15 subconscious signs that someone is thinking about you

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It’s a thought that crosses many minds at different points in time.

How do I know if someone is thinking of me? Is there a definite way to know whether or not they like me?

The simple answer is yes.

The universe has its own way of sending us the right signs to let us know if someone is thinking about us. It’s about recognising these signs for what they are.

These connections can span thousands of kilometres and all that we are left with is a simple feeling that someone is thinking about us.

Read on to discover signs that someone is thinking about you and confirm once and for all that your thoughts are correct.

15 subconscious signs that someone is thinking about you

1) You dream about them

This is one of the most obvious subconscious signs that many people experience.

According to clinical psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber, dreaming is the communication between our conscious mind and our unconscious mind, helping people create wholeness. “Dreams are the bridge that allows movement back and forth between what we think we know and what we really know,” he says.

The first thing you should do is record your dreams when you remember them. This will help you go back over time and really analyse what your dreams are telling you. Keep a dream journal right next to your bed and jot down a few sentences each morning. Even if you don’t remember your dream, make note of it.

After a while, you will be able to look into any patterns that are occurring and work out what they mean.

If someone keeps cropping up in your dreams over the nights, it’s a good sign they are thinking about you. They are possibly reaching out to you without even realising it themselves! Either way, there’s a definite connection there.

2) You have the hiccups

One of the stranger signs out there, but definitely one worth noting.

Unfortunately, if you’re experiencing the hiccups, it generally isn’t a positive sign that someone is thinking of you in a loving way.

In fact, hiccups are actually related to negative energy being directed towards you.

When you aren’t able to physically explain why you have the hiccups, then it’s generally a sign that someone has said something negative about you.

So, how do you narrow it down?

Start taking notes of when you get the hiccups for no reason at all. Who are you around most when this happens?

If it keeps recurring, it might be time to approach that person and see if you can work out where this negative energy is coming from.

3) Burning sensation in cheek

This is going to sound strange, but imagine exactly how it feels straight after being slapped across the cheek.

Your face will both tingle and burn while the aftereffects slowly subside.

This is exactly how it feels when someone is thinking about you.

The confusing part is, it could mean they are speaking negatively about you. On the other hand, it could mean there are romantic feelings there. It’s hard to tell!

It’s best to consider the exact sensation you’re feeling in the moment to help you determine whether it has positive or negative connotations. If you feel as if you have literally been slapped across the face by someone. Then it’s probably not a positive experience.

It’s likely someone is speaking negatively about you, and this has manifested as a slap across the face. They have done it with words.

On the other hand, you may notice your cheeks get flushed and react physically. This can extend the entire way up to your ears. In this instance, it’s more likely someone is thinking positively about you and there are feelings there.

4) A butterfly settles on you

Have you experienced a butterfly randomly perching on you out of the blue? Whether you’re out for a walk, or simply in your backyard, this is a sign someone is thinking about you.

Butterflies are considered omens of good luck, symbolising change, transformation and rebirth. They have a strong connection with the spiritual world, so it’s important to pay attention when they’re around.

If a butterfly does stop and land on you, then you can guarantee it’s a sign.

Someone, somewhere is definitely thinking about you and the universe is letting you know.

5) You experience a random eye twitch

Eye twitches are a common spiritual sign – assuming you have ruled out any physical or medical reason you might be experiencing them.

It’s believed that if your left eye is twitching, then someone is thinking about you in a positive way.

On the other hand, if it’s your right eye that’s twitching, then it’s likely someone is saying negative things about you instead.

The funny thing is, the opposite is true of men. It’s completely reversed.

Remember to rule out that anything else is going on first before you start reading too much into this subconscious sign. After all, there can be a number of reasons your eye might be twitching.

6) You feel uncomfortable while eating

You’re simply sitting back and enjoying a quiet dinner at home. You’re not rushing, you’re chewing slowly and there’s no reason for you to experience anything out of the ordinary…

But all of a sudden you feel like your food isn’t going down the right way. You find yourself starting to cough and possible even choking a little.

It’s almost a certain subconscious sign that you’re going through someone’s mind in that instance. They might be feeling tense and projecting those feelings on to you, causing you to struggle to swallow and eat.

That tension is being transferred on to you.

7) They enter your thoughts suddenly

Have you ever had the image of someone randomly enter your thoughts over and over again?

If it’s someone close to you that you see often, then it’s not going to seem like a big deal. There’s a simple explanation for why you’re seeing them time and time again.

On the other hand, if it’s someone you don’t see on a regular basis and don’t have much contact with, then it’s time to read into the signs.

Start jotting down every time you think about them. This way, you can go back and examine whether there are any patterns emerging.

Often, when we can’t get someone off our mind, it’s a sign from the universe that we should reach out and contact this person.

It’s likely that they have been thinking about you a lot lately, but haven’t been able to reach out on their own. They might be experiencing a lot of remorse for something they have done to you. Or simply too afraid to make contact.

In this instance, it might be time for you to make the first move and extend an olive branch.

8) You have bouts of sneezing

As always, it’s important to make sure your sneezing isn’t happening because you have a cold or your allergies are playing up.

