Text Chemistry Review: Is it worth it?

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In olden times, lovers wrote eloquent love letters. Now they write texts.

With emojis and slang and all sorts of stuff. Great!

The problem is this:

It’s very easy to get lost in the digital wilderness and lose sight of where you stand when you’re in a back-and-forth text interaction with a guy.

That’s where text chemistry comes into play.

What is ‘text chemistry?’

Dating and relationship coach Amy North coined the term text chemistry to describe the desire and interest a woman can create with texting.

Your phone might just seem like an entertaining and sometimes useful little device, but it has the power to

She has a comprehensive course that will help you master texting chemistry and your online and messaging interactions with guys you’re interested in.

North’s Text Chemistry course has an ebook, 13 videos, and three bonus ebooks to ensure that your text chemistry reaches the highest possible level.

You’ll be so text savvy that you’ll never have those anxious, unsure moments when you just got a text or are thinking about sending one and you feel confused and insecure about what to do.

There’s a lot of excellent material in here that’s well presented and will up your text chemistry significantly.

If you’re wondering how to develop chemistry and attraction when you shoot off your next text, North has all the answers.

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From simple situations to more complex interactions, she walks you through the do’s and don’ts of texting and attraction.

Do you sometimes initiate or always let him text first?

Do you type “lol” or “sure” — or not even reply at all?

If you’ve been “left on read” one too many times, Text Chemistry is your chance to learn how to never have it happen again.

But is it really worth buying?

There’s a ton of dating books and courses out there and I know that nobody wants to waste their time on just another book with obvious insights or repetitive content.

Here’s my honest review.

Check Out Text Chemistry

Who will benefit from Text Chemistry?

First of all, this is definitely a top-notch resource for gals who struggle a bit with texting.

The content keeps you interested and North’s course really cuts through the confusion and is solutions-oriented.

She lays everything out in a clear, logical way and shows you hands-on solutions that are easy to remember.

I found the video series especially good and easy to follow.

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Text Chemistry is going to be most applicable to women who want to spark attraction with a guy they’ve met and become his girlfriend.

It’s also a good fit for those who already have a partner but want to make sure their texting interactions with him demonstrate value and desirability.

In addition, Text Chemistry has a lot of good tips about how to rekindle an old flame and get an ex back.

I found the advice that North gives to be convincing and logical and I know that for a few of my friends who have followed her program, it’s worked well for them and even led to much better outcomes than they expected in their relationships and romantic pursuits.

To be honest, this series will not be as useful for women who are already in a committed and fulfilling relationship without issues.

In other words, it will be useful for 99% of women.

I joke, I joke.

But seriously:

While you will learn amazing new skills and enjoyable texting techniques from Text Chemistry, you’re not really going to need it if you’re already sure where you stand in your relationship and it’s going great.

The 5 best things about Text Chemistry

With that said, here are the five best things about text chemistry in my opinion.

I realize it might seem odd that I’m writing this review as a guy, but the thing is I’ve always been curious about how women think and feel.

I also know how it goes from the guy’s side of a texting interaction, so I can tell you whether North’s advice rings true to me as a guy.

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1) It’s action-oriented

The best thing about Text Chemistry is that it’s action-oriented.

This isn’t a course about subtly changing your attitudes or philosophy. It’s just straight-to-the-point insights about texting and doing so effectively in the chaotic world of modern romance.

As a dating coach from Vancouver and bestselling author, North focuses her mission on helping women find a quality man and keep him.

North counsels clients on these exact topics which also helps a lot because she’s bringing a lot of real-world experience to the topic.

North is qualified, with a degree in social psychology and a growing YouTube channel that has over 581,000 subscribers and a number of helpful videos including on the specific topic of text chemistry, such as “8 Texts to Make a Man Want You.”

Her Text Chemistry and the Devotion System courses have already sold over 100,000 copies because they offer solutions, not just talk.

2) It’s up-to-date

Another of the best things about the Text Chemistry program is that it fully grasps how today’s fast-paced digital world works.

It also understands the true currency of our age…

Not time, not money, not even sex appeal…


So let me ask you:

How good are you at grabbing a man’s attention?

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Because this is what Text Chemistry is all about.

North shows you how to cut through the noise and the busy inboxes and send texts that get attention without being attention-seeking or desperate.

She calls these tactics “attention hooks,” and it’s a brilliant concept. I admit that girls have used them on me a few times in texts and they completely got me.

North takes her cue from top Hollywood screenwriters, using the strategies that they use in top shows to keep your attention and interest.

You know when you finish an episode and click to watch the next one without even thinking about it?

