should not tolerate from a woman (and what to do next)

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What do you do when a woman says one or both of the following to you?

“If you loved me, then you’d let me go out with my friends tonight.” or “I want to spend this holiday with my friends. Can’t we cancel your parents’ plans?”

It’s hard not to feel like a martyr at times, and many men will put up with anything, but as they say, “no good deed goes unpunished.”

In this post, I’ll be sharing 10 things a man should not tolerate from a woman and what he should do next.

Please note:

There are two potential outcomes after reading this post.

You will be able to fix your relationship with the woman in your life, or you will realize that there is no hope and it’s time to move on.

1) A woman who nags constantly and incessantly over little things.

Contrary to popular belief, nagging is not a sign of love or a sign that she loves you.

Nagging is simply a way of getting what she wants by manipulating you.

She will always find something to complain about and pick a fight.

A man shouldn’t have to hear about how he could have done something better and how he can improve constantly. A man should not tolerate this incessant nagging.

Your life will be miserable, and you’ll soon realize that you can’t trust her around other men.

You don’t need to be her slave and do whatever it takes to make her happy.

If she’s constantly making your life a misery, then you should do something about it.

Don’t let her get away with this behavior.

What to do:

The first time you hear about how something could have been done better and how you can improve, you must say,

“I’ve already acknowledged that. Can you please stop saying that?” or something similar.

She will likely be dumbfounded by this and try to continue anyway, so once more (calmly) say,

“I’ve already said I acknowledge it. Please stop”.

Whatever she does after is up to her.

Just try to meet with her to discuss the issue and seek a resolution.

There has to be a middle ground where both you and your partner are happy.

If possible, try to avoid discussing contentious issues at times when you’re both angry.

2) A woman who put-downs a man every chance she gets.

(Bonus: she does it in front of other people and especially his friends.)

The most important thing a man should never tolerate from a woman is when she puts him down in public.

Any woman who puts you down in public is most likely putting you down in private as well.

This is a very serious issue- a major warning sign that you should be concerned about.

A man’s pride and self-respect are at stake here.

There is no reason why he should be treated like that by the person he loves the most in this world.

A woman who doesn’t respect and appreciate you will likely never change her ways.

Don’t let your guard down, as she could very well turn against you when you least expect it.

A woman who constantly talks down to you could be the type of girl who will eventually dump you for someone else when she finds out that you’re a nice guy and that no one else wants her.

Maybe she’s dating you for security, but don’t let her make you feel like less of a man. Don’t let her convince you that other men would be better off with her.

What to do:

First and foremost, you don’t have to tolerate this behavior.

You should not let someone make you feel insecure.

You should not let anyone talk to you in a manner that makes you feel like you’re not good enough.

Furthermore, why would the best woman in your life put you down?

Some men might justify their partner’s actions.

“Well, she’s just trying to be honest with me.”

Are you serious? Honesty is a two-way street.

“She’s just trying to show me how much she cares about me.

It’s ridiculous.

Caring for someone is considering his/her feelings.

If your partner did something wrong, talk to him/her in private. And do it with respect.

As for you, consider talking to your girl in private and telling her how it hurts you every time she talks down on you.

She should realize her mistake and refrain from doing it ever again.

Lovers must lift each other, not the other way around.

3) A woman who is not honest with you.

Honesty is a quality that all men should look for in a woman.

Men are always honest and straightforward with women, as this is one of the things that women value most about us.

However, when it comes to relationships, honesty is not always present from both parties.

Many women lie to their partners, and some are very good at it too.

If you’re in a relationship and your partner lies to you, understand that she’s probably lying about other things as well.

If your woman tells you that she’s going out with her friends, but goes out with another man, then what else is she lying about?

The more lies she tells, the farther away from reality she’ll drift.

A man should never tolerate dishonesty from his partner.

This is not a good sign, and eventually, it will destroy the relationship.

What to do:

If you find out that your partner is lying to you, then you should confront her about it.

Tell her how upset it makes you feel when she lies to you.

If this is the case, she should be worried about her behavior and stop lying to you.

A healthy relationship starts with honesty from both sides, and many couples who are happily married start off with a lot of distrust from both parties.

It is possible to bring back honesty in your relationship.

However, if she remains dishonest, then you should work on finding someone else.

There are plenty of great women who would not dream of lying to their partners.

Find one of them!

4) A woman who doesn’t appreciate your hard work and dedication.

True, a man must protect his woman at all costs and take care of her.

But if she starts demanding too much from you and does not give importance to what you’ve done for her, then it is a different story.

A woman who doesn’t appreciate what you’ve done for her can hurt you and your ego as well.

She’ll try to make you lose respect for yourself.

This will eventually cause you to feel insecure and doubt your skills as a man and will ultimately ruin your life.

She’ll ruin the lives of all men in the family as well.

Always remember.

A woman who appreciates her man will not allow him to do anything against his will or interest.

What to do:

If you have done something nice for your girl and she does not appreciate it, then tell her how much you appreciate what she’s done for you.

You can be very open about this and tell her how important it is and how she means a lot to you.

If she’s not appreciative of the work you put in, then it’s high time she realized it.