Once you rule out these obvious explanations you can dig a little deeper and read into the signs.

Sneezing is said to be a strong subconscious sign that someone is thinking about you. However, it all comes down to the number of sneezes you experience.

If you have two sneezes in quick succession, then it means that someone is thinking about you in a negative manner.

However, if you experience three or more sneezes in quick succession, then someone is having positive thoughts about you.

Make sure you take note next time you have a bout of sneezes coming on!

9) You experience goosebumps

Goosebumps are a very typical reflection of strong, emotional thoughts surrounding you.

You have probably experienced goosebumps on many different occasions, usually connected to something you are seeing or hearing in the moment. It’s our body’s physical reaction to how we are feeling.

They tend to be very rooted in emotion.

Of course, they also tend to pop up when you’re feeling cold. In this instant, you tend to feel your body shivering at the same time in an attempt to warm yourself up.

If you experience goosebumps out of the blue, meaning they aren’t connected to the cold, or a reaction to an emotional experience you have just encountered, then it’s likely someone is thinking of you.

They are connected to a thought that’s been directed towards you in that moment.

They want to be with you and have manifested their desires through the goosebumps. This is a strong spiritual connection that you definitely want to explore further with this person!

10) You go through synchronistic encounters

If you keep experiencing coincidences in your life, then it might be time to explore whether you’re actually going through a synchronistic encounter.

It’s likely these coincidences are more than just that.

It’s the universe trying to pass on a message to you.

Have you found yourself thinking about someone and then suddenly received an unexpected phone call from them? Or maybe you’re out on a walk thinking of someone you haven’t seen in a while and then suddenly bump into them.

These coincidences are likely to be more than just that. These meetings don’t just happen by accident. On one hand, it could be a direct result of you having thoughts about this person. You have managed to manifest the meeting to take place.

But the opposite could also be true. This person has been thinking about you, which is what has led to these random encounters.

Keep this in mind next time something unexpected takes place.

11) You see their name everywhere

If someone is thinking about you a lot, then this is going to manifest itself physically. One of the signs this is taking place is when you start seeing their name everywhere.

Whether it’s on bulletin boards, in the book you’re reading, in articles on the internet, or anywhere else, if one name keeps jumping out at you, then there’s probably a good reason for it.

It’s a sign that this person can’t stop thinking about you and the universe is trying to let you know of these thoughts.

Whenever you hear or see their name, then pay attention to what’s around you in the moment.

Look at what you can see or hear, what you were thinking at the time, what you’re doing, or even what you can smell. It’s likely the signs are trying to point you in the right direction, and the timing or hearing or seeing this person’s name is connected to things around you.

It’s up to you whether or not you choose to act on this. But it’s a promising sign that they are sending positive thoughts your way.

12) You find a white feather

White feathers are a well-known symbol in the spiritual world. They are mostly associated with someone who has passed thinking about you – rather than the living.

White feathers normally turn up when you have lost someone important to you in life. It’s a sign that you can rest easy and know they are in a good place.

The feather is a strong symbol that they are thinking about you from wherever you are, so you don’t need to worry about them.

They are watching over you and all they want from you is to be happy.

13) Going through emotional changes

Let’s face it, our emotions can be misleading even at the best of times. This can make it hard to rely on them as a sign of something more.

However, if you experience a jolt of sadness, joyfulness, or even anxiety that comes out of nowhere, then you know these aren’t your feelings.

They are likely the thoughts of someone who is thinking about you. Especially if they keep taking place over time.

It’s important to pay very close attention to your feelings. Recognise what mental state you are in and how you are feeling on a daily basis. This will help you work out if these sudden feelings that rush over you are coming from you, or being manifested by someone thinking about you.

To truly recognise this sign, you have to be very in tune with your own thoughts and feelings.

14) Unexplained physical touch

Have you ever felt like someone is touching you, yet there’s no one around?

It can really take you off-guard and make you feel uncomfortable and a little worried in the moment. This is a completely natural reaction!

It’s possible that if someone is thinking about you a lot, then these thoughts can manifest themselves into a physical reaction. It’s a very strong sign that this person has a telepathic connection with you.

You can often get a vibe from these touches to help determine whether or not they are positive. A pleasant touch is a good indication that someone has good feelings towards you. On the other hand, something that feels creepy suggests someone is angry or sad with you.

15) Your intuition tells you

At the end of the day, you might have no signs to pinpoint that someone is thinking about you. Instead, you just know it.

It’s something that can’t be explained, but it also doesn’t need to be. It’s so important to be able to trust your intuition and what it’s telling you.

Once you do so, you can then begin looking out for other signs that confirm your beliefs. Make note of all the signs we have pointed out above and keep an open mind when you go about your day.

Knowing what to look out for can help you to be receptive to these signs when they appear before you.

Is someone thinking about me?

The signs are all there, but you do have to read them carefully. Many of the signs you come across, can also be connected to something going on in your life.

It’s important to rule out any other reason you might be having these signs before you read too deeply into them.

The universe does communicate with us in very mysterious ways. As long as you’re open to listening.

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