17 surprising reasons why a guy might want to get you pregnant

Most guys dread getting their girl pregnant. But that isn’t always the case.

Some may actually want to get you pregnant, whether you’re a fling or with him for the long term.

As to why, here are 17 surprising reasons:

1) He doesn’t want you to leave

We’ve all heard of stories of women getting knocked up – and marrying their baby daddies because that’s what’s expected of them.

Although some may not get into marriage, some may think twice about leaving.

Well, it’s this thought that may drive your man to get you pregnant. As Dr. Justin Lehmiller has discussed on his Sex & Psychology website, “Someone who is worried about their partner leaving them might find comfort in fantasizing about sex that results in pregnancy because they see pregnancy as a cue or sign that their partner will stay.”

Just take this story from a Quora poster:

“He did it so I wouldn’t leave him. We were high school sweethearts, but I planned on going away to college to earn a nursing degree. He was insecure and afraid that I might fall in love with someone else while I was away, so he “knocked me up”. Guess what?? It worked.”

2) He thinks it’ll save your relationship

Maybe you’re through with him and the relationship. You’re all set to leave – so he tries to get you pregnant.

It’s not because he’s changed for the better, no. It may be a calculated move on his part to try and save the relationship.

Sure enough, getting pregnant may make you think twice about leaving – just like the Quora poster I’ve mentioned above. But, as you see, having a baby to salvage a sinking relationship doesn’t always work.

As a Medicine Net article explains:

“Having a baby should never be an attempt to save a relationship or save a marriage. The problems you’ve had before having a baby will remain, and more problems or concerns are bound to develop with the added stressors of becoming parents.”

3) He’s in a rush to get you

Some guys would wait a bit before they declare their desire to knock you up. But if you just met this guy and he’s already talking about getting you pregnant, then I could safely say that he’s in a rush to get you.

As to why, you may have triggered the hero instinct in him. You’ve made him feel different from his exes, which is why he’s excited to have a baby with you – even though you’ve just met a few months ago.

This happens because men have this hero drive ingrained in them. And, when women manage to trigger this drive, it makes their men love harder than they ever did.

In the end, they’ll see you as the perfect partner or mother material (which is something I’ll explore next.)

That’s why he’ll do anything so you wouldn’t escape his clutches (reason #1, y’all.)

He doesn’t want to wait anymore, mainly because of the way you make him feel like the hero he ought to be.

So for him, the best way to put you on lockdown is to implant his seed inside your womb.

4) It’s his way of keeping you ‘his’

Perhaps you’re going to be assigned to an out-of-town/country office for several months. And your man can’t go because he’s got work.

He wants to be sure that you won’t cheat on him. So he’ll do the ultimate thing that’ll keep you from having an affair – and that’s getting you pregnant.

More or less, it’s his way of telling the others that you’re his!

5) He wants – or is ready to have – a child (surprisingly)

Men can have a child at any age. Just think of the actor Steve Martin, who became a father at age 67.

Since they’re not really in a hurry to procreate, they may try to get you pregnant when they finally feel like they want – or they’re ready – to have a child.

After all, “Men feel the need to have a baby as they want to have someone to carry on their name,” explained one Quora poster.

I mean, a kinda similar thing happened to me. I went out with a ‘mature’ guy, and he was vocal about dating a girl my age – mid-30s – in the hopes of starting a family.

He believes it’s the best time, for I was already out of the 20s party phase. Moreso, I was at the age where the prospect of having a family has become oh-so-inviting.

Although we didn’t reach the getting pregnant part, it’s clear that some men would want to get you pregnant because of this very reason.

6) He’s having baby fever

Although it sounds impossible, men get baby fever too.

In fact, a Fatherly report has shown that “like with women, the biological clock in men ticks away and gives them baby fever, compelling them to create families with increasing urgency over time.”

The male baby fever, however, is opposite to that of females.

“Women desire children less as time goes on, men want more progeny as they age and begin building families,” the report adds.

That said, this baby fever can get quite contagious too. If you want to have a baby, your man will unconsciously want to have one too.

There’s also your man’s improved financial state, which is a compelling factor for fatherhood.

As per the article, “As men grow older, they tend to achieve more in their careers. The costs of having a child (financial and professional) diminish, relative to the benefits.”

In other words, if he’s financially ready to support a baby, he’ll eagerly get down and make one!

