17 spiritual signs he likes you (even if he hasn’t said it yet)

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When you spot a guy that you like, the next couple of weeks may just be the most confusing time of your life!

Okay, we may be exaggerating a little bit, but it can definitely be difficult to figure out if a guy really likes you.

Are you really more than just friends? Is he the one? Or are you just making it up and it’s all in your head? These are probably the questions you’ve been thinking day and night.

So without further ado, let’s go through these 17 spiritual signs he likes you (even if he hasn’t said it yet).

1) It shows in his body language

Don’t underestimate the power of body language in revealing what a person really thinks about you.

Check if his face lights up when you walk into the room. Does he suddenly laugh and get a huge grin on his face? As you walk in, maybe he also fixes his hair to make sure that he looks good. These are telltale signs that he likes you!

He may also subconsciously mirror your gestures and facial expressions. Try crossing your arms and see if he does the same even if he’s on the other side of the room. He may not even know that he’s doing this on purpose, but it will just come naturally to him if he likes you.

A guy who is interested in you may also turn his body towards you in a group setting. This shows that he is open and welcoming and he wants you to know that.

He may often steal glances at you because he’s just so excited that you’re in the same room! And when he makes a joke, watch if he looks at your reaction first to see if you found it funny.

If he really wants to be obvious about it, he may even maintain eye contact when your eyes meet.

But if he’s a bit shy, he may immediately look away. If this is the case and he’s not as confident, that can also be a clear sign that he likes you. It shows that he’s embarrassed to be caught in the act of secretly looking at you.

2) He wants to be close to you physically

In social settings, do you notice that he’s somehow always near where you are? He may be even trying to sit next to you when you’re in a restaurant, classroom, or any event.

Another obvious sign is if he’s always finding ways to touch you. He may “accidentally” touch your forearm, hand, or shoulder to show that he wants to feel close to you.

If your group is going somewhere together, he may also walk beside you to make sure that you can easily talk together.

Perhaps he’s always giving you welcome and goodbye hugs. Do his hugs always last a little longer than expected? He may be wanting to maximize every single second he has with you!

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4) He acts a little bit different when he’s talking with you

You can also tell that a guy likes you if he’s not his regular self when he’s with you.

Is he more loud and confident than usual? This may mean that he really wants to show you the version of himself that he thinks you will like.

Or maybe it’s the other way around and you find that he’s more awkward than he normally is.

Does he always stumble over his words? Do you always find him constantly fidgeting and even blushing? This may point to the fact that he is incredibly anxious about finding the right things to say. Overall, he’s nervous because he’s really concerned about what you think of him.

All of these signs just mean that he sees you differently than his platonic friends.

And when you see someone authentically for who they are (as you do when you’re spiritually connected), it leads to a special spiritual kind of love

5) He genuinely wants to get to know you

A guy who likes you will show that he is interested in your life. He will initiate meaningful conversations and ask you personal questions.

This is his not-so-subtle attempt of checking if you’re truly compatible with each other.

He may also ask you for your thoughts on relationships and commitment. Does he ask if you have a boyfriend or if you like someone? If he is curious about these things, he’s gauging if you could potentially start a relationship.

If you’re interacting online or through text, your new crush may like you back if he always answers your messages quickly. It means that he is very eager to connect with you.

And when you’re at in-person gatherings and he’s talking to you, another sign is if he makes it a point to put his phone away. This signals that his focus is 100% on you.

6) He shares a lot about himself too

But he doesn’t just stop with getting to know you. Aside from this, he also wants to share more about himself and his life.

First off, he wants you to know that he is single and ready to mingle! A guy who likes you will make it clear from the start that this could be more than just a platonic relationship.

He also wants you to know his future plans and what he’s currently up to. Men do this to get your input of what you think of them and to check if you’re interested in them too.

This vulnerability may also show that he’s very serious about starting a relationship with you. Guys don’t share everything with just anyone.

Depending on how you react to the information they share, they’ll be able to figure out if you two can have a future together.

7) He is consistent in wanting to spend time with you

Does he always invite you to hang out even if there’s no occasion? Is he the type to make you feel welcomed at any event? In all of these, it’s very important that he is consistent in all his interactions with you.

Another sign that he likes you is if he wants to be seen in public with you. Some guys may even intentionally show off that you two are together. This may be his way of letting others know that you two can be more than friends.

Do you also notice that he is always “coincidentally” at the same events and gatherings as you? This may mean that he is secretly tracking which events you’re going to.

If this is something that happens regularly, it’s obvious that he always wants to be around you.

Okay, here’s another scenario: imagine you’re hanging out in a group. You’ve had a lot of fun together but the night is about to end.

Everyone is prepping to leave, but your new crush is still trying to suggest more activities the group can do together. And even if other people have already left, he may still stick around and be one of the last few people to go home.

Is this a sign that he wants to spend more time with you? Most probably!

8) He could be your soulmate

These signs will confirm whether he likes you or not, but could there be something more? Could he be your soulmate and you just don’t know it yet?