You can’t expect other people to appreciate what you do if no one has acknowledged yet that they appreciate you.

You shouldn’t expect her appreciation either.

It’s her job to show her appreciation, as a woman should always do that for a man who does things for her or the family.

5) Failing to maintain consistent communication.

What is “consistent communication”?

It’s when both partners are open and honest with each other at all times.

Failing to do so is a big deal.

A woman who fails to be consistent with his man will often lose respect for herself and him too.

This will eventually cause him to doubt his ability as a man, and he’ll have no reason to be in a relationship with her.

This will ultimately cause the relationship to fail, and when it does, she’ll eventually look for another man.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Always keep in constant communication with your partner.

The biggest mistake women make is not being completely honest when they’re angry with their partners.

They think that they’ll hurt their man’s feelings if they tell him everything and that the best way to handle these situations is to bottle up their emotions.

They should know better than this.

Men are very sensitive and emotional.

Do not bottle up your emotions, as this will hurt him more than being honest and open with him.

What to do:

You must be aware of what your woman feels.

If she’s angry or upset with you, then talk to her in person. Otherwise, send her a text or call her on the phone right away.

Keep your communication lines open.

With constant communication, you will know how to handle your partner when she’s angry or upset with you.

This is the key to a successful relationship because it teaches men to not take everything personally.

It also teaches women how they should communicate when they’re upset or angry with their partners.

6) A woman who is jealous of your friends.

Jealousy from your girlfriend is a big issue.

If you have a good number of friends and she makes it her mission to ensure that you don’t hang out with them, then this is a very big red flag.

An insecure woman will most likely act in such a manner and accuse you of being unfaithful if you hang out with other women.

She will make everything difficult for you, especially your social life.

Friendship is an important thing in a man’s life, and women should understand that and support that.

A woman who is jealous of his man’s friends or doesn’t want him to have friends will target him with her negative energy.

She’ll eventually start criticizing everything he does or says, even if it has nothing to do with his male friends.

What to do:

Make your girl understand your relationship with your friends.

She must understand that you have friends who need your time and that they’re important to you.

Even though she might not like what they do or say, she must respect your right to friendship and should not be jealous of them, as a woman should support her man’s friendships.

This is a two-way street.

You must also give your girl time for her friends.

If both of you are secure with each other’s love, then you’ll be happy when your partner is happy with friends.

7) A woman who’s not willing to be your wife.

You may have found a great woman, but she might not be the right one for you if she’s not willing to settle down with you.

Why so?

You see, it’s very important for a woman to want to settle down and start a family with her man.

If she doesn’t have that desire, then this is a big red flag.

What to do:

If your girl is not willing to settle with you, then set up a discussion.

Ask her if she’s willing to have kids and settle down with you.

Hold her hand and tell her you’ll need her support and that she must be there for you when the right time comes so that it all goes smoothly.

If she says no, then understand that she might not be the one who’s right for you.

8) A woman who has been cheating on you.

Fidelity is one of the most important foundations of a relationship.

So it is important that you and your woman stay loyal to each other.

There should be no room for other people in the love both of you share.

If your woman cheats on you, then it is a big red flag.

You do not deserve a partner who doesn’t respect you.

This is a serious problem that must be addressed immediately.

What to do:

If you get suspicious, then talk to her about it.

Tell her that you’re concerned about her fidelity, and ask them what’s going on.

If they’re not willing to address this thing head-on and tell you the truth, then end it immediately.

Make sure that they don’t have your heart anymore!

9) A woman who constantly keeps secrets from you.

Relationships are built on trust and honesty.

When one party keeps secrets, it means that he or she doesn’t trust the other enough.

Secrets can destroy a relationship even before it begins.

If she has a huge secret from you that you find out later, then this would hurt your heart very much.

It is normal to keep secrets from your partner, but if it’s something big, then it’s not wise to keep it hidden.

What to do:

If she has a secret from you and she won’t tell you what it is, then be patient and wait for her to come clean.

This will give her time to talk to you about it.

She’ll eventually open up and tell you the truth. This is how relationships grow and evolve.

10) A woman who only cares about herself and doesn’t care about your feelings at all.

You must be on the same page as your girlfriend with everything.

If she doesn’t see things or do things the way you do, then you have a problem.

A woman who doesn’t take her relationship seriously enough and cares only about herself is a very big red flag.

This is a woman who doesn’t care about your feelings and only cares about herself.

In other words, she considers you an object in her life.

She should know that her happiness is important to you, but she should also care about yours.

What to do:

Show your woman how much you value her and her feelings.

Make her realize how much you care for her.

However, if she continues to be selfish, then you’ll have to talk with her about the issue.

Stop depending on her. If she’s not willing to make an effort, then let go and move on.

In conclusion,

If your girl has no respect for your feelings and doesn’t worry about what you think, then this is something that you must not tolerate.

You should take love and care for the other person seriously and do everything possible to help the relationship.

Make sure your woman knows that you put her on a pedestal and that if something goes wrong with the relationship, then it’s not going to be a one-sided thing.

You deserve someone who will be with you for the rest of your life and not just until she gets what she wants from you.

Love is beautiful when it is mutual.

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