7) You’re a genetic goddess

You have all the qualities a man could ever ask for – beauty, brains, body, and the list goes on. And, if by some chance, your man is in the midst of baby fever, don’t be surprised if he gets vocal about his desire to get you pregnant.

As I’ve mentioned, some men like having kids. So why not make one with a near-perfect partner?

See, he may just be like you. He’s smart and good-looking, among the many other qualities you oh-so-desire.

I mean, who wouldn’t like to make a kid who’s blessed?

On the other hand, he may be driven by the fact that he isn’t the strongest contender out there. He’s in a rush to get you, which is another reason you’ll see in this list.

He thinks that by knocking you up, his spawn will have a better chance in life.

No matter what type of guy he is, he believes that your genes are superior – and they will help make for a great child.

8) He’s on the rebound

If your guy just came from a relationship – and he’s guns-ablazing to get you pregnant – then you should be careful.

After all, “Those on the rebound are assumed to be distressed, shamed, angry, or sad.

Consequently, their emotional availability is questioned.”

It’s possible that he wanted to start a family with his ex, and he’s trying to fulfill that dream by trying to get you pregnant.

To keep your heart from being broken – and your womb from getting seeded – psychologist Mary C. Lamia, Ph.D. recommends reflecting on these:

  • Is “he or she capable of emotional attachment,” or are you “simply a substitute for love that was lost?”
  • “His neediness, rather than actual interest or excitement,” for it “might determine his connection with you.”

9) He wants a male ‘heir’…

My husband, like many men out there, are ‘pressured’ to keep the family name going. He’s the only boy amongst siblings, after all.

So if you’re in a situation such as mine, then don’t be surprised if your guy is all too excited to get you pregnant.

It may even become a habitual thing for him, especially if you keep on bearing him a daughter.

Just take the case of Henry VIII, who had killed (and annulled) his wives just to get his male heir. Even with all his efforts, his throne still went to his daughters.

The bleakness of this story aside, there may be other reasons why your guy is gunning for a son. Apart from having someone carry on his name, he may just want someone with whom he could share some male camaraderie.

Think going to ball games, fixing the car, and the list goes on. He could do it with a daughter, alright, but you know, for them, it’s not the same.

10) …for it’s a cultural thing

Trailing off from the ‘male heir’ reason I’ve had above, another reason why your guy may want to get you pregnant is due to a cultural thing.

Let me share with you the story of Nhung K.:

“In our home country [Vietnam], many families want a boy for their first child… It is part of the tradition in our country to put a lot of significance on having sons — to continue the family lineage, for parents’ security in their old age, for succeeding in the father’s business, and [sometimes] for ancestor worship. Vietnamese families reserve a special place for their firstborn son. Men are always the head of the household.”

It’s also a trend in South Korea, where “sons were responsible for performing ancestral rites and for the care and support of elderly parents,” according to an NPR article.

11) You’re loaded

Maybe you’re the heiress of a big corporation or a trust-fund baby of wealthy grandparents.

Then again, maybe you’re a strong, successful woman who’s got a high-flying career and much money in the bank.

And since you’re the perfect rich girl, you might attract a man who’d want to get you pregnant – just to get a share of your monetary pie.

I guess I don’t have to worry about this since I’m the opposite of loaded. 🙂

See, he might act all lovey-dovey at first, but his intentions are sure to manifest soon.

And even if you don’t get hitched with him, if you DO get pregnant – and the father gets legally established, you both “will go through the same procedures to obtain custody, visitation rights, and child support” the same way married people do.

There’s also the prospect of Palimony, or the “division of financial assets and real property on the termination of a personal live-in relationship wherein the parties are not legally married.” Although it is not that widespread in the US, it is recognized in 11 states, including California, Illinois, and New York. So if you live in any of these states, buckle up!

And, in case this unlikely (but possible) scenario does indeed happen, I suggest hiring the best lawyer your money can buy!

12) He’s got a breeding kink

Men have a variety of fetishes. But if yours has got the breeding kink, then it’ll drive him to get you pregnant.

As the name denotes, this kink “involves being turned on by the risk of becoming pregnant or getting someone else pregnant.”

What makes the prospect of getting you pregnant hot is the fact that you really don’t want it. It makes it dangerous, which puts an “erotic charge behind it.”

