19 subconscious signs he misses you badly

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It doesn’t matter if you’re in the honeymoon phase or 25 years down the line, men are notoriously great at hiding their feelings.

Especially when it comes to confessing how much they miss you when you aren’t around.

That’s why we’re going to help you out with these 19 subtle signs your man gives off subconsciously, so you never have to doubt that he genuinely misses you again!

Let’s jump straight in:

1) He always calls and texts you 

One of the obvious signs that a man is totally smitten for you is that he’ll call you or send a message when he misses you

You’d be receiving his greetings each morning and he’d often ask for your plans for the day. And sometimes, he’d even send you motivational quotes, links to a song, or photos that he knows can cheer you up. 

If he does this almost consistently, he really likes you, and he’s hopeful that he’s brought that smile he misses so much to your face. 

He thinks about you a lot because everything he sees will remind him of you. That’s why he wants to know what you are doing. 

If you’ve broken up for quite a long time already but he still does this, there’s a great chance that he’s still into you. 

2) He makes an effort to keep the conversation going

He wants to communicate with you, which, in most cases, means that he’s feeling sad for being apart from you, and he longs to be in your presence…again. 

To avoid jumping to a hasty conclusion, you also have to differentiate whether he is texting you because he just wants something from you or he’s doing this to maintain contact with you. 

In this case, you can do a little experiment to figure out why he’s eager to connect with you once more. Try ignoring his texts for a few hours and see what he’s gonna do next. Or pay attention to how much time it takes for him to text back and the way he phrases his messages.

If he has false intentions, he’ll read your silence as a negative answer and won’t bother texting you again.

But if he texts you again -— this time with a pretty lengthy message explaining his intentions and his worries because you didn’t text back — then you’ve got something on your hands. He’s seeking clues if you miss him too!  

The bottom line here is, a man who misses you so much will do anything to keep the conversation going with you because he simply can’t satisfy himself with a short texting session or the small talks during your brief calls.

3) He always talks about you

You’re his favorite subject in any conversation with his parents, siblings, or his best friends.

He just can’t stop talking about you because he adores you and misses you at the same time. And by talking about you, he’ll find some solace amidst his longing for you. 

Also, he’s not afraid to tell everyone in his life how much he loves you, as this is his way of remembering you while you’re far away from him.

So, if you heard from a friend (or a friend of his) that this guy in question has been passionately talking about you, then you can be one-hundred percent sure that he madly misses you.

You see, when we miss someone badly, we can’t help ourselves but talk about that person when they’re not around because such is our way of coping with the strong “longing” feelings we have for them.

We want other people to know how crazy we are about someone. And this is exactly what he’s trying to show when he does this to you.

4) He leaves comments and likes your posts on social media

By liking your posts, he wants you to know that he “sees” you. If he misses you so much, he might even begin flood-liking all your posts. 

With this action, you can somehow get the idea of how big his feelings for you — especially if he’s usually not that active on social media. You are special to him, but when you ask him if he misses you, chances are that he won’t admit it.

And it doesn’t stop at flood-likes alone, as he might leave a comment or two on your posts as well. This is his way of showing you that he notices you and is curious about your whereabouts. And this could be his desperate attempt to make you start talking to him as well.

Meanwhile, if you never dated this guy doing this to your social media posts, he’s probably head-over-heels in love with you and misses you because he never had you.

5) He wants you to send him pictures

This could be a great sign of someone missing you or this could just be one of the playful tactics among men to bait women.

It’s possible that he wants you to send him your pictures to satisfy his needs or that he asks you for one because he truly misses you, and he wants to feel your presence — even virtually.

Most men do this because even just seeing the face of their loved ones makes them happy.

If your guy does this, maybe he wants to be able to think of you whenever he takes out his phone, and he wants to use every moment of his free time to look at the pretty face he misses so much — yours.

6) He insists on seeing you

If a man misses you, he’d always have pressing reasons to see you. And most of these are even made-up ones.

For instance, he’d insist on hand delivering something that could have easily been mailed to you because it’s his great excuse to see you.  

