What kind of girls do guys regret losing?

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Guys aren’t that difficult to read. So, if you’re looking to find out what kind of girls guys regret losing, stick around!

Together, we can take a closer look beyond the surface, and uncover the full story. So, if you’re curious to know more, read on.

15 kinds of girls guys regret losing

1) Girls who are confident and show it

Let’s be honest, confidence in a girl is sexy. Not to mention that when she’s confident about herself, guys find it very attractive!

Confidence is not only incredibly attractive, but it’s something guys seek after. The problem is that few girls know how to be confident. Most of them are insecure and have no idea how to change that.

That’s why guys don’t regret losing them.

When a girl is confident, she can make the right choices for herself. She knows how to talk to guys and how to act around them. 

Actually, it’s kind of refreshing to meet a girl who’s confident because she doesn’t need a guy to reassure her of anything, or anyone else for that matter.

2) Girls who are loyal and committed to their boyfriends

Loyalty and commitment go hand in hand. How so? 

Well, when a girl is committed to her boyfriend and she is also loyal to him, she’s not going to leave him or play games with him.

In fact, committing to her boyfriend and staying loyal to him means she’s dedicated to them as a couple. It also means that she respects her partner and would not betray him.

Remember: When guys talk about the girls they’ve lost and regret losing, they often mention this type of girl.

3) Girls who stand by their side during hard times

Girls who don’t give up on their boyfriends in times of need are incredible, don’t you think so?

Not only does this show their support for their boyfriends, but it also shows the loyalty they have for them. In addition, this fact indicates that they know how to be a true partner to their boyfriend and support them throughout their life. 

That’s something a lot of guys admire, so they’re glad they have girls like that in their lives.

However, not all of them realize what they have until it’s too late. 

That’s why they end up regretting losing such incredible girls.

Don’t blame them, though! We often take people and things for granted. 

4) Girls who trigger their most innate drives

When girls trigger their most intuitive instincts, guys are amazed. 

They’re happy that someone sees them this way and they are attracted to them for it. They’re also happy about the fact that this kind of girl knows how to tickle their most primal needs.

What do I mean?

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Men have certain innate drivers. And when a woman comes along and triggers them, it causes a powerful response. The result is a man who loves harder, commits wholeheartedly, and truly dedicates himself to the relationship. 

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5) Girls that are challenging enough to add spice to their lives

Want to know another kind of girl that guys regret losing? 

The kind of girl that challenges them; an adventurous girl who isn’t afraid to try new things. 

Sometimes, girls are too unsure of themselves. They’re not adventurous enough, and that makes many guys not regret losing them. 

However, most of us know what’s more important: fun and adventure. 

Those things are very important in life, and they are one of the best ways to spice things up. Although some may not realize it yet, they will eventually understand why they should be a part of their lives.

Challenging and adventurous girls are the ones that push guys to be more. They remind them that there’s more out there than just sitting on the couch and watching TV all day. 

For a guy, having a girl like this and then losing her means instant regret.

6) Girls with a strong sense of identity and self-worth

At first, a girl with a strong personality might intimidate a guy. But after some time, he’ll realize how unique she truly is. Unique in a good way, though!

Having this kind of girl in his life will make any guy feel more comfortable being himself. She’ll bring out a side of him that he didn’t know he had because she won’t depend on him to do everything.

On top of that, she’ll have her own plans and drive and won’t need a guy to tell her what to do. Also, she’ll have her own voice and opinions, so she’ll never feel like a puppet. 

The result? Guys can’t help but respect this kind of girl.

7) Girls who are supportive and encouraging of their boyfriends

Good news: A guy is going to regret losing you if you support him and encourage him.

Bad news: He probably won’t realize it until after he loses you.

Being supportive and encouraging are qualities that make a girl stand out. Such girl shows her boyfriend that she believes in him, and she’s not going to step down on him. 

When a girl has all these qualities, any guy can benefit because it shows that she has his back. It also shows that she cares about him and wants the best for him. 

That’s a bummer, right? Because most of the time, guys can’t see these things until it’s too late.

8) Girls who don’t play games like “hard to get”

Why do guys regret losing the kind of girl that doesn’t play games?

The answer is simple: They regret losing her because she knew how to be real. She didn’t like to play mind games with them and force them to unwillingly do something.

By contrast, the kind of girl who plays games like “hard to get” is difficult to deal with. She is not confident enough to know who she is and what she wants.

Instead, she falls back on society’s standards of what women should do in a relationship.

So, when a guy loses a girl that doesn’t play games, he is very likely to have regrets.

9) Girls who are their true soulmates

Losing a soulmate is definitely something that causes regret in both guys and girls. 