You “need” to see what happens next…

It’s the same with texting…and North knows how to tap deep into a man’s brain and deepest instincts, activating his attraction and interest at a profound level…

She shows how to use “attention hooks” for maximum impact in relationships and romance.

And it works. (At least if I’m any indication…)

3) It’s specific

Text chemistry doesn’t hit you with a bunch of vague advice. North gets very specific about how to text in specific situations.

Whether you’re just starting out with some light flirting or you’re in a long-term relationship that’s going stale and you want to spice things up, North has a word recipe for almost everything.

Keep in mind that this isn’t about canned lines or scripts.

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It’s more about mindset and understanding the type of things to say or not say, rather than dictating your actual words.

Having said that, North does offer a fair number of specific messages — as well as when and why to send them — that are near-guaranteed to get a rise out of your guy.

She addresses many exact situations including:

What to do when a guy is ignoring you;

What to do to rejuvenate attraction in a relationship;

What to text when you’re long-distance and you want him to be on fire about seeing you again;

Texts to send that are funny but also spike serious sexual attraction and long-term interest.

Texts that aren’t jealous or weird but that also avoid him cheating on you or breaking up without you being needy or desperate.

And much more…

North is really talented at showing how a text comes across even when you may not be aware of it, and how to sometimes override your first instincts when it comes to texting.

The result is better text chemistry.

4) It covers both sides

Let’s be honest:

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The Text Chemistry program would be limited if it was just about one gender.

North tackles both sides, explaining the guy’s point of view and those confusing and crazy texts you sometimes get from him that don’t seem to make any sense.

The bonus materials such as the Phone Game eBook, Quality Men on Tinder eBook and the Why Men Leave eBook also delve deep into male psychology and explain crucial things that can really confuse the hell out of many women.

Things like:

How to make phone conversations a real pleasure and use them to increase attraction and have him hanging on your every word…

Why do guys leave attractive women even if it’s a good relationship?

How you can find a guy for a long-term relationship on Tinder? (Seriously, it’s possible).

Without understanding how men’s minds work, all the texting advice in the world won’t do anything, and North gets this and delivers the goods.

5) It’s more important than ever

I don’t know about you but I’ve been spending more time than ever on my phone.

This whole stay-at-home thing has me scrolling like a fiend.

Text Chemistry costs $49.95, but it’s honestly more than worth it and the amount of value and straight-up result-oriented lessons contained in the eBooks and videos is impressive.

The tactics that North shows you actually work to gain confidence and text chemistry when you need it most.

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As you sit alone at home and text your life away you won’t have to worry that you’re wasting your time anymore, because every text you send will be a skillfully-seductive silver bullet.

Text Chemistry is extremely practical and will prove useful and engaging for many women out there who are looking for some answers to their word-based woes.

Learn This Powerful Text Message Now 

My final thoughts: is it worth it?

Text Chemistry has a 60-day full money-back guarantee and in my opinion, it’s definitely worth the money.

The only real downside I found here was that the writing is a bit flowery and silly at times, but North still walks the talk and gives you the tools you need, so honestly it’s a small price to pay for solving your text issues.

One thing about texts that makes them especially tricky is that you can’t really read the tone from them.

North shows you how to navigate that digital world without getting hung up on tone or playing a guessing game and that’s really valuable.

While it’s undeniable that some of this could be thought of as a little bit manipulative, it still makes a lot of sense to me that women would want to buy a course like this.

At this point I’m just looking for the guy version, to be honest.

As a digital-only product, this won’t be the thing for you if you want a hard-copy book, but apart from that I don’t really see downsides.

The bottom line here is that Text Chemistry does work and it’s getting consistently great reviews for that reason.

North’s insights and action-oriented steps made a lot of sense to me and some of the new and more innovative concepts she mentioned really stoked my imagination and made me see texting in a new and more exciting way.

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It’s obvious that North put a ton of research and effort into this program and it definitely shows.

I feel privileged to have been allowed a chance to “peek behind the curtain” as a man and see how this whole thing works. I’ve gotta say that even as a guy, there are a lot of insights that helped me figure out where I’ve been going wrong — and right — with my texting.

This course helped me learn a ton about the psychology and motivations behind relationships and the seduction and dating process.

It’s clear from the course that North actually does understand how male desire and thinking works and what drives us guys to respond or not to a text and to lose interest or gain more interest…

North’s book is entertaining and easy to understand. She uses valid scientific principles to demonstrate her points and she doesn’t sugarcoat hard truths about male-female relations.

This is one of the best dating courses I’ve ever come across, and the fact that it specifically is about texting just makes it all the more timely.

My rating 4.5/5

Check Out Text Chemistry

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