Also, if he asks for your help with something, even if it’s something he could easily do by himself, know that he’s doing it because he misses you and thought you’d fall for it. 

He probably knows that you couldn’t resist his charm in person, which if you fall for it…then perhaps he’s right.

When a man misses you, he always has the urge to see you. And when you finally meet, he still talks about seeing you again.

You can even do a little experiment: Agree to meet him up and choose a time when you know he’d be too busy (although we don’t recommend you do this all the time). You’d know how much he misses you because he’s always willing to set aside whatever keeps him busy at that time just to see you. 

For him, meeting you in person is more satisfying than any pleasures of his world.

If a guy does this for you, then you got the biggest bulletproof sign that he misses you. 

7) He is so happy to see you 

In relation to number 6, when you finally meet this guy in question, you can feel how ecstatic he is.

A man who is so happy just by seeing you in person is definitely missing you a lot already.  You can clearly tell it from the glow of his face and that ear-to-ear smile he’s wearing throughout your date. 

If a man truly loves you, every time he sees you, he can’t help but be happy. He’s the kind of man who’s always looking forward to spending more time with you. 

8) He gives you surprises

Does your man give you some gifts or flowers for no apparent reasons at all? Does he visit you in the workplace without telling you? 

These little and random surprises actually speak a lot about his feelings. 

Men often show how they feel toward someone through actions rather than words. If he loves to give you surprises in your busiest — often stressful — moments, it’s his way of showing support and love for you.

More importantly, if you’re in a long-distance relationship and he keeps sending you something all of a sudden, he must be too crazily missing you.

9) He’s a little bit jealous

If he is jealous — but not the possessive kind of jealousy — it means he really misses you. This is not about jealousy for another man, but rather more of jealousy for the time you spend at work. 

He misses you and wishes that instead of spending most of your time doing other things, you could have at least given him a chunk of it. 

Having said that, don’t be surprised if your man might get a bit upset whenever you have plans with your friends or you’re too busy with your daily routines. 

Maybe he is too scared that you’ll meet a new person in your outing with friends and you’re going to leave him. These thoughts or imagined things can often blow certain situations out of proportion, so you also need to talk it through.

As a woman, you also have to be careful not to date men who are too possessive. Be careful with those kinds of guys who’d take away your freedom or restrict you in any way.

If you think your guy is doing this, then he doesn’t genuinely miss you — and you’re better off without him.

10) His friends will give you hints

Let’s say the two of you were in a relationship and you broke up, then time passed by without you hearing from him. 

But when you meet some of his friends, they’d give you hints that he isn’t over you and that he misses you badly.

They might tell you that he constantly talks about the good times you two had and that he’d often catch himself subconsciously checking your conversations and pictures together.

He might also ask his friends for some dating advice because this time, he wants to make sure not to screw things up when he gets the chance to be with you again.

If he’s doing all of this, he is probably too weak to tell you that he’s still so into you or he wants to give you your space. Either way, this is definitely a tell-tale sign that he misses you, and he wants you back. 

11) He drunk-dials you

We all know this one, and we’ve even — at some point — have done this too. 

You get a random text (a tell-all text) -— that’s too full of misspellings and incoherent blabberings — at 2 am. 

If he does this, it might have dawned on him that the only thing that really makes him happy is not what’s inside the bottle; it’s still you all this time. 

But don’t fall for it, as drunk texts are just exaggerated emotions.  If he really misses you, he’d show you some respect and text or call you when he’s sober. 

But you also have to cut him some slack. There could be a big chance that he truly misses you but didn’t have the courage to call you when he wasn’t drunk. Or maybe he didn’t know what to say to you.

You know that we all do unimaginable things when we get drunk, but we are all so courageous in those moments too. So maybe that was all he needed — an extra push in your direction to tell you that he misses you and wants to be with you again.

But it’s what happens after that wild night that really makes the difference. If he texts you again saying sorry for his behavior and that all he said was true, you’d know that he’s still got something in you.

12) He sends random messages

Do you always get the most random messages from him that — most of the time — don’t even make sense? That’s his cue for you to begin talking to him. 