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9) He interacts with you on social media often

Guys will take any chance to let a girl know that they like her! When you’re physically apart, it’s sure that he’ll want to interact with you on social media.

He may constantly send you funny memes on Messenger. Also, when you post an Instagram story of your latest vacation trip, he may often reply with lots of emojis or GIFs.

Another sign is if he’s one of the first people to like or comment whenever you post on Facebook or Instagram.

Even if these are just small gestures, it shows that he wants to connect with you in any way that he can.

10) He remembers everything you say

It’s one thing to say that you’ve been talking a lot. But it’s another thing if he remembers everything that you guys talk about.

He may like you if he knows all the little details about your day and what you’ve been recently up to.

A guy who is interested in you will also know what you like. From your favorite restaurants, movies, and artists, he is sure to win in a “Who Knows You Better?” Challenge.

He may also be into you if he remembers all the names of your friends and all the crazy stories you’ve had with them.

Basically, the point is that he never misses a detail (no matter how small) when it comes to you.

11) He knows things that you’ve never shared with him

A guy who likes you will also take it a step further. Not only will he remember everything you say, but he will actually know things that you’ve never even shared with him!

How is this possible? Maybe he’s secretly stalking you on social media. Or he may have asked other people for more information about you.

Is he bringing up the family vacation you had ten years ago? How about the name of your dog that only your closest friends know?

These are clear signs that he can’t get you out of his mind and that he really wants to get to know you.

12) He notices everything about you

Do you find that he always notices whenever you make changes to your physical appearance?

It may be that you just tried a different shade of blush for the first time. Perhaps you just put on a hat that you just bought recently. Or maybe you just changed your hair color from Light Caramel to Honey Brown.

If a guy likes you, he is sure to see any changes that you make because he’s constantly observing and watching you. He knows you inside and out so it’s easy for him to spot any differences.

But this doesn’t refer to just your physical appearance. He’ll also notice changes in your mood and emotional state. If you suddenly feel bothered by something, he may sense it and ask you how you are.

This shows that he is truly concerned about your well-being.

13) He gives you a lot of compliments

When he does notice something different about you, he will always praise you for it.

He wants you to feel flattered and happy when you’re with him. This means that he deeply admires you and he sees a lot of good traits and qualities in you.

But it’s not all through words though! If a guy is into you, he may also want to compliment you through his actions, rather than just his words.

Does he ask for your advice when he has a problem? This means that he values your opinion and that he finds you reliable and trustworthy.

Is he always supportive whenever you share your dreams and goals with him? This shows that he thinks you are capable and competent.

14) He’s always trying to find a way to help you

One way to know if he’s really into you is if he’s sincerely concerned about your problems. He shows this by actively looking for a solution to whatever issue you may have.

He may even go out of his way to get you out of a sticky situation. His feelings become very obvious when he makes a huge effort to help you even if it’s inconvenient for him.

Is he the type to be very chivalrous? This doesn’t mean that he has to come up with grand romantic gestures all the time. Sometimes, chivalry can be seen in the small things that he does for you every day.

Maybe he opens the door for you when you walk into a restaurant. Or perhaps after a date, he makes it a habit to walk you to your house so you can feel safer.

Does he also lend you his jacket when it’s cold outside? As you know, this is the ultimate move to show a girl that you like her! If he’s doing this for you, he’s probably making his intentions very clear.

15) He’s constantly trying to impress you

In the beginning stages of a relationship, it’s expected that the guy will show off the absolute best version of himself. Carefully watch if he’s really making an effort to impress you often and if he’s trying to show his good side at all times.

During conversations, he may subtly share the accomplishments that he’s most proud of with you. He may regularly share the big wins that he’s recently had at work.

When you’re around, he may wear his best clothes and sport the latest hairstyles. He may also try to exercise more so he can look physically fit.

Guys will also look for opportunities to showcase their talents and skills. If he’s a great singer, he might invite you to karaoke night. And if he’s a football player, he might bring you to his games. Even if it’s just to show how great he is at Monopoly or Uno, he’ll take every chance he can get to impress you.

16) He’s always trying to make you laugh

Everyone is naturally attracted to people who make them laugh. Girls know that it’s not enough that a guy is good-looking — he should also have a great personality!

Your new man may just be taking advantage of this fact so that he can have a better chance with you.

If he’s constantly coming up with jokes when you’re around, he may be trying to get your attention. Guys will definitely want to come across as charming, funny, and the kind of guy that you want to be around.

17) He wants you to meet his friends

It’s certainly a good sign if your guy is asking you to meet his friends. It means that he wants you to be a part of his life and that he’s taking your relationship to the next level.

Once you’ve introduced each other to your friends, it’s even better if they also start teasing you together. This may be because they’re confident in the chemistry that you have as a couple.

If they constantly tell you that you guys look good together, it may be a sign that your new crush has confided to his friends about his feelings for you. They may even go out of their way to give you alone time together. These are surefire signs that he is attracted to you!

The bottom line

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