The bad news, however, is that his fantasy only goes as far as getting you pregnant. Raising a baby? Now that’s a different matter.

Now I’d suggest having safe, protected sex with this man, but he may convince you NOT to. After all, he’s getting a kick from the ‘danger’ of getting you pregnant.

13) He’s got a pregnancy fetish

While this may seem similar to the breeding kink, the pregnancy fetish is another ballgame.

The former is all about getting you pregnant, while the latter “is an attraction to pregnant people… including an appreciation for how bodies change during pregnancy.”

“Some people simply enjoy embracing the taboo,” explains a Fatherly article. “Here you are having hot sex with someone who is preparing for motherhood…It’s sort of like trying to have sex with a nun.”

Whatever your man’s motivations might be, it will drive him to get you pregnant – so he can do you while you’re pregnant.

And, unless you’re careful, you may end up bearing several children in the long run. It’s his fetish, after all.

14) Your partner has asked him to

Now I know this may seem like a movie plot, but this guy may try to get you pregnant because your partner has asked him to.

Perhaps your hubby is infertile. Or maybe you’re in a same-sex relationship. Either way, pregnancy may be hard for you – unless you pay for some scientific assistance (think in-vitro fertilization.)

And since “the average cost for one in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle is more than $12,000,” your partner may look for the easy (and cheap) way out, and that’s asking this guy to get you pregnant on their behalf.

15) It’s an immigration thing

It’s not wrong to want to seek greener pastures. But for some men, getting you pregnant may be their way of reaching said pastures right away.

This also ties back to some of the concepts I mentioned prior. He may be in a rush to get you – or he’s trapping you with a baby so you won’t leave him.

Of course, who would want a baby to grow up without a father?

Either way, he feels that your pregnancy would help with his immigration purposes. Newsflash: it won’t – unless you actually file a petition on his behalf.

And even if you do, you both have to prove your relationship to be genuine (and not just driven by a green card) to the government.

That being said, if your citizen child decides to petition him, he could still immigrate to your country. This will take decades for him, though – and not the instant immigration he hoped it’d be.

16) It’s all about male dominance…

As the Fatherly report above goes to show, some “men are powered by the need to assert their masculinity. Providing, protecting, and procreating are three core cultural dimensions of masculinity, after all.”

Some guys, however, take this belief to the extreme. Some, in fact, believe in the context of male dominance or supremacy, which is the “hateful ideology advocating for the subjugation of women and rigid gender roles.”

And, if your man has this way of thinking, then he’ll try to knock you up without any rhyme or reason. That’s because, as the article describes it, “Many male supremacists reduce women to their reproductive function.”

Let me give you an example. Here’s what Matt Forney said in his June 2017 blog:

“When a man and a woman are attracted to one another, they are seeing the continuation of their tribe and the formation of the next generation…”

So while you may find his dominance appealing, I say get a grip girl. It might be this dominance that’ll reduce you to nothing but a mere ‘breeding ground.’

17) …or reproductive coercion

This concept, which is all about a person exerting “power and control over another person’s reproductive health and decisions,” is a pretty alarming reason for getting knocked up.

And most of the time, it unfolds just like a scene from a TV drama.

Your guy could be poking holes in his condoms, or he could be replacing your birth control pills with sugar/placebo ones.

Reproductive coercion could also take the form of him “Pressuring, guilting, or shaming” you about your decision to have children.

In other words, he wants to get you pregnant straight up – even though you don’t want to.

And, should you try to get an abortion – he’ll prevent you from getting one. Sadly, with the reversal of the Roe v. Wade decision, this has become easier in most US states.

Reproductive coercion doesn’t end with him getting you pregnant, though. He “might use the child to maintain power and control” as well.

So if you’re going out with a guy with obvious reproductive coercion tendencies, be careful!

Final thoughts

While it’s true that most men aren’t bent on getting their girls pregnant, some do. And, as I’ve just discussed, they may be fueled by different drives.

It could be your man’s way of trapping you – or maybe, he’s just plain excited to have a baby.

Then again, it may be his kink – or it could be his way of showing his male dominance.

So even if you’re interested in having a baby, I suggest you take a step back and look at the whole picture before you get things going.

You don’t want to be stuck with your baby daddy for all the wrong reasons. Having a child is a full-time commitment, after all.

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