When a guy loses a girl that he thinks is his soulmate, he realizes how great life would’ve been with her. 

He realizes that without her there, nothing is the same. He knows that if he had not lost her, life would’ve been amazing. 

But how can you know for sure you’ve met your soulmate?

The truth is:

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10) Girls who are always honest and transparent about their lives

Girls who are always honest about their lives make guys regret losing them. 

In fact, it makes guys cautious about losing them because of how much they appreciate that quality.

For a lot of girls, this is a tricky balance to find. Why?

Because if you’re keeping things from your boyfriend, then you’re not being transparent. You’re also making him think that he can’t trust you.

That results in an awkward relationship where he doesn’t believe you. 

However, if you are completely transparent about your life, then you’re changing the way he views trust. And trust is an essential part of every healthy relationship.

So, when that’s going to disappear from his life, he’s going to notice and he’s going to regret it.

11) Girls that stand by their principles

It’s really tragic when a guy loses a girl that has strong principles. 

You see, most guys are selfish and never put much thought into other people’s feelings. They always want everything to go their way and when things don’t, that makes them do weird things. 

However, when they see it from the other side, they wish they weren’t so selfish. 

Losing a girl with a strong sense of principles is a huge wake-up call. It shows that they were never ready to be in a relationship, to begin with.

12) Girls who know how to make their boyfriends feel wanted

This is a tricky one because every girl has her own style. However, there are some girls that go out of their way to make their boyfriends feel like they’re everything. 

They remind them that they’re valued and important in more ways than one. These are the girls who make guys regret losing them because it’s so hard to replace a girl like that.

What else?

She puts effort into reminding him how much he matters to her, and she does it without being too overbearing or needy.

In addition, she isn’t shy about sharing her feelings with him. Also, she doesn’t feel embarrassed to say how much he means to her. 

He knows that he is important to her because she does everything in her power to let him know that. 

The bottom line? If a guy has the good fortune of being in a relationship with a girl like this and then loses her, he’s going to really regret it.

13) Girls who make constructive and positive differences in their boyfriends’ lives

Another kind of girl that guys regret losing? 

One who actually does something for them and makes a positive difference. One who makes an effort to find constructive ways to change their boyfriend’s life for the better. 

Although she might come off as too strong in the beginning, by the end, she’ll prove that her intentions are good. This type of girl will also make a point out of celebrating her boyfriend’s successes along the way. 

All these qualities will make it hard for any guy to not regret losing such a girl.

I mentioned this fascinating concept earlier: the hero instinct. When a man’s inner hero is triggered, he’s more likely to see the girl he’s with for what she truly is.Just by knowing the right things to say to him, you’ll open a part of him that no woman has ever reached before.

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14) Girls who are trustworthy

A trustworthy girl? 

She is someone who the majority of guys would consider “the one.” 

She is a girl who keeps her head down and works hard to be the best that she can be. She’s reliable, straightforward, and not afraid to speak up for herself. 

Also, she keeps her promises, no matter what. 

In fact, she is someone that doesn’t make promises she can’t keep and can be trusted beyond a reasonable doubt. 

She always shows up when she says she will, and never cancels plans.

So, when guys lose girls like this, it’s devastating because they were providing a sense of stability in their lives.

15) Girls who are different from the rest

The last thing that guys regret losing is a girl who is different from all the rest. 

This kind of girl doesn’t mind being out of the norm, in your face, and doesn’t take herself too seriously either.

She doesn’t try to hide who she is and has no problem voicing her opinions on life, relationships, and everything else under the sun.

Want more?

These kinds of girls are confident and know what they want. And, they don’t play mind games with their boyfriends to scare them off.

In addition, they are comfortable in who they are – they actually like themselves and strive to do whatever it takes to make sure they are happy.

So yeah, guys who lose girls like this? They’ll regret it for a long time.

When do guys realize they lost a good girl?

Guys don’t regret losing a good girl immediately. In fact, studies show that it takes them between a few days to a few months to realize they’ve lost the kind of girl they shouldn’t have.

Factors such as the length of the relationship, how much time they’ve spent with her, and how well they knew her also influence this.

For example, a guy may realize that he has lost a good girl and regret it only after dating a few other girls. Or, he may start regretting it once he sees how much her absence has changed his life for the worse. 

There’s really no way to predict how long it will take.

But, once he does, it’s just a matter of time before he becomes totally devastated and utterly disappointed in himself. After all, every guy has his own threshold for regret.

So, the answer to your question is this: There is no standard formula that will tell you when a guy will regret losing a good girl.

You just have to know the signs and be able to spot them yourself. 

Are you the kind of girl that guys regret losing?

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