He wants to have a conversation with you, but he’s too afraid that he might just bore you. 

Or this could also be the sign that he’s just too frustrated for not having you around anymore, and he’s overwhelmed by his longing for you. 

13) He often suggests video-chatting

Don’t we all feel like we’re dying inside to see the person whom we miss so much?  

When a man suggests video chatting on FaceTime or other apps with you, then he must be feeling crazy over his longing for you that spending time with you (even virtually) is his priority.

He longs to hear your voice and see your face again. That’s why he can’t help but ask you to turn on that cam and let him see you — he’s begging for it.

Lastly, if he’s a little bit flirty during your video session — what else do you need, girl? — this boy is head over heels for you, and he misses you like crazy.

14) He seems less social than normal

If you found out that he’s becoming more of the “emo” type, which is so unusual of him, then he probably misses you a lot. 

Your common friends might say how much he has changed since your parting — like they haven’t seen him in a while or he often posts lonely-looking pictures on social media. 

If this is the case, then he may be reflecting on your time together or trying to figure out how he could win you back. 

Meanwhile, if you’re just on vacation and your boyfriend is acting weird, like keeping himself busy at home while you’re away, this could mean that he wants you to know he’ll be right there when you come back.

If he’s pulling away from friends and family, chances are he can’t take not having you around. 

Men don’t usually blurt out how they are feeling when they miss someone, so make sure you assure your man that you’re going back to his arms again in the soonest time possible.

15) He’s staying in at night

If he makes it obvious that he is choosing to stay in at night instead of joining his best friends on a game date, this guy is falling hard for you. 

He wants you to see he’s responsible and that your company alone can heal his stresses of the day.

So if you’re dating someone who suddenly doesn’t want to go out with his friends anymore, he’s not trying to make you feel guilty, he’s showing you how important your presence is to him.

16) He makes art or music

If you notice that your man turns to writing songs or playing his guitar after you left him, chances are he’s feeling the romance blues. 

If he’s writing songs while you’re on a vacation, he is probably missing you. If he is changing his lifestyle to prove to you he’s becoming more mature – such as getting up early, reading the paper, or showing his intellectual side – then you must have such a strong effect on him.

Most men spend their time writing or trying their hand at painting to occupy the time that their partners aren’t with them. 

17) He tries to impress you by getting in shape

One of the ways guys do in proving to women they’ve changed is they try to improve their lifestyle after a breakup. 

So if you see him training extra hard or changing to a healthy diet, he might be doing this to prove to you he’s worth coming back to. 

If his laziness was an issue when you were still together, then he must be doing all the workout show-offs because he realizes what he’s missing. And he wants you to know he’s learning from his mistakes.

18) He is nostalgic

If you’re getting texts about things you did together or messages like “just passed by the coffee shop where we first dated,” he is missing you for sure. 

More subtly, he may be posting on Facebook some photos of him visiting the places you two have gone before just to jog your memory about the good times. This might be him testing the water to see if he can get you back.

Also, if you’re out on a business trip for a while and he’s texting you about things you’ve done together or sending you updates on things at home that you might have missed, then this boy has you on his mind. 

And of course, if he’s dying to see you coming back to him, you can be sure he misses you a lot.

19) You run into him a lot

Come here often too? 

If you find yourself asking him that question more often, then he may be deliberately visiting places he knows you might go to hoping to run into you. 

He probably knows it from your social media or your common friends. He just wants to see your face again, and he may look at you (even from afar) for as long as possible —and he may even be doing this subconsciously. 

The bottom line

If he truly misses you, he will (honestly) say so. 

Some men have really big egos, but when the longing is overwhelming, most of them give in and tell you (to your face) how much they miss you

He could also be sending you those long and sweet messages telling you how they can’t wait for the day they’d see you again.

But no matter what way he’s using to show his feelings for you, you have to look closely — beyond his words.  You will know that he is being honest, as you can see it in his eyes. 

And he will most definitely do things to prove it to you. Remember: When someone truly misses you, he won’t feed you with empty words — he will make sure to let his actions speak!

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