17 spiritual meanings of thinking about someone constantly

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If you find yourself thinking about someone constantly, it could have a variety of different meanings. 

Perhaps you’re in love with them,  they’ve passed away or it’s someone you’ve just met and you cannot seem to get them off your mind.

Whatever the case may be, these 10 spiritual meanings will help you figure out what is going on inside your head when it comes to this type of thinking.

Let’s take a deep dive!

1) You dream about them

You may be having a dream about this person that is so vivid that you wake up thinking it was real. 

Do you want to know a freaky fact?

One of the biggest spiritual signs you can get is dreaming about a particular person. If you dreamt of a person who’s passed away, it’s actually them visiting you during your sleep. 

If you dream about someone who is still very much alive, take note of the particular circumstances of the dream. This will help you to decode the meaning.

2) You see them everywhere

You may be able to recall a specific place where you saw this person. This could mean that they were actually there, but you can’t remember seeing them at all. 

And it could mean that you are thinking about them so much, they are appearing in your day-to-day life. 

You see them in the corner of your eye or you think you see them right in front of you. It is a spiritual sign that your mind is thinking about them, even if they are not physically there.

3) A gifted advisor confirms it

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4) You hear their name

You can be having a conversation with someone, but you hear their name. You don’t know why you are suddenly hearing it, but you do. It could mean that your thoughts are on them for one reason or another.

This can happen in the most mundane places, like an announcement at the supermarket, or a new work colleague that’s just started, the point is, it’s their name and it’s all over the place.

This is one of those telltale spiritual signs that make you stop dead in your tracks.

Creepy but true!

5) A butterfly lands on you

This is actually a sign of good luck and it is a sign that you are thinking about someone. 

It could also be a sign that you are worried about them and they are in danger. In fact, this could be the same butterfly you saw in your dream. 

It also could mean that something good is happening to the person with whom you are thinking about. It could mean that they are coming back, or returning to their proper place of rest.

The universe communicates with us by sending us symbols, numbers, and even butterflies so if one lands on you. Take note.

You recognize them

6) You see their name everywhere

Earlier, I mentioned that one of the spiritual signs of constantly thinking about someone is hearing their name. This one is similar, but instead of hearing it, you’re actually seeing it.

You can be reading the newspaper, looking at an obituary or something when you see their name. 

Perhaps you’ve just gone grocery shopping and on your receipt, you noticed “Sarah” was your cashier or driving, you pass the Sarah and co beauty bar.

You get the just of it. It’s a spiritual sign that you need to take note of this person who’s constantly running through your mind.

7) You hear a song you associate with them

You can be listening to the radio or you can be somewhere that has music playing. 

And all of a sudden, it is a song that you associate with them. It could have been the first song that came on when you met, or maybe one of their favorite songs. 

Maybe it was a song from your first dance together. This is a sign that they are in your thoughts and you are wishing for them to return or think about them to know they are okay.

8) They’re your escape

There’s nothing quite like a good distraction to keep your mind from worrying about real-life problems. 

With that said, this is another spiritual reason you’re constantly thinking about them. When you’re thinking about this person, you aren’t thinking about your problems. 

You’re thinking about something else and getting lost in it.

9) You recognize them

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10) They feel close

This spiritual sign usually applies to those who have lost loved ones.

You can feel a part of this person that hasn’t been there for a while. 

You can feel how they felt in the past and it feels like they are with you now. It is probably just your imagination, but it could be a sign that you really want them back and you are trying to bring them back by thinking about them so much.

11) You miss them even though they are far away

In your mind, you know that they’re miles away. 

You might be broken up or in a relationship with them but you constantly have an urge of longing for them. So much so, that you’re constantly thinking about them over and over again.

It could mean that you are missing them and have been worried about where they are. Or it could mean that your mind is telling you where they are.

12) You can sense their touch

Remember the Demi Moore scene from the movie Ghost? 

Think of it like that.

You may be thinking about someone and all of a sudden, you feel like you can sense their touch. 

You remember what it feels like and it feels real to you. Even though they are not physically there, your mind is still into them. 

This is one way that the spirit realm can give us signs when our thoughts are on them.

This doesn’t mean that this happens every time you think about someone. But, it could be a sign that they are around you even when they are not there.

13) They are trying to tell you something

This point is especially true if you’ve lost someone close.

Their earthly body might no longer be here but spiritually, they’re still very much a part of our lives.

If you’re constantly thinking about this person, there’s definitely a spiritual meaning behind why.

Perhaps they’re trying to tell you something, warn you about something, or simply just to let you know that they’re ok and are still watching over you.

14) They are in danger

Some of us are born with psychic abilities and knowing this when you’re continually thinking about a specific person could mean that this person knows about your abilities and is trying to alert you to the fact that they’re in danger.

They may be in danger and your mind is trying to tell you this, even if you don’t want to know it. 

So, if this is the case, it’s best to give them a call or do a wellness check to make sure that they’re ok

15) You have romantic feelings for them

Perhaps you’re trying to fight the feeling or you’re trying to disguise it.

Another spiritual meaning about thinking about someone constantly could be that you’re actually falling for them.

You have developed feelings for them and are trying to suppress them.

Unfortunately, your mind is acting like an alarm clock that’s not letting you snooze their memory and it’s forcing you to figure out your feelings for them.

You are thinking about them in a romantic way because they mean that much to you. If this happens, you should be honest with yourself and accept it.

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16) You want to see them

It might be an old friend or an ex-lover, however, your mind is replaying an image of them over and over on loop.

The spiritual meaning could be that you need to know what happened to them. You feel like they are not where they should be or you need to make sure that they are all right. 

The point is, this person holds some sort of significance in your life and you need to meet up with them to be sure.

17) You have unresolved issues with them

Maybe you are still mad at them, but they are in your thoughts. 

Perhaps you have no intention of ever speaking to them ever again, the point is, spiritually, you need to make peace with them in your heart so that you can move on.

Remember, if you’re stuck in the past, chances are that you’re not going to have much of a future.

So, if this is you, let live and let die and close the chapter. 


I hope this article has helped you to figure out and make sense of the spiritual meaning behind constantly thinking about